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4.8 out of 5 stars41
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Will Amazon let me away with a four-word review??

Dear God, THE RIFFS!!

No? How about a 363 word review then?

Strictly speaking, this album doesn't need another glistening review; it has enough fans. I really ought to be off defending something that needs the help like the rubbish Revolver or the misunderstood Bob Hoskins-starring Super Mario Bros.

Hello? Still there?

The Rammsetin of Herzeleid is a much different beast to that of later albums, the self aware Sehnsucht or the chart ready days of Mutter onwards. This is a raw hungry and angry document of, as the title suggests, Heartache. Band members have been noted as saying Rammstein is about love, in all of its forms. If this is true, Herzeleid is about messy breakups, shattered splintered dreams and beds on fire.

Straight off the bat, the production is pitch-perfect., in no way glossy but ferocious as hell. The opening guitar on "Der Meister" sounds like a buzzsaw, while even the sombre "Seeman" contains heavy, heavy shredding upon closer inspection. The album is bookended with statements of intent; the chanting "Rammstein" of opener "Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen" and the menacing self-titled closer. In between we get nine other belters, with only "Seeman" pausing for softer emotion and the bizarre "Das Alte Leid" for slow chugging behemothity. Yes, I invented that word. These 11 tracks contain between them somewhere around A BILLION awesome riffs. Honestly, this band make AC/DC and Metallica look like beginners. The playing is self assured and the songs impeccably arranged with not as much as one artistic mis-step, from the mini-solos of "Weißes Fleisch" to the crying baby samples on "Das Alte Leid". I'm honestly surprised more dance fans don't dig this album, such is the relentless, steady pounding pace.

Surprised, but not bothered, for this a metal fan's album, something - as a metal fan - to be truly proud of. This album is many things; the oppression of Till Lindeman's near-spoken vocals; Christopher Schneider's techno bea(s)ts; Paul, Ollie and Richard's world-class, neck-wrecking guitar riffs; Flake's OTT keyboards. It is also one thing; an absolute, must buy, timeless classic metal album. Please buy it. You must.
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on 4 December 2001
This debut album features some of the greatest raw industrial tracks the band have produced so far. The song 'Rammstein'is a manically heavy industrial track (one of my favourite tracks by the band to date!), and a fitting theme song for the band. The album contains less keyboard effects than the later albums, and is less technically perfect than 'mutter' but has chunkier guitar riffs, and still features the trademark interspersions of techno-style keyboard parts from Flake, although to a lesser extent. Till's vocals are generally more raw than they have now become, but this fits perfectly with the more industrial sound of the album. If you are a Rammstein fan, PLEASE buy this album, you will not regret it. It is a shame to say that many people who attend thier tours know only a couple of songs from 'Herzeleid', as 'Sehnzucht' and 'Mutter' are generally better known, so buy it now!!
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on 28 August 2002
A lot of people hear Rammstein, or hear of them and automatically think it's german so it must be crap. you couldn't be more wrong. i bought this album just after buying mutter and was not disappointed. This album is not perhaps as well polished as mutter, but it has the same feel and is equally as good. Great guitars, cool keyboards and till's hard vocals all come together to make it all sound amazing.
My favourite tracks are Asche zu asche and herzeleid.
I had not heard any of the songs from this album before, and bought it after reading the reviews of it on this site. I dont regret it at all. If you have heard any rammstein songs before and like them, buy this album because you'll love it.
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on 15 December 2008
I am a music fan in my late 30s, someone who gnashed his teeth all through the 1980s with the rise of crappy stadium rock and electro-pop, someone who watched in disbelief as U2 got taken seriously, someone who smiled with relief as grunge became briefly popular but who then felt vindicated with the later canonisation of people like Mike Watt, J. Mascis and Sonic Youth, someone who confronted his own aging process by finally getting himself tattooed with the Black Flag logo. I am between generations - not old enough to be old-school punk, not young enough to be indie. I also love jazz, blues, the Second Viennese School, Beethoven, Wagner, some prog rock, Zappa, the Beatles, the Bach family and Tudor polyphony, not to mention Fela, the Klezmatics, Yasmin Levy, Rabih Abou-Khalil, John Zorn, Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock...well, anyway, I'm fairly eclectic.

It was only recently that I felt that I ought to listen to something recorded in the last few years. Being someone who speaks German as a second language and being a fan of loud guitars, it didn't take me long to buy a Rammstein CD on spec. My hopes were not very high. I am wary of any music that is prefixed by the word "industrial".

I was very surprised to find this album hugely effective and weirdly moving. Maybe I've just spent a lot of time reading Hölderlin's poetry and looking at Caspar David Friedrich's paintings, but Rammstein have done an incredible job of translating German romanticism into heavy metal. A song like "Das Alte Leid" needs no justification other than itself - it's one of the few metal songs that will make you cry. Elsewhere, Rammstein's eponymous anthem is a very hair-raising evocation of the horrific air show disaster that gave the band its name. "Seemann" is an austere power ballad in the C.D. Friedrich tradition - it's all about standing on cliffs and being bereft.

Fine album. Great band. Pretty damn good for a bunch of spuds from the former East Germany - pretty damn good for anyone, come to that.
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on 24 March 2012
FAUST were first (and don't forget that pathbreaking Krautrock band)....but Rammstein have inherited the enormity of their Teutonic industrial sound. This is music to accompany a Fritz Lang silent film. Mythic, monstrous. But also surprisingly accessible. Go back and watch David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY and see what the track 'Rammstein' does for that film... This, of course, is Rammstein's debut album. After this things get BIGGER and BETTER.
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on 6 August 2010
The title of this review is what I like to yell whenever I remember this album. Apparently this is not socially acceptable behaviour, but, like all rational adults, I blame the music.

This album is ridiculously fantastic, and it's only troubled at the top of my favourite album list because of the splendour that Rammstein have delivered since. This was their opening statement, their battle cry before unleashing such monsters as Engel from Sehnsucht and Links 2,3,4 from Mutter. It is raw, it is brutal and, boy, is it magnificent.

The guitars are ferocious from the offset, but there is a definite groove to the music that was labelled Tanz-Metal (dance metal) by the German press. Till's vocals are as always a highlight, beautifully mixed with Flake's massive keyboards and the general intensity of the music.

Seriously, there is no better experience than listening to a Rammstein album in my book, and this is probably my favourite album to listen to, due to it's sheer ferocity. But then there's Sehnsucht.... or Mutter.... the debate rages on.
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on 22 May 2014
Rammstein stand out on their own. Yes they sing mainly in German but this in no way takes away from the songs. Always a strong beat with impassioned vocals. Possible not their best album but certainly not their worst. Unfortunately their sound and style may only appeal to certain people but really worth a listen. You will definitely enjoy it and may become a fan.
David Wilson
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on 22 March 2004
Well, where to start? from start to finish this album is pure head-banging brilliance with 'interesting' shall we say, vocals (ok it's in german, but worth the trouble of finding out). Rammstein may not be that famous in Britain, but then I guess a lot of people are put off by the language, they shouldn't be.. this is outstanding, raw, industrial metal, and so easily accessible. I would say this (their first album) is probably the strongest of the 3 (the other 2, Sehnsucht and Mutter still being more than outstanding). My particular favourites on this album are: Asche zu Asche, a powerful number with catchy guitar riffs and great vocals. Seemann, a slower track, but still extremely powerful. Heirate Mich, the best track on the album, brilliant guitar solo at the end, and a haunting intro and finally Laichzeit, pure power and shear brilliance, and the lyrics (translated) are even better, if slightly disturbing. Overall this album is over 50 minutes of sheer German power-metal, and i would recommend to anyone looking for something slightly different.
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VINE VOICEon 1 June 2004
RAMMSTEIN's frist album is a wonderful fusion of heavy guitars and elctronic sounds. The dissparate parts of the band compliment each other perfectly. Richard and Pauls thrashing guitars, Flakes masterful keyboard playing, Schniders drumming and Olivers cracking bass playing. But what really sets Rammstein apart are the vocals.
Till Lindemann is something special. Till Lindemanns gravelly bass tone is something to hear. While Herzeleid does not allow his voice as much freedom as the following two albums it is still quite awesome.
If you like your music heavy and ever so slightly different then maybe Rammstein is for you. Hell even if you don't like heavy music (and until i heard these guys I didn't!) give it a shot. I recommend starting with Sehnsucht then moving onto Herzeleid or Mutter.
Song Highlights: WOLLT IHR DAS BETT IN FLAMMEN SEHEN (listen out for samples from Doom!), HEIRATE MICH (possibly my fave Rammstein song), HERZELEID and of course RAMMSTEIN (a favourite of David Lynchs used in the Lost Highway).
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on 13 January 2012
So a lot of people who know of Rammstein might not have listened to this album in full. You are crazy people!!!
This album is fantastic, Till's singing style is totally different, he almost speaks the lyrics and it works so well with the heavy riffs.
This album contains some of my favourite songs from Rammstein including Weisses Fleisch,Asche zu Asche etc
It also contains Das alte Leid which ive only ever heard them play once, this song has such a great beat to sounds sleazy and dirty and I would die a happy girl if i ever heard this live!
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