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4.2 out of 5 stars88
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2002
For a couple of years now I have read about this guy in the tabloids and consequently didnt take the time to listen to his music. Escapology is brilliant. How can the same 'awful' guy in the tabloids have written 'Feel', 'Monsoon' and the best song of all 'Come Undone'? The songs are emotive and ironical and the music reminds me of English pop of old, (before such mediocrity as Spice Girls etc.) Here is a guy with much talent who takes his music seriously. He will be around for many more years. I for one will be buying his previous releases and hope they are as good as this one.
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on 24 November 2002
Anybody who has seen the Robbie Williams Bare-all documentary 'Nobody Someday' should realise the significance of this album. After the tear jerking confessions that Mr Williams hates every part of being a popstar, you begin to realise why he took that wonderful year off for "Swing When you're Winning" and why he appeared so very happy at the Albert Hall.
Escapology, then, is his first coming of age album, from mild (but brilliant) pop to serious soft rock...but labels are misleading. This is still very much Robbie, even if some songs are a little misguided (the apparently deliberate non-commercial nature of opener 'How Peculiar' for example).
'Love Somebody' and 'Monsoon' are a relatively new era in RW history, bringing much more of his beloved rock sound into the scheme of things. Much of the album, for me, has the reminiscence of Chris Cornell's first solo effort Euphoria Morning, especially in the catchy 'Something Beautiful'.
The experimenting with different genres and sounds is typical of an album such as this which is more of a statement of freedom than a true attempt at art. It makes the prospect of the next Robbie Williams album all the more exciting. Whether you love or hate this album, one must commend Mr. Williams for having the strength to do something not everyone will like, and may even alienate his audience a little. That said, it is well worth a listen; a few rotations will have you humming along in no time.
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on 6 June 2003
Right, lets just set things straight, i'm not a music critic or expert, but i am a music fan, and what an album this is. Robbies best album by far. Still a bit of cheese here an there but hey it's Robbie. I've listened to this album for 6 months now and it's never been out of my hi-fi. Ignore all the negative reviews. Track one is a bit weak but from then onwards it's just sheer bliss. I can't pick a favourite cause i love them all (track 1 excluded!) There's everything you need here, ballards, soft rock, rock, pop, and of coarse robbies fantastic sarcasm and attitude, also his ever growing humbleness!! ha. I own over 200 albums from the likes of oasis to mettalica, from david gray to eminem, and never has my music been so neglected since December when i purchased this album. Might sound like i'm kissing his ass,trust me i'm not, some of his earlier work was a little passe for my liking but Escapology is an incredible achievment. The best i have heard? So far yes. Will i be listening to it in 5 years? I hope so. Is any artist worth 80 million you might think? This one is!!
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on 29 December 2002
Robbie Williams has demonstrated a far deeper and creative side to his music now that he has become mainstream. Sure, his earlier three albums were great, and catchy, but following his Swing When You're Winning album, and to maintain his new legion of adult fans, Robbie has written a far more mature album, which is not so simplistic and shallow as his earlier efforts.
The heart-wrenching 'Feel', is deep and emotive, the clever use of phrases like i dont want to die/ but am not keen on living either/ portrays the new Robbie William's in a new light. This was the first single.
Other noticeable tracks include Come Undone, which deals with society's inadequacies- /"they're selling razor blades and mirrors in the streets"/.
'Me and My Monkey' is humorous, and similar to his Swing When You're Winning effort, trumpets, strings and all. It is long, however sustains the listener well.
'Revolution' is soulful and raw, combining the talents of Rose Stone and Robbie himself into an enjoyable duet.
'Hot Fudge' deals with the plastic and fakeness that is LA. Robbie obviously soaked up some of the atmosphere when he lived there and recorded this album, and it deals with the attitudes of the people, in lines like 'cant find me a virgin/ but i'll get you a surgeon, 24 hours a day/'
The record demonstrates Robbie William's remarkable talents, and also shows that he will continue to improve as the albums go by. This album however is a breakthrough for him as a songwriter, it is new, fresh, cutting edge (for himself that is), and above all mature. Gone are the days of 'Rock DJ' and 'Let Me Entertain You', think 'Supreme', 'Let Love Be Your Energy' and 'No Regrets'. One thing is for sure however with this album, if you like Robbie, you wont regret buying it, not one little bit.
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on 10 August 2003
Escapology is a truly amazing CD; it has a wide spectrum of overtones, including those of pop, jazz, gospel, and hard rock. Every song is completely different and completely unique, but each song has that subtle red flag that lets you know it's another of Robbie's songs. Maybe it's the lyrics- sometimes cheeky and sarcastic, sometimes heartfelt and profound, sometimes outright dirty- that make Robbie's music so much more deeper and so much more mature than today's average pop artist. I would recommend this cd to anyone who is mature enough to handle Robbie's anger, his bitterness, his joy, his humour, and the many emotions which make him so very human and which make this cd so remarkably endearing and memorable.
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I heard a snippet of a song from Robbie Williams new CD on the radio while driving- "who is that?" I thought- wowser!! Through some clever work I found his name and CD. I am enchanted with this CD- His voice is sublime with such deflections that shivers run down my spine. The first cut is so-so- skip right away to the second and move right on through. "Me and My Monkey" is a brilliant rendition lyrics and music- he has been there - he tells the story so well. I listen daily to this CD and find myself dancing around the living room and stopping to listen intently to the lyrics- marvelous, studpendous, brilliant CD-
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on 30 September 2003
I'll keep it simple. If you want to hear the magic that is Robbie without the (albiet unfrequent) bad language in this CD, this is for you. The CLEAN version, perhaps one for the kids.
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on 25 October 2003
This album is in a different league to all of this past albums. His lyrics are completly amazing, such meaning. This album is just classic.......its Robbie Williams for starters. But this record has such variation in it. Listen to "Sexed Up" and then listen to "Revolution"....both fantastic tracks....both SO different.
The great thing about Robbie is that he can take any genre (pretty much) and make it his own, and sound amazing! How anyone can say this guy is not a great singer needs their head looking at. Sure, he can loose it on stage after 7 days of 4 hour gigs, but then again.....i would like to see any other artist around at the moment do that....and come close.....i don't think so.
He just looked the part at Knebworth, you can't compare his performance with anyone else at the moment, it just would not be fair.
I could go on....i won't.
Buy this album!
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on 19 November 2002
I'm a die-hard Robbie fan, but in my opinion Sing When You're Winning was somewhat patchy, and Swing When You're Winning was OK cover stuff but I was longing for new material. Finally it has come, and boy was it worth the wait. Any fears I might have had that the downward slope migh continue have been dispelled. It's an excellent album, at the same level as his best work (his first two albums), full of catchy tunes and witty lyrics (yes, self-centered too, as usual, but that's part of the fun with Robbie). It's not terribly innovative or groundbreaking, I'll admit it, some riffs even remind of other brit bands (Manic Street Preachers in Feel, Oasis in Monsoon), and at least one of the songs (Sexed Up) is actually a re-recorded old B-side; but for Robbie fans, and for anyone who enjoys his kind of playful pop, this is a must.
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on 6 May 2003
I've played it so much i know ALL the words. friends think im mad because it makes me want to sing and yes im afraid to say try to dance too! if your looking for something to make you feel good and to gasp when you first hear it then this is for you. i know i sound sad but of all his albums(i have every one)this is the best
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