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4.4 out of 5 stars769
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2010
Liam Neelson put in the performance of a lifetime in this film which my Father recommended to me. Wow - action from start to finish. Liam took no prisoners in the search for his daughter. Liam was really impressive.

Delivery was prompt, packing perfect and condition A1
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on 30 March 2011
Great action sequences, and mostly agreeable plot; Neesen's character is amazing to watch.

So why 3 stars ? Well, what could've been a brilliant film for me is ruined by the weak opening and the laziest of finales. Neesen's daughter portrays the most objectionable of personality traits in what should be the key supporting characters role. She learns nothing throughout her ordeal and at the end simply skips off into her step-daddy's car leaving a forlorn Neesen to resort back to type as the sycophantic father calling in favours to get the spoilt brat some singing lessons with that woman off of neighbours. I would have rather he saved her mate, at least she seemed like a laugh.

What should have happened is this....

Neesen has to fight his way off that boat, killing a few along the way just for good measure.

Then, abandoned by the authorites and incommunicado he has no other option but to sell one of his own kidneys to buy them passage as unlisted stowaways on a haulage tanker or something for six long uncomfortable weeks.

Whilst aboard a lack of medical attention sees Neesen get sick, oh no! His daughter is forced to work in the tanker's kitchen to cover the cost of the antibiotics to save Neesen's life. Along the way, wearing a greasy grey ripped T shirt, she develops some spirit and fights off a few unsavoury salty suitors. This gives her time enough to reflect on what her Father did to get her out.

After much soul searching, on arriving back in country she flatly rejects a ride home in the limo (that's the easy way out you see), and instead joins Neesen in a hot and sweaty yet satisfying bus journey home: pausing only to knowingly gaze upon a cheap Karaoke machine in a grotty pawn shop window. What then follows is a montage sequence, which shows her again flatly rejecting the easy move home and instead settling into Neesens dingy little flea pit of a flat, humbily washing his ever degrading smalls, in return for short glimpses of his wisdom while being trained by him to become a kickass specialist.

This sets up what would've been an eagerly anticipated sequel where they double up as a Father/Daughter 'A Team' like baddie batteling duo (minus Murdock and The Faceman) rescuing captives from cults and human traffickers and the like. There's got to be some legs in that for a television mini-series spin off as well, perhaps with Michelle 'bionic woman' Ryan playing the daughter.

Finally, just for the record (if you pardon the pun), U2 are no longer a cool band unless you are into musical parody and alleged tax avoidance. His daughter following them around Europe does nothing other than reinforce my feelings of contempt for her character.
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on 30 April 2009
Set in the present, Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) is a former spy, and works for the stars as a security guard. His daughter Kim lives with her mother (who is his ex-wife).
Kim and Bryan don't have a close relationship, but they really love and care about each other. Kim is 17 and wants to go on holiday in Paris with her friend Amanda, who has cousins living there.

Bryan is against this, while Kim's mother is happy for her daughter and encourages her to have fun with her friend. Kim's step-dad is very rich, as we see that Kim receives a pony for her birthday! Her dad gives her a karaoke kit, as he knows that her dream is to be a singer.

After many hesitations, Bryan accepts to sign the paper to agree to let his daughter go to Paris for a week under some conditions. He gives her a special phone and she has to call him every night before she goes to bed.

On their arrival at Paris airport, they meet a cute guy who proposes them to share a taxi. They accept, and he asks them where they live. He says that he will meet them at night to show them around. Amanda says in front of him that they have the flat for themselves, because the cousins are out of town this week. This is something that Kim didn't know...
Amanda is portrayed as very liberated, and who lies a lot to her parents.
The guy leaves them, and makes a phone call, saying that the girls are alone, and where they live.

Back in L.A, Bryan tries to call his daughter, but in vain... She doesn't hear the phone because Amanda put the music really loudly. The second time she hears it, and talks to her dad. She goes in another room, and sees Amanda through the glass being taken by guys dressed in black. She tells everything to her dad, and thanks to his skills, he will find her and save her.

The film really starts with Bryan going to Paris, and all the clues that will lead him to his daughter. She was "taken" but the kidnappers don't want a ransom... they are Albanians who sell girls, and turn them into prostitutes. He knows that, because he can track the voice of the man he talked to, and finds a name.
Bryan will find the lead when he finds Kim's phone at the Paris flat. On the background, he sees the face of the guy who took a picture of the 2 girls at their arrival.
Unfortunately, he doesn't have the chance to talk to him, as he dies. But this is only the beginning... Bryan has other leads: His police connection in Paris who gives him an address to a holding/drug house. He finds a girl who wears his daughter's jacket, and saves her. He will then have leads after leads to find his daughter. Excellent thriller, as it tells a very real thing happening to so many girls. The only thing is that no one has the luck to have a dad like Bryan.
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on 10 November 2012
film great, transfer good. this review is not about the film its self but about the foreign dialect in the film. you have to enable all the subtitles to read the parts of the film spoken in French and Albanian. this is very poor by the people who brought this to blu ray.
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on 28 November 2009 comes to this film, THIS film, expecting something. It delivers. Some films are a benchmark for how to judge a persons taste. The folks who think this a pile of crap? Believe me, they know not what the hell they blather about.
It ain't The Third Man 'fer chrissakes! It's Man On Fire, but even better. Enjoy the ride, 'cause it's a helluva ride, and whether or not it's elevated through Neeson's presence, all that matters is that if you have a smidgen of critical awareness, are reasonably awake, and don't take yourself oh-so seriously, well, this'll move you.
The other folks? Slumberland their whole lives.
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on 17 June 2016
Great film
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on 25 May 2016
Great film
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on 4 February 2016
Great film
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on 20 December 2015
Great film
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on 23 June 2015
good movie
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