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4.7 out of 5 stars113
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2000
Ooh, I've reviewed their two previous albums and given each of them glowing reviews & 5 stars ratings. Wonder what I'll give this one? Yeah, just in case you hadn't noticed, I'm biased. It's foolish to suggest I'm not. I am a Texanite. I am in love with Sharleen. I hate Rickman for even getting close to her (watch the video for In Demand to see why). So reviewing this album is like deciding whether water was a good invention. In short...yes, Yes and YES!!!
If you've never heard Texas before then consider this album you're new education in the ways of genius. If by So in Love With You you haven't been wondering why you've never heard of them before then you're either A: American or B: Stupid. There's no doubt that the album has been made to help them crack America (they've admitted as much) but who's complaining. This is Texas gold. It's them removed of the slack that occasionally gets into any album, no matter the artist. And Texas without slack is truly a thing to behold.
I can't begin to describe the majesty on display here. The Motown cool of Black Eyed Boy. The chilling beauty of Put Your Arms Around Me. The bluesy rock of I Don't Need A Lover. The sheer driving power of Halo. The quiet longing of Say What You Want. STOP!!! Stop before you recite the track listing! Calm down! Breathe. That's better. I was me a bad track. Point it out to me. Tell me where Sharleen's voice falters. Where Ally's guitar work is wrong. Where the lyrics are banal pap. You can't, can you. That's because they don't. These are classic tracks most would sell their mothers for.
And then there's the new material. Wow. If this is an indication of where the new album is going I'd like to pre-order it now thank you very much. In Demand is a wonderful, summery track, Guitar Song makes seduction an art-form and Inner Smile...well it's potentially the best song on the album (and that's saying an awful lot!) Pop is a difficult genre to achieve at the moment..... Texas hit it note-perfect, every time, without seeming to break a sweat. If anything they're getting better which is a thought as scary as it is wonderful.
The only possible bone of contention I could have with it is of course the one thing that always creates an argument with fans and Best Of's: the track selection. Where is Breathless? Where is Listen To Me? Most of all, WHERE IS SAINT?!!! C'mon, there's enough space left on the 2nd disc to fit them on (I know I've calculated it). Plus, there is nothing from their second album Mothers Heaven. Of course this isn't a Best Of. It's a Greatest Hits. Which means any song not released as a single ain't up for consideration (grumble, gripe, moan) but that's a minor matter. Like being served a delicious fruit salad containing 50 different varieties and complaining because there's no strawberries. In a word: pointless.
If you like Texas then I'm already preaching to the converted. If you like Boyzone & Britney take your first steps to adulthood and buy this. If you like Radiohead & The Smashing Pumpkins, listen to this in a lighter moment. If you like Heavy Metal...well, just put it on when no-ones watching. Whatever, just listen and enjoy and be happy.
This album is exactly what I thought it would be: Perfect.
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on 15 October 2000
Texas have been around for 10 years, so it was only a matter of time before they released their Greatest Hits CD. This CD is a must-have for any Texas fan, featuring 18 songs ranging from 'I Don't Want a Lover' to their latest hit 'In Demand'. What is intersting to see is Texas's gradual change in style from rock and folk to a more mainstream form of pop. What remains the same though is Spiteri's breathy, sexy vocals. A great album and look out for the special limited edition CD, featuring remixes and videos!
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on 29 November 2013
Music by Texas first came into my awareness in the early 2000's (around 2001-2002) when I first heard her song "Inner Smile" on a European music import that was purchased in Hong Kong. I then heard her music again on a different European music import collection in Japan via her "Summer Sun" song around 2002. I reluctantly confess that this song helped get me through a dramatic breakup from one of my ex-lovers before having the good fortune of eventually meeting my husband. I then knew that I had to eventually get the music by Texas after hearing the "Inner Smile" song after watching the "Bend It Like Beckham" film around the 2005-2007 timeframe. Finally, I had the chance to purchase the Texas Greatest Hits collection in January 2010 (while living in Orlando, Florida). There are 18 songs on this quality collection in addition to the two great songs I just mentioned such as "In Demand", "Say What You Want", "So In Love With You", "In Our Lifetime" and others. Greatest Hits by Texas is best for those who enjoy 90's/early 2000's pop music with hints of indie rock and dance melodies.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 December 2013 the adoration shrine to the talent of Scotland's own rock super-band Texas, tardy but nevertheless delighted to have added this band to my to be frequently listened and enjoyed play lists.

A little research shows they have been going since 1986 with the musical output headed by Johnny McElhorne, and Sharleen Spiteri, with her contralto range voice, and seemingly unending ability to deliver vocals in the genres of rock, pop country, blues, and soul in charge of the vocals - all combine to make a highly talented, highly listenable, and highly versatile sound.

Unsurprisingly there are no bummers on their 'Greatest Hits' Album all great tracks of which I particularly enthused about 'Summer Son', 'So In Love With You', 'So Called Friend', 'Every Say', 'Prayer For You', 'Inner Smile',and 'Halo'. Personal standouts are 'I Don't Want A Lover', and 'Tired Of Being Alone'.

I may have arrived late but by golly I'm so glad I got there eventually!
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on 28 October 2000
How good is this CD? I'm sitting in St. Louis, MO having ordered the disc from whithout even looking at the cost.
Texas is OUTSTANDING and the shame is that they won't tour here. Everything I've heard on this album is great; they improve with every release. The production values on White on Blond brought Spiteri's voice to the fore (thank you Dave Stewart). Hush's sublime lyrics and Texas' raw musical talent make it my #1 album in my collection.
Let's not forget thier first 3 albums (Rick's Road, Mother's Heaven, and Southside) which had less polish and overlooked by critics (damn thier scrawny little souls), but sh0ow more promise that 95% of the cr...ud played on the US airwaves.
Just buy it already. You could have been listening to the voice of an angel rather than my lunatic ravings.
And if anyone from the band or the label happens to read this, PLEASE (I'm begging you!) tour the US (and specifically St. Louis) soon.
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on 15 October 2000
Although already exsisting since 1986 the massive success of the Glaswegian band Texas just started in 1997, with the release of the hit single Say What You Want and the album White On Blonde. So people - for they only know the band's more recent hits - might be surprised seeing the band already releasing a Greatest Hits album. However the songs from the early years, such as their debut hit I Don't Want A lover or the songs Everyday Now and So Called Friend which can be found on the album are in no way inferior to hits like Black Eyed Boy, Halo or Summer Son. Thus by getting the Greatest Hits album you will be able to follow Texas's musical development from a country- and blues-based guitar rock to a fine and catchy pop with partly soul influences, and at the same time you get a fine selection of musical pearls which is accomplished by three new songs such as In Demand, the current single, Inner Smile, a more up-beat song which will become the next single, and a song simply called Guitar Song. Texas's Greatest Hits is a must for Texas fans and for demanding lovers of fine and best quality pop!
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on 29 July 2013
I gave this the full five stars because the album came in pristine condition and had all the songs on it that I wanted, which included 'inner smile,' 'black eyed boy' and many other really good tracks. I think this is probably the best of the albums and a must have if you like the band Texas.
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on 21 March 2001
From the very first track to the last, Charlene excels with a voice to die for and with the back up of a top quality band you have an album you will listen to & listen to for a very long time. Buy the album, its a must and then try to see them live, its an experience not to be mist!!
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on 4 April 2015
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on 14 February 2001
That is what this album is all about. "I don't want a lover" took me back to me terrible teens, a song I used to play full blast all the time just to annoy the family!!! Texas prove that they are a versatile band with popular hits of today and their classic hits also
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