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4.7 out of 5 stars31
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 March 2006
I first heard this in a record store while I was waiting for someone. It was a great stroke of luck because I wouldn´t usually buy something like this, but I fell in love with it.
Amos Lee has a beautifully clear, pure voice, his simplistic trembling voice on the romantic,"Arms of a women," really does it for me.
I like the musical range on this. Although you could classify his voice as soul, the guitar sounds very bluesy on this record and,"Black River," is a fine example of the roots of his music
"Give it up," is a funkier upbeat number that shows the versatility of his voice."Dreamin," is a another fine track with a soulful Stevie Wonder style organ.
"Love in the lies," is another one of my favourites, for the sensitivity of his voice and the bare honesty of the lyrics.
I´m really glad I stumbled upon this and I´ve become a big fan.
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on 15 April 2005
For a feel good buy -make sure this cd is in your shopping basket! Amos has a tremendously soothing voice and all of his songs are so meaningful and have a raw passion that seems so rare these days in new musicians. I have seen Amos perform twice - once alongside Norah Jones and secondly on his own at the Live Theatre and he is just breathtaking. A really down to earth guy who deserves to be recognised for his music.
Its a definately a "night in" cd!! Give this guy the recognition he deserves and buy his cd - you wont regret it!!
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on 23 September 2006
Amos Lee - Amos Lee

Label: Blue Note

Sharing the same record label as Norah Jones, Amos Lee's self titled debut album is quite frankly a breath of fresh air. In todays over produced almost non-human market Amos retains all of the qualities that make music remembered. Picture the scene! Chilling out with your feet upon the sofa. Your eyes close and then you are taken away upon every note and by the end of the journey you feel wholesome. That is how this Album made me feel.

To categorise Amos is not as easy as one may suggest. The opening track "Keep it loose, keep it tight" is a gentle rollercoaster of a ride. From the start his voice comes through in waves so soulful and pure, carried along upon a bluesy acoustic tide. The second track "Seen it all before" has a vintage soulfulness that slightly resembles Al Green's classic "How can you mend a broken heart?". The next track "Arms of a woman" shows yearning and the heartfelt trembles of the wonderful Otis Redding and encapsulates the same feel of Otis's "These arms of mine" but with a distinct Amos touch. Other highlights on what is a wonderful album, include "Bottom of the barrel" a foot tapping acoustic blues track, that makes you feel like you are transported to some southern state tapping your feet drinking Jack Daniels, as Amos sits upon a rocking chair playing and singing for you only. A more melancholic blues vibe is captured in the wonderful "Dreamin" so lazy you can almost imagine yourself on a long dusty road alone, but rambling on. And one of the albums highlights is the superb and heart endearing "Colours" Norah Jones on piano creates a bold and evocative back drop for Amos Lee's laid back guitar work in a song that somehow you know means so much to Amos that it moves you deeply as it rises and falls with such grace.

If I was to recommend an album for the easy listener then in my humble opinion this is a real gem. Perfect for relaxing or curling up on the sofa with a loved one. If you are a fan of Al Green, Otis Redding, Van Morrison and even Norah Jones you will truly fall in love with this album. My biggest testament is relationships of now will connect to Amos and in ten years time lovers will call his songs there own.

10/10 Fantastic!

Reviewed by David Cannon
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on 20 July 2005
"Keep it loose, Keep it tight" (3.07) starts the album which begins with the sound of Amos' playing acoustic guitar and Norah Jones playing the same theme on the piano with a cello giving the theme of the song a bass background that allows Amos to sing the opening line "Well I walked over the bridge into the city where I live" the bass blends with the cello and a deep and satisfying rumble of bass gives the drum work of Dan Rieser a place to start, using brushes on the snare drum Rieser creates a counterpoint to the bass section of cello and bass guitar, this is an excellent opener for the collection as it sets the tone.
"Seen it all Before" (4.15) begins with the acoustic guitar, which plays a little bluesy sounding section along with the bass playing of Alexander providing the backbone to the sound at the back of the acoustic guitar that allows the Hammond playing of Devin Greenwood to add further melancholy to the track with gentle runs on the keys, this given further drama by the electric guitar by Adam Levy, the singing of Amos begins with the line "Go ahead baby run away again, grown tired of chasing you, I know you only have time to love me, when you got nothing better to do, who's bold enough to believe in either love or war
"The Arms of a Woman" (4.11) is a song that is the opposite to the previous track and opens with the line "I am at ease in arms of a woman although most of my days are spent alone" this line is delivered with a vocal that has an ethereal quality to it that makes the lyrics even more poignant and telling, the heartfelt nature of the song is given a lazy folksy feel that make it very easy to listen to, the easy listening nature of the song belies the feelings of loneliness and heartache that the underplaying of the rhythm section carry beautifully, the electric guitar is just gently stroked by Levy so as not to drown the playing of the acoustic guitar by Amos.
"Give it up" (2.36) has a different intro the Hammond player Devin Greenwood counts in 2,3,4 and then a flurry on the keys a pull on the bass strings and the gentle sound of the guitar of Amos which adds the sweetness in the song then he begins to sing "I been waiting a long time, I just hope I might find, the right kind of lover for me yea" a more up-beat track than previous, the rhythm is maintained on the Hammond and bass guitar as the track begins to fade Amos starts to harmonize with himself along with a chorus that is sung by Berman, Levy, James Gadson, and Chris Thomas.
"Dreamin'" (2.54) is another lazy laidback sounding song that creates a cinematic feel with just the use the electric and acoustic guitar along with the bass and drums these instruments create a warm and comforting feel that envelops the listener with their comfort and create a perfect backdrop.
"Soul Suckers" (2.49) has a melancholic atmosphere that creates a perfect soundscape of texture for the delivered lines of "Did you believe when they told you, that they discovered you and everything is free as long as you do everything they tell you" at the end of the sung line the lyrics are given more power by the use of a viola.
A folky acoustic guitar sounds and "Colors" (2.40) begins along with a 4/4 rhythm on the drums with an offbeat on the hi-hat that has at the end of the beat the keyboard playing of Norah Jones who just tickles the ivories to give a gentle counterpoint to the guitar of Amos while singing the opening line "Yesterday I got lost in the circus, feelin' like such a mess" for me this is the key song in the album, the background vocals of Norah Jones on the chorus of "But when you're gone, all the colors fade" Norah joins him on the word "gone" and they both emphasize the word by elongating it and giving it a new sound and when their voices blend together I think Norah has found her musical soul mate they repeat the effect for the rest of the track on the word "gone".
"Bottom of the Barrel" (2.00) kicks off what first comes to my mind is this sounds like the Americana of Steve Earle albums, a couple of acoustic guitars play together along with mandolin and bass and we have a roadhouse drinking song.
The resonator guitar of Kevin Breit forms the beginning of "Black River" (3.22) this has a retro blues feel that is as dark as the title with the repeating phrase "Oh" at the start of the lines of lyrics that Amos sings with a great deal of emphasis on the "O" vowel " Oh, black river gonna take my cares away, Oh, black river gonna take my cares away, gonna take my cares, gonna carry my cares, gonna take my cares away" sounds like a homage to the old delta blues tracks of yesteryear that has hints of gospel.
"Love in the Lies" (3.22) is an up-beat sounding song with a roll on the snare drum, Rieser starts the song off with what could be called a country rhythm that the picked guitar continues with the bass adding a rock steady bounce that the Hammond comes in on the end of the sung lines that begin with "I aint no white eyed rebel, but I aint no preachers son".
"All my friends" (4.16) closes the album and has an intro that reminds me of the Fleetwood Mac's instrumental "Albatross" all bass guitar and cymbals but once Amos starts to deliver his smooth warm vocals this thought disappears.
This is an excellent album for late night listening.
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on 5 June 2005
I was visiting NYC recently and this guy was on the NBC morning news show.
He sang one song and I bought the album on the strenght of it.
Definitely not disappointed, it's a fabulous mellow album, just the thing for a relaxing evening.
Really worth a listen.
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on 12 April 2005
I too had the pleasure of seeing Amos Lee at the Maze in Nottingham. I originally saw him after catching his support act as part of the Nora Jones world tour. i went with two other friends to his gig and we still talk about it today. I bought both of his "LP"'s at his performance and have JUST this moment placed an order for this album. I cannot reccommend the purchasing of this fine young mans material enough. His sound has maturity, depth and consistancy. The only regret I have about writing this review is that it may spark others to jump on the band wagon which I hopped aboard some time ago! However bitterness aside Amos is an unbelievable talent and songwriter with a voice so powerful yet so gentle and clear. Just buy it!
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on 20 May 2005
Like many other reviewers I first saw Amos Lee supporting Norah Jones and then at a smaller gig at a local pub. After buying his two EP's at the concert I was completely hooked! I've never written a review before but this album has prompted me to do so.
Amos Lee has the most beautiful, pure voice I've ever heard. His songs are meaningful and full of soul. I urge everyone to buy this album no matter what your musical tastes - you won't be disappointed. If you ever get the chance to see him perfom live, then do so - he's a great performer and even more fantastic singing live. A true talent.
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on 5 April 2006
I first heard part of one of his tracks "Seen it All Before" on ER recently and thought I had to find the track. Oh so glad i bought the cd. Your plunged into the soulful blues-like of his rich voice from the start with "Keep it loose Keep it tight" and you end with "All my Friends" feeling chilled and relaxed and wondering to yourself 'why didn't I get this earlier'. If you are a fan of Norah Jones and that type of 'easy listening' music then this is right up your street
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on 23 February 2005
You have not "Seen it all Before" until you witness Amos Lee in concert. Until then, his new CD is an opportunity to hear a wonderful new artist. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for his performance at The Maze in Londonderry. It was a fantastic show. Small intimate club. Solo acoustic. He put on one of the best performances I have seen by a artist w/a guitar. The combination of his voice,songs and wit made for a memorable night. The CD captures a good deal of what I experienced that evening and much more. The same intimacy and soulfulnes is present. The backing players enhance the sound without getting in the way of Amos' singing and the songs. "Seen it all Before" "Give it Up" "Soul Suckers," (recorded with just Amos's vocal, acoustic guitar and strings, offers the artist's insightful view of the music business) and "Black River," are my current favourites. I highly recommend Amos Lee to all who consider themselves music fans. I wish he had recorded some of his humourous comments between the songs.
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on 2 March 2005
I was lucky enough to see Amos support Norah Jones & I couldn't wait to book up to see him again. This album just scratches the surface of this mans talent. I've seen him 4 times now & he still manages to blow me away. His stage presence is outstanding (as well as his humour).
Please buy this album & give this man the fame he deserves. I want the world to know his talents. The album is mostly re worked tracks from his 2 EP's, but they are closer to the live experience, unfortunately you don't get his "special" songs like Teddy bear or Caramelized, you'll have to wait for a live night for them. Hopefully it won't be too long for his 2nd offering or a live album.
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