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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 November 2001 know the one you get when a band moves on with their music...take note all Mancunian guitar bands. The Eels have again produced an enigmatic and inovative selection of rock, blues and chillin' sounds; combining the development of Mr. E's sound from the past 5 years - a greatest hits album of brand new songs. Although a little hard to get to grips with if your an Eels vigin, a couple of times through and your hooked. Tracks vary from 'Fresh Feeling'- string production overload, to 'Souljacker Part 1' - guitar riff ala bass. Buy it, listen to it and if you don't have the other albums, you will soon!
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on 31 August 2002
I knew this album would be good, because its Eels and i've never heard a bad song by this amazing band, but after i listened to SoulJacker i was blown away. This album gets better with time, the more its played the better it gets.
SoulJacker is a perfect example of sublime originality in songwriting, and should be taken far more seriously then it will enivitably will. Eels deserve far more then they get in terms of admiration.
The album works on so many levels, just buy it
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on 6 November 2001
This album quite simply continues to prove E's songwriting ability. The best thing about it is that it's once again completely different from their last album.
The style of music is rocky, lively, it can, at times, can seem busy and complicated, but each song still has meaning and hasn't just been written for chart success. But that's the beuaty of it, the fact that they can create a song which not only simply rocks, but has a meaning to it too. Even though not all of the songs precisely relate to E's life, there are some which do, such as Fresh Feeling and Friendly Ghost.
The best tracks are Dog Faced Boy, Fresh Feeling, Bus stop Boxer (brilliant) and That's Not Really Funny. They are all full of catchy rhythms and lyrics.
Pure Eels.
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on 24 October 2001
Upon hearing the Souljacker: part 1 single, I knew this album would be nothing like Daisies od the Galaxy. I would appear to have been proved right. This is nothing like the previous albums in terms of the style of music, although the dark, pessimistic lyrics aren't too dissimilar from Electro-shock Blues. As for the tracks, Souljacker: part 1, Dog Faced Boy and That's Not Really Funny are the immediate standouts, but, as with every previous Eels album, there's not a weak track in sight, although many of the tracks won't appeal immediately to all Eels fans, especially if you were expecting a Daisies part 2. This is right up there with Mercury Rev's All is Dream and The Strokes' Is This It for best album of the year.
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on 25 September 2001
I've only had this album a day but already it's sounding like one of the albums of the year. Anyone familiar with the Eels last two albums will be quite shocked, they haven't used this many guitars since their '96 debut `Beautiful Freak'.
Opener `Dog Faced Boy' is a rather excellent rocker which also features the great couplet `ma won't shave me, Jesus can't save me'. The pace continues until we get to `Fresh Feeling', which is a mellow, string-laden affair. Beautiful.
Other highlights include `Souljacker (part 1)', the best and most exciting three minutes of rock released this year, `Friendly Ghost' and the haunting `Bus Stop Boxer'.
As if the twelve tracks on the actual album weren't good enough, you also get a bonus CD featuring another superb four tracks.
All in all, well worth buying even if you don't know their music.
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on 12 October 2001
A warning should go the fans of the previous eels albums. This is differnet. Superbly different. Fuzzy guitars, heartfelt lyrics and all the awareness of the experienced, musically gifted beings that they are. A true gem.
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on 24 September 2001
Eels want to 'rock', now, and man alive, they have done it. They have done it big time. Souljacker is everything i wanted from eels, from the quite literally TOO groovy 'souljacker part I' to the incredibly uplifting (this is from eels, i remind you) 'fresh feeling'. E has not only expanded upon his first three albums, he has even bettered 'electro-shock blues' which was, until now, the bands finest work. And this all proves that Eels can do whatever they set their sights on, and they can do it well.
One downside, if you can call it that, is that they seem a little bit too proud of their achievement with the Souljacker album (read the back of the album to find out what i mean).
All i can say now is that i prey they write more like this. Or just write more, because it's all gonan be musical gold.
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on 2 November 2001
From dog faced boy to whats this note, not a bad song. Even when i heard the first song you know whats in store. E has the ability to write funeral songs to scuzzy jazzy funk. An album that makes your life feel better just by its existence. Does not leave your cd player, but when it does its replaced with beautiful freak...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 March 2016
There's far more to Eels than Shrek soundtracks. Their 4th album sees Mark Oliver Everett's fabulous and wryly dark humour to the fore. E is never a man to let a sly turn of phrase or unusual couplet go to waste and here he excels with highly eclectic subject matter. Opener Dog Faced Boy is the tale of a circus 'freak'. That's Not Really Funny looks at the hurt caused by a woman's unkind comments about penis size. World Of S*** takes the "In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is King" route with the wonderful couplet "In a world of s***, baby you are it". Fresh Feeling could easily be turned into a commercial for Orange juice. This should be enough to show that E never takes the most obvious route to his target, he'll usually take a side road less travelled - all to the benefit of the listener. It's this ability to describe unusual tangents that make many of his records, and this one in particular, delicious fun. Whilst he often writes from a highly personal perspective, here the key theme throughout is neat cameos of the outsider. E is a one off, almost criminally underappreciated, but then that's a big part of what contributes to his cult status. This 2001 album took a different direction to the previous three. It's a lo-fi masterpiece. In this edition there's also a four track bonus EP that's worth paying a little extra for too. A great, somewhat unhearlded band worth attention.
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The thing I love about the Eels is that each one of their albums has sounded different from the rest while still being superb and this one doesn't disappoint in either respect.
The single release "Souljacker Part I" gives some indication of what to expect - the tone is darker than "Daisies of the Galaxy" with fuzzy, dark guitars and E growling along to an energetic beat. There is gentler material though, with songs like "Fresh Feeling", "Friendly Ghost" and "Souljacker part II" demonstrating the kind of wistful, heartfelt music E seems to have an unlimited supply of.
The album rewards close listening. In addition to the fact that each song tells a separate story, the Eels have drawn samples from their back catalogue which are employed to great effect on "Fresh Feeling" amongst other songs.
The album also comes with a bonus EP which -refreshingly since it's an extra - easily maintains the established standard. Look for "I write the B-sides" which is vintage Eels stuff from the Beautiful Freak era and also a beat-driven, bluegrass remix of "Mr E's Beautiful Blues"
Overall, fantastic stuff. I would recommend this to any fan of Eels or anyone looking for indy rock that's slightly offroad.
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