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4.3 out of 5 stars78
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Wow. Finally some genuine pop music. I am a fan of lots of genres of music, however, upbeat, manufactured pop has never really been on my playlists.

Then one day along come Girls Aloud. Like the majority of the population I quickly dismissed them, though their first single was fantastic. I do not own any of the girls previous albums, because despite some really catchy singles, I never saw them to be Album material.

So, then comes the song Biology. Wow, what a tune. Its so different from everyday pop tunes and just brings a fresh new vibe to the British music scene. I waited for the next single, See The Day which I was really impressed with, so I bought the album and lets just say, I dont regret it.

It kicks off with the superb 'Models',upbeat and fun to dance to in your bedroom! Next is Biology.
'Wild Horses' then comes and is just a superb, attitude-ridden slamming tune, with some wonderfully quirky verses. After this comes 'See The Day', and then 'Watch Me Go' which is a slightly weaker tune, but is listenable to.
'Waiting' is simply fantastic. The crazy lyrics build the song up and Nadine and Nicola's vocals are faultless. Next is a brilliant ballad - 'Whole Lotta' History'. The beginning is a little weak, but the vocals of Cheryl, Nadine and Nicola make the song great, and give real emotion to it. Fantastic.

'Long Hot Summer' didnt do too well last year, but it does seem to grow on you the more you hear despite the random first line - "I know you like to wear my dressing gown when I'm not there".

'Swinging London Town' is fantastic, but im not quite sure why. It takes such a new direction in music, that it needs many listens. 'Its Magic' and 'No Regrets' are good album tracks, but are not right for release. Finally, 'Racey Lacey' signs off with style and fun. An upbeat fab pop tune, that reminds me of 'The Show'.
All in all, a magnificant album with REAL POP TUNES. Dont expect deep and meaningful lyrics, cuz they aint here!
Something I love about Girls Aloud, is that they dont pretend to write the songs, or produce them or anything like that. They know what they are and they excell in it.
Their music makes people happy, so whats the problem? Dance away, have fun and buy this album. Honestly the best pop album I own. It is very impressive - well done girls - keep it going!
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on 7 June 2006
I could not wait to get my hands on the new Girls Aloud album, due to the high quality music that the band has produced on their previous albums. There is only one song on the album that I don't like, 'No Regrets'. However the remaining 12 tracks are superb, expressing Girls Aloud's substantial talent.

My favourite songs from Chemistry are 'Watch Me Go', 'Biology', 'It's Magic' and 'Racey Lacey'.

This album is a must have in anyones CD collection.
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on 1 January 2006
What can I say? This is an amazing pop album. Anyone who hasn't bought this album is a fool.
I bought this the day it came out and have bought other CD's after this, but still i'm listening to this one!!
My track review:
1. Intro
2. Models - This is an upbeat song that is repeatative and fun. Could maybe eventually get bored of this but amazing the first 100 listens, 7/10
3. Biology - The most successful single on this album, this song is so great it never gets boring but is missing something I can't put my finger on, 9/10
4. Wild Horses - It has a funny start that makes the song perfect! This is also a bit repeatative but the hooks and verses get you dancing, 10/10
5. See The Day - perfect for christmas, not my favourite single, 7/10
6. Watch Me Go - party pleaser, catchy and funky, this track is perfect, and perfect in every way. Cheryl's rapping is ace! 10/10
7. Waiting - good and has an amazing bridge that Sarah sings, 9/10
8. Whole Lotta History - nice catchy ballad, 9/10
9. Long Hot Summer - many people say this is the worst single from the girls, but I disagree, I think it's the best! It's so fresh and amazing! It's my favourite on the album too! 10/10
10. Swinging London Town - Perfect for the lifestyles the girls lead but you have to give it a few listens to get into it, and you won't get bored of it too. 9/10
11. It's Magic - Nicola goes solo on this song and the beat of this is too good to be true, some people also dislike this song but it's one of the best, well done Nicola! 10/10
12. No Regrets - an up to date ballad where nothing can be faulted, 9/10
13. Racey Lacey - an upbeat song for the end of an amazing album. But I really don't like the way it ends so suddenly. Catchy though. 9/10
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on 25 December 2005
The 3rd album from girls aloud,i had in my christmas sack,if im honest even though i'm a great fan of the group i wasn't expecting it to match the greatness of 'What will the neighbours say.'How wrong could i be...The first track 'Models' totally gives the word pop/dance a new meaning by the girls completely inventing their own genre by this song,hopefully being released as a single.'Biology' is a great up tempo song with a catchy chorus again proving the band are growing in ability, strength and popularity by reaching #4 last month.'Wild horses','Racey lacey''Waiting'and 'It's magic' are examples of pure pop dance classics which will have you blasting them from your stereo,all have single release potential.
The ballads on the album 'See the day' and 'whole lotta history' prove that the girls can stretch their abilites to slower classics,these relax you with the soft vocals and melodies.'Swinging london town'is such a hard song to put into a catergory,it's so ahead of it's time and the pure brilliance of this song i can't put it into words,my favourite song on the album.
The other songs possibly the weakest on the album 'Long hot summer' which lacks zest although its a nice song to listen to,it doesn't really click and in my opinion a bad first release for the album.'Watch me go' i think can be put into the same catergory these songs would deserve about 6/10.
so in conclusion the album by far beats it's two predercessors,full of dance,pop and classic numbers..would recommend to all..ages,boys,girls and grannies!!! soemthing for everyone....Go Girls!!!! Chemistry rocks! BUY IT!
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on 15 January 2006
I love this album, although I would be slightly embarassed to admit that to my friends. My musical tastes tend more towards Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Editors, Joy Division, New Order, White Rose Movement etc, so this isn't the sort of thing I would usually go for. But I really can't praise it enough! The standout tracks are Models, Wild Horses and It's Magic. If I had to choose some that I might skip past when listening to it they would be Whole Lotta History and Swinging London Town. While they've got the up tempo tracks down to an absolute T the slower ones just aren't as good. I agree with the other reviewer who said that they were all likeable girls, because they are. We know they're manufactured pop, they know it too and everyone's all the better for it, and why does it really matter? If you are too much of a musical snob to investigate this album then it's your loss. Long may they continue.
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on 21 January 2006
What can I say, three years and three fantastic albums have proved that manufactured pop doesn't have to fizz away after one mind-blowing single. With Girls Aloud it's one mind-blowing single after another, after another! This album shows no signs of weakness and even seems to better 'What Will The Neighbours Say?' Girls Aloud are not presenting themselves as credible artists which is why their music is so brilliant. Without being false they have created what is essentially pop that everyone loves to hate, or just loves to love.
Models: 10/10
Biology: 10/10
Wild Horses: 10/10
See The Day: 10/10
Watch Me Go: 8/10
Waiting: 7/10
Whole Lotta History: 7/10
Long Hot Summer: 10/10
Swinging London Town: 7/10
It's Magic: 9/10
No Regrets: 9/10
Racey Lacey: 8/10
'Wild Horses' has to be the next single purely because of it's catchy beat and quirky lyrics. The little rap at the beginning makes me smile and it doesn't sound bad which surprised me. At times on the album it does slightly feel like the Nadine Expressway To Solo Stardom. She has an amazing voice but in certain choruses it seems to be overpowering. She sings most of 'Biology' and the entire of 'No Regrets'.
And no wonder as the popularity of this album is questionable, spending only 5 weeks in the top 40 and not even making the top 10 peaking at #11. It's a shame and I hope a sudden rush of purchases rush it back up the chart where it belongs. If not I fear this will be the final album from a band with bags of potential, but who seem not to attract the record buying public.
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on 9 January 2006
My musical tastes range from MUSE to RAMMSTEIN via QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, so when yet another manufactured act emerged from the frankly awful 'reality TV' trend, I began to sharpen my knives.
Imagine my surprise when I found the first GIRLS ALOUD album so flippin' catchy! Okay, I'll grudgingly allow them that and prepare to loathe album number two and watch them crash & burn like *snigger* HEAR SAY.
Well, I apologise to the ladies themselves (not that they'll be reading this!). Here we are on the third album and I'm a confirmed GIRLS ALOUD fan - For a start, the girls themselves are so nice. I don't just mean 'pretty' (which they are, especially CHERYL!), but they are genuinely likeable ladies who are treating their fame with more responsibility than others in their position have done. Of course, that isn't enough to win an old cynic like me over - it's those insuferably light but catchy tunes & lyrics that convinced me - And hey, their voices are pretty good too.
Unlike some risible pop acts out there (the angst-ridden whinging of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE is particularly getting up my nose right now), GIRLS ALOUD have no pretensions to being anything other than a pop quintet who want to make people feel good - Good for them I say, and as someone who is normally utterly dismissive of the manufactured Pop acts of these modern times (I loathed the SPICE GIRLS), I hope they're successful for a long time to come (And they're all Northern Lasses too - Good on yer, girls!)
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on 30 October 2005
Oh my god are you crazy??? Girls Aloud go from strength to strength with every album and both Long Hot Summer and Biology are fab singles (i cant get Biology outta my head) ive heard a couple of song from the album and they sound fantastic the girls are saying this is there best album yet its different but thats what we have come to expect from Girls Aloud and thats what i like they keep changing there music style, they like to shake it up, when they were on tour it was amazing they sing well live and i think this album will prove there at the top of there game so well done girls keep up the good work
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on 27 February 2006
Girls Aloud are under-rated, this album shows a great deal of maturity from previous recordings. Their best to date.
There are some excellent vocals on this, notibly from Nadine Coyle (as usual) but Sarah Harding throws in some surprises - you don't need to be told what parts they are singing - you can spot them right away and thats what marks them above the others.
Content wise its quite a refreshing,fun and energetic CD, far superior to the normal pop rubbish put out by record companies these days.
The best songs on here are the ones that have been singles (not surprisingly). 'Long hot summer', 'See the day' and 'Biology' - Biology being the most original of the 3 tracks.
Chemistry gets 5 stars because its well produced, entertaining and is everything a good pop record should be.
Quite a few songs on this album do bear an uncanny likeness to the material on "big Bang" by Fuzzbox - which in itself is not a bad thing as I doubt many GA fans have even heard of fuzzbox, let alone own any of their records ;)
If you liked this, try those as well :)
The only disappointment is that the band wrote nothing on this album, I hope this is something that changes in the future.
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VINE VOICEon 2 March 2008
Barcode: 0602498754627

First things first, this is the special 2 CD version of Chemistry which features the bonus disc of 8 Christmas songs. Some are covers, some original songs, all of them executed nicely in the Girls trademark feisty sound. My personal fave is the Wizzard cover, 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' - Nadine's vocals are just amazing on here. Plus, i love the festive new cover for the album, very cute!

But what about the main Chemistry album? Well, it really did set the standard for modern pop music. From late 2005 to 2007 when the Girls released their next album, Tangled Up, Chemistry really did just become the soundtrack to a lot of people's lives.

Things kick off with the 80s styled Models, a witty judgement on modern celebrity culture and just oozes the trademark Xenomania sound. Once again the producers have worked their magic and it is songs like this which have come to define Girls Aloud as the most successful UK pop act of the 21st century. Next comes Biology, what many hail as the Girl's finest moment and the Guardian newspaper has called 'the best pop song of the past 10 years'. Sampling a swinging old Animals song it goes from a bluesy piano riff into dreamy synth-pop in a second. A true masterpiece.

Wild Horses is the Girls at their most quirky, starting with a bizarre choral intro before decending into a uptempo acoustic stormer. It's a bitter kiss-off to an ex with the Girls singing 'Wild horses wouldn't take me back to you, get out of town and take your lazy dog with you'. It's tracks like this and Waiting that just totally define the Girls' trademark catchiness.

See The Day is the album's only mis-step and i think many fans were outraged it was released as a single when their were so many better songs on the album. Even the Girls themselves aren't keen on it and rarely perform it live nowadays. However, it's not all bad, it sounds perfect for the Chritsmas period it was released in and the vocals are extremely strong.

Watch Me Go is a reggae styled number, with the Girls vamping it up to the max as Nadine sings 'I just wanna do it to you baby, watch me go'. It's deliciously sexy and dead funky. I love the retro 90s house styled breakdown halfway through the song too, this track would sound perfect at any summer party.

Whole Lotta History is beautiful, by far their best ballad and was accompanied by a video which is one of their most stunning, shot in Paris. It's a heartbreaking story of love and the song echoes that feeling perfect. Never have the Girls' voices sounded as good as they do on this song. And when Nadine sings that 'I'm damned if i do, i'm damned if i don't'... you can't help but feel moved. A true highlight of the album.

Long Hot Summer is a personal fave of mine, Cheryl turning on the falsetto vocals, this comes across half Groove Armada 'I See You Baby', half Siscor Sisters and i love it! An infectious rap section only adds to the track's immense appeal. Next up is Swinging London Town, a track which just so should have been a single. It remains to this date one of my fave tracks of theirs. It is undefinable genre mashing as only Girls Aloud know how, burbling synths and flanged guitars crashing over each other as a dreamy hook of 'do you know me, really really know me?' is whispered over the top. Simply stunning.

It's Magic is another fan favourite. A beautiful synth-pop ballad fronted by the criminally underated Nicola, it is full of charm and heartbreak. Recalls echoes of the Human League and rainy 80s afternoons. No Regrets is a similar soothing solo effort, this time by Nadine. This one's all chill-out stylings, every time is listen to it i'm reminded just how great a song it is.

And then there's Racy Lacy... hmm, possibly oversteps the camp-factor just a little but it's catchiness is undeniable. A fun little track to finish off the album. You know, such was the amazing cohesiveness of Chemistry as an album that many fans even went as far as to call it a conecpt album. A comment on the lifestyle of a 20-something Girl in London living the high life. Intruiging. But concept album or not, Chemistry is most definitely one of the finest pop albums to ever be made and is a must buy.
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