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4.3 out of 5 stars121
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2002
I have evry blink album, and ive read about 20 reviews and they're all wrong- trust me. This album is easily on a whole blinks best yet. some songs like 2stay togethjer foer the kids" do remind you a bit of other songs like "adams song" and the album does get worse towards the end- but the overall quality of the songs beats any other album. Story of a lonely guy is an example of true genius, and toms acoustic "what went wrong" is full of teen angst that only blink can truly muster. First date is just a true punk classic and "rock show" is another tune which kicks out. Many have said blink arent punk any more after enema, but they soooo are, its just evolved from the total raw sound of cheshire cat into a far more musically accomplisghed sound, still punk, but with more talent. This album kicks ass, you may want songs like !"dammit" and "josie" to help lift it towards the end but it is worth every penny. The songs are not all as good as the best of blink, but all the songs are up there. top stuff
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on 25 May 2008
'Take off Your Pants and Jacket' was the first album when Blink started to write more mature songs. Earlier albums were more for humour and had funny songs. This album has those, and is still classic Blink 182, but shows a more mature side to the boys. In my opinion, this is a good thing, as they have come out with their best album. Tracks:

'Anthem Part 2': Good opener to the album. A classic Blink song with humour and a great one to sing along to. 4/5

'Online Songs': Another sorn with 'Josie' in it. Great song. Quick and to the point, its funny but slightly serious at the same time. 4/5

'First Date': Classic Blink track. Funny but you can hear how true it is aswell. One of Blink's best songs. 5/5

'Happy Holidays, You Bastard': A 42 second fast paced song with no real meaning, but it is hilarious. 5/5

'Story of a Lonely Guy': Great song. One of Blink's more mature songs that has real meaning to it and is very true. 5/5

'The Rock Show': What a brilliant song this is. One of Blink's best ever. Everyone knows this. Its short, but fast paced and addictive. A song that has to be sung along with. 5/5

'Stay Together For The Kids': Beautiful track that really shows how much Blink have matured. Really goes to the hard and you can hear the angst in the lyrics. 5/5

'Roller Coasters': Obvious Blink track that is simple but heartfelt. 4/5

'Recless Abandon': One of the weakest tracks on the album in my opinion. Its ok, but its nothing different. 3/5

'Every Time I Look For You': Ok track with a good chorus but is pretty weak apart from that. 3/5

'Give Me One Good Reason': Not one of Blink's best known songs but I think this is really great. It just shows everything that teenagers deal with and will realate to any teen. Great track. 5/5

'Shut Up': Another more mature song with teen angst. Great track about being annoyed at home and again, every teen can relate. 4/5

'Please Take Me Home': Good, simple track with a chorus that will stay in your head. 4/5

'What Went Wrong': Bonus track (on my cd anyway). Very good, a classic Blink song showing that they haven't matured completely. :) Good end to the album. 5/5

As I said in the title, I think this is Blink's best album. It has the perfect mix of classic Blink songs that are funny, but also mixed with more mature tracks that really get their point across. A must buy for any Blink fan and I think if you are just getting into Blink, this is a good album to start with. Definately worth the cash!
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on 9 December 2001
I bought this CD the day it came out and having listened to it over the past few months so i think im well equipped to review it. When i first listened to the album online songs was one of my favourites but now i see it as one of the weaker tracks(but there really are no bad tracks!!!).
This album takes the pop sensibilities and irresistable melodies of enema and combines it with the fast punky hooks and riffs of dude ranch. This is the perfect combination for blink and the result is their best most balanced and diverse album to date. In the past they have been criticised for lacking variety in their songs and sound but this is no longer the case. You have the pure fast pop punk of gorgeous lead off single "rock show" and the catchy bouncy "first date" that reminds me of all the small things and could have been wrote with radio and mtv in mind.
They also have some touching slower mid tempo melancholy rock songs like "stay together for the kids" and "story of a lonely guy". Prime examples of their evolution into great songwriters who can write simple upbeat bouncy rock songs are "everytime i look for you" and "roller coaster". Also they have their typically punk rebellious anthems-"anthem part2" (no pun intended) and gimme 1 good reason". To cap it all off they have 2 gorgeous bonus songs in "time to break up" and "what went wrong". If youve ever been dumped or broken it off with a girl/boy you will relate to time to break up so much. The second bonus is a tongue in cheek acoustic ode to billy joe armstrongs good riddance and is rather good. If you liked the hilarious country song or family reunion from the live album then happy holidays and f**k a dog will cater to your needs.
Overall it is their most complete and best album to date. I was relieved it hasnt been as over produced and doesnt sound as fake and airy as enema. It has got the speed and punkiness of their earlier efforts but with better tunes and instrumentation(the type of which can be found on enema). Basically they still write about girls and troubles of normal life so being a teenager i can totally relate to them alot and thats why i like them ahead of the nu-metal falseness of portraying life as a living hell even after going multi platinum(cough, cough limp bizkit).
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on 18 August 2001
The album rules!!! It has more to it than their other albums (well, most albums have more to them than Buddha!!!) There is a better sound than in Enema of the State and the guys are on top form - guitar solos are brilliant and constant rousing chorus' keep the songs as alive and youthful as the likes of All The Small Things and Dumpweed. Anthem part 2 starts where the last one left off. Rock Show is probably the best on the Album and Tom DeLonge does s Billie-Joe-esque (Time Of Your Life) heartwarming ballad with What Went Wrong as a bonus track! Shame about the 'comedy songs' though (Happy Holidays - You B*****d and F**k a Dog) - Why oh Why, guys, why?!?!? BUY IT!!!
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on 28 November 2001
This is a class album, make no mistake.
Okay, the lyrics are a bit simplistic, but who ever bought blink for their lyrical genius? To give them credit they are not as juvenile as I expected.
There are some great songs - notably first date, reckless abandon and stay together for the kids and of course, rock show. This is a really catchy album; you'll be singing the songs for weeks.
Easily worth anyone's money.
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on 2 March 2003
Face facts, without blink 182, life would be dull and depressing, but thankfully they are here to stay. After hearing the classic "Enema of the State" and the live "Mark, Tom and Travis Show" i couldn't help but think that underneath all the toilet humour lied a band that was reaching it's peak.
"Take of your Pants.." is no different, toilet humour lurks in nearly every song, even the title of the album is vintage Blink.
Openers "Anthem part 2" and "Online Songs" show blink starting to mature slowly, with powerful lyrics fronting typical punk guitars and fast pace drumming.
"The Rock Show" and "First Date" sound as if they were taken from "Enema.." while "Shut up" and "F**k a Dog" is Blink at their most offensive.
Then we come to "Story of a Lonely Guy" and "Stay Together for the Kids", these two songs are blink 182 as you have never heard of before.
A great follow-up but sounds to similar to the previous album
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on 18 May 2008
i think that blink 182 are one of the greatest punk bands of all time. they can produce very funny songs like Happy Holidays, You Bastard...then write a very down to earth and serious ballad like song Stay Together For The Kids.

My Favourite song on the album is Shut Up basically because its straight to the point and its very funny and also catchy.

One song really got me into this band and that song was the ballad known as Stay Together For The Kids. its a song which connects to anyone who has to or has dealt with divorce.

I can hardly call myself a blink 182 fan cause i only own this album and the greatest hits but this band are super class...just a shame they went their seperate ways but this album is a must buy to add to your music collection. Rock on travis, tom and mark
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on 10 August 2005
I've been a blink fan since the early years but I have to say it doesn't get any better than Take Off Your Pants & Jacket. It combines the energy of earlier albums (eg Dude Ranch & Enema) with a bit of the maturity that was obvious in their last album. It also features my 2 favourite songs of all time. Story Of A Lonely Guy speaks on so many levels to anyone who has ever been in love with a girl and every kid of divorce should listen to Stay Together For The Kids. I waited through the night outside to be the first with my hands on it & it was worth every second! They really achieved punk/pop/rock perfection with this one!
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on 16 February 2004
Enema Of The State was a popular album with memorable songs and videos (All The Small Things & Whats My Age Again?) So how did the trio (Mark Hoppus,Tom DeLonge & Travis Barker)follow it up?
Like This.......
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket may not have sold as many copies as Enema Of The State, but it still let off magic to the listener.
A different vibe to previous Blink-182 albums but in a good way.
Opener Anthem part 2 follows From where Enema left off (Anthem)
Story Of A Lonely Guy, shows that Tom's voice can be quite emotional, while Shut Up proves they still got them catchy songs in them.
To Conclude is a worthwhile album (maybe not there best) to buy and listen to.
Here are my reviews on each song:
Anthem Part 2 - Singing - Tom DeLonge - A catcy song to pick up were Enema left off. 4/5
Online Songs - Singing - Mark Hoppus - A simple bass line yet affective. Another mention of Josie 4/5
First Date - Singing - Tom DeLonge - I love the way the frums start this song off 5/5
Happy Holidays You B*****d - Singing - Mark Hoppus - A Quick Jokey song (45seconds) 3/5
Story Of A Lonely Guy - Singing - Tom Delonge - Toms voice quite emotional here 5/5
The Rock Show - Singing - Mark Hoppus - A memorable punky song 5/5
Stay Together For The Kids - Singing - Hoppus/DeLonge -
There songwriting at its best, drop the jokey lyrics 5/5
Roller Coaster - Singing - Mark Hoppus - A nice slow bridge in the middle of this song 4/5
Reckless Abandon - Singing - Tom DeLonge - Another pop punk song (catchy) 4/5
Everytime I Look For You - Singing - Hoppus/Delonge - A fast Song 5/5
Give Me One Good Reason - Singing - Tom DeLonge - Another pop punk tune 5/5
Shut Up - Singing - Mark Hoppus - lots of swearing in this one, not for easily offeneded 5/5
Please Take Me Home - Singing - Tom Delonge - Not my Fave on the Album 3/5
Thanks for reading
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on 15 August 2001
Well I bought "Enema of the State" and a strange infatuation grew on me with the CD. After withdrawal and plenty of Green Day I was off the drug and then this came out. I admit openly they aren't stunningly original or even much different to the likes of New Found Glory and Sum 41. It has a certain charm though. The innocence and unworried approach about growing up and messing with girls. Ok so we instantly flick to the jovial singsong of Rock Show. It is closely followed by "Stay Together for the Kids" an unusual show for Blink 182 which tells of the ramifications of the parents disagreeing. You think well possibly if I flick around they might just have turned a corner to something more serious. This is not so and when you hear the heartfelt pleas of Tom De Longe not to laugh at him in a First Date you just see what they are. They have catchy tunes yes, but no serious content. I like it don't get my wrong with tracks like "Online Songs" and "Reckless Abandon" you cannot go wrong for the genre. Tracks such as "Shut Up" and "Happy Holidays" show the unleashing of as many swear words as they could think of at the time and don't really have any point other than writing songs with about 2 chords. The strictly unorthodox "Story of a Lonely Guy" is just before Rock Show and this from the title sounds like a joke on the dork over there. It does not turn out to be a rejoice in not being plagued with girls but something you could almost mistake for serious with it's catchy tune. "Anthem Part 2" does provide a little sustenance for the teen rocker, saying how rules are "F***** and boring" stipulating that the only way forward is insurrection and that this youth is not drug dealing morons but a group with brains. Whether it is worth remembering the lyrcis is something I will leave to you to decide but Blink 182 in typical style keep you sining the tunes and laughing at the lyrics it won't sit in the trophy cabinet as a rememberance of your youth but will keep you occupied on the tedious train journey to work as you feel the sudden urge to quit your job. They won't share your pain, they won't dull it but they will make you smile. It's what they are here for and although a little jouvenil and would benefit from a little miscellany occasionally in the tracks it is what you would expect and they do it well. Punk pop that will make you sing and dance then fall to the floor and forget it ever happened.
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