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4.5 out of 5 stars81
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2005
...and that couldn't be any clearer! A famous line from her hit, "Everyday is a winding road", perhaps it's her motto judging by the way she's experimented with new sounds over the last decade. But at the end of the day, she's still Sheryl Crow! From her new fads, her unique videos, irresistibly catchy songs, numerous Grammy Awards, to the millions of sales-there's no doubting that Sheryl Crow is a talented artist! This album features all her greatest hits, some highlights are:
All I Wanna Do- The "Record of The Year" at the Grammys, Sheryl's breath through song that put her on the map and helped her album sell millions worldwide. No matter where you are, it's hard to hum the chorus of this huge hit that sold a million copies and reached the top 5 US chart in a matter of weeks!
Soak up the Sun- the 2002 hit that reawakened her success, she rose up the charts once again, after some years of silence. This sunny, cheerful hit is one of her best yet.
My Favourite Mistake- great alternative rock song!
First Cut Is The Deepest- Sheryl's remake of this hit is even better than the original. No wonder why it's still in the US' top 20 "adult contemporary" playlists!
Everyday Is A Winding Road- This 1996 song that was featured in 2000's Erin Brokovich is my all-time favourite Sheryl Crow single. From the loud rock music to one of the best and catchiest choruses ever, this song is one of the album's highlights.
Difficult Kind- powerful duet sung with soft songstress Sarah McLachlan.
Picture- the hit duet sung with Kidrock that was one of only three songs to be certified Gold that year!
Steve McQueen- Yet another Grammy-winning hotshot single with an exceptional video!
In short, from the Lillith fairs, the changing styles of music, and the powerful voice to the loud beats and classic aura about her, she has more than proven herself. This album is a must-have!
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on 24 January 2004
My Sheryl Crow experience may be a little different from that of others as her massive "All I Want To Do" was played so much I was over Sheryl before giving her a chance. Having said that I have bought all of Sheryl's releases as I've found myself appreciating this amazing talent beyond the normal reaction that one has to hearing a catchy song being played over and over.
Her initial release was so much more than "All I Want To Do" and I was really attracted to her mix of songs (and the woman too) such as "Strong Enough", "I Shall Believe" and "Leaving Las Vegas." Quite a feat for a debut. I also love "Run, Baby, Run", "Can't Cry Anymore", and "What I Can Do For You, which are not included here, but the collection can't be faulted as it clocks in almost at the maximum that a CD will allow.
Sheryl followed her debut her a self titled release that brought us the quiet yet AMAZING "Home" (I can't get enough of this song) and the bigger hits "If It Makes You Happy", "Everyday Is A Winding Road", and "A Change Would Do You Good".
Her "The Globe Sessions" release brought us the huge hit "My Favorite Mistake", "There Goes The Neighborhood" (which I am only appreciating now in this context) and "The Difficult Kind". That release also has one one of my Sheryl favorites: "Anything But Down", also not included but again does not take away from this 5 star review. Her most recent relase, "C'mon, C'mon" again elevated Sheryl's profile with the catchy "Soak Up The Sun" and it's corresponding video, which dominated the airwaves in a time when it's a tough feat for a non-novelty song artist. From that release we also get "Steve McQueen", which has a great from Steve Miller's "Take The Money And Run". It's not my favorite Sheryl song, but again it was a hit and liked by many and deserves to be here.
This release also includes a couple of new songs (one written by her and the other is a classic first released by Cat Stevens and subsequently sung in its definitive version by Rod Stewart)as well as the amazing "Picture" duet with Kid Rock. Thank God that this CD came out now as I was seriously going to have to contemplate buying the Kid Rock CD just for that song.
All in all this is a perfect collection that not only will satisfy her more casual fans, but it certainly pleases this huge fan as the non-chronological playlist plays to the listeners advantage. In fact, this release (with the exception of her debut CD) may be the most cohesive way to enjoy Sheryl's charms.
One minor quibble, two versions of "The First Cut Is The Deepest" are not that different from one another and the exclusion of either could have left room to include any of my other favorites (including other covers and her great contribution to the James Bond franchise, but that does not detract from a true 5 star review and the hope that a few years from now there will be a second volume as I hope that Sheryl continues to do her thing and have the type of longevity enjoyed by Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, and VERY FEW others.
Go buy this now and you can find it at a very reasonable price in accordance with Universal's new pricing strategy, which I hope works as good music and reasonable prices is all that is required to keep any music company churning out whatever profits they require to quit whinning about all the things that are keeping them from selling in the multiples they grew to expect.
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on 12 December 2003
Never realised how many of Crow's songs I actually knew but they are all here and on an amazing album.
Whether u are feeling happy or sad there is something here for everyone,this album will be in my discman for a long time!
Just buy it,Sheryl is an amazing singer and an even better songwriter.
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on 3 January 2004
This greatest hits collection rocks! Before buying this album i was only a caual Sheryl Crow fan, in fact I only knew of 3 of her songs: 'All I wanna do', 'Everyday Is a Winding road' and 'Soak up the Sun'. I've always liked the first two, and knew the latter as it only recently came out. So i decided to try the greatest hits package...and wow! There are so many songs i love, or that i now remember which are much better than the ones I'd already heard.
I now fully appreciate how good Sheryl's voice is, it really touches me in places and she has an amazing songwriting ability. My favourite songs would have to be 'My favourite Mistake' - a bit MTV but a fantastic song especially the second half, 'Strong Enough', 'Home', 'Picture', 'Run Baby Run'...actually Im going to start writing the whole tracklist. The only tracks i dont listen to much are 'Leaving Las Vegas' and 'C'mon C'mon' but 2 average tracks out of 17 is rare! The tracks have a certain simplicity about them, they all sound natural and are all sung from the heart.
So pick up this album...and Tori Amos' which i bought at the same time, also an amzing artist. Im now thinking about buying sheryl's previous albums...
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on 22 September 2004
Sheryl Crow defies pigeonholing into any one musical genre - pop, rock and even country (check out the collaborations with Kid Rock and the track 'The first cut is the deepest'.
'All I Wanna Do' was a quirky debut seemed the perfect companion to echo Cyndi Laupers 'Girls Just Wanna Have fun' mantra but would the novelty of this new artiste wear off. Hell no!
The radio friendly 'Soak Up The Sun', my personal favorite 'Everyday Is A Winding Road' and the ballsy 'If It Makes You Happy' show the versatility and vocal range that you will rock to. 'Run, Baby, Run'. and a 'Change Would Do You Good' are pop fodder while 'There Goes The Neighborhood' sounds like one party I'd like to be at!
As fresh as ever, this superior sounding collection of hits hints at possibilities, yearnings and is darn good fun to boot.
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2006
Go and get this album!!! YES, NOW..GO!

What an incredible collection of hits. I've never been this huge fan of Sheryl Crow. I'd hear the occasional song on the radio and think 'oh, that's a nice song' so when I got to hear this album I realised just how many of her tracks I was actually familiar with - and liked!

Every one of these songs has some meaning to it even though its not always obvious. Some of the tracks are rocky with lots of guitar, drums and loud singing while others are amazingly soothing...

This is a cd that you can listen to at any time of the day or night and you can rest assured that you'll either like every single track or at the most dislike one or two - but isn't that the case with most albums??

This is definitely a cd worth spending money on... you won't be disappointed.
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on 21 September 2006
I love this woman, her voice is totally beautiful and can just chill me out as soon as I put any of her albums on.

This collection rocks, all the classics are there including my favourites "There Goes the Neighborhood" and "Soak up the Sun", there is also a chilled out version of "Picture".

If you have missed out on Sheryl Crow, then do yourself a favour and get this album.
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on 9 November 2003
I never realised she had enough hits for a very best of but I now see quite clearly that she does. It includes my favourite Sheryl Crow songs "A Change Would Do You Good", "Every Day is A Winding Road" and "All I Wanna Do" which are all really great. I love the new single "The First Cut Is The Deepest" which is a cover of a Cat Stevens song (not Rod Stewart) and i think she is wonderful at singing it. It really is a fantastic album and I love her duet with Kid Rock "Picture" which is such a good country style ballad. I do have three of her previous albums but I feel that this was worth buying because of new songs and old ones i didn't have. If you like Sheryl Crow then this is the album for you, I love it. If you like some slow chill out music then "I Shall Believe" would please you, its a lovely ballad which sounds so natural to me. Sheryl Crow, in my opinion seems to blend rock and country music together which has an interesting affect and if you like either style of music then this would be a change for you and is worth a try. I think you should always try something new and this I feel would not dissapoint you. Other songs I feel are excellent are "If It Makes You Happy", "Run Baby Run" and "Leaving Las Vegas" which are true rock classics.
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on 14 August 2004
I have always been a fan of Sheryl Crow and after seeing her live in Manchester performing her greatest hits tour, I bought the best of album. The album is excellent, although there are some surprising ommisions from it. I would have expectecd to see 'Your An Original Baby', 'Tomorrow Never Dies' and 'Steve McQueen' on there. Sheryl did perform 'Steve McQueen' and 'Your An Original Baby' live, so why they aren't included on the album is a mystery.
The highlight of the album is 'If It Makes You Happy' which appears to be Sheryl Crow's finest moment, she hasn't been able to come up with anything to beat it. The song 'Light In Your Eyes' will be included in her next album and promises much. I could mention all her memorable tracks, but the album is full of them, the only week points being 'Picture' which was made with Kid Rock and C'mon C'mon, which was made with the Corrs.
Apart from these minor quibbles, a superb album.
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on 23 January 2015
I've always thought of Sheryl Crow as being a very middle of the road artist, kind of like a solo female version of Dire Straits - inoffensive, but not especially appealing. I'd vaguely enjoyed the singles she'd released, but without ever becoming a fan, seeing them as a kind of background music, the kind of pop with a slight country edge that my parents might enjoy, but which never really enticed me to make an album purchase.

This makes me the perfect market for a "Greatest Hits" album. I've often seen "Greatest Hits" albums as a bit of a rip off, usually because they add in a couple of new tracks, or new versions of old song to persuade the dedicated fan of the artist into buying yet another album. This time around, however, I'm the other side of the intended market - the casual fan who may be talked into buying an album by an artist he wouldn't usually and might just be good for repeat business if the material's good enough.

While the album as a whole is harmless, it serves mostly to remind me why I'd never bought a Sheryl Crow album before now. The songs themselves are pretty good individually, but an album of 17 of them together playing for around 72 minutes is a bit too much for my tastes.

This is an album that doesn't quite fit anywhere. The choruses are a little too catchy for it to be background listening, as they can sneak your attention away from something else in parts. At the same time, however, there's nothing really bouncy enough for it to be a party album and it's a little too repetitive to be something you could really listen to over and over. Strangely, this makes it perhaps the ideal CD to play in the car, as it's not quite mundane enough that you could fall asleep at the wheel to it, yet not so catchy it'll take your attention away from the road or inspire you to put your foot down.

If you have a passing interest in Sheryl Crow, as I did, this is the best album of hers to buy, as it's got all of the main songs I can think of included. If you're a pop fan, there might be too much of a country edge for this to appeal yet if you're a country fan, probably not enough. If you're into Dire Straits, it may appeal as it's gone that same largely inoffensive sound and it's pop with a country edge, so Shania Twain and Faith Hill fans might enjoy parts.

There's a lot of music here, but really only 3 or 4 different basic songs, repeated several times over. Someone like me who has enjoyed the singles individually might not be too displeased with this.

My suppositions on Sheryl Crow as an artist are only strengthened by this album and I wish I'd bought it for my Dad, rather than for myself. It passes some time, but there are better ways to spend an hour and a quarter and you'd perhaps be better looking for them instead.

This review may also appear under my name at any or all of,,, and
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