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4.7 out of 5 stars373
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 November 2006
I've loved this film for 20 years. The chemistry between Reeve and Seymour is clear from the first time they meet.

Initially unsuccessful at the box office, it was only when the video came out that it became popular. How gratifying that people have been drawn to it through recommendation rather than hype and also astonishing to think that Reeve and the Director did this off the back of 2 films of a very different genre - Superman and Jaws 2 respectively.

I've not read the novel, but for some reason the screenplay reminds me of Jane Austen, so if you don't mind that kind of thing, get the DVD and settle back with your loved one, a good bottle of wine and a box of tissues.
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on 11 May 2006
A beautiful film with wonderful music and restrained but charismatic acting by the late, great Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Chistopher Plummer. It was filmed on Mackinac Island in Lake Michigan in summer 1979 where the atmospheric Grand Hotel really exists and cars have always been outlawed so that to this day transport is by horse and carriage or bicycle only.

The story is a love story that spans time - 1912 to 1972 and 1980 that takes little imagination to be credible. Elise McKenna is a figure wrapped in mystery who becomes more and more real as the story unfolds. There is a powerful magnetic attraction between Richard Collier and her that defies the limitations of space and time. Throughout the film there is the hauntingly beautiful music specially composed by John Barry that provides a golden thread to underly and link the present/past continuum and the events as they gradually unfold.

There is an amazing scene beside the lake where Elise gets to know Richard and starts to fall in love that is a series of animated canvases by impressionist painters with the couple and music at the centre.

From the first to the very end, this film involves the audience in an emotional, magical ride that is dramatic, light, amusing and pure watching and listening pleasure. You will want to come back to this film again and again as you fall under the subtle spell it casts and bestows a gift that will remain with you always.
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on 22 March 2007
I too first saw this film when I was very young and fell in love with the story, and for a film to stand out still over 20 years later is rare. Christoper Reeves gives an excellent performance as does Jane Seymour. My favourite scene has to be when Richard (Reeves) first arrives at the hotel and walks into the hotel's room of memorabilia and is suddenly struck by the portrait of Elise on the wall. You can almost feel her pulling him towards her and his excitement and determination to find her in the past...if only you could fall in love like that in real life! The music makes me tingle even after all these years. If your a true romantic then this is the film for you...plenty of tissues for the end! Ultimately I would say this is probably one of my most favourite films of all time. Enjoy! :)
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on 21 February 2002
If you have the slightest hint of romance in your body you will love this film. I can not see how anyone can not be effected by it. I first saw this as a child and loved it deeply but could never remember the name of it until somebody bought it for me. The film is superb the lovely story of man travelling back in time to be with the women he falls in love with. Now I am usually cynical but this film makes me cry everytime with a beautiful haunting soundtrack by John Barry. You can watch this repeatedly and still it does not fail to capture your not hesitate to buy this film.
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on 18 June 2001
I first saw this film when i was about six years old and it's never lost it's charm!It might not be Oscar material by modern day standards, but there's something so endearing about this movie that you can't help but fall in love with it. Jane Seymour seems to be tailor made for the part of Elise Mckenna, and Christopher Reeves's tearjerking performance in the final scene is truly memorable.All of this combined with a superb soundtrack has to make this my all time favourite film!!
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on 13 October 2007
I won't go into Somewhere in Time's worth as entertainment here - suffice to say that I think it's a wonderful film, adapted by the brilliant short story writer Richard Matheson from his own story and well worth 5 stars. But in this review I'm focusing on the technical aspects which I feel detract from the DVD.

This DVD (ASIN: B0000UM0OE) features a 'matted widescreen' transfer which works fine on smaller 4:3 TVs, but which looks awful on larger screen or widescreen TVs. I believe that every DVD today should be made in 'anamorphic widescreen' format so that the image is enhanced for viewing on a larger screen. If it's not then I think that the low image quality should be clearly marked in some way, as the lack of an anamorphic transfer makes a big difference in quality. In the case of this particular movie the image is very poor mostly due to the matted widescreen format that results in what's known as 'gutterboxing' (black bars all around the image) when the movie is played on widescreen TVs. Some TVs allow zooming in to fill the screen in cases like this, but then the image becomes very grainy - so much so that it's probably better to watch it in the 'gutterboxed' mode.

So in conclusion, those with standard 4:3 TVs under 30 inches probably won't notice any loss of resolution. But for folks with big screen TVs I advise waiting until this movie gets an updated DVD treatment. Sadly there is no anamorphic transfer of this movie at present. Hopefully at some point we will get a restored and remastered version of this classic film.
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on 28 May 2000
Simple and slow, but with a passion which defies its shortcomings. The film is made not by Seymour's fragile beauty, nor Christopher Plummer's barely hidden violence, but by Reeve himself. The lead's sense of utter obessession with this girl from the past, and the whole simplicity of how he sees her is a real pleasure in an age where SFX would have stolen the show. Whether he really does go back in time, or simply imagines it is left to the audience. Original and subtle.
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on 25 January 2004
a truly wonderful film which has acheived cult status over the last decade or so.although the film received rave reviews upon its release in 1980,the cinema audiences were low within the uk,and the film fared far better on its eventual release onto vhs.the film in essence recounts the story of a young man who is approached at a party,by an elderly lady,who hands him a watch and says"come back to me".subsequent enquiries reveal that the young playright had been approached by a former actress from 1912.the playright,played superbly by christopher reeve,makes enquiries and falls in love with the actress,played by jane seymour.he then travels back in time to be with her.the film is comlemented by a moving score from john barry.a timeless classic.the only complaint is that the movie sports a poor 2 channel soundtrack,and grainy picture.a definite ten out of ten had it been digitally restored by universal
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on 14 April 2012
(the film )
"Come back to me." These were the strange words uttered by aged actress Elise McKenna to playwright Richard Collier, and they have haunted him ever since. When he hears that Elise has died, an irresistible impulse leads him to travel to the historic hotel where she lived. There he discovers an old photograph of Elise and realizes, to his amazement, that in another life he was once her lover.

Richard wills himself into the past and meets Elise again, now young and beautiful and acclaimed. Their romance blossoms anew, but not even true love can defeat the power of time...
what can I say?
Beyond fantasy. Beyond obsession. Beyond time itself... he will find her
a wonderful love story that touches the heart. if you today want to make a film.with No sex,no swearing.No extravagant special effects, no action,
you will not be able to make the film
Somewhere in Time is that film Welcome to 1912. to A blissful experience in film making is a film with a time travel theme but no "The Time Machine in it,
you are asking how is that Possible?
this film has two magic ingredients?
one is a great story
two is great acting
Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve are amazing This is the film which proved that Christopher Reeve was more than just a muscle-bound superhero and that Jane Seymour was more than just a Bond Girl. they are perfect as the star-crossed lovers; they bring to the screen an innocence and a beauty sorely lacing in today's "in your face" sexual manifestos.
this is one of the few film that try explaining what happens is and multi-level parameters of love, and longing, and yearning, and loss.
This movie will take your breath away.
it is a master piece that shows what true love is?
as for the music, well it is unbelievably beautiful and heart pulling. It was written by John Barry (Bond theme) just after his parents died, therefore, it is all the more poignant. If you're intrigued by time travel and romance this film is definitely for you.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2009
'Somewhere In Time' (novel title: 'Bid Time Return') is a truly beautiful Movie!

Unlike many Films and stories using the theme of 'Time Travel' where crude machines and methods are employed, this utilises a very 'subtle' concept which involves self-hypnosis - and actually almost convinces the Viewer that it may well be quite credible!

This has always been one of my favourite 'modern' Pictures, (though now thirty years old) and although when I originally many years ago begged my parents to watch this with me, and they were not that interested at first because of the subject matter (they always felt this sort of Fiction as being too far-fetched to enjoy) were actually quite impressed!

It would be unfair to call this Movie simply 'soppy' or romantic slush, because there is far more to it than that, and would be dismissing the very clever way in which the story is actually woven together - this, coupled with the fact that it is backed by the most beautiful Sound Track that will stick in your mind long after the Movie has ended, definitely makes this in my opinion one of the greatest Films ever made!

It is of course heart-breaking now for two reasons; the latter seeing poor Christopher Reeve so fit, strong, young and handsome - and then us knowing what awful events followed... Christopher Plummer gives him a run for his money though; looking dashingly handsome as ever - though some years older, and perhaps the only criticism would be that he may have been a little 'too' handsome to simply be Elise McKenna's Agent only. (call me cynical if you wish!)

It would spoil things to give the ending away, but the cause of the end of everything is once again quite subtle in its simplicity, and I find both the ending and particularly the beginning extremely emotional and always moves me to tears. The beginning is more effective - emotionally that is, on subsequent viewings - this may have something to do with knowing what the old woman is actually about at the outset. When watched for the first time, this can sometimes appear non-sensical.

I would recommend this Movie to anyone and everyone who likes both romantic films, Sci-Fi, Fantasy - whatever your taste!

A true cinematic gem!
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