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4.6 out of 5 stars29
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2004
well what can I say, this album is certainly catchy. At first when I got the album I never listened to it properly and just skipped from one track to the next, as you usually do when you get a new album... eager to hear a bit of each tracks, or to get to the most popular, as with this album it was "Don't Speak" ... which I don't think is the best, but its certainly fantastic! Gwen's voice is just splendid, she can really sing! She really shows this in songs such as "Don't Speak", "Different People", "Just a Girl" and "Tragic Kingdom"... My favourite being "Different People"... mainly because it has such a fabulous rhythem, as do all the songs on this album. The instrumental work in this album is certainly all talent, because they use the instruments so beautifully, the wide variety of instruments used just give the music a totally different, refreshing, catchy sound, which I think makes the band what they are.
Other songs to take note of are "Just a girl", which was another popular song of this album, I would call it exceptional. They have managed to use alernative rock in a way that doesn't sound annoying or irratating. The Chorus is very catchy and the use of electronic keyboard in this album is very smart!
"Sunday Morning" is also a very catchy song, isn't it ironic how the catchy songs are always the most popular? hehe, well this has a very smooth rhythem, the chorus is very catchy with Gwen certainly expelling and expressing her voice in a fantastic way!
"Don't speak" seems like it shouldn't be on this album, because its quite different from the rest of the songs on this album... its got a slower beat, but the lyrics are beautiful and Gwens voice is just gorgious in this song, so silky and soft.
"Tragic Kingdom" is an unusual song; starts off like the voice which comes through the speakers on fair ground rides "Please don't stand up, the ride is about to begin"... and the song starts... a very wonky song, with a dramatic, suprised beat.
To sum up the whole album, its absolutely fantastic, some songs are far better than others, but what else can I say, not many bands can achieve every song to be absolutely perfect... A definate for any No Doubt fans, this album is a sign post of this bands uprisal into fame, some great classics!
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on 13 February 2001
No Doubt..Oh it's just another ska/punk band..err..wrong. No Doubt are one of the best kept secrets from the later 80's and through the 90's. Tragic Kingdom has just gotta be one of the best albums ever made. It's just packed full of energy with every song, all of which are completley different to each other. From Spidersweb..a really get up and dance till you drop kinda song to Just A Girl to my personal favoruite Different People..To the fantastic Sixteen and Sunday morning to Don't Speak finishing off with Tragic Kingdom..It's full of power and emmotion. With Gwen..using her voice which is amazing to win over me at least, Tony is a fantastic bassits, and being one myself i love playing the songs live it's such a joy. The keyboardist is fantastic and i love playing the parts as well as the guitar. With break beats, interesting rhythms. This isn't Ska Punk this is Punk even this is No Doubt..they have their own style, I've looked high and low for another band like em..but I guess Less Than Jake will have to do.Return of Saturn is a fantastic follow up, but Tragic Kingdom holds a very special place in my heart and stis pride of place next to my Chili Pepppers, Rage and NIN it now you just have to and clear your room so you can dance the nite away...
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on 15 June 2000
I bought this CD when I heard Don't Speak because that song alone was a good enough reason for me to buy it. To my surprise, every other song on this album was equally as good. The tracks are all excellent and different from each other. I just can't believe that they don't get much recognision over here. Since I bought this album, I have bought all of No Doubt's albums and they are all brilliant, although Tragic Kingdom is my favourite. Anyone who buys this album will be putting in orders for the others soon after because it's just that good!
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on 11 February 2000
This is such an awesome album! I bought the cassette 3 years ago and I played It so much, I wore it out. Gwen Stefani has a unique voice that's perfect for both high energy lyrics ("Just a Girl", "Spiderwebs") and ballads(Don't Speak). If you loved this cd, definitely check out Beacon St. Collection. You may wanna check out their self-titled debut, but only if you seriously love their other music
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on 31 December 2002
if you haven't already got this album i advise you to buy it as soon as possible. it is really worth owning and you will not be dissapointed. Sureley you people remember how No doubt exploded on to the music scene with Don't speak, Just a girl and Spiderwebs. This album has those songs plus 11 more. The music is exceptional. Gwens voice is fantastic, and this album is a complete classic, and it is officially a classic judging by the number of copies it has sold (something like 17 million worldwide). This album boasts a rock vibe with wicked guitars and gwens screaming voice, a ska horn section, and pop hooks. Since buying this album, no other albums have had such an effect on me
Standout tracks are Spiderwebs, Just a girl, Different people, Don't speak and Sunday morning.
Buy this album now!
and maybe think about buying another No doubt album. They are really worth the money (apart from maybe their first self titled one). But start off with this one.
Buy it! It is rare to find an album as epic and classic as this.
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on 10 February 2000
I completely disagree with Mr McGuire, his review of this album gives it no justice. I heard 'just a girl' on MTV three years ago, and wondered who this band were. Then, a few months later, heard 'don't speak' and i was hooked. I had to search high and low in Manchester to find the album, as no one had heard of this great band. I listened to the album, and for the first time ever, i had found an album that sounded great the first time i listened to it. I didn't have to listen a couple of times to get a feel for the music, as with other cds. I have seen this band both times they were in the UK and they were brilliant. I can't wait for the new album. This is definately amongst my favourite albums. Everyone should own it.
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on 10 March 2000
i`ll make it short...this album is excellent - most of the songs are about the split with singer gwen stefani and bass player tony kanel. the songs are written quite sadly but are layed out in a very happy summery feel. so its sounds very happy and nice. gwens voice is simply amazing.
has loads of tracks as well - it is really a five star album
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on 28 February 2010
this is a top class album-it takes no doubt away from their ska roots(thankfully in my opinion and towards a rockier sound).Its hard to pinpoint a weak track on this cd-dont speak is the most obvious highlight but tracks like "are you happy now" written to her brother after he left the band to pursue a career in animation and "world go round","the climb","sunday morning","different people" and the title track are particularly good.The weakest track for me is sixteen,its a little bit rock-out by numbers but it does have a fantastic spoken clip in the middle about the children of today which is very clever."you can do it" took me several listen to like-its heavy on saxophone and more jazzy than the others but once it got into my head it wouldnt leave.I could name every other track on the album and say how much I love it but I this album if you like dont speak,or any of their other albums.its pure class.
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on 2 January 2003
A delightfully colourful album, with plenty of souring sunshine vocals that compliment the glorious blue skies of the accompaniying illustrations. As well as chronicalling the band`s bizzare adventures trying to sell rotten oranges in Anaheim, California, I think they perfectly portray an overall sound that has a real 'open air' feel to it.
This is enjoyable, spirited rock music with a noticable ska influence, but Ben Howard is right - this really is the sound of No Doubt and they shouldn`t be cornered too tightly into any musical sub-genres.
Highpoints for me include the uplifting 'Spiderwebs', my personal favourite 'Happy Now' [awesome, blissful chorus], 'Sixteen' which has a deliciously spiky edge, 'Different People' which is catchy and clever and the showstopping 'You Can Do It'. 'Just A Girl' features amazing warped guitar sounds. I certainly never found it annoying. Not all of the others are quite this good, but they`re all solid songs. There`s not one that I really wanna bin.
Tragic Kingdom is commonly thought of as No Doubt`s 'classic' album. Personally I think the others have their individual merits as well. Buy this album, then you`ll probably start collecting them all, cause No Doubt really are a fantastic band.
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on 17 November 2015
I think I was 17 when this album first came out. I remember seeing the video for 'Just A Girl' on MTV back when it was a music channel, and I went straight out to HMV back when they were a music shop and purchased the CD, back when people used to put music on CDs and charge £16 for a copy. At the time it felt like a breath of fresh air, and listening again now with new ears nearly 20 years later, I'm once again struck by how great this album is.
The music is too catchy to be straight-up rock, and slightly too angular to be considered pop, it plants its feet firmly in both camps while also infusing elements of ska and 2-tone, and also has a mild Latin vibe in parts. While this might sound a little confused, the mix blends perfectly and presents enough of a variety for the listener throughout the album without the songs sounding disjointed or that they were thrown together randomly. On the contrary, the tracks flow nicely even when crossing over contrasting styles.
The core band of drummer Adrian Young, keyboardist Eric Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, and the superb Tony Kanal on bass provide a solid musical base, and Gwen Stefani's vocal performance is superb throughout, visiting extremes such as the raw and driving 'Just a Girl', to the breathless coda on 'Happy Now?', to the emotional outpouring of 'Don't Speak'. Some describe her voice as a bit take-it-or-leave-it, but Tragic Kingdom serves as a reminder as to why so much record label attention was given to her solo career during the group's hiatus years.

High points for me: Excuse Me Mr., Just a Girl, Happy Now?, Sunday Morning, Don't Speak, You Can Do It.
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