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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 30 December 2006
After buying L.A.M.B Gwens first solo album without No Doubt i have to say i wasnt overly impressed.Their was a few good songs but it wasnt concistent enough.So before bying The Sweet Escape i wasnt expecting very much..but i was wrong.At First i didnt like it at all.But after giving it a few listens it has realy grown on me.

1)Wind it up -When i first heard this song i said it was utter rubbish.But after a few listens it kinda gets locked in your head.its actually pretty good 4/5

2)The Sweet Escape -This is a very nice song.its one of the albums highlights.Akons bit is very small but it makes the song in my opinion.Very good 4/5

3)Orange County Girl - This is one of my faves on the album.Catchy and has a cool vibe to it.She sings about being a typical girl from OC and living in the "extraordinary world"Another great song 5/5

4)Early Winter - This is a very good balad from Gwen.Its nice and easy to listen to.Quite catchy and relaxing 4/5

5)Now that you got it - Im not that impressed with this song.Its Ok but its very repetative and annoying and her rapping isnt beleivable either.One of the weaker tracks on the album 2/5

6)4 in the morning - This is a nice track.A Bit like Cool from L.A.M.B.Easy to listen and hymn to.Good 4/5

7)Yummy - another raping song from Gwen.But its actually quite good.its very catchy and it stays in your head.Pharrels part is crap though 4/5

8)Florescent - This is just O.K.It has an 80's disco Vibe to it.But its grand. 3/5

9)Breaking up- this is a very good track.Very catchy and very cleverly written too.Its a high light from the album.I love the production done in the song 5/5

10)Dont get it twisted - very good again.its catchy and stays in your head.its a real mixture.very good 4/5

11)U started it - this is another ok song.nothing special though.A bit of a filler realy 3/5

12)Wonderful life - A very good ending to the album.Co written by Linda Perry its one of the standout tracks in the album.Originaly a left over track from L.A.M.B but glad she put it on here. 4/5

Overall this is a great album.But you need to give it a Chance bacuse at first it doesnt make a great impression on give it a chance.Highly reccomended
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 10 January 2007
Being overly excited when Gwen's new album landed in my hands, I was slightly thrown off and surprised that I did not take to it immediately. As I am truly a fan of L.A.M.B., liking every song on the album, I expected the same of The Sweet Escape. Skipping through her latest offering, I only heard a few songs which I thought to be really good...but that was 1 month that I have taken the time to listen to and appreciate The Sweet Escape...IT'S A GREAT ALBUM - GO GWEN!!!!...(with 1 or 2 exceptions though)

1.Wind It Up: 6/10 Hardly the best track on the album...if you want to enjoy this track, be sure to check out the Harajuku Lovers Live DVD where she performs the track live, with less yodel!

2.The Sweet Escape: 9/10 An amazingly catchy tune...great fun, great sound.

3.Orange County Girl: 8/10 Another track already performed on Harajuku Lovers Live, a meaningful walk down her memory lane with great lyrics and cool smooth sound.

4.Early Winter: 10/10 Some say it's out of place, I say it just adds to the great variety on the album. An excellent track, beautiful melody.

5.Now That You Got It: 9/10 Another fav from the album. Kickin beat...say no more.

6.4 in the Morning: 10/10 Aaargh...too many favs to comment. Yet another smooth track from Gwen.

7.Yummy: ?/10 This one's still growing on me, but it definately has that something about it...very original.

8.Fluorescent: 7/10 A wicked track with good chart potential. Bring it on as a single!

9.Breakin Up: 6/10 A bit of a harsh track compared to the rest, good production values.

10.Don't Get it Twisted: 6/10 A bit of a weird one compared to the rest. Not a fav at all...

11.U Started It: 8/10 Definately one of the better tracks. Nice beat, cut in by an even better melodic chorus.

12. Wonderful Life: 10/10 This track rocks...the few which don't cut it in my book should have had Wondeful Life's beautiful haunting, electro beat.

I'm totally offended by all the negative reviews on this album which don't look further than the first single from the album (Wind It Up). I am surprised at the choice of first single, but bring on the second single from the album (The Sweet Escape) and the reliable public will bring this great mix bag of tunes to it's much deserved pedastool.
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on 21 January 2009
I am in disbelief that i didn't purchase The Sweet Escape when it was released in 2007! It's a solid follow up to Love.Angel.Music.Baby. which,let's face it, was one of the most brilliantly made pop albums of the last decade and showed the world how a solo career can be built and take the world by storm! by the time The Sweet Escape album was released L.A.M.B had sold over 7 million copies across the globe(currently it has sold over 8 million as of 2010!) so to follow up the blockbuster album was going to be tough by any means.
As it was initially Gwen just wanted to persue L.A.M.B as a solo project but due to some material left over from the recording sessions she ensured we got a guaranteed follow up in this sequel combining majority of tunes recorded in 2004 and some during her Harajuku Lovers Tour in 2005 along with some new tunes recorded in 2006 and it all combines here for something quite remarkable.
Reading some of the negative reviews for this album is just plain ridiculous, sure in some ways it wasn't going to match L.A.M.B. but in many ways this album is far superior to many releases of 2006 and 2007 i mean we're talking Black Eyed Pea's(Monkey Business),Justin Timberlake(Future Sex/Love Sounds),Nelly Furtado(Loose),Beyonce(B'Day)releasing albums and material during this period so it was going to be hard competition but in MANY ways it plays this album is far superior to their efforts and plays much more fun and far more nicely effortly produced and provides a frenetic energy those previous releases lack! However we also had GIANT releases by Madonna,Gorillaz,Christina Aguilera,Britney Spears etc. during this period also which ensured that there was loads of competition for this album and sadly it missed reaching the top 10! but has since been certified Gold and sold almost 200,000 in the Uk and has had shipments of over 1,000,000 in the US and thus far has had over 3 million albums sold worldwide.
The Sweet Escape lacks the retro power and vibe of L.A.M.B. and remains without it's concept which made her debut solo effort from No Doubt 5 star golden material and of course it doesn't have that concept nor the direction. BUT you have an album which is everything what a follow up should be! The Sweet Escape has a flow and direction of similarity to L.A.M.B and of course Gwen's vocals have that raw and kinetic energy and gravity displayed on her No Doubt albums and prior album release with a very Madonna style and depth and of course that added display of quirkiness that ensures Gwen is always ahead and stands out of the crowd!
Okay The Sweet Escape isn't Tragic Kingdom nor the masterpiece that is Rock Steady by No Doubt one of the biggest band's of the 90's/early 00's and it doesn't touch that really vibrant and artistic style of L.A.M.B but it does have it's own credit and certainly makes for some powerful rock ballads and hip R&B productions and of course a few of the best dance pop recording you could find!
it is perfect in the sense it is a needed sequel and follow up to L.A.M.B and of course has some real elemental recording and is a MUST listen!

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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 11 April 2007
Oh my GOD! I was so surprised to read all these negative reviews!

For me, this is not "A" Gwen Stefani album, this is "THE" Gwen Stefani album.

Yeah, OK, so she's only done two so far, but this album is more grown up that L.A.M.B, she's totally moved away from those pesky and somewhat ANNOYING Harajuku Girls (yes, it's cool to hear about them in one or two songs, but in three and then a track DEDICATED to them??) and she's been off and had the one thing she's desired the most - a baby... there is a definite sound of the good old No Doubt days here too...

Wind It Up - first single. When I first heard it, I was like - what on earth?! But acutally, it grows on you, yeah it's a bit of light-hearted "fluff" but nah, I like it, it's a good song, and great use of a sample! 8/10

The Sweet Escape - well first off, it features Akon... not that you hear him much... but it is catchy, a... very... odd video too, I'm not too sure what's going on there, but it's nice and light and breezy. 9/10

Orange County Girl - maybe a bit too humble, but it's nice, remembering her roots, saying "I may be rich and famous, but I'm still just a simple girl at heart." I know that swearing isn't cool, or clever, but great use of the F word in one of the verses - and I love the reference to her having Pharrell on the album "flew down to meet 'P' made a hurricane in Miami. Workin' with him I'm gonna get myself another grammy..." 10/10

Early Winter - this has got to be a single, it's great!! Apparently, I think it's this track, one of the guys working on it said to her she could change bits if she wanted, but she didn't cos she thought it was great as it was - and I do too! 8/10

Now That You Got It - OK, someone reviewed this and said this was great. Personally I don't see it, I think it has some good elements in it, some of the lyrics are really creative, my fave lines have got to be "(Yo Gwen whatcha make 'em do?) Well I'd train him like a marine corps. Boot camp, make him like a superhero (yes ma'am) That always better be his response, or I don't give a dog a bone A-TTENTION!" and "The award is a purple heart, it could be yours. If you earn that medal, yeah you could be my boy ..." It's not great, but it is kinda catchy... 6/10

4 In The Morning - What can I say... the beginning reminds me a little of Nelly Furtado's "Te Busque..." this is rumoured to be her next single, and I gotta say, it's a damn good song. 9/10

Yummy - 10/10... it needs no real write up! It is definitely the 'Hollaback Girl' of "The Sweet Escape," it's catchy, it's light-hearted... it's a bit of a feel good song, I gotta say when I'm feeling sexy in myself I love listening to Yummy cos it's full of attitude and I'm there, and I'm like "I'm feelin' Yummy head to toe - you see me..." and references to her life "I know you been waiting [for her new album] but I've been off makin' babies [her new son] and like a chef makin' donuts and pastries [LOVE that line!] it's time to make you sweat. Sex and sugar is the flavour - ovens, and beaters, and graters, beats made of bongos and sugar - it's time to make you sweat [again, BRIL line!]" I could ramble on for ages - EXCELLENT track =D

Fluorescent - It seems a little reminiscent to me of ND... it's a good track though... it's not the best, in my book, but it's still a pretty good track. 7/10

Breakin' Up - Again, this was rated quite poorly. I mean, it's not the best, but I think it's nice - very representative of modern day life and values "I hate it when the signal drops on my cell phone..." it's just genius to write a song that looks at modern culture and society today... kinda catchy "hold up I think we're breakin' up... tell me can you hear me now, tell me can you hear me now..." 5/10

Don't Get It Twisted - don't get clever, this is the craziest **** EVER! Again, nice that she's writing about her life "28 days a normal cycle, if I'm not mistaken I think you might have made it..." "Pete can you go and get a test..." talking about her finding out she was pregnant... it's catchy and I do like it, it does get a little repetitive and boring after a while, but it's still pretty good! 7/10

U Started It - Uh... not sure really! A little NDish, but not the best track by any means on the album. 4/10

Wonderful Life - OMG! It just makes me think of S.K.O.L... it's just nice, ballady, and... it's just a really good track - as I said at the beginning, this is THE Gwen Stefani album, and it's tracks like these that make it so - 10/10

All in all, this has got to be in my Top 5 albums of 2007 =D Gwen Stefani - you are a genius!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 August 2007
I love all the tracks on this album i especially liked the ballads on this album like early winter you would be surprised at how well her voice handles them on the album in this album gwen pushes her voice to its limits and the end result is a pop masterpiece def stand out tracks are wind it up the sweet escape early winter and 4 in the morning gwen your the best dont ever change
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
AMAZING. Fresh, modern, surreal, catchy as HELL & most importantly crazy.

Gwen is back post-baby & she's sounding newer than ever. I've been waiting for the release of this album ever since I fell in love with Wind It Up when she revealed it on her Harajuku Tour. Finally, it's out! Sooo thrilled my all time fav singer has teamed up with 1 of my fav producers of all time - The Neptunes. You think Wind It Up is crazy, check out Yummy, produced by The Neptunes, if only for the clattering, thumping, futuristic, haunting instrumental beast of an ending that lasts over a minute long.

The other stand out thumper of a song is the Tony Kanal (from No Doubt) produced Don't Get It Twisted, which has the trademark No Doubt reggae-with-an-edge sound. Early Winter (produced by Nellee Hooper) & 4 In The Morning (produced again, by Tony Kanal) are beautiful.

This album is very different to LAMB, but with some of the same retro sounds remaining on for example, 4 In The Morning, Wonderful Life & U Started It. But overall this 2nd solo album is allot more heavily produced & infectious.

The title track, The Sweet Escape, like the rest of the album is so infectious it's crazy & features Akon.

On the version I have, the last track is Wind It Up Live Version which will blow your damn mind, if it hasn't already been blown by the rest of the LP.

Favourite track? Yummy. It has to be.

Comparisons to other artists/albums? Fergie The Dutchess is probably the best comparison & a tinge of Nelly Furtado Loose. But we all know Gwen is the trendsetter to these artists, not the other way round ;-)

20 out of 10. You've done it again Gwen. Love you, girl. xx
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on 11 June 2010
I am really annoyed because if I hadn't took any notice of some of the negative reviews about Gwen's second album I would have bought it sooner rather than 3 and half years after its release - criminal! The only plus side is that I bought it for a fantastic low price off of Amazon. I love this album just as much as L.A.M.B and I never thought I would. Not only do I love the tracks that she released from this album (although I absolutely hated 'Wind it Up' when it was first released but now me and my 2 little 'uns are singing it in the car absolutely loving it!), but all the other tracks, even the slightly obscure ones like 'Yummy' and 'Breakin' up'. I think with this cd Gwen has gone down more of the hippy hoppy road and why not, as opposed to her more rockier poppier L.A.M.B but to me both work! Definitely recommended - I think Lady Ga Ga could take some lessons from Gwen! Looking forward to her next album...
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 6 January 2007
take no notice of the bad things said about this album, its amazing.

its not really anything like L.A.M.B, but its just as good. it took me a good few listens to realise how good the songs on the album actually are, but once youve had a good listen, and u get the tunes of the song, you realise how exellent it is.

Buy it, you wont be disapointed!
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 3 December 2006
When I first heard about this album, I couldn't wait as Gwen's debut, Love.Angel.Music.Baby, is one of my favourite albums ever. I will say that for me, as a fan, this album did not disappoint. From the stomping opening track "Wind It Up" to the perfect album closer "Wonderful Life", this album stays true to Gwen's style from her debut. There are slow moments, for example "4 In The Morning" and "Early Winter", fast-paced tracks with catchy hooks, like "Don't Get It Twisted" and "Now That You Got It", and "Yummy", which shows off Gwen's quirkiness perfectly. With producers such as Akon, Swizz Beatz and The Neptunes, this is everything that a Gwen fan could want in a sophomore album. And, if you don't like "Wind It Up", don't worry, the rest of the album has plenty more to keep you entertained!

Track Picks: "Wind It Up", "The Sweet Escape", "Early Winter", "Yummy" and "Wonderful Life".
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 4 December 2006
I enjoyed this album a lot.

Being a longtime fan of No Doubt and Gwen I was looking forward to this album, but I had my doubts after hearing Wind It Up for the first time because it's a Love it or Hate it kind of song, and thought the rest of the album would be similiar.

But you know what? Wind It Up really works as the first song and the more I hear it the more it's growing on me, and is on a par with the last albums Hollaback Girl as something completely ridiculous that actually works

Like her last album it has a mix of different music genres on here

Orange County Girl is also a great song with references to her previous album "Love Angel Music Baby" songs

The most memorable songs are Wind It Up, The Sweet Escape, 4 In The Morning, Fluorescent and U Started It
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