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4.7 out of 5 stars95
4.7 out of 5 stars
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39 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 20 October 2009
When I was a very young girl, just 6 or 7 we had a reel to reel tape recorder. We had 2 Beatles, 1 Cliff Richard and 1 Shadows tape and for many years this was the only music I had to listen to and be influenced by. I loved the Shadows the best and to this day true guitar oriented music remains my first love whether hard rock or Johnny Cash. If guitar icons Peter Townend and Jeff Beck rate Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin as their influence and idol then hell who am I to argue?. All the real classic hits are here, both in mono as they would have sounded years ago on the juteboxes in the 60's and in sterio if you prefer. I much prefer mono.

Even after 40 plus years they sound as good as ever. The price blew me away it is a real bargain and anyone who has an appreciation for guitarists should own this CD. Apparently this recording release came about because the Shadows were filming The Young Ones with Cliff Richard and were unavailable for studio recording. Thank you unknown genious at EMI who came up with the idea of releasing a "best of" then, something that just wasn't really done back in the early 60's when these hits were dominating the charts and you had to really sell records to feature in the top 10.

There is real atmospheric and totally emotional music here that will never date or die. I urge anyone any age to invest in this purely instrumental compilation of perfection.
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64 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on 4 October 2006
For around two years from mid 1960 The Shadows delivered some brilliant and timeless music... coupled with, and followed by, a vast amount of distinctly MOR muzak. But, unlike the other incomplete or "do I really want to hear what happened next?" compilations out there this one's the only one that's got all the classics from that heady period: "Apache", "FBI", "Wonderful Land", "The Savage", "The Stranger", "Midnight", "36-24-36", and the breathtakingly beautiful, pure early 60's "Peace Pipe". Perfectly formed examples of a lost world of guitar driven excitement & atmosphere.
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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 28 December 2007
back in the 70s i bought "bert weedons guitar greats" then a neighbour
said "forget him,the shadows are much better !" he then put on an LP called
"shadows greatest hits" & i was blown away! a lot of greatest hits albums
have come out , but a lot of this is"raw mono"in hi-fidelity sound.
"wonderful land" & "apache" rumoured to have been wrtten on the top deck
of a bus on an old banjo by jerry lordan ! norrie paramors,"peace pipe"&
"the savage" a rhythm guitarists nightmare to keep up for two odd minutes! but bruce welch sails through it like he has a "bionic" arm !
hank marvin delivers every track with that "cleaness"from that salmon pink stratocaster,like me ,come on hands up who wanted to play like that?
i remember queing to buy a cheap "woolworths" electric guitar & being
shattered because it (or i ) sounded nothing like hank ! enjoy "the shads"
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
This CD has 32 tracks,but not 32 different tracks,what it does have is 16 tracks in mono sound,repeated in excellent remastered stereo.I wish it had all their hits in stereo only and ignored the mono versions.I will have to look elsewhere for a stereo compilation with all their top 20 hits (about 25 of them) up to say 1965,their golden era,when I find one I will let you know.

PS These are albums I found with all their hits and more,"50 Golden Greats",a 2 CD set and "The Platinum Collection" a 2CD + DVD set,both have all stereo tracks except for Foot Tapper in mono,as I think there is a slight problem with stereo version,you can always try to download this one stereo track.

Finally you can try "Complete Singles:As & Bs: 1959-1980",which is overkill for me,again Foot Tapper is mono,as are the very early "before they were famous" tracks,which exist only in mono.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 16 May 2013
I have owned this greatest hits collection for almost 40 years on vinyl and have done my very best to wear it out! This cd has the original tracks plus the "B" side of "Apache", "Quatermasster`s stores", and yes, i`ve spelt it correctly! The title was a spoof on the then popular sci-fi tv series "Quatermass". There are mono and stereo versions of all the tracks for the purists. There is a perception these days, fostered by historical revisionists, that British pop music started with the Beatles and serious guitar playing started with Eric Clapton. However, if you were to ask Messrs. Clapton, Townshend, Green, May, Page, Neil Young etc., all guitar heroes in their own right, who influenced them, then Hank Marvin is usually near the top of their list. It surprises people when they find out that The Shadows and Cliff are, together and separately, one of the most successful acts the UK has ever produced. The Shadows started life as The Drifters, Cliff Richard`s backing group in the late 1950`s and changed their name in 1959. Few people realise how genuinely innovative they were in that era, Hank Marvin was the first guitarist in the UK to play a Fender Stratocaster (purchased and imported by Cliff), Jet Harris was one of the first in the UK to play a Fender precision Bass Guitar (most groups then used upright double basses), and together with Tony Meehan on drums and Bruce Welch on Rhythm Guitar they carved out a unique sound. Hank fashioned an almost-Hawaiian guitar sound with innovative use of the Stat`s tremelo arm and various echo units (he,in fact, popularised both of these), the band got the guitar amplifier manufacturer Vox to make a bigger amp, the legendary AC30, so that they could be heard over screaming fans. All of these things laid down the template for nearly all pop/rock groups that followed them in the 1960`s, including the Beatles. The first big hit "Apache" witten by Jerry Lordan, was a tour-de-force of Hank`s guitar technique and technical innovation, it stayed at no. 1 for six weeks and quickly became a rite-of-passage for every early `60s would-be guitar player. Hit after hit followed, "Man of Mystery" "Kon-Tiki","Wonderful Land", which set a record for most weeks at no. 1 during the `60s, 8-10 weeks (depending on record chart). Listen to "Wonderful Land" and marvel at Norrie Paramor`s arrangement, Hanks delicate, yet masterful touch lending gravitas to every note shaped and played, the tightness of the group sound, the sheer other-worldliness of it and i defy anyone not to be uplifted after the last notes die away. The group personnel changed, out went Tony Meehan, to be replaced by Brian Bennet and Jet Harris left, being replaced by Brian Locking, the sound mellowed a little and "Dance On" was the last no. 1 hit on this particular album. Buy This CD, play it loud and marvel at the finest instrumental pop music ever made.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 17 August 2008
If there is a world parallel to this one where The Shadows did not exist, then the Top 40 Charts, even for NOW, would sound completely different. The Shadows, Hank Marvin and the Fender Stratocaster guitar were brought together by Fate and Destiny to create some of the most fantastic music of all time, and its influence upon us as human beings is one heck of a legacy to be proud of. Here you have The Best Of everything they ever did; THEIR GREATEST HITS, and as far as guitar instrumental music goes, there is NOTHING greater!
On this one CD you have everything you need from The Shadows amazing career, the music which inspired generations on down the line to learn to play guitar, and often it had to "be a red one, just like Hank Marvin plays" or nothing at all.
Not one person walking this Planet Earth can fail to be unmoved by the sound of 'Apache,' or indeed any of the other superb tracks on this Original Best Of The Shadows album. Accept no substitute, this is it, the one you need bar none! Click Now! It MUST be done!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 8 October 2009
I've always liked The Shadows and this brought back all those evocative memories of my teens and twenties. An excellent album of all the hits. For some reason when I downloaded this I got all the tracks twice. Not quite sure why! No real problem. A really enjoyable album
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
This set was originally issued on vinyl with the same title (and same sleeve) in 1963. As a consequence it's lacking anything beyond that date. In reality, Shadows singles, from 1964 onwards notched up lower chart positions than hitherto. That was for two reasons. The first of course, was the Beatles, Stones and all the rest. The second was the increasing tendency, which had already started in 62/63, of the Shadows to move into MOR territory. Whether this was conscious - after all it did address a different audience - or just natural evolution, who knows? But one should remember that these guys had to earn a crust just like the rest of us.

The US had the Ventures and the Surf bands and we had the Shadows and a few others like the Tornados. And I don't think we had a bad deal at all. You could argue legitimately that the Ventures only had two hits, and that there were very few Surf hits while in the UK, the Shadows were regular top tenners from "Apache" through to "Geronimo" in 1963 (just outside this set). All of those best selling singles are collected here up to December 1962's "Dance On!" with plenty of excellent B sides to boot.

While it might be invidious to get into a comparison of the two bands, the Ventures and the Shadows, I find it's almost inevitable. Both struck gold, in 1960, each with a highly memorable single. Both had the same two guitars, bass and drums format. And both had not a dissimilar style - melodic rock as opposed to more R&B oriented (like Eddy, Wray, etc.) with significant use of guitar technology, in particular, the much favoured tremolo arm. But neither copied from each other. While the Shadows' "Man of Mystery" had the Ventures' favourite descending sequence, it was on its own in this respect. And while the Ventures covered the Shadows' "Apache" it was in the manner that they covered loads of other contemporary or otherwise instro singles.

For those old enough to remember, those Shadows singles had a lot more magic about them than almost anything else from the British ranks in that 1960 to 1962 period. As far as we were concerned, we had an instrumental band to equal the world's best. As a member of a (strictly amateur) band within that timeframe I recall well that, not only had every other working band copied most of the Shadows numbers, they also had that patented dance step down correctly. My lot were usually too shambolic to remember to do it properly!

This reissue of what would have been a much played slab of vinyl, couples the original versions of the singles and B sides with stereo versions and I have to say that the listening experience on several of these is considerably enhanced.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 30 May 2013
I was lucky to have been a teenager in the 60s and the shads were the best instrumental group ever, my claim to fame is i use to wash hanks car when he was dating a girl (i think he later married her?) in my street in kentish town north london around 1962?...i have this cd and the mono ,stereo was /is a great idea well done emi...ah memories!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 March 2013
Excellent instrumental hit tunes from the Shads that you can tap your feet along to and just enjoy.

Part of the scene that was about before the beatles came along. Interesting and memorable melodies and arrangements (for the time) not over produced.

Mmmm I can just hear the sound of them now coming over the trannie radio
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