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4.8 out of 5 stars12
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2001
This is a great album from the First signing on Manson's new label..absolutely brilliant i'd recommend it to all you out there and make sure u go and buy it straight away...if u like manson mixed with a bit of industrial get it. A great album with crashing songs like the reckoning and break you down with the man himself mr. manson. at a great price from amazon an album not to be missed but one to be savoured
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on 15 May 2002
This CD is an excellent cross between Metal and Haunting Melodies. A Lot of people compare this to Marilyn Manson but i think that this is better as GodHead has some meaningfull lyrics (not like Marilyn Manson rambling on about destroying a god that doesn't exist) and doesnt use controversy to sell their music (Manson again).
The music is pretty formulaic (soft verse , heavy chorus , soft verse etc) but some how works without getting annoying or boring.
The frontman (Jason Miller) looks like an angry Uncle Fester but his voice is actually pretty melodic at times.
This CD is excellent as its very good music and at such a great price.
The best tracks are :- The Reckoning , I Sell Society , Eleanor Rigby and I Hate Today (The latter being an acoustic song which after 6 minutes breaks into crashing guitars and pounding drums).
All In All - Great CD , Great Price . An absolute Must.
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on 27 September 2009
Godhead, they appear to have been around for some time but I only heard of them recently when reading an article about marilyn manson, on whose label they are signed.
They do sound a little bit like marilyn manson but less glam and less seedy, actually they owe more to orgy (if you have heard of them) maybe a little like nine inch nails, the point is if you like any of those acts then it is worth you checking out this album.

1, The reckoning.
I would say the song is about the end of days, a pacy song with strong chorus.

2, I sell society.
One of my favourite songs on the album, i think it is about the back handed nature of capitalist society.

3, Inside you.
A decent track, it is fairly simple lyrically but it gets its messege across. It is about obssession and desire.

4, Sinking.
A fair track but nothing to shout about.
The theme hear is about lacking self confidence and feeling lika a sinking ship.

5, Tired old man.
I think the tired old man of the title is a metaphor for how life without pleasure or respite can make us feel old and tired.
a slow and intense track.

6, break you down.
features Marilyn manson, not a bad song but it lacks punch both musically and lyrically.

7, Penetrate.
Another decent track but lyrically it is lacks any strong theme except an unwillingness to conform.

8, Backstander.
I assume the song is about being trapped in a relationship but it could have more to it than that. again not a bad song but not essential.

9, Eleanor rigby.
Yep beatles cover, a good one at that. The song is pretty much intact but it is delivered in a different manner.

10, 2000 years of human error.
Obviously about religion, nothing hard about that. One of the stranger tracks too.

11, I hate today.
The slowest track present, and most stripped down. the nearest the album has to a ballad I suppose. Atmospheric and it is one of my favourite tracks present.

The first two songs are a great intro to the band and album, both are very strong. The middle of the album does drag a little hence four stars not five but the last couple of tracks bring it back. for fans of industrial music, well worth looking into.
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on 25 February 2001
I recently saw gODHEAD on tour with Marilyn Manson, and I thought they were fantastic. I had been plannig to buy their album, but a few days before the concert, I read some really bad reviews of it. I think this album really shows how wrong magazine reviews can be. This album is amazing, especially "The Reckoning", "I Sell Society", "Break You Down" (with Marilyn Manson), and a cover of the Beatles "Elenor Rigby". A combination of rock, metal, and industrial, this album is essential.
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on 26 March 2001
Ok, so I like Marilyn Manson and bought this album on the strength of his role in its production. Although Manson does appear in one track and co-wrote the title track, gODHEAD successfully rise from his shadow with anthem like choruses and powerfully rememberable guitar sequences. An absolute masterpiece that is more accessable than Korn, with the power and attitude of Marilyn Manson. This, my friends, is an absolute must. Buy it, or live a long life - but you will have missed something very, very special.
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on 4 February 2001
This album jst .... rocks!i saw them in concert with Marilyn Manson and they were something different! I went straight out & bought this album. The whole album from start to finish is just absolutly amazing.But the song which does it for me is Break You Down this features Marilyn Manson and is a typical manson song. They sound like manson mixed the industrial poundings of fear factory. Sinking is an absoulutly amazing song and i can see this being released as a single. Go and buy this.
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on 23 January 2001
Hey.. This is such a realy good album!!!! every song is great.. nothing bad here.. highlights are.. well the hole thing from start to finsh.."the reckonin" will be the 1st single and one of the best songs. and you can find marilyn manson on the "break you down" song. With new versions of "penetrate" and "Eleanor rigby" are better than the power tool.... versions. ROCK ON.. great album.. great band!!!!!
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on 26 January 2016
Not bad.not bad at all. The beats and synth laced duran duran melodies and unique vocal style make this album a decent effort from marilyn mansons croonies,but for me the industrial elements are far too trent reznor rented for me to fully appreciate this effort. Good,but not mind blowing.
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on 21 April 2002
This CD purchase was a complete stab in the dark, I bought this CD after only hearing one song (Eleanor Rigby of all things) on a radio show. I must be one of the few people that hates the Beatles however I loved the way that they seem to have turned this song around and give it a new meaning certainly in my mind anyway. I have this system (it's sad I know), I do quite a lot of driving and as such I'm always listening to music in the car. I make a point of always having the last 6 CD's I have bought in the car, that way I give them a good listen. I have broken this rule althogether when it comes to Godhead, I can't take the CD out of my car, I never tire of the songs and always find myself grabbing the CD on the way out the door. I am desperately trying to think of a way to describe the music but you will just have to buy it and see. I would normally never fill one of these things in but this CD has made me want to comment as it is so awsome.
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on 30 May 2015
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