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4.6 out of 5 stars30
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2003
This is an incredibly varied but beautiful collection of songs from one of the most underrated musicians in history. Like he has done so many times, Moby brings together a blend of exotic sounds and inspired lyrics and creates something that just has to be loved. The tracks jump around from techno to punk, then to chill out and back to techno but manage to remain strangely coherent and original. Ok, it is not as good as Play, but what is?
If you like dance music then I insist you buy this, and any other Moby albums while you’re at it.
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VINE VOICEon 12 December 2001
I bought this album on the strength of 'feeling so real'and I was truly amazed, not so much at the wide spectum of sound but at the soul of the music. If ever anyone could claim to be inspired by God it is this man and his music. This album goes beyond fashion, trend and genre and lifts the spirit, just wallow in this album, I have for several years now and continue to do so. Can I give this 10 stars?
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Moby's 1995 contribution to the world is a mixed bag of delights and mystery. "Hymn" introduces one to this collection with an almost hyper piano melody on steroids. It certainly fits into the `hymn' or a `song of praise' category, but feels repetitious despite its pleasant feel. Then the listener is attacked with nasty punk grunge-like selections of songs like, "Feeling So Real", "All That I Need Is To Be Loved" and "What Love". To be fair, these are perfectly good punk rockers. "Let's Go Free" and "Bring Back My Happiness" are probably the most confusing techno-pop I've heard in a long time. They seem like experiments rather than songs. And just when you think all is starting to fall away, the listener is treated to mellow melodic trance-inducing mood songs like, "First Cool Jive", "Into The Blue and the truly original "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters".

While Moby could never be fit into any one specific category other than "maybe" techno-pop, his creations are always wildly imaginative. This collection is a keeper simply for so many of its unique creations on so many different levels. Moby also always keeps you guessing, as in the instance of the title track, "Everything Is Wrong" which seems so very ordinary, plodding and slow. But then he finishes the album with one of his most beautiful songs ever. `When It's Cold I'd Like To Die" is an amazing, romantic piece of music with instrumentals that flow through you like calming waves and a vocal that rivals Annie Lennox. This song is alone worth the ownership of this album. Moby can be a genius when he wants to be.
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on 10 October 2000
Despite some tracks now having a distinctly dated sound, this album is an essential purely for the fact that it is a classic. "Feeling so Real" is perhaps at one end of the album's wide spectrum of musical genre, some of the punk metal style tracks at the other. Behind all of this is some subtley beautiful ambient music, and the overall effect of such a truly varied album is to reinforce Moby's position as one of the most flexible and maleable artists of our time. The sleeve contains typical Moby essays ("eat vegetables! save the trees!" etc). All in all, brilliant to listen to late at night in the car.
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on 8 June 2015
Almost gave this album four stars, a 1995 release before , for example, Play. I had mixed feelings about the album, and it made it hard to review-but i am humbled by Moby's talent- so I'll givre it my best. The opening track is called Hymn - instrumental- and I like this, track two is one of the better tracks also with female vocals; which I think work well with a lot of Moby's music. Not keen at all on track 3, male vocals hard to say if singing, or screaming- track 4 is only 38 seconds long! I thought it was the end of the track before. Track 5, not a bad tune with the vocals, but sounds dated, as does the next track - and a very energetic one too. I feel bad but I really do not like track 7, 'What Love' - but stick with this album- from now on it significantly improves, for me- and worthy of a 4 star rating at least.. Track 8 First Cool Hive- i do like this a good strong song(reminded me a bit of 'Play') , and the following two songs also good too. Track 11 is a little forgetfult- then we hear track 12 BRILLIANT! and beautiful, and i also really like the final track- the last two songs are more timeless and quite different to e.g track 5. Overall, i have to hand it to Moby however-musically, he is a genius. I would recommend this album-I'm glad i have it. *I HAD TO EDIT MY ORIGINAL REVIEW... THIS HAS BECOME A STRONG CONTENDER FOR MY FAVOURITE MOBY STUDIO ALBUM! I HAVE LISTENED TO IT SO MUCH, AND IT DESERVES 5/5! MY FAVOURITE TRACKS INCLUDE . FEELING SO REAL, TRACKS 5 AND 6, ANTHEM, ALL FASTER PACED, TO THE SLOWER PACED AND BEAUTIFUL WHEN IT'S COLD I'D LIKE TO DIE, GOD MIOVING OVER THE FACE OF WATERS... IN FACT THERE ARE IS ONLY ONE SONG I REALLY DON'T LIKE- AND THIS, FOR ME AN AMAZING ALBUM- PLEASE TRY IT IF YOU LIKE MOBY.... THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS MUSICAL GENIUS THAN PLAY!*
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on 7 August 2015
I'm a fan of Moby so the review needs to be considered in this vein. An earlier album that shows glimpses of the rock element that would be more evident in Animal Rights and also retains some of the earlier trance / club songs that he started off with (e.g. Go)
His more recent style evident in Hotel, Destroyed and Wait For Me is also featured with the tracks Hymn and God Moving Over The Face of the Waters and Into The Blue.
So this covers a more diverse range of music than some of his later albums and so maybe a good starting point for those wanting to belatedly get into Moby but you can You Tube all the songs anyway and make up your own mind!
As is the case with most albums by most artists, not everything works but not everything is wrong either(!)
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Moby is a man who seems to have as many haters as lovers.

Morphing from a post-punk, guitar cruncher to a dance producer, through trance then onto what can be, perhaps unfairly, classed as elevator muzak, he is a man who seems to inspire emotion in the listener.

Everything is Wrong has some absolute blinding track but they are offset with shouty, guitar blasted punkish songs that seem out of place on this album.

I mean, you've got God Moving Over the Face of the Waters, a well known song that has inspired and thrilled millions of listeners the world over, but then you have AllI I want is to be loved, a scream fest that sits uncomfortably in the mix.

Then you have Feel so Real and Everytime You Touch, anthemic dance floor classics that, upon listening, immediately injects that feeling of 90's euphoria that the all to brief ownership dance music had of the charts and the world, gave to us all.

Still, a worthy album and one worthy of analysis. Also, Moby has written liner notes that will set your head spinning, he has used his album as a political platform, some may not like this but, hey, each to their own.
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on 28 September 2000
Set it up DJ!, For those of you who are late comers to the wonderful World of Moby this is, indeed, the perfect forerunner to "Play". A Blinding Album with total feeling and emotion pumping all the way through. The beauty of "Into the blue" and "God moving over waters" sit comfortably next to the uplifting hardcore of "Everything is wrong" and "Feeling so reel". Admittedly the Punky tracks kinda fall flat on my Ears, but I can Ignore them simply because the rest of it is so good. Go on, get it, put it in your CD player, and dance around the room like a madman, you WON'T regret it.
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on 1 June 2013
One of the greatest Albums ever recorded and after almost twenty years few albums have reached its standard. Brings back some great memories of trance, ambient and classic tracks.
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on 23 November 2006
Yup. This is simply the best Moby, from the untouchable "God Moving Over The Face Of Waters" to the angry "What Love" this album has it all.

It's an album which mixes his club roots and the ambient-ish electronica of "Porcelian'.

Basically this album rules and pointless club acts of today should take note at Moby: perhaps the ONLY superstar of Electronica.

9/10 Best Track Picks - "God Moving Over The Face Of Waters", "Feeling So Real", "Hymn", "First Cool Hive", "Into The Blue" and "When It's Cold I'd Like To Die'
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