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3.8 out of 5 stars64
3.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 13 November 2001
What makes this Maiden album special is that all the songs are so short but packed full of great ideas. The title track and 'Mother Russia' sound like epics but they're both only about 5 minutes long. There are great hooky tracks like 'Holy Smoke', 'Bring Your Daughter...' and 'Hooks in You'(which has some intentionally hilarious lyrics) alongside growers like 'The Assassin' and 'Run Silent Run Deep'. It's a fun rock album played with great energy and enthusiasm. It's a very different but most welcome addition to the Maiden discography.
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on 14 July 2008
This is suprisingly underrated. In my opinion this album is awesome and goes along with all the other classic Iron Maiden albums. There are some really awesome maiden songs here Holy Smokes & Public Enema Number One are my favourites out of this album. I think only not too keane on Mother Russia it starts off cool and ends cool but a little repetitive (sorry to say). Iron Maiden after the departure of the guitarist Adrian Smith went onto more Rock N' Roll style which for isnt a bad thing it works for me so i think this album is awesome. Maybe not the best place to start with Iron Maiden but a very good buy for Maiden fans should i really be mentioning that?. New Iron Maiden fans start with The Number Of The Beast. UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!
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on 21 May 2012
If there's one single thing this album lacks, it's accessibility; it isn't easy to appreciate many of the tracks on first listen. On re-visiting the album, you'll find a joy in the snarling guitar riffs that drive songs like Hooks in You, Pulic Enema Number One, and Holy Smoke. Bruce's growling tone punctuates the driving rhythms with a typically strong enthusiasm, and Murray & Gers are regularly let-off-the-leash to perform their now trademark lively solos.

The hidden gems of this album are Run Silent Run Deep, Fate's Warning, and No Prayer for the Dying. The first has a dark, brooding feel with a lovely mix of acoustic harmony and electric melodies, the second is driven my classic Maiden dove-tailing guitars, and the third is a slow, pensive piece that invites the listener to reflect on life and it's meaning.

You'll find something in every song on this album that you'll want to rewind back to time and time again. It may not be the most elegant-sounding record in the world, but it's certainly worth giving a good chance, in my opinion...
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on 25 November 2005
As a longtime Maiden enthusiast I have always been mystified by many fans' negativity towards this album, since it has been my favourite Bruce Dickinson-era release from the moment I first heard it.
No Prayer For The Dying dispenses with the keyboards and glossy production that IMO marred their previous two albums ('7th Son of A 7th Son' and 'Somewhere In Time') and gives the sound a more natural earthy feel, with plenty of gritty guitars and crystal clear drums.
And the songs are just great! With the possible exception of the slightly naff 'Assassin', there isn't a duff track on it. Personal faves include 'Public Enema No1', the title track and the awesome 'Run Silent Run Deep' (surely one of Maiden's finest songs to date?)
I would recommend this to anyone who has even the most casual interest in Maiden...seriously, give it a's wonderful!
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on 23 October 2015
Right! That's it! I'm coming out!
I love this album and did from the moment I bought it back in 1990 on the day it was released.

After Seventh Son any album was going to find it hard to stand tall in its shadow, and unfortunately No Prayer was stuck right next it. This must have had a detrimental effect on the way it was received because I really don't believe it was the content of the album itself.

But there's good stuff here. They are all short songs (and my God don't some of us wish that were true today...) but 25 years on I can still listen to the entire album without skipping any of the tracks. I know it's going make some fans think I'm mental, but Mother Russia is a stand-out track to finish off a good album - the solo here is possibly the best on the album.

Anyway, that's it! I'm off to give Virtual XI five stars next!
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on 29 September 2006
Certainly not one of their best, and i used to hate this album. But as time has gone on and i've listened to it more, i've grown to appreciate this album, and realise it's quite good. Just dissapointing by Maidens astronomically high standards.

Tailgunner is a great opener, followed by Holy Smoke which i love as it rightly slaughters the frauds that are TV preachers. The title track is OK , maybe ruined for me by Bruce's vocal performance on it. Hooks In You and Mother Russia are both very good too.

Believe it or not though, my favorite song on the album is The Assasin. I know alot of people think this is one of Maidens worst, and i would think so too if it was meant to be taken seriously, but it isn't!. Think about it, do you really think the guy who bought us gems such as Hallowed Be Thy Name, Aces High, Infinite Dreams and Alexander The Great meant it when he wrote this song? no, he meant it to be funny/lighthearted. So take it that way, and you'll appreciate it more.

The other songs pretty much do nothing for me. I know Bring Your Daughter.. was meant to be a novelty song too. I suppose it's its popularity that puts me off, and i can't help but feel its trying to be a little more serious than The Assasin.

If you're new to Iron Maiden, by no means buy this album first. Start with Powerslave, Seventh Son, Number Of The Beast or Dance Of Death. Get this once you've established yourself as a fan ;)
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on 11 May 2014
This is an Album like Marmite you either love it or hate it, I "like" it Maiden's sound has changed slightly and that's not a bad thing, if you listen to it with an open mind and don't compare it to it's predecessors its a good album, the Lyrics are a bit different but they work in my opinion, best tracks on here are "Tail Gunner", "Holy Smoke", the title track "Assassin" and of course "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter"

So Listen to "No Prayer For The Dying" with an open mind and not to compare with "Powerslave", "Number of The Beast" etc. And just enjoy it for what it is a good Metal Album
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on 1 June 2016
Goodbye Adrian Smith, Enter Janick Gers, after Smith left over creative difference, wanting progressive riffs and tracks, while Maiden and Harris in particular wanted a more low-fi production, something 'back to basics' which resulted in 1990's No Prayer for the Dying, recorded in a barn and initially panned by fans and critics, how does it hold up?

Track 1: Tailgunner - A decent track, nothing less, nothing more, Janick introduces himself with some interesting riffs, with the only true stand out being McBrain who provides a strong drum beat throughout and the rest of the band chug along accordingly

Track 2: Holy Smoke - A genuinely fun song, not something usually associated with Maiden but the lyricism, while critical and motivated (against religion is this case) as usual, is a lot of fun and isn't afraid to take itself a little less than seriously, also acting as one of Janick's best guitar showcases from a mixed bag on the album

Track 3: No Prayer for the Dying - This is where the album looses steam, the track itself is fine but in terms of Maiden's quality it doesn't quite stack up, Murray and Gers have a nice riff back and forth, aside from that however Bruce sounds bored and the track has no standout moments

Track 4: Public Enema Number One - A track that sounds like it originated from a much lesser band in terms of it's production bar a few moments of guitar brilliance, lyrics fall flat and it becomes an ultimately forgettable song

Track 5: Fates Warning - A musically interesting opening leads into a track that improves from the first few, a classic guitar passage is what salvages the track and elevates it above most of the others on the album, impressive lyrics also help eleviate any mediocrity

Track 6: The Assassin - The issue with going back to basics is that Maiden were never basic, and this is apparent on The Assassin where the musical ideas feel like they're being compressed into a more timid production than being set free like something from Powerslave

Track 7: Run Silent Run Deep - Likely the worst track on the album, it is strange, and not in a Strange World kind of way, it aggressively thrashes around without any real direction, not awful, still listenable, hell it's Maiden but at the same time, skipping it you wouldn't miss a thing

Track 8: Hooks in You - Simmilar to Holy Smoke, Hooks in You succeeds by not taking itself too seriously and provided an albeit campy, but fun song that could easily lighten up the mood if it blasted out of the speakers mainly due to Dickinson's theatricality which easily elevates it above the norm

Track 9: Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter - Reimagining of the Dickinson Elm Steet soundtrack original, this is the first and perhaps only truly great track featured, Murray and Gers slide into a perfect atmosphere that suits a cheesy 80s horror, while Dickinson erupts from a throaty growl to a werewolf howl and the song chugs along perfectly, closest Maiden got to a perfect karaoke track.. (Thank god) Maybe a bit too creepy, still

Track 10: Mother Russia - An album closer that admittedly disappoints, after an interesting intro that echoes the control of Communist Russia into an uneasy atmosphere that Murray and Gers pull of spectacularly the song devolves into an okay but not great track that takes itself a bit too seriously to have any potential fun, regardless of the impressive guitar passages

Overall, No Prayer for the Dying was a massive misstep, Luckily Maiden accomplished a Low-fi production successfully with 1992's Fear of the Dark, and left this one behind, not bad, but lacking the twin axe punch of Murray and Smith, which wouldn't be seen again till 1999 when Adrian would return with Bruce, regardless 3 Good tracks, a few mediocre and a few just.. Bad, make No Prayer for the Dying a disappointment
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on 7 August 2015
I find this album gets a rough deal from the heavy metal community, for my money (and I'm actually very rich!) it's the Maids best long-player after the majestic 'Virtual XI'. Yes it's true, they opted for a more simple approach to song-smithery, which is why I'm surprised the fans didn't take to it, but why write songs with 5 chords when two will do? Anyway, onto the songs! Opener 'Tailgunners' is up there with the best, especially if you like war and guns, I know I do! From here we get to hear Maiden's humorous side, 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' is just ruddy hilarious and then we are treated to some very witty misogyny on 'Hooks In You' . You shouldn't really find this kind of thing funny these days - ah, who cares!? As I've pointed out in previous reviews the next album (Virtual XI) is where vocalist Bruce Dixon really shines however he practically sh*ts a lung on the epic closer Mother Russia. Respect Sir! As always the twin guitar attack of David Murray and Adie Smith is unparalleled and the galloping bass of Steve 'Eddie' Harris is almost as good as Level 42's Mark King (almost). If you are a first timer, do yourself a favour, ignore the first few albums and start here. Five stars.
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on 13 July 2015
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