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4.7 out of 5 stars45
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2001
Even though I've had this album for over six years, I had to take this opportunity to try to express how amazing it is. It would be easy to dismiss this album as 'angry chick rock,' but what a mistake that would be! Yes, this album is about relationships with men... about passion and longing and desire and pain and obsession, in almost every context, expressed in so many different ways, from the sublime to the down-and-dirty. The genius of the album lies in its cohesiveness. It is one of those rare works that must be listened to from beginning to end. Rather than a collection of songs, it is an experience that must be heard to be believed.
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2004
I can count on the fingers of one hand the albums I own (some 2000) where I like every single track. This is one of them. Polly Harvey's finest hour as a musician / performer and a deeply intense and disturbing listen, shot through with a wonderfully black humour.

The sheer sonic rush of the three-piece Dry and Rid of Me is banished in favour of a much more eclectic mixture of styles, blending some meanacing organs with flamenco and acoustic blues guitars, upon which Polly could weave her vocal magic. And how. She growls, howls, hisses, moans, shrieks, thunders and begs her way through this collection, alternating from lost, crushed girl to potential killer to seductive predator to banshee, frequently within the same song. Like most of Polly's work, it borders on being a concept album, and is all the better for it.

High quality musicianship is evidenced throughout. The greatest compliment you can provide is to say there is nothing to complain about; you don't notice anything wrong, ero, it's excellent. Doesn't happen often that. Production is generally good, though there's some compression. Nothing too bad though, and it's clearly been mixed for a slightly 'dark' sound. There are no stand out tracks, given that they all belong in place, but it contains some of her most famous pieces; Down by the Water, Send His Love to Me, Long Snake Moan and C'mon Billy are all there and ready to suck you in. You can practically see Polly's wry smile in many places; she's a gifted wordsmith, and deliberately ambivalent with her stories.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 March 2012
Polly Jean Harvey's 1995 album To Bring You My Love remains my favourite album by this most eclectic of all female music artists. Mixing elements of blues, rock, jazz, folk, grunge - you name it, it's here - this album just edges Uh Huh Her (another brilliantly diverse work) in terms of the quality of the songs and also wins over more recent (and excellent) albums White Chalk and Let England Shake (the latter which I consider to be slightly overrated).

From the gradual build-up of the ominous and unsettling bass riff that underpins the album's classic title track opener through to the beautiful fadeout on The Dancer, the album's mesmeric closing song, To Bring You My Love provides a stunning display of musical inventiveness and power. This fact is all the more remarkable given that Ms Harvey herself contributes so much to the playing, trying her hand at guitar, piano, organ, vibes, marimba and various items of percussion. Able support is also provided by regular (and long-term) collaborator John Parish (drums, guitar) and Joe Gore (guitar).

Peppering the songs with vocals at various times sneering, whispering, shouting and crooning, and reminiscent, in terms of phrasing, of a whole range of vocalists, including Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smith and (I think I heard) even Jayne Casey (from legendary 1970s punk bands Big In Japan and Pink Military). Songwise, obviously the title song is difficult to beat. The downbeat, but outstanding, Working For The Man sees PJ providing different vocal tracks, variously talking and singing, whilst Long Snake Moan is a full-on attack on the senses, with screaming vocals ('It's my voodoo working!') and Messrs. Parish, Gore and Mick Harvey (bass) providing a filled out backing sound. More restrained, but totally compelling, PJ reaches new heights with the vocals on C'mon Billy, Teclo and Down By The Water. But, for me, probably the finest two songs on the album are the last two - Send His Love To Me and The Dancer, both characterised by Harvey's haunting vocals (where she really does sound a lot like the great Patti Smith) and the religious imagery conjured up by the lyrics.

In summary, a brilliant and essential album.
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on 5 October 2007
You aren't even taking a chance at this price. The growly, deep deep deep bass blues take around 2-3 listens to get used to but after that, this record soars. Because every PJH album adds something different it's impossible to say that one is a 'favourite' but I have the title track down officially as music to be played at my funeral. By the time I was 31 when I bought this, I thought it wasnt possible for a record to still be life changing - but this is in that league.
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on 25 March 2011
I didn't buy this when it came out over 10 years ago, and now I have it, feel the need to slap myself for not getting it sooner. It's Harvey at her best and the album is shot through with longing, rage and passion. I also recently bought 'Let England Shake' and the two albums couldn't be more different. 'Let England Shake' is a great album (folky and purposeful), as is 'White Chalk' (ethereal and intimate), but this is the missing link in my PJ Harvey journey - it completes a discography that reveals more facets of a performers personality than any others I can think of.

Favourite songs include 'C'mon Billy' - celebrating her inner bunny boiler in a catchy acoustic ballad, 'Long Snake Moan' - an epic grunge-fest that hasn't dated, and 'Send His Love To Me' - desperate and beautiful.

If you like good songwriting and don't mind a good bit of feminine growling, buy this album. I've been playing it over and over.
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on 5 March 2005
This is my favourite PJ Harvey at the moment. I think it is really deep and i love songs like To Bring You My Love, Meet Ze Monster and Teclo. Teclo being my favourite. I think this album really reflects on how she feels as i get the impression she is unlucky in love-"Calling Jesus please. Send his love to me"-Send His Love To Me and also she sings about children in songs like 'C'cmon Billy' and 'Down By The Water'. I would totally recommend this album to anyone and also all of her others. she is a one of a kind artist and by far my favourite singer and yes even above Michelle Branch who i totally adore!
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on 24 May 2015
I have 2 copies of this on vinyl, both have a slight warp and surface/pressing noise.... you can listen to them without being diverted by the odd tick and pop - and the relatively cheap price... means its just ok. Shame as this is a fantastic L.P. and deserves a 2x45rpm release like most of her records...
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Listening to this album for the first time, I could see that it was not going to be like any other I had bought. Being the first album by P J Harvey that I have bought, I wasn't sure what to expect. I soon realised that this would be music that creates a love-hate relationship for the listener. This is very dark music, darker than anything else in my music collection. Yet, as other reviewers have also pointed out, this darkness seems to draw you in despite yourself. Do not be surprised if this album takes a few plays before you properly get into it.
One of the standout tracks for me is definitely "C'mon Billy", a song in which she addresses the man she has a child with, imploring him not to turn his back on his child.
"Long snake moan" is another superb song, the intro draws you into it as soon as it starts.
"Down by the water" is a chilling song, really quite disturbing. However, despite this, you are still able to see the qualities of the song - Harvey's voice makes it haunting and totally unforgettable.
The only gripe I really have with this album is that I would have liked the lyrics included in the album booklet.
The only real way to find out about this album is to experience it for yourself. If rock music is to your taste, give this a try. Do not expect lots of lovely cliches about love and relationships - you won't get them here. When she talks about love, it is usually the darker side of love.
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on 6 June 2011
This is a great PJ Harvey Album, it is definitely up their with the best of them, however my favourite album of hers is "Stories from the City, Storys from the Sea, besides this has some of the best songs on from her earlier work, it really shows of her raw sounding voice. I would recommend this to any female rock music fan out there!!!
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on 15 April 2004
To Bring You.. is PJs 3rd album released in 95 (not counting the 4 track demos), & marked a bold adventurous change in direction artistically from her previous 2 blues punk offerings. Its a dark, dramatic, eerie & of course sexually charged collection of songs that center around themes of desperate longing, lonliness, yearning of love, & deaath, all deliverd with uncompromising femeninity. With the help of long time collaborators Mick Harvey (The Bad Seeds) & John Parish, both of whom later contributed on ITDesire?,& Mick agian on Stories, a startlingly original & imaginative array of instruments & influences are used here. Theres the e bow, violins & violas, organ, piano, chimes, bells, marimba, & more im sure, accompanying her vocals & lending heavy atmospherics to her stirring narratives of desperate characters.
The arrangements are quite minimal mostly, with percussion used perfectly not overshadowing her vocals/ narrative. There are a couple of heavier rocking tracks; Meet Ze M., Long Snake, & the strange clausterphobic I Think.. , but i found these failed to captivate me the way
the rest of the album did with its powerful 'cinematic' imagery, instead sounding a little like familiar 'alt/rock' territory (in the 1st two).
Meet Ze Monsta although still quite slow is one of the heavy ones; Corrosive guitars chug away with lots of distortion creating an industrial feel that would later be expanded on beautifully in ITD?. A whistle sounds half way through cutting the music to fuzzed out bass (or keyboards?) brimming with static. The song suddenly ends with her screech & the whistle!.. then without pause into one of my faves WFTMan..

It opens with the darkest rudest bass intro any D&Bass fan would approve of! Its dark, funky, creepy, &sexy at the same time. "In the night i look for love.. get my strength from the man above.. god of pistol god of steel.. god is here behind the wheel.." I imagine it to be about a 'lady of the night' in some David Lynch-esque world, tragic twisted & sexy in a debased sort of way. She half talks half sings & mumbles nonsensically in background, as if teetering on the edge of sanity.. makes for sinister listening! Again soo minimal you mainly hear the bass, organ & percussion (simple drum pattern & maracas), it works! In style it finishes with her doing a gobbling cookie monster impression & much distorted bass action.
Cmon Billy- another highlight is about a woman desp. pleading with her lover to stay. "Cmon Billy, you look good to me.. how many nights now your child inside of me.. dont forget me.. i swear your the only one". Tambourine, acoustic guitar, & the vocal style lend a flamenco/ gypsy feel. Makes you feel like strutting around, hands raised above your head clapping at precise intervals. The percussion & drums have a sort of celtic quality whilst the organ & strings take it to its own rousing conclusion.
Teclo (my next fave) starts with tinkering chimes & a moody guitar intro.. "Long goes the night.. longer the day.. teclo your death will send me to my grave..", before a blisfully dreamy guitar hook sweeps you away. Lonliness & longing evident again in the chorus, "let me ride let me ride.. just let me ride on his grace for a while".
Long Snake is th other rockin tune. " You wanna hera my long snake moan.. MOAN!" she growls in full dominatrix mode with whip cracking conviction.. "its my mojo workin!" she exclaims.. i then agree.
DBTW impresses too. "I lost my heart under that bridge to that little girl.. big fish little fish swimmin in the water, come back here & give me my daughter". She sings her backing vocals repeating the slyrics gently over & over. A mysterious song about a mother lamenting the death of her daughter that she's murderd? Again lots of fuzzed out static & simple percussion- (maracas?), & lovely violin plucking on ".. oh help me jesus come through the storm.. i had to lose her to do her harm.."
ITIAM doesnt really hold my attention, with its droning guitars & clausterphobic monotony, acts like a short interval before the gorgeous swoonin ballad SHLOVE..
"Wind & rain they haunt me.. look to the north & pray.. send him home today.. im beggin jesus pleeeeaase.." The flamenco vibe is here agian twith the catchy spanish style guitar & tambourine, hammond organ & strings, which just lift the track to sumptuous emotional heights.
The Dancer is the majestic finale to this collection & really shows off her unique vocal delivery. "He came riding fast like a pheonix out of fire flames.. he came bathed in light & spleandoured glory.. i cant believe what the Lord has finally sent me.." IMAGERY! Her voice is gloriously commanding like some 'high priestess'. "..ive looked low.. ive looked far to bring peace to my naked empty heart..AH!..AH?!..AHHHHHH!.. OHHHOOOOHHHHH OH.." she proceeds to shreik with both surprise & sexual delight, as the organ brings a 'hallowed' sombre dimension. Stunning.
On this album Polly plays out a variety of characters, different to on Stories.. where there seemd a much more candid expression of her life/ emotions at that time, although im sure thats here too, just not in the literal sense. I cant help but admire her ability to evolve in ways that are both challenging & risk taking, what a step from the equally brilliant but v. different ROM, & i can safely say ive never heard any thing like it before or since. The addition of MHarvey (bad seeds) influences (organ & strings), adds wonderfull richness & maturity to her work. This is so close to a 5* rating, but in my attempt to be objective & honest, i found both Stories & ITD? (which is kind of a progression of this album), 100% captivating, as opposed to the 80% on this. She is undoubtably a 5* talent, & much that appears here is 5* quality, but blimey has she set a standard for herself! All in all, for any fan whos missing this- its a must. As an intro id reccomend Stories, with its passionate elated & boisterous lust for life & romance, -(more stripped down rock), then one of the dark ones (ITD? or TBYML), then Demos & ROM- at her feral punk best! Whilst TBYML may take a few listens to get your head round- with all its dark intricacies, it is ultimately a very rewarding listen by a hugely talented/ unique artist.
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