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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars131
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 8 December 2006
I used to think every BJ album after Keep The Faith was rubbish. I recently bought These Days and loved it, a really 'grown up' album which invited me to sample Crush. Well if I'm not surprised to hell! I love These Days and Crush, two brilliant CDs which are completely different to the 80s material but still very, very good. These are mature songs and perfect for me. 10/10
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on 24 October 2005
At the time of release this was heavily criticised, but five years on, lets re-review the album...
It's My Life is an undisputed modern classic. Searing vocals, heavy rock sounds, and a fantastic beat make it a real crowd pleaser that just can't be ignored.
Unfortunately, the album is not full of these rock tunes, but settles down into quite a false sense of relaxation.
Forget Mystery Train, Save The World and She's a Mystery - all some of Bon Jovi's worst pieces of music. They've earned enough respect for us to gloss over some of their dodgy days! Thankyou For Loving Me is also not particularly inspiring, just trying to be an Always wannabe.
But skip to tracks like One Wild Night, Captain Crash and Next 100 Years, and you'll see a band that can, and do, continue to rock as hard as ever. Captain Crash is fantastic in it's fast-paced beat, bubblegum lyrics and humourous style. it's a good, old-fashioned Bon Jovi FUN, song.
Next 100 Years starts off quite slowly, but when you get to the guitar solo be prepared to be rocked off your feet! Richie plays the guitar to perfection, and revels in this opportunity to really take centre stage.
Just Older is another, overlooked as boring and hokey upon release, it is actually quite poignant and nostalgic, and a real heart clencher if you read the lyrics. BJovi once again showing their versatility.
Crush is pretty much essential for the rock-loving enthusiast. Once again, Bon Jovi have re-defined themselves for a new era of music fans that has taken them through three generations.
They may be getting older, but their ability to ROCK hasn't.
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Bon Jovi's entrance to the year 2000 has a modern fresh feel about the songs that were recorded to make an album like "Crush", which strays far enough into pop/rock adding a mixture of various sound elements. First off, Bon Jovi enters the charts with a bit of the Slippery when wet glory days talk-box laden, ("It's My Life") that remains a strong track. Followed by a Beatles sounding ("Say It Isn't So"), and even sweet, stomping British glam T. Rex or David Bowie ("Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars"), a little different from their previous work. Always a big influence of Job Bon Jovi, a Springsteen-flavored ("Two Story Town") and the gutsy ("Next Hundred Years") with major guitar riffs from Sambora!. ("Just Older") sums up Bon Jovi's acceptance of their current status nicely and is still able to deliver. ("I Got The Girl") and ("Mystery Train") lend it's hand to a rather pop sound while requisite power ballads of ("Thank You for Loving Me") and ("Save the World") are kinda' mawkish in a working-class way (Both could be soundtrack songs taken from Meet Joe Black and Armageddon respectively!). ("She's A Mystery") is a smooth, slick sounding tone delivered with warmth while ("One Wild Night") is a welcome gritty ending for rockers, that has now taken on a re-mixed version for 2001!. The bonus tracks, not previously included are ("I could make a living out of loving you"), a fair soft rock number. The last song ("Neurotica") is the odd ball of the set but quite a polished gem that certainly makes it's impression with distorted overtones ringing through.
The bonus live disc recorded from Osaka includes six added tracks, three taken from Crush delivered with passion and energy and a completely new sounding rendition, stripped to the bones version of Runaway. Someday I'll be a Saturday night see Jovi going through the motions with ease while Rockin' in the Free World has a rather awkward feel to the original cut.
Also added on this new album version are two CD-ROM videos - ("It's My Life"), a spoof of the movie 'Run Lola Run' in which a guy is seen running from his apartment to try and make it to a Bon Jovi gig in time and the obstacles he encounters on-route. The footage for the band was recorded in the New Jersey tunnel. The second video ("Say it Isn't So") is more Hollywood flavored, straight out of a Mel Brooks type setting with various cameo roles from main stream actors (who just happen to be friends of Jon Bon Jovi!).
Overall, the songs included make it sound like the band is attempting to try a little diversity, as with the previous ("keep The Faith") but for the most part, the variety coupled with the consistently polished song craft makes for a highly commendable album. Bon Jovi has changed producers and updated its sound with a smattering of loops and impressive arrangements, without losing the too much pop-crunch of its earlier days.
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on 17 July 2000
"Crush" is 100% "classic" Bon Jovi sound. It is a little mellower than albums like "Slippery When Wet" and "New Jersey". It lacks any songs that will be considered "hard rock anthems" like those albums contain. Songs like "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Bad Medicine" are ALWAYS going to be the type of songs this band's future efforts are going to be judged matter HOW hard they may try to move past that particular phase of their career. This album still manages to capture the feel of earlier Bon Jovi albums. There is a very distinct quality about Bon Jovi that makes their music unmistakable. On this album, the music is more on the mature side. Incredible quality but maybe a little mellower than some fans want. Don't get me wrong, this album IS a classic in the making. There is a little experimentation going on in the songwriting as well. "Say It Isn't So" really reminds me of Tal Bachman's "She's So High". There are a couple of classic ballads, "Thank You for Loving Me" and "Save the World". The rest of the album is the sound you would expect from Bon Jovi. Songs like; "It's My Life", "Just Older", "Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars", "I've Got the Girl", and "One Wild Night" are on the "faster" side of the Bon Jovi sound while the rest are a little mellower. Overall, I would say this album is one you will definitely want to add to your collection, whether or not you are a Bon Jovi fan. It isn't QUITE "Slippery When Wet", but, it clearly was not intended to be. As far as melodic hard rock goes, you won't usually find better overall quality than this! So why do I rate it 4 stars instead of 5? It IS above average overall, but, I do not think it rates 5 stars compared to some of Bon Jovi's other work. The album may rate 4 and a half stars, but not 5. NOT miss this release. Pick up your copy of "Crush", and then check out some of your other favorite bands. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many of the melodic hard rock bands have 1999-2000 releases. Need a memory jog? Click on over to my home page on Amazon. I have most of the bands reviewed or at least mentioned. "Don't wait for a better day. Or you won't get there at all." -Kane Roberts-(Used with his kind permission.)
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on 3 September 2006
Love it!!!!

my fave song is 'thank your for loving me'

so romantic, and the words are just lovely, and it helps that jon bon jovi has one of the most gorgeous voices ever!!!

all the songs are fab, a real must for us proper Bon Jovi fans!!
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on 21 August 2000
This is easily the most accomplished album from the US rockers since 1988's New Jersey showing that their music retains the best hard rock style of old, combined with a diverse and mature sound for 2000.
It is not Slippery When Wet II as early press would have you believe although 'It's My Life' fits closest to this description but a number of arena rockers such as 'Captain Crash' and 'One Wild Night' shows that the boys can still rock loud and proud.
Bon Jovi just 'crushed' Wembley Stadium for the last time with a monster 3 hour show and this is the definitive album that is driving the worlds biggest rock band to even greater success.
One note if you are going to get this album then consider getting the Australian or Japanese import version as it contains the excellent 'Neurotica.' (a rocker) which is not on the UK release.
The three best songs, not counting 'Neurotica' are probably 'Just Older, 'Mystery Train' and '100 Years' but everyone will have their favourites.
The worst song is 'I could make a living loving you' by a long way, it has some seriously corny lines. How it made the album is beyond me, while its fine for a concert or a b-side they shouldn't have used it on the CD, so if you would rather not have it buy the US version as its not included.
However with 12-14 tracks depending where you buy this is a fine album that proves again how good quality music can stand the test of time.
Crushing stuff!
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on 29 March 2004
Crush launched bon jovi back to the top of the charts, despite there charismatic frontman approaching 40! Crush acheived this by not only appealing to the huge bon jovi fan base but also to the mass market with a slick pop/rock album. Crush opens with 'It's my life' and no matter what follows this song is worth the money. Now on par with the bon jovi greats and anticipated at concerts this catchy anthem is bj at there best. Say it isnt so has an equally catchy chorus but doest stand out like its my life. The ballads on the album are slightly disappointing, but thankyou for loving me picks up after a poor star and grows on you. One's to look out for are next 100 years, captain crash and just older. Just Older though very different to it's my life is superb in its own right, and the next 100 years works well with the changes of pace in the music. Captain crash is a well writen fantasy tale and will have you singing along. One wild night also stands out with a typically infectious sound and chorus. The rest of the songs aren't bad, but dont work aswell as pop/rock records mentioned. Very different, very bon jovi, very good! Not there best but far better than most of the stuff out today.
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on 20 January 2004
Everyone keeps on saying how they want more "slippery" but sorry it aint gonna happen. this is the "new" sound of bon jovi, if you can call it that. Im 16 and got this album in 2000 when i was 14 so im relativly new to the bon jovi experience and this was the first of the guys albums i got and ive managed to pick up a number of others along the way (including slippery) and it doesnt have that edge but the guys are getting older and it does show but this works for the new generation and perfectly compliments slippery in almost every way. As far as i can hear this is one of if not the best jovi album ever with the soft yet very bon jovi 'thank you' and the incredable intro on '100 years' to the 100% party perfect 'one wild night' and finishing with the british version of 'say it isnt so' and dave bascombe's version of 'its my life'. it has 100% bon jovi written all over it GET IT NOW.
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on 5 December 2000
This is the long awaited new album from the 80's rockers. Anybody over 25 (so not me then) will remember the huge sucess of Livin' on a prayer in their more wild years but here they are back with a new album to top New Jersey and another great anthem to top Livin' on a prayer. It's My life is the classic Rock anthem about taking life by the scruff of the neck and shaking it up big time. It even involves a short cameo appearence from Tommy and Gina the stars of Livin' on a prayer. It is always good to get an album off to a start with a song like this because it sets the mood and lets you know what they are about. Say it isn't so is the song for the eaternal optomist and addresses those time in your life when you realise that Santa Clause is just your dad in a red dressing gown after he hasn't had a shave. It shows that in a world that kids percieve as being all about fantasy and fun, Mickey Mouse was just an idea purely invented to make money and exploit the weak. I thnk that it is worth a mention that the video for this single is simply out of this world with cars flying over the bands head, a giant fist fight and appearances from stars such as Matt Le Blanc, Claudia Schiffer and Arnold Schwartzanegger (sorry about the spelling)Thank you for loving me is the third single from the album and it is the big ballard that can usually be found at about song number 5. Despite the bands commitments to rock, it always seems that the ballards are more popular with the public. Always, the song written for a film called Romeo is Bleeding but then put on the Crossroads album turnned out to be thier biggest ever hit and inspired millions. I can still remember the time they performed the single for TOTP in 1994 with Niagra falls in the background. The Idea for Thank you for loving me originally came from a film line from the film Meet Joe Black. Jon thought it was such a couragous line that he immediately wrote a song and went round Ritchie's. They had layed down the basis in about 30 min. another great song from the album is Two story town
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on 20 June 2000
It's been a while since Bon Jovi's last album - the summer of 1995 to be exact. While Jon Bon Jovi, (Destination Anywhere), and Ritchie Sambora, (Undiscovered Soul), have produced quality solo efforts, the boys of summer are back again in 2000 with their newest album, Crush. Die hard fans of the band, and that seems to be the type that Bon Jovi caters to, will enjoy the band's newest efforts. While trends come and go in modern music, Bon Jovi retains their magical appeal and again demonstrate why they have been a long staying worldwide power on the rock scene for nearly twenty years. While the band will likely never regain its mystique of the late 1980's and early 1990's, Crush offers several songs that should be certifiable hits. Insightful lyrics, great acoustics, and that same driving beat that personify Bon Jovi pervade the album. The album appropriately begins with "It's My Life" - a sort of "Living on a Prayer" fifteen years after the fact. Here, the kids from New Jersey have grown up and indulge in a semi-self-evaluation in the context of modern music while simultaneously reinforcing the tough guy "stick to your guns" attitude. With Sambora jamming on the mouth guitar, a la Peter Framptom, the band launches into their passionate take on life. "It's My Life" intimates the urgency of living one's life to the fullest, the necessity of being true to yourself, and perhaps most importantly, being satisfied with who you are. It's seems as if the members of Bon Jovi have come full circle in accepting who they are and what they stand for and hope their message reaches the ears of others. In fact, this mantra seems to charge the album on songs such as "Save the World" and "Just Older" among others. In a time where music tends to be either teeny bop or angst ridden, the band provides a well needed attitude ajustment. "It's My Life" also throws out some kudos to the long-standing, and sometimes long-suffering Bon Jovi fans, "This is for the ones who stood their ground/For Tommy and Gina who never backed down." It's impossible not to like a song with this sort of message. Custom made for a live concert show, if this song doesn't get your blood pumping, nothing will. Of course, the Bon Jovi ballad, "Thank You for Loving Me," is vintage Bon Jovi. Echoes of "I'll Be There For You" and "Always" immediately come to mind. It's hard to imagine a song that captures a more endearing expression of love. Expect to hear this one on the radio and at dances and weddings for years to come. Other songs on Crush include "I Got the Girl", a Tom Petty-like tune with a driving, dancing beat. "Save the World" is a beautiful, touching song commenting on the affect that each person can have on the world and ends with Bon Jovi's wailings reminiscent of Steve Tyler in Aerosmith's "What It Takes". "Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars" gets the vote for the most original Bon Jovi title, but the song is a feel-good old school, sing along song. "Just Older" is the perfect song for the aging but still rocking Bon Jovi fans, "Well, I look in the mirror/I don't hate what I see." Some of the songs on the album such as "Mystery Train" run too long and seem forced. Similarly, "Say It Isn't So" is a Beatles experiment gone bad, but overall the album is well worth its wait. Imagine spending this hot summer with the top down, the radio turned up, and Bon Jovi's Crush filling the air........
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