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4.5 out of 5 stars106
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2006
This Australian band's first album has all the hallmarks of a 1970s classic rock album. That is not a criticism but a compliment. What is more, if this album had been issued in the 1970s then it would in all probability been a great success, because it's that good. It's got guitar, organ, good vocals and is best heard loud. The songs are well crafted and there are echoes of a number of bands like Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Budgie etc. This Aussie trio rock! Wolfmother are a real find and they deserve a good measure of success with this excellent album. Standout tracks (there are so many!): 'Colossal', 'The White Unicorn', and 'Mind's Eye'. But there is something here for every rock fan - enjoy!
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on 26 September 2006
Let me just start by saying that there is not one part of this album that does not remind me of another band (usually either Led Zep, Black Sabbath, the White Stripes or Deep Purple - the beginning of City of Dreams even reminds me of Tenacious D!). Some might say this makes them hopelessly derivative and not worth the attention they are currently recieving. Maybe this is the case, but lets face it, who else is doing this sort of thing at the moment? They play with enough energy and confidence to merit repeated listens and I bet they would be a blast live.

The lack of any real instrumental prowess (even the solos are pretty basic) and lyrics that rival some of Led Zeps more fantasy moments in ridiculousness, leads me to believe that they don't have too much of a future. After all there's only so many one riff songs about unicorns and magic cities one can take. But whilst they're around I'll enjoy them.
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on 29 January 2006
Being a big supporter of Aussie bands, it's great to see Wolfmother getting the kind of recognition they deserve. "Mind's Eye" is the best song to belt out with your mates on a nice long road trip, along with "Woman" and "Dimension."
Give it a go, it's definetely worth it.
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I had an idea that if I liked The Datsuns, then I'd probably enjoy Wolfmother's debut album and I most definitely do. It's derivative, big riff-rock in the style of Black Sabbath (the lead singer sounds very much like Ozzy), Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin - there`s even Jethro-Tull style flute on Witchcraft. Granted, there's not much here in terms of originality and, to be honest, there really isn't any great artistic merit to either Wolfmother or their album apart from the fact that they really understand how to produce enjoyable 70s-influenced rock `n' roll and can definitely play. I'd guess that they're probably an excellent live band and I'd suggest that anyone serious about music shouldn't really take this album too seriously - just enjoy it for what it is: a thoroughly enjoyable (albeit slightly too long), heavy rock record.
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on 24 July 2006
After hype surrounds a band by so many different people & medias sometimes you have to take a dive into the deep end & just buy an album without hearing anything. Wolfmother were described by many as classic 70's rock, which always sounds good to me! The only problem was that I'd heard it all before; anybody else remember The Darkness being hailed as the saviours of classic rock? hmmm

However, Wolfmother are the real deal. Single, 'Woman' is nothing short of exhilerating, while sounding suspiciously like an exact replica of something you'd find on an early Led Zeppelin album. Likewise, 'White Unicorn' builds up rolling drums just like Led Zep. Then there's 'Colossal' which is remiscent of Black Sabbath; not only are the vocals of Andrew Stockdale in the same vein as the legend Ozzy Osbourne, but the song is carried along by the same kind of doom laden riffs that Sabbath invented. Wolfmother have taken ideas from every band from The Who to Deep Purple & it shows throughout the album.

But what distinguishes Wolfmother from being simply a copycat band is their ability to pull this all off with such credibility & panache. This is a whole album's worth of straight up rock 'n' roll, ouzing charm & a retro feel which makes you want to air-guitar, drum or just generally jump around & bang your head.

A really good album in general but this reviewer would have possibly liked to have seen a few more over-the-top twiddly guitar solos added into the mix... but i suppose that's not for everyone!

Surely something here to satisfy every kind of rock fan so it's got to be worth a buy.

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on 8 October 2006
well firstly this is classic rock done if it was an original.whenever i listen to this album,i cannot feel like comparing with other bands from that era ie,led zeppelin,early black sabbath and even electric light orchestra!

this power trio from down under push all the right buttons from the good time rock sensabilities of "woman" to the story telling stomper that is "joker and the thief",and you have the perfect,four to the floor rock opus.nothing pretentious or preening,like a lot of acts out there,just good honest tunerage!

the stand out for me has to be the awe inspiring "city of dreams"that for me,sounds early electric light orchestra(ticket to the moon)it has that feel,GREAT!

so people,if you want a good,honest rock album that never fails,i assure you wolfmother do it.well the did it for me!
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New Aussie band Wolfmother are on the rise right now, with their retro hard-rock blend that is equal parts Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Maybe a bit of Deep Purple thrown in for good measure. With influences like that, this band has a lot to live up to.

But in their self-titled debut album, Wolfmother proves that they are more than the sum of their influences. Their hard rock is murky, raw, and energetic, the sort of thing you can dance or mosh to, and their slower songs are still sharp and wild around the edges. This is definitely one for the fans of good rock'n'roll.

It opens with an earsplitting yell, and if you're not expecting it, it's sure to make you sit up and listen. It's followed by a crunchy, murky mass of hard rock with an otherworldly edge. After getting lost in the desert, "I had to write something down/And I found myself alone, and then I let go of everything/Into another DI-MEN-SION!" frontman Andrew Stockdale hollers.

Things steady out in the songs that follow, with Wolfmother exploring different kinds of hard rock. Yes, every kind I can think of. They dip into everything from steady bass grinds to hard psychedelica to catchy fuzz. And as they explore different sounds and styles, they manage to keep the same rough, wild edge in every song.

Wolfmother even dabble in quieter music in "Mind's Eye," a panoramic rock number with stretches of quiet, almost pretty music, and the closer almost sounds like a folk song at times. This band is in great form in these songs, which show the complexity of their music, but it sounds like the musicians are barely restraining themselves.

There's something almost larger-than-life about Wolfmother's sound, with their wild lyrics and wilder musical skills. That quality is the sign of a really good rock band. They have energy, they have skill, and while their skill leans on that whole Zeppelin/Sabbath sound, they sound fresh.

They also sound loud. These guys sound like they're testing the waters at times, which is the one drawback of "Wolfmother." But even in their weaker moments, they show that they have musical expertise in murky bass, sizzling guitar, and some wicked percussion.

Stockdale's voice is one that takes getting used to. At first he sounds thin and a bit nasal, and his vocalizing is kind of melodramatic. But as the album goes on, his voice will start to grow on you. He can really belt out those songs ("WITCH... CRAAAFT!"), but he can also sing in a more restrained manner. "If you listen to the sound within your mind/you may find the answer glowing in the tide..."

In their rough, raw debut albun, Wolfmother demonstrates that it deserves all the attention it's getting in the rock press. It's "colossal!"
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on 3 October 2006
Wow wow wow this takes me back to when I was a kid and first got into rock music.

It's not trying to be or say anything, it just ROCKS, if you love old prog rock then this is a must buy, you won't regret it. Let your senses go and just enjoy.

I bought it out of sheer curiosity, and it has turned out to be one of the best albums of the year.
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on 13 July 2007
When it come to music, I'm extremely hard to please, yet this is the first album in years that has literally has blown me away. Superb!

It's high energy yet clever, it's loud but beautifully melodic; it's simply a fantastic listen that both rocks and moves the soul! If you like your rock in its purest form, this is the album for you. It has hints of classic Zeplin, Purple and Ozzy but is driven with a fresh enthusiasm and energy. I love it!
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on 11 June 2007
This album is absolutely amazing! If you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or White Stripes this is definitely an album for you. 70's sound ROCK with a modern feel. You cant help but play this album loud and head-bang away, a perfect in the car summer rock album. I have just come back from the isle of wight festival 2007 where Wolfmother were playing, they are as amazing live as they are on the album, plenty of potential for future albums. Stop reading this and buy it!
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