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4.7 out of 5 stars55
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2008
If I had to choose one word for this album it would be stunning. This album really is that good.

We start off with Migrate, one wonderful song which although lovely and damn good, doesn't really show the talent i have come to know from mariah. (4/5)

Next we have touch my body, still doesn't show the greatest of her voice but this song is just so tongue in cheek that it's good, certainly helps bring the album up. (4.5/5)

Cruise control is our next song and i feel that this song would have been better off of the album as it just doen't soung right to me and i can't find anything to really praise on the song, guess she still has room for hit and miss and this song is either love or hate and i hate. (1.5/5)

I stay in love is a beautiful song and one that i believe really begins to bring the album up, the song just really shows good vocals from Mariah although it certainly isn't we belong together, it seems to be just as good. (4.5/5)

We continue with the good songs with side effects. This song is my absolute favourite from the 1st time I heard it, i just can't find a bad thing about it, it's just that good. this is certainly one to definately listen to. (5/5)

we go on to I'm that chick which is just a song which screams single, mariah tries to entice and she hits big time really, a song which has a catchy tune and lyrics which are easily memorable. (4.5/5)

Love story continues the trend of catchy and infectious, more catchy tunes and she likes to continue to show that great voice we all know. The flaws are the one thing i can't think off, i find this a perfect song and could very well count this as a ballad i suppose. (5/5)

I'll be lovin' you long time is another catchy song where the tune seems to be too infectious as it was stuck in my head for days after hearing it, another hit from Mariah. (5/5)

Last Kiss is a good song but seems to lose infectious tunes but continues with Mariahs lovely voice to carry you through, in the end the song leaves something to be desired as a catchy tune with mariah's vocals always works but we miss catchy. (3.5/5)

Thanx 4 nothin' comes back to catchy tunes and great vocals, the song is slightly slow but flies by with beautiful lyrics which is carried through by an angelic voice, the catchy beats are also helpful. (4/5)

O.O.C. has the same catchy tunes continuing on, nice lyrics as well, there is something to be desired but maybe i'm just being fussy, it is a lovely song and certainly shows Mariah doing what she does best just not as well. (4/5)

For the record continues on the trend of infectious music and catchy lyrics, her voice sounds wonderful still and she hopefully will become a single cause this is just too good to stay on the album. (5/5)

Bye Bye goes to ballad and still keeps great catchy tunes along with heartfelt lyrics and meaning. Mariah's voice comes to a beautiful mixture of just about everything. (5/5)

I wish you well stays on the ballad path and goes to a slow less infectious tune, the lyrics are still good and Mariah's voice is still great but there just seems to be something missing. Still a great song though. (4/5)

Heat goes to infectious beats and interesting lyrics, Mariah's voice still sounds great and the chorus sounds more like a childs rhyme or something but Mariah makes it sound so great that I can't complain too much. the only thing is that the song just seems to miss the right mixture and slightly lets itself down. (4/5)
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on 1 April 2008
Take Mariah's 3 top cds Emancipation of Mimi, Music Box and Daydream - entwine them together and you get this absolute masterpiece. First single Touch My Body is a top 5 classic, and one of Mariah's better singles, but it appears to be one of the weaker tracks on this corker of an album. Migrate, takes Mariah to an whole new extreme in career and comes out as a real gem and Cruise Control just melts into your mind with it's moody hints of reggae, I Stay In Love is classic Mariah ballad, but hasten to add that moving up from the likes of Hero etc, as really worked well and updated the ballads of yesterday. Side Effects is brilliant, Janet Jackson would be proud of this track, I'm That Chick and O.C.C, again take Mariah to a new level, on a pop cross over, thought we would never ear pop from Mariah, blast them out and melt your hearts. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time, just puts the likes of fellow popsters Fergie and Beyonce way down in the shade, Thanx 4 Nothin and For The Record are really sweet and sang straight from the heart, Bye Bye by rights should smack it's way to No.1 here in the UK, we all know it will in the States, and its a tear jerker about losing a loved one, well written and so so touching. I Wish You Well, kind of took me back to the Emotions cd in early 90's, but her voice has strengthened somewhat and sits on this cd pretty well. Heat (bonus track) is a track that Shakira would be damb proud of, and i think personally it should be a single. Love Story, a track all about the movie Casablanca, and Last Kiss just roll off the tongue and goose bump your spine. Their is not a single track on this cd, that fails too please. Already a top 3 smash this album, in my opinion this cd should be contender for album of the year. A must for anybody. You thought The Emancipation of Mimi was good, you aint heard nothing yet - she may be the biggest selling female artist in history, but i think E=MC2 has taken Mariah to a high new level, who gets better and better with time and age, we aint seen nothing yet!!!!!
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on 31 May 2008
I love this album, i think it could be even better than emecaption of mimi but that is just my opionion.

My favourite tracks are migrate featuring t-pain, this is a defiente club banger. Side effects featuring young jezzy,great song one of my favourite cuts on the album. Cruise CONTROL featuring damaina marley is another stand out track.
i'm that chick
last kiss
love story
thanx 4 nothing
bye bye- this song makes me cry because in december last year i lost my grandad, i think this is a beautiful ballad.
For the record is another great song
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on 28 February 2008
It's been 3 years since we last had a new record from Carey but after the long wait here it is, the follow up to the massive 10 million selling, Emancipation of Mimi. Clearly taking the hint from the sucess of its predecessor, E=MC2 does not change the formula. The cream of the urban production world has been wheeled out to work on this record. These include Jermaine Dupri, Danja, Swizz Beatz, Stargate, Tricky Stewart, DJ Toomp & Scott Storch.
The album is 13 tracks long, and each is as slickly produced as the next. Lead single 'Touch My Body' is a simple mid-tempo track with a hook that will stick in your mind for days after you hear it. Dupri produced 'Cruise Control' adds a little reggae flavour to the record, featured on the track is none other than Damien Marley. Mariah's signature power ballads make a triumphant return on 'Bye Bye' which if released will no doubt sit along-side 'Hero' & 'We Belong Together' as one of Carey's classics. Other highlights include the Danja produced 'Migrate ft. T-Pain' and another of Dupri's cuts 'Last Kiss' which features Dupri's vocals. The opening track of the album - 'Lovin' You Long Time' is the most 'pop' type song while the Swizz Beatz produced 'OCC' (Out Of Control) is a definate club banger.
All-in-all, Mariah has produced a slick set of hits that is capable of producing as many singles as her previous effort. With 'Touch My Body' already burning up the 'Hot 100' Stateside it looks Mariah is set for a triumphant return to the charts.
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on 23 April 2015
One of my favourite Mariah albums. It's full of hits and has so much potential. It deserved so much more!

1. Migrate 10/10
One of my favourite Mariah songs ever, and my favourite on the album

2. Touch My Body 10/10
Her 18th number 1 single. 18TH! So catchy and fun

3. Cruise Control 9/10
Summery and fun, I don't understand the negativity towards it

4. I Stay In Love 10/10
Beautiful ballad in typical style of this album but also so amazing. One of the finest moments

5. Side Effects 10/10
This had me hooked right from the beginning, love it

6. I'm That Chick 10/10
Very classic disco style, an instant hit

7. Love Story 9/10
Great melodies and production, a nice song to listen to

8. I'll Be Lovin U Long Time 9/10
Smash hit for the summer, one to drive along to in the heat. Great track

9. Last Kiss 9/10
Amazing vocals and production as always, similar to Love Story

10. Thanx 4 Nothin' 10/10
This instantly captured my attention, a beautiful song with heartfelt lyrics

11. O.O.C. 9/10
Catchy dance style track with a different but effective vibe

12. For The Record 10/10
One of the highlights that could've been and should've been a single

13. Bye Bye 10/10
Stunning lyrics, melodies and production. Like a modern One Sweet Day

14. I Wish You Well 10/10
Clever and well thought out lyrics, also stunning vocals and some soaring whistle notes

*UK BONUS TRACK* 15. Heat 7/10
Different to the album but a fairly decent song, I enjoy it

*JAPAN BONUS TRACK* 16. 4real4real 9/10
In my opinion, a much better song than Heat. Worth getting the Japan edition for it!

Overall this album is incredible and shouldn't have been overlooked like it was. Give it a go, it's amazing!
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on 29 July 2008
`E=MC2' is definitely the greatest album I've heard this year! Perhaps you could call me biased since I'm a hardcore fanatic of Mariah Carey, but seriously, I really do never get tired of listening to this album. The album is packed with top-notch R&B slow-jams, like acoustic supreme `Thanx 4 Nothin`', and piano-guided wafers `Last Kiss', `Bye bye' and `I stay In Love'.

Plus, there's up-tempo tracks `Migrate', the blurry synths in `Side Effects' and mid-tempo booty-shakers, `I'm that Chick' and `Touch my Body'. Ballad `Love Story' is lifted with delicate chords and easy-listening reggae joint `Cruise Control' features Damien Marley. Sexy party banger `I'll be Lovin' You long Time' is super fast and happy-going, while elegant smoothie 'Bye Bye' will make your eyes leak!

The ice-cool beats and violin riffs in mid-tempo `For the Record' will simply blow you away with the lovely production and bonus track `Heat' is fast, furious and has a crystal clear punchy beat. If you're looking for an album with a mixed assortment of Genres, then buy `E=MC2'. I also recommend you download `4real4real' (feauting Da Brat) from iTunes. This album is oozing with summery, happy-vibrant songs. Definitely my fave album this year.
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on 6 July 2008
As another reviewer said Mariah Carey sure is in a league of her own.
This is a great Album, although I think she has played a little safe after all this time we've been waiting for a new album.
However its got some great tunes and if you like her other albums you should like this too.
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on 8 April 2008
I have listened to the album in full and i have to say it is one funky brilliant, cool, super sexy album!........i've been pleasently surprised, even on the damien marley collabo cruise control i was worried mariah would sound silly singin patois but it works so well and it is a great song..... That chick is absolutely to die for !! the first mariah song in a while just makes you wanna dance!!! should be a single after bye bye(which is released for download on 14th april)...I also think "I stay in love" is a beautiful song and should be released. I also think the other JD Tracks are great aswell.

This album is strong and each song could be a single, this formula works, the whole album is a great listen and it's a testiment to mariahs talent as a vocalist and as a songwriter(something i think she never gets enough credit for) all i would like for the future is for more of this!!!!!!!!!!
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on 7 April 2008
You can argue that she never went away but 2005's Emancipation of Mimi definitely put Mariah back in the public consciousness on both sides of the pond after a relative fallow period.

Given the mega success of that record it's no surprise to hear that Mariah has taken the same ghetto fabulous template and, as the title E=MC2 suggests, taken it to the next level.

First single Touch My Body is a sweet, sexy but slightly tongue-in-cheek tune with a summery vibe, but if anything it's one of the weaker links on an album packed full of club bangers and swaying love songs.

Ever since 1995's Daydream and 1997's Butterfly Mariah has been experimenting with soul grooves and hip-hop beats, well predating modern RNB princesses, and on tracks like the pulsating Migrate, which combines a grinding beat, T-Pain influenced vocoder and those trademark whistle notes, she demonstrates yet again why she's been so influential on the current crop of younger female singers.

Rumoured next single Bye Bye is one of those trademark swaying ballads. It draws on the same lyrical theme as One Sweet Day from back in the day, talking about departed loved ones and how hard it is to let go. The difference is here Mariah appears to draw on personal experience apparently referencing her late father and grandmother, and pulling the same kind of emotional punch as revered album tracks such as Petals and Close My Eyes.

The effect could have been generic but somehow Mariah always brings that extra something, demonstrating her lyrical abilities and that instinctive ear for melody. There's something about Mariah tracks, those little vocal licks she adds, little backing vocals and touches which add a bit of magic to the mix.

There's a lot of that old school RnB vibe which was hinted at on Mimi. Fans of Michael Jackson's Off The Wall will be instantly transported back in time by the classic groove of That Chick, a song which is surely an inevitable UK single. It manages to combine that old school feel with the strutting pop vibe of something like Get Your Number.

Everytime Mariah releases an album it's an event because she's one of the very last true megastars. What's unusual is for megastars to keep topping themselves. But Mariah keeps on bringing it out of the bag, demonstrating why she's often imitated but never duplicated.
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on 6 September 2008
1. Migrate. 10/10
2. Touch My Body. 10/10
3. Cruise Control. 10/10
4. I Stay In Love. 10/10
5. Side Effects. 10/10
6. I'm That Chick. 10/10
7. Love Story. 8/10
8. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time. 10/10
9. Last Kiss. 9/10
10. Thanx 4 Nothin'. 9/10
11. O.O.C. 10/10
12. For The Record. 9/10
13. Bye Bye. 10/10
14. I Wish You Well. 7/10
15. Heat. 8/10
16. 4real4real. 7/10

What can you say about Mariah Carey. She's a phenomenon, hitmaker, actress, producer, songwriter, singer, works with potential hitmakers (e.g. Young Genius on "Joy Ride" from "The Emancipation of Mimi"). She's an amazing female!
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