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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars86
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2009
Avatar, the legend of Aang is superb, but why do DVD Region 2 customers get short changed!?!

I have discovered from reviews, since making the my orders, that the Region 2 version of 'Avatar - The Legend Of Aang - Book 1 - Complete [DVD]' has been made with no subtitles and NO special features, etc, and one disc less,unlike the versions made for the USA and rest of the world. The same is true of 'Avatar - The Legend Of Aang - Book 2 - Complete [DVD]', and the same for 'Avatar - The Legend Of Aang - Book 3 - Complete [DVD]' , not to mention us having had to wait an extra two years for them to come out!

'Avatar - The Legend Of Aang - Book 3 - Complete [DVD]' will be 125 minutes shorter to boot than the Region 1 version sold by!

In protest, and in spite of being an avid Avatar fan, I am therefore cancelling my orders for all three sets! Why should we in Region 2 be repeatedly palmed off with lesser products than those produced for the USA and elsewhere!?! - Playstation 3 being another outstanding example!

Nickelodeon/Paramount Home Entertainment, why treat your customers over here in Region 2 like second class citizens!?! It's not good enough!
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on 28 May 2009
Great series, wonderfully animated, but where are the subtitles?

I come from Denmark, where 80% of all television is either English or American and everything is subbed. Although I'm fluent in English I'm used to reading the subs too and getting every bit of dialogue. When I watch movies I sometimes turn on the english subs so I don't miss anything.

I CAN live with it, I just have to turn up the sound. But I think it's very incovenient for people with bad or no hearing. Why should kids who're hard of hearing nor be able to enjoy this show?
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on 16 March 2009
"Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new avatar--an air bender named Aang. And although his air-bending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world."

This monologue is the opening to every episode of the first season of Avatar - the legnd of Aang and I absolutely never got sick of hearing it. This show is amazing, my seven year old sister and I watched it together, she loved it and I loved it. On my own I managed to get through all 20 episodes in 3 sittings. The characters in this show are all endearing, even the enemy Lord Zuko who for his own reasons is tracking the Avatar.

Aang travels the world with his companions, Appa, a huge flying bison, Katara, a waterbender from the south water tribe and Sokka, Katara's brother who has no bending powers. This first season sees Aang and the gang (not intentional rhyme) travelling to the North Pole to find Aang and Katara a waterbending teacher so that Aang can become a full Avatar and save the world from the Evil Fire Lord Ozai, along the way Aang learns what happened to the world in his absence and what he must do to save those suffering.

The animation is brilliantly drawn and the colours are sublime. Every episode is a treat to watch and is vibrant with humour and messages about how our actions can affect others. The rich dialogue gives it a boost and the character voices are well chosen, the actors play their characters well. The creators of this show make tension work well and know how to build up a show, by the final episode you will be begging to see more and find out what's happening with Aang.

This is a treat for the family and something I heavily recommend that you watch, you will not be dissapointed. ENJOY!
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on 4 December 2012
A nice box cover, for an european only relase. Seems a good deal but soon you discover its flaws. Unlike it's US counterpart it lacks most of the extras. More important the overall quality is under the standard of the early era dvd. Interlaced video is unwatchable and doesn't do justice to this awesome show full of action. If you have a way to watch Region 1 DVDs, buy the US version, the only things you'll miss is the box that contain the 3 season boxes.

Update: it seems that even the US version present interlacing artifacts on the book 1 so a worth version of this show doesn't exist in retail. Unfortunately.
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on 24 November 2015
This is a fantasy animation set in a world which is governed by the 4 elements of earth/wind/air/fire. People using one element (fire) started a war against the rest of the world, and balance needs to restored by the Avatar - a powerful guy, who is a master of all 4 elements, but haven't been seen for some time. As it happens the avatar is still a young boy, and the show is about him growing up and finding a way to restore balance.

I gave this show a go now that all episods (and sequel) are available on Prime. I pre-screened a couple of episodes to make sure these were young kid friendly, and then we started watching from ep1 with my son (5) and daughter (4).

Both of them were hooked instantly, the lead characters are very likeable, and the story is very easy to follow for them. This is the kind of show that has entertainment value for all ages: in one episode you might find very easy to understand problem in the foreground, rooted in a complex socio-economic situation. Great educational tool if you are actively watching this with your kids and want to widen their horizons.

Art: looks a bit dated for season one, even for its release age. Still very good, and has some anime-esque features (very light). The world has a far eastern feel, with the clothings and buildings seemingly from the medieval Chinese era.

Couple of things I was worried about initially:
fight scenes - these are watered down heavily, which is great news for me and the 4-5yr old audience. I don't really remember seeing blood, but definitely no graphic violence and gore. People in the show also don't really die, but fall in the water or go take a nap ( :) )

romance - this is a teen show after all. There are some short kiss scenes in season 3 (none I recall in season 1), which we just boo-d at with my daughter :)
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on 15 June 2015
We all recently watched the movie version of series 1 and wanted MORE Avatar, but the movies are not being made fast enough to satisfy us. Then I remembered watching the animated series when the kids were babies.

We have just finished watching this animated series 1 as a family that includes 9 and 8 year olds.

It is a quirky show with modern humour embedded in a story with an ancient times atmosphere. For example, jokes about Boomerangs and Kangaroo Island were uttered. The story pre-dates the world-wide discovery of these things, but it doesn’t matter. It is all in good fun, the kids understand it, and laugh out loud a lot. It engages us adults as well. The kids get excited when they recognize the elements of the story adopted by the movie, and the changes interest them without disappointing them.

It is a bit of an adjustment at first, because the characters and mood differ slightly to the movie, which was rather serious and dramatic. I don’t recall the movie Avatar boy smiling at all. The animated Avatar cracks jokes and makes childish mistakes (as he should, since he is a child). And Sokka is a bit of a buffoon in the animated series, but we watched him growing and transforming with each adventure from immature boy to warrior like the one in the movie.

The rating given is my children’s, but my husband and I wholeheartedly agree with it. If you want an adventure that builds up in complex layers that are intriguing to young and old, you’ll get that here. It is serious and peppered with clever and some slap-stick humour that pleases all.

Series 1 is about Water. Can’t wait to see series 2 about Earth. This is not part of any Hollywood movie I know of yet, so it will all be surprising and new.

I highly recommend this series.
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on 3 January 2015
I was sceptical of this American "anime" but I've just finished watching second episode and I'm impressed! The storytelling is good, characters are likeable and the story is set in a world seeming to be a peculiar mix of Far East cultures with Inuit overtones.

The series borrow such elements as Goku's staff his ability to fly mimicking the way it was done in Dragonball, a chubby flying animal reminiscent of Catbus from Totoro and the use of element-based powers in far eastern setting similar to Naruto. At first I was afraid that I will end up watching mediocre version of those shows but it's not the case. The creators took their time to construct a world that embraces those concepts and fit them logically into place. The concept of four elements as the basic for the magic called "bending" is more akin to the ancient Greek's than to the Taoism. Thanks to that we are spared clichés such as mock Japanese names of the spells verging on poetry, chakras, ninjas, shurikens and seppuku every 5 minutes.

The story is delivered very well without resorting to flashback and too much exposition. The information about the world and characters is delivered in easily digestible chunks where all characters take part in propelling the story. They use dialogues as the main mode of communication as opposed to monologues delivered by elders, villains and other busybodies prevalent in this kind of shows. The fight sequences are very dynamic and enjoyable to watch. They also resolve quickly unlike those in Japanese animation spanning several episodes.

Character design and animation while inspired by anime are clearly western. The animation is convincing, dynamic and deeply rooted in Disney's principles. Same goes for the characters, their body and face proportions follow those of typical shounen manga but their construction and expressions again use western techniques and follow western rules. The result is unexpectedly brilliant.
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on 19 September 2011
As a fairly serious adult I have found much to like with this TV series. It is funny, intelligent, and coherent (!) fantasy entertainment. There is better character development than usual in serious movies and the series makes a clear arc through all the adventures to a satisfying conclusion, without succumbing to tidying up every loose end. The animated characters exhibit more human traits than most live action films manage to depict.
It is a TV series and was made on a TV budget, so there are compromises that one does not see in films. However, within the limitations of the TV medium, the producers seem to have gotten their priorities right. This is attested to by its unabated popularity in the USA.

I purchased this set for the children of friends of mine in Germany, to aid in learning English. I find it particularly well suited to this purpose. All characters speak very clearly (American accent & inflection), and the animation is detailed enough to show emotions of the speaker clearly, aiding comprehension. The sentences are sometimes incomplete but typical for spoken casual communication.
The children are watching each episode, one every other day in English, then following up the next day with the German dubbing to check their understanding of events depicted. Their parents report solid progress in their comprehension, diction and confidence in speaking... and they are having great fun!

Whatever the shortcomings of the European edition of these sets are, the story remains very engaging and great for helping young non-native English speakers to develop their English skills.
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on 17 May 2011
This Series has captivated so many young and old and still does today. you'll get plenty of heart felt moments and feel attachments to one or more of the characters along the way and of course there are plenty of laughs too.

Aang travels the world trying to master all four elements (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) with his companions, Appa, a huge flying Bison, Katara, a Waterbender from the Southern water tribe and Sokka, Katara's brother who has no bending powers but is full of jokes and catch phases. The first season sees Aang and companions travelling to the North Pole to find Aang and Katara a waterbending master(teacher), so that Aang can first master water bending and later save the world from the Evil Fire Lord Ozai, along the way Aang learns what happened to his family of Air Nomads and the rest of the world in his was meant to protect before his absence and what hardship and adversity he must face to save those still suffering.

The animation is flawless. Every episode is unique in its own right and is vibrant with humour and teach us how our actions do not only affect ourself but others around us. The rich dialogue gives it a boost and the character voices are well chosen alot of time and effort has deffinatley been put in by everyone working on the Avatar, the actors do play their characters very well. The show has good direction and knows how to build the tension, by the final episode you will be begging to see more of the story which continues on into season 2 where Aang must master Earth bending and later season 3 where he must find a fire bending master plenty of thrills, excitement and laughter packed into this Series and for such a low price... why not

PS: live action Film Sucks compared to this!
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on 25 November 2010
I'm a big fan of this series and bought all 3 boxsets at once as I currently have the whole series taped off the tv but as a collector I'm pretty hot on buying offical versions to help the creators of good series continue to make more, but I have to admit when I inserted the dvd into my dvd player there were still some suprises in store for me.
Firstly the epic win that is the option to skip all the intro adverts, never seen that on a dvd before but had always wondered why people dont do it and now I question why they dont as the Avatar dvds all seem to boast this great feature.
Second was the quality, the show is a tv series and as such you would imagine the tv broadcast would be an exact replica of the original content but once again I was wrong, the animation by comparison is unbelieveable when watch this on the dvd it almost seems 3D and I'm using a old plasma and dvd player not blueray so this really took me by suprise as I'm yet to see anything quite as exceptional as this from a tv show it felt like watching the high caliber animation in Ninja Scroll but lasting so much longer.

Beyond that the series is amazing which is why I bought it the humor is top notch the characters greatly defined with real depth to their personalities and scripting that should be used in main stream cinema.

Dont mistake this to anything similar to the recent airbender film thats complete trash when placed next to this, you'd honestly think I was trying to claim a dog doo is the same as a lump of gold if I even tried to claim they were similar
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