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4.3 out of 5 stars303
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2003
Yes, It's been said, BETTER than Parachutes. An awsome start, swelling from nothing to the amazing Politik, sliding into the hit single (not their best by any means but...), followed by the almost ditty-like God put a smile. Then, the masterpiece arrives... The Scientist. The single most gorgeous Coldplay song ever, with a simple piano riff to start you off, moving into what becomes a classic tearjerker. Don't listen to this song if you are single through your own fault... You WILL cry. A couple of songs later you hit Green Eyes, with the most gorgeous outro in the entire world..."And I crawl back, into your arms again", again, jilted ones... step away. The AMAZING title track sums up the entire ethos of the album. Quite whimsical, very self satisfying and all in all quite impulsive listening.
Ironicaly, i usedto hate the last song, it always had me reaching for the remote, in order to retstart the cd, but now, Amsterdam has to be the perfect ending to an album, which (hopefully) points to whatever direction they take next. Now if only Radiohead would return to OK Computer Territory as expected..ahh musical bliss
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on 29 May 2004
When it comes to marketing an artist as the Next Big Thing, nobody can do it like Britain's hype machine. Oasis, Travis, the Stone Roses, and Radiohead have all benefited from generous UK publicity in the hopes of spawning the next international multiplatinum act. For this reason, I was apprehensive about buying Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head." Sure, I knew it got gleaming reviews and it shot to No. 1 in over half a dozen countries, but is the album any good? You better believe it is. While American acts have been running the nu-metal/rap-rock craze to the ground, the British, once again, put us Yanks to shame by showing us how rock is DONE. The disc is a winning mix of mellowed-out pop and edgy rock that recalls Oasis and shades of Radiohead, but the sound is certainly their own. My fave tracks of note are "In My Place," "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face," and the title track. Great hooks, impressive melodies, and smart lyrics. And while lead member Chris Martin isn't quite the most distinguishable vocalist around, his singing nicely compliments the music on this disc. "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is already on my list of the best albums of the year, and in my school of music, it gets an A-.
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on 8 September 2002
After Parachutes, this album needed to be special. Coldplay started life as glum indie rockers, strumming their way to success with their first album. However, A Rush of Blood to the Head had to be more educated to fulfill the appetite of the bands growing faithful. I don't think anyone knew just how much the boys had grown up. This is truly a work of pure genius. The album opens with Politik, a Pounding like tune that appears to be going nowhere, until it transforms into a glorious finale. In My Place is the supposed lead song of the album, and despite knowing that it is an epic piece of music, it is safe to say that this is not the finest song here. The fourth track, Scientist, is a mind-blowingly powerful track, that builds from the start, and finishs in a fiendishly beautiful manner. The title track is again very powerful, as is the last song, Amsterdam.
This album matches any album in the last ten years, for accessability, quality and ingenuity. It simpley is the finest album of the year, even the Doves' effort does not come close to challenging this. If you like music that is full of guitar, piano and pure emotion right from the start, look no further, but don't listen to it if you have just split with a girlfriend; you won't last five minutes with this ringing gently in your ears. Glorious.
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on 8 July 2007
In my experiance Colpdlay is an aquired taste of music. I highly doubt most people will take to this album from the first listen but persevere and you will find yourself enjoying listening to the songs more and more. The reason for this is because Coldplays style is very defined and the mix of bittersweet piano and guitar playing makes for a very distinctive sound. There are beautiful lyrics and truly mindblowing riffs in every song in this album and guess what: there's no filler songs, each one is great and they are carefully designed to give a different feel to the listener. I myself still have trouble catagorising Coldplay's style of music because it is simply not like any other music out there. Nope its not like U2 or Radiohead, though these bands obviously had some influence in the bands style. Songs like "The Scientists", "In My Place" and "Clocks"will be the most recognised but not necessarily everyones favourites: (my personal favourite is "Warning Sign"). I seriously reccommend adding this to your music collection and I am sure that you won't be dissapointed.
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on 18 April 2004
I know I may be writing this review for the wrong reasons, its more frustration than anything. When I think I have heard an amazing album I like to see what the British public think of it too, so I read reviews. Therefore almost 2 years after the release date I still listen to this amazing album and wonder how anyone can give it 1, 2 or 3 stars! The songs do not all sound the same, and I think that if you are a true rock fan, you would love this album.
My personal favourites include 'Daylight', 'Warning Sign' and 'Amsterdam'. These are all great, moving songs, with imaginative lyrics and riffs.
Coldplay are 'different', and I feel anyone who says that 'clocks' is the only good song must not see the true value of the songs and like it because it's the thing to do. I'm a fan of many rock bands suck as Audioslave, Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction, which can be seen as more hard rock. But if you enjoy chilling out every now and again to hear something different I definitely recommend this album to anyone.
Buy it, you wont be disappointed.
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on 1 December 2006
this album is brilliant many people say that theres something missing from this album but i feel that this album is brilliant from the politik to amsterdam.

in my place is outstandingly brilliant and from then on the album just grows, god put a smile on my face made me think of my the happy times in my life and it the song done this to me by just looking at the title at first for the begining and then hearing the song just made me feel happy on the inside...and so on and so on...

this album is great to listen to whilst doing a bit of graphics (like i was), lounging around and then background music for when you in the car going on a long journey, it will assit you and feed you with musical brilliance which will make you to nod your head slighty and tap your feet, start making you hum slighty ( i did when i listened yo In My Place)...

any buy this album!! brilliant and so are parachutes and x & y

tack care guys
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on 13 December 2003
Upon the release of 'Parachutes', Coldplay had failed to catch my attention. However, having only recently turned on to the fact that they are becoming global icons, I thought it was time I gave them a listen. I was obviously missing out on something good, as it seems that only the creme de la creme of British acts (oh, and Daniel Bedingfield) can crack the USA.
'A Rush...' is by far the best album that I have heard this year, and has been a real grower. I was encouraged to buy this album because I fell in love with 'The Scientist' when I heard it, and thus I have been led to fall in love with the rest of the songs on the album. It is a rare sight in what otherwise is a bass-drum-guitar dominated market to hear the beautiful melodies that a piano is capable of. Most will know this from 'Clocks', but in contrast to the rest of the album, I feel that 'Clocks' is merely the tip of the iceberg of what Coldplay present in the other tracks. To me, this is a hidden goldmine of an album. Sure, the tracks released are great, but the tracks that weren't released are a hell of alot better.
This is a very progressive album. Most reviews I've read tend to slaughter the last few tracks. To me, this is absolute rubbish. The final three tracks show the best fo Coldplay's ability. 'Warning Sign' is truly beautiful, with Martin's vocals perfectly matched to the delicate melody. I suppose if you prefer more 'dominating' sounds, then the first tracks are far better, but the acoustic tempo of the end of the album is far more fulfilling.
To a certain extent, I suppose Coldplay do mimic early U2. 'Politik' could certainly give 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' a run for it's money in regards to political outrage, yet this is the only musical similarity that I think link the two. After all, U2 were originally considered to be a punk-pop band - Coldplay are about as far from this genre as they could possibly be. I think the true similarity lies beyond the music, in Martin's ever active Bono style charity 'peace on earth' work. As for Radiohead comparisons? Well, Chris Martin certainly has a 'different' voice, but it no way reminds me of Thom Yorke. I think this has stemmed from the whole Starsailor-Coldplay-Travis releasem where all three were written off as Radiohead wannabes. Nevertheless, Coldplay will be the ones who will live on. In a few years we'll be saying Starsailor who? Travis who? Maybe even Radiohead who? if Coldplay continue to produce this high standard of material.
However, my criticism of this album is that it doesn't make me look at Coldplay as a band, but more as Chris Martin +3. I know its natural to expect it in any band, but its far too dominating in this album. More attention needs to be paid to Johnny, Will and the other guy who I can never remembe the name of. Coldplay excite me, as they are the only band in five years who I feel will withstand the test of time, and will only continue to grow in success - much like U2.
I challenge anyone not to fall in love with this album.
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on 31 October 2002
Coldplay have made the leap from promising debut (Parachutes including moments of brilliance but was generally patchy) to memebers of british rock's true big hitters. This album has a glorious chilled yet meaningful feel and just when you think you're drifting off into some laid back paradise the guitars kick in to bring you back to reality (which isn't always so bad).
From the euphoric "Yeah" of In My Place to the beautiful piano backing of Clocks this album is full immaculately crafted and beautifully played songs. The talents of Chris Martin are clear for all to see and whilst this isn't a true classic (yet) it ranks as the best record of the year so far (without question). Lovers of good singing voices and quality british rock should buy this album....
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on 13 September 2002
After the overwhelming sucess of 'Parachutes' i really didnt expect much from Coldplay. Yes, 'yellow ' is a classic but to be the reason why most people bought the album is not a good one. It also really put me off when i found the cd within some dire cd collections across the country. I beleive people bought it but didnt really connect with most of it. Treating Coldplay like Travis - two bands that i dont beleve are comparable unless you know nothing about music, and im not saying i know an awful lot.
From the openeing track Politik, the album hit a nerve something Parachutes never did. I couldnt make it through the cd without listening to each track twice. Its not groundbreaking but its so intimate, this is quality, musicianship of the highest standard, and in no way arrogant (sorry Radiohead).
I beleive that this album has enough power to actually make people think about what they are listening to -even those people who have hardley ever think about anything.
Coldplay are no travis, they are in no way mediocre they are not emo - i hate that word, but they are enigmatic, powerful and warming.
The only problem for me is the world that i live in doesnt give me enough time or space, living in a shared noisey house, its a shame that i hardley ever get to listen to this cd outdoors beneath a stary sky or watching the sunset.
I hate living in the city sometimes.
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on 30 August 2002
Well, what can I say? Coldplay return with possibly the best rock album for 10 years.
While Radiohead are off 'experimenting', the world was missing a truly great rock band. Indeed, u2 came back with their best album in 10 years, but Coldplay have just surpassed them with an album full of memorable tracks.
The fans of Parachutes will be pleased to hear that they have not lost their knack of writing heart-felt songs that will stick in the memory. However, this is not Parachutes Part 2.
While their first offering was filled with acoustic gems, A Rush.. finds Coldplay turning in a more rocky performance. Just listen to the opening Politik.
The only disappointment in this album is the fairly average Green Eyes. An acoustic offering that would be better suited as a B-side, it merely meanders along. However, Coldplay make up for this with the simply outstanding God Put A Smile Upon My Face. To say it was grrovy might be taking it a bit far, but it certainly gets your feet tapping.
Having sold millions of copies of Parachutes, you would have thought the weight of expectation on them would have gotten the better of them. Instead, they have produced an album which is simply better than their first. A truly outstanding achievment, which should surely see them as one of the biggest and best bands England has ever produced.
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