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4.4 out of 5 stars767
4.4 out of 5 stars
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most reviewers have awarded '5' stars for 'taken' know what.............they are 'spot on'
'Liam Neeson' plays 'Bryan Mills' a father who's daughter 'Kim' (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped at the beginning of her trip to Paris, a holiday that was supposed to take her to several country's following her favourite 'pop-artists tour.
Taking this man;s daughter is a fatal mistake as he's an ex-spy/agent with some deadly skills which he's not forgotten.
This film 'rocks' it's fast moving and action packed, in my opinion the best 'movie' 'Liam Neeson' had done for a while, back in 2008.
I can't tell you it's was one of the best movie i'd seen back in 2009 when released.
Got to be up there with the best of the movies from 2009.
If you are yet to see this one, it'll not disappoint.
( Good quality Blu-ray presentation for both picture and sound )
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on 17 November 2008
Superior action thriller, with an 80's style linear plot but with 90's sensibilties. Really enjoyed this - the action was gritty and on the
whole grounded in reality - and Liam Neeson was more than convincing at the Bourne style hand to hand combat, and firearm handling, as well as playing an essentially hard man role with a strong sense of dignity and morality.
The Paris locations, and Albanian gangs made for an interesting change as well!
Yes, it's predictable but refreshingly free of the usual malaise of trying to be clever & twisty and then dissapearing where the sun don't shine.
It's violent, but perhaps not to the extent of say, Death Sentence, and Liam Neeson does seem to beat/torture/shoot everything that moves!
There are some grim scenes involving the young girls being trafficked that only serve to increase your desire for Neeson to punch even harder or shoot an assailant 5 times rather than 2!
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on 30 May 2011
This is an excellent film for action both with cars, firearms and martial arts.It is fairly short, 89 minutes,and succinct in the telling of the story of abduction by eastern european criminals,who are bought to justice. This type of justice by necessity of the situation, is terminal, and gives no chance of re-offending!
The main theme of this film is the abduction of a young girl and the father's attempt to rescue her. This is a story that will be immediately recognised by those who are aware of the number of missing young girls, even children that take place every year.
A highly entertaining and exciting film , however it should not be watched by bleeding heart liberals or those of a sensitive disposition.
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on 10 February 2009
Just watched this with my dad. An avid hater of American action movies, and even he was taken by suprise at how good this movie is.

Allot of action movies these days dispenses with the proper feelings and emotions behind revenge and true hatred.
But hell, this one doesnt. In a movie that casts Liam Neeson brilliantly in the lead role of a father hell-bent on finding his daughter, and killing (not bringing those responsible to justice such as other movies these days) the people responsable for his daughters kidnapping, attempted drug grooming and passing into prositution.

This in my opinion, is one of only a few good movies that addresses a persons natural reactions and feelings should something happen to their family. Check out Charles Bronson's 'Death Wish', Jodie Foster's 'The Brave One' and Denzel Washington's 'Man on Fire' as well as this for a accurate depiction of a man or womans true rage if their loved one has been harmed.

As action movies go, this one has it all. It has a couple of good car chase scenes. A combination of brilliant fight scenes, as well as what can be described as a couple of brutal interigations and murders by the lead.

Neeson as i said was brilliant, and my only small gripe is at Famke Janssen who i have liked in other films, but i must admit i found a bit anoying in her small role in this one.

I would definately suggest this movie for someone looking to add to their collection. It is well worthy of a 5 out of 5 considering the trype being released these days! I couldn't bring myself to give it a 4. It just scrapes a 5... Enjoy!
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on 13 March 2015
Have watched this a million times and still can always go back and watch it. Of course this is the first movie of the trilogy and in my eyes is the best one. A great action film that honestly anybody could enjoy. What's not to like.
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on 3 March 2009
I am renound in my family as not the best person to take to the cinema, always have been able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, something about not having very good concentration level..get bored easily. Once in a while though I see a clip of a film which I quite fancy seeing, this is the only one since, oh I cant remember the name. Well it kept me awake from start to finish, a bit predicable here and there but all in all a really good watch, in fact I may consider doing it over again very soon!!!
PS I also enjoyed the making of,and the interviews with the French director too.
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on 1 October 2014
Literally, faster than a speeding bullet Liam Neeson, overacts his way through a surprisingly entertaining action romp that doesn't give you time to scratch your head. Neeson's character has seen it all, and with a paranoia bordering on spidey sense only he can predict the dangers in store for his daughter and friend when they head off for a jolly in the back street that is 'Paris'. True to his word, they've barely got through the duty free before being targeted by human traffickers, leaving a visibly overjoyed Neeson with something to do on his weekend off.
After a quick once over with the 'Just for Men', the screen is a blur with Neeson polishing off henchmen with a brutality only matched by the grim sex slave vision of Paris, that will no doubt leave their tourist board wondering if they are aiming for the wrong crowd.
The friend and seemingly all the other attractive young girls are sent to the crack den for certain death, whilst the horse faced daughter, now drugged up and visibly in need of a good wash is apparently hot stuff for a rich sheikh. Prompted by Neeson the bidding hits 500,000! The currency is as unimportant as the unasked question of why they couldn't simply hire a willing and more attractive girl for half the money. The film climaxes with more mass murder, and amusing feats of agility from our indestructible hero who seems to have carried with him a little of the A-Team bullet dodging luck.
If you thought this was ridiculous just wait until you see the 2nd one..
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 February 2013
This is thoroughly enjoyable hokum, in which Liam Neeson acts the part of the ruthless, driven CIA-trained father impassively and actually quite brilliantly.

The film deals with a distasteful but real aspect of modern life - the trapping of young women into the sex trade. The women in this case are Liam Neeson's daughter and a friend. Neeson sets out to rescue them, and it is a race against time.

What follows is an ever mounting body-count as Neeson follows clues and information gained through none-too-subtle means to discover where his daughter has been taken. His techniques are ruthless in the extreme but we are reminded at all times that his ruthlessness is directed at not-nice people in pursuit of a just cause.

It's a film that requires from its viewers no desire for subtlety. The villains are full colour blacker-than-black and Neeson is the good guy. It's pure hokum - but it's good at it. Once you accept the dubious morality and suspend all disbelief (the Police don't take him out, bad guys can't shoot straight, there's always a way out), it turns into high quality entertainment.

Each time I see this film I know that I really enjoyed it but I'm not sure I should have, given the ruthlessness of Neeson's character.

Neeson is an unlikely choice for the lead role but he performs it very well. He delivers just the right about of good-guy motivation (love for his daughter) to counteract what he is doing. He dominates the scenes in which he features (which is most of them) and his action and fight scenes are realistic and believable.

On the technical side: I was bought the blu-ray version: the picture clarity is very good and the surround sound adds value. There are scenes in the car chase where the sounds come from all angles and definitely add to the excitement.

This film is a guilty pleasure. It's not high art - it doesn't try to be. But it's great entertainment and I give it four stars for being superbly good at what it does - even if it shouldn't.
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Liam Neeson plays the lean hard guy surprisingly well in this efficient if brutal thriller.
He is divorced and has given up his career as a government agent of some description, to be near his 17 year old daughter, who lives with his ex-wife and her new rich husband.
When she is kidnapped on a trip to Paris, all his expertise kicks in to get her back. And really, that is about it - in an era of sophisticated thrillers with labyrinthine plots, the narrative here seems very simple and told in straightforward linear fashion, with few if any surprises.
And yet, it works - because it is lean and fast - the action is brutal and frenetic in close up Bourne style, and once events kick off it really does not let up until the unsurprising conclusion. Neeson is lithe and believable as a trained killing machine, giving the film a huge boost of credibility.
There is it has to be said a mean streak in Neeson's character at odds with the family man, as he mercilessly kills off any and everything that gets in his way. In fact, it becomes almost unpleasant that the film is purporting an American has a right to do whatever he likes in Europe to protect `his own', including torture, on the spot assassinations, and untold collateral damage.
However, watched as a straight action flick, this is entertaining enough, as long as you have a strong stomach for the unpleasant underbelly of Paris dying as faces are smashed into hard objects, bullets shatter limbs, and others die in... well, let's say shocking ways. It's like an urban Rambo invented for a new generation!
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The French director Morel is again implicating that corruption translates from the higher echelons of the government -like in his previous French thriller B13 ,this combines corrupt bureaucrats and interred conspiratorial elements between politicians and ordinary gangsters as being the root level cause of crime.

Albanians crime gangs are shown just to be as exploited as their victims here, though they are the instruments of torture and evil in open here-the cops and politicians are the main villains who support the crime mafia .

Liam looks devastating as the lean mean fighting machine -a high octane action thriller which is very well made and some people applauded in the theatre too-it is formulaic and has loopholes too but is entertaining -a rare quality today in cinema .

The ambiance of the Parisian drug prostitution hovels makes it dark and harrowing at times ,though not as chilling as 'Eastern promises'which is a a more realist movie on somewhat similar theme .

I enjoyed it despite the action hero stereotypes for it's rather endearing paternal affect and superb pacing with slick action pieces and Neeson's performance .
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