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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2000
A lot has already been written about this, one of the most important albums of any genre of all time. Much has been made of Townshend's pioneering work with synthesisers and the fact that each band member gives as good an account of himself as he ever had or would. The thing that strikes home when listening to this masterpiece is that it serves as the best reminder of The Who's live form when in the studio. Indeed, it demonstrates that which made The Who unique - the band contained 4 lead performers out of 4. Only Moon and Entwistle could make their drums/base work so well in the forefront of a song-witness 'Song is Over'. Only Daltery, ostensibly the 'front man' could blend his perfect rocker's tones with the more delicate vocals of Townshend to come up with such emotion as is released in 'Behind Blue Eyes'. Entwistle excels with 'My Wife', brilliantly demonstrating his macabre sense of humour as well as his ability to lay down a great, no frills rock song. Fans of the band will know that this was to be the basis of the yet-to-be-realised Lifehouse Project. New listeners will be awe-struck by the concept of the project (detailed in the sleeve notes) and the genius of Townshend. Only he could have attempted something so audacious. In short, only the insane, tone deaf or those who already own a copy should refrain from buying it. Go on. Buy some history.
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on 17 May 2008
This is a more technical comment on this re-release - obviously this is a full five star album, genius at its very height, etc.

However having listened closely to the "Deluxe" (2-CD) version of Who's Next against the earlier 1995 "Remixed and Digitally Remastered" (1-CD) version (which this 1999 CD is likely the same as - it has the same running order/extras, etc.) - they ain't the same (if you use iTunes, use Apple Lossless - you'll never go back to MP3, BTW - or FLAC with other players). The track lengths give this away, but on a good system, and particularly with good headphones, you will be able to tell the difference easily. Essentially the Deluxe sounds like a remaster only - i.e. taken from the original stereo master tapes, and a harsh one at that - whereas the 1995 version is clearly a remix from the original multitrack master.

OK, so what? Well, in almost every case (every case in my own view) the remixed versions - while sticking closely to the original mixes and overall production quality (and quite rightly so, this recording was also Glyn Johns' own masterpiece) have a clearer and more transparent quality that makes the vinyl/Deluxe versions sound sonically limited. Subtle details in the mix, tambourines, vocal inflections, even creaking studio chairs and background whispers become clear on the 1995 remix versions - it's uncanny, and for music/Who fans who really care about this album the effect is much like the (also remixed/remastered) 2-CD Tommy - which is frankly breathtaking and sounds like it might have been recorded last week. Studio technology was quite advanced from the sixties onwards, only the need to adjust things for vinyl messed up the sound quality. Revisting the master tapes allows modern listeners to hear what Glyn Johns would have heard in the studio. That is a precious thing for an album as important as this one and John Astley did an impressive job on the 1995 remix version - to my mind the Deluxe version lacks this added magic. So, my recommendation is buy both versions and check out the differences (and enjoy the additional live tracks on the Deluxe version, some of which are on the 1995 CD as well) - but if you only buy one, and for the original album, then get the 1995 1-CD version. It's subtle, but it takes this beautiful recording to another level.

Addendum: I recently got and compared the infamous Steve Hoffman-mastered MCA Canada CD version for comparison (available on - all of the above still stands true and the 1995 Remix/Remaster is still the best overall, however the MCA remaster is way better than the Deluxe CD1 version, more true to the original LP sound (and much clearer) but very organic, and is probably the best way to hear the original mix of the album in all its glory. It's certainly a great companion to the 1995 remix. Personally I can't listen to what they've done on the Deluxe version any more - most of it sounds hard compared to either of the other versions. Thank God for choice, eh?

Thanks for reading.
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on 22 June 2003
Not only does the music on this album- considered the who's highpoint in their phenomonal career- sound better than it ever has before, it comes complete with amazing new tracks from live and studio sessions! The studio sessions would be of interest to hard-core fans only, but the live material will blow you away! The producers stayed true to the original tapes, I enjoy how the band and audience converse freely before most of the tracks.
The album is packaged very nicely with lots of photos and liner notes. The only downside is that there are 3Lps and only two places to store them in the album.
Many say that this album is missing many tracks, I tend to disagree. While there is indeed room for more, the album would become cumbersome if too many more were added.
My vinyl was in no way noisy or defective. The vinyl itself is also quite heavy, which adds to the enjoyment of the buyer!
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on 21 August 2000
Well, what can I say that hasnt been said before? This album still gives me goosebumps when I put it on. The opener, Baba O'Reilly is Townshend's poem to Meher Baba, spiritual leader. It is uplifting, rocking and extraordinary. Bargain follows hot on the heels, and continues this incredible life afirming feeling. The album seems to grow as it goes on, and then you always have the tumultuous Wont Get Fooled again to look forward to. And the additional tracks are indispensable, especially 'Water'. Daltreys singing, Townshends guitar, Entwistle's rumbling bass and.....Moon. THE drummer of the modern age. I could bore you all for hours and hours........just buy it......give it 5 repeated plays and let it seep into every pore of you... Bliss. sheer bloody bliss.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2003
There are tracks on this album that, 30 years down the line from their first release, still send shivers down my spine: 'Behind Blue Eyes', 'Baba O'Riley', and, with Daltrey's earth-shattering scream at its climax, 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.
I remember standing for hours in the pouring rain at Charlton football ground to see them, and they played most of this album and a good chunk of "Quadrophenia" which, by the way, runs this album pretty close in the masterpiece stakes. It was a life- changing experience - four guys at the peak of their powers reproducing complex, yet emotionally powerful, songs to 70-odd thousand people standing ankle-deep in mud.
Anyway, my point is that this album would be worth buying even without the extras. What distinguishes this version from the previously-released 'expanded' version is the extra disk of previously unreleased live material. As I said, at this time, the Who were at their very best, and the extra stuff is pretty much worth the price of admission on its own.
Buy it now!
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on 18 October 2014
Having previously only bought a couple of Who compilation albums previously, i bought "Tommy" at an amazingly low price in a local supermarket. Having been so impressed with "Tommy, I have since bought "The Who Sell Out" and "Who's Next" in very quick succession. "Who's Next" is an excellent album. While I initially listened to "Baba o' Riley", "Won't get fooled again (long version)" and "Behind Blue Eyes", I have since got to love the whole package however. The bonus tracks are very good. The remastering of this album is excellent. A very worthwhile purchase - highly recommended.
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on 5 December 2015
Really good album by The Who. Reviewing this seems pointless as anyone who buys this knows what they are getting. This is my personal favourite Who album which includes a couple of their best known classics.

Any fans of The Who will already own this and if they don't they should!
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on 5 August 2004
This, in my oppinion was the pinnacle of The Who's studio work, and when you look back (and possibly forward) at the bands other releases you can see how highly this reviewer rates this cd.
Whos Next should be present is any rock loving persons cd collection and this new deluxe edition has been improved again with new unreleased studio tracks added to the 1st cd and a live cd from the infamous Lifehouse concerts at the Young Vic when the project was in its conception stage.
This really is the group at there rocking best and has the well known tracks on it : Baba O Reilly, Behind Blue Eyes and Wont Get Fooled Again. But it really doesnt end there, also present are the brilliant: Getting In Tune, The Song Is Over, Love Aint For Keeping which are all so good.
The second cd has along with superb live versions of most of the tracks mentioned above some other tracks that are again very very impressive such as: Water, Naked Eye, Young Man Blues, Time Is Passing and I Don't Even Know Myself.
Coming up to being a 35 year old album this quite amazingly still sounds incredibly fresh...
well i think im out of praise for this cd, so to sum the add to shopping basket button and get the best of Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle and Moon at there most creative.
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on 29 July 2015
Who's Next originally began life as the Lifehouse project ,yet another Who concept album and the follow up to Tommy.But in the end it got shelved and what was left was a handful of songs plus a couple of new ones and the result was the greatest of all Who albums, indeed it could be argued the greatest of all rock albums.From the opening note on Baba O' Reilly The Who are totally in charge and tear through an incredible selection of songs like Bargain,Going Mobile, Getting in Tune and of course the aforementioned Baba O' Reilly.The playing throughout is phenomenal with Entwistle proving he was one of rocks best bassists,Townshend equally adept on guitar as well as synthesizer, Moon playing like his life depended on it and Daltrey showing that he was rock music's hardest vocalist.But just in case you think it's all rock , we get the tender Behind Blue Eyes and John Entwistles amusing My Wife.But the best is saved till last.Won't Get Fooled Again closes the album and is quite simply the greatest rock song of the 70's-'nuff said.The cover incidentally has the four urinating on a replica of the monolith from 2001; A Space Odyssey!
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on 1 December 2014
Seem to be a good purchase with a few extra tracks thrown in.Have a feeling that on the inside cover of the CD is a very young Clive Owen currently on TV in a medical drama series! And he looking very dapper in some raunchy,girlie undies. But the CD is great and a good purchase price.
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