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4.5 out of 5 stars682
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2010
Creative T20 series 2. £50ish, no buzz from plug (not even a whisper). Cracking sound, improved weight to bass from T10s, clear and responsive.

Please dont let people talking about the plug buzz (?!?) put you off. this is obviously a rare issue that some unfortunate souls are experiencing. remeber people are more likely to review if somehting is wrong!!

I have both T10's and T20's (both with same plug adapter) and never any problems. I do agree that the adapter is oversized and will overlap a socket on an extention lead but on twin sockets it fits like a glove and no space is lost.

This is not just a review after a couple of days before anything has a chance to go wrong. I have had my T10's for over a year and my T20's for about 6months and they have been nothing but exceptional. T10's plugged in to laptop for use with itunes and t20's in LCD TV. laptop doubles as hifi and if volume at 2/3rds fills home. TV sound improved 10 fold.

T20's still give the same impecable clarity as t10's but apart from obviously being louder give a richer, deeper bass that were missing from the t10's. Yes there is no bass unit to make outstanding low tones but they have a damn good crack. T10's have single "tone" adjust ment which seems to adjust treble and base at same time which isnt ideal but t20's have seperate bass and treble adjustments which helps you meet a sound better to your taste.

Both have a solid build with clean lines and good finish but the t20's just look more purposfull and "meaty". One thing to note is that T10s have a metal mesh over mid range cone which will stop little hands from ruining them if you have kids. T20's have solid cones but only optional fabric mesh which i have opted to remove because it just doesnt look as good.

conclusion very happy for over a year now with creative speakers will buy every time because they look good, perform beautifully and are very minimalist.
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on 6 March 2010
Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II Multimedia Speakers

I read the mixed reviews for this product and decided to take a chance anyway because the last Creative speakers we had were good. First off, the power unit DOES NOT BUZZ. It is also a standard size plug so the problem with the last speakers occupying two socket spaces is gone. What is also great is that there is no longer any need for a sub-woofer. The bass provided by the T20's is superb and consequently I no longer have a horrible big box sitting on the floor. The design and finish of the speakers is also attractive and a little retro with it's curves and analogue dials. Don't be put off by what were clearly early problems with this unit, it's all been sorted and they sound great.
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on 28 March 2010
I was looking for something that could produce a decent sound and wasn't too expensive for use at work as I sit in front of a computer all day. I decided to try these rather than the Logitech Z-10 or Z520 as I've been a fan of Creative for a number of years and they were at a good price. I was not disappointed.

The speakers look great in gloss black, either with or without the speaker grill/covers and are of a size that fits nicely on the desk.

The three knobs for bass, treble and volume are sturdy and have a smooth, solid action. The treble is clear and crisp and bass is good for the size of the speakers, probably due to the bass port on top of the speakers.

There are two 3.5mm jacks on the front of the main speaker, one for headphones and the other an auxiliary input. This was ideal for me as I could plug my mp3 player straight into the front (cable not included) and therefore didn't have to rely on files etc on the computer.

1 cable connects the two speakers together and another plugs into the sound card using a 3.5mm jack. I had no problems with the power adapter.

I prefer my 5.1 Creative setup at home for gaming as I do like the power of the subwoofer for explosions etc but T20s produce an excellent sound for music and film and won't annoy the neighbours. Highly recommended.
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on 25 April 2009
I bought these speakers on some recommendations from Amazon previous buyers of the older T20 series I. Thinking the Series II would be as good if not better. I was very happy with these speakers, the sound from it is brilliant. I'm not into 2.1 setup or the full 7.1 setup that my computer can handle, simply because my daughter will just mess up the wires anyway. I simply wanted a good solid set of speakers that will sit nicely next to my monitor. These were a fine choice. However....
....What annoys me the most is the power adapter which is so loud it can be heard above my computer and unless I turn the volume pass half way I can hear them BUZZing away!!! This problem was in the series I but I stupidly thought they would have fixed this by now. I'm surprised the others with reviews have not heard it or just put up with it. Also it is so big it blocks adjacent sockets to be used, stupid design flaw.

Lastly Creative Lab recommends that the power adapter should be unplugged after 4 hours without use, I think this is indication that they recognise their power adapters are not the right ones to use.

Overall, I would have given this a five star and must be set of speakers if you are wanting just a pair, but dropped it to 3 star due to the annoying power adapter. Creative Lab do something about it, buy in a better component that runs silently at least!
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on 14 May 2009
I've recently bought these and set them up and they're fantastic. I bought them to connect to a new Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music stick thingy (wireless streaming of internet radio and itunes playlists) and they work flawlessly. Sound quality is better than the Harmon Karden soundsticks I used to have for my Mac. These days the bass isn't cranked up like it was when I was in my teens because I like to listen to the mids and trebles these days, and these speakers really are nifty for that, but the bass can be wacked up without loss of quality if that's your bag.

I also use them plugged into the headphone jack of my ipod, and they connect to my Mac fine too.

I've not noticed the annoying hum/buzz that others mention (something which my ears normally pick up, believe me), nor is the adaptor too big either - although it does get in the way of a regular plug socket switch, but I use a multi-gang extension surge protector anyway so I just turn that off when I'm not using them.

One speaker has a line-in and a headphone jack, and that speaker also has the treble, bass and volume on/off nobs. Both speakers feel solid and weighty enough not to be knocked over too easily, look good and take up little space.

I'm so impressed with these (especially for the size) that I've now ditched my Denon Hi-Fi separates in favour of these and a pinnacle/ipod combo.
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on 27 September 2011
Look has never been an overriding reason for me to buy a speaker. Sound quality has always been of the utmost, as well as solid construction. Despite this, I managed all three with these speakers:

These are truly hiss-free. If there is no sound outputting, you would never know they are on, plus the bass is very acceptable for their size.

They actually look very cool either side of my monitor stand. At around 8 inches high, and with their gently backwards slant, they feel elegant and chunky at the same time.

The controls are adequate and, my personal preference, the headphone socket is on the front rather than having to fiddle around at the back.

All in all, an exceptionally good buy for the money.
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on 13 October 2013
I have only just received these, so I can't say too much about the sound just yet. In the past, my speakers/headphones have taken a few weeks to settle in. So far, however, the sound is good with excellent clarity, even at low volumes. After reading a few user and professional reviews, I did notice a couple of things worth mentioning:

1. There seems to be a revised powerbrick - mine came with a power supply that sits on the floor with a wire going to the speakers and another going to the plug, which is a very normal sized moulded plug. This is very different to the monstrous all in one plug & power supply described in previous reviews. Also, it makes no noise whatsoever.

2. I read in a professional review that the bass on these suffers at lower volumes. That's not been my experience, and I've even had to lower the bass so as not to disturb the wife or the little one early in the morning. Further to this, I would describe the bass as punchy and not boomy, which is a good thing. That might disappoint bassheads who would definitely be better off with a 2.1 setup, and for movies or gaming, it probably won't deliver that deep, rumbling bass. For music though, its great, and offers a very balanced sound.

So far, I'm very pleased with them, and for a little under £50 they're a good buy. If you can get them for even less, they'd be a steal.
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on 21 January 2010
I love these speakers. I never expected to get great sound from a 2.0 speaker set but I did! I'm pretty sure this set makes better sound than many cheap 2.1 sets with an awful subwoofer.

The only downside is the power adapter. I did not experience it to make any sound like someone else in a previous review said, but it does have a different issue: it;s huge. And because it's huge it takes up 2 slots in my splitter, which is a bit of a pain if you have a lot of devices that need to be powered near one power socket.
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on 17 January 2016
Excellent quality. Well packaged and promptly posted. I'd been making do with a pair of USB powered speakers for several years and had always intended to replace them at some point with something better. Based on various reviews and my personal requirements for something good but not amazing (as I'd never really be able to benefit from truly high end gear/justify the purchase) these seemed to fit the bill.

Immediate impression upon unboxing was of a good quality product ideal for connecting to a computer (reason for buying them). When I first connected them I was a little worried because the output seemed very low, which surprised me especially given how much bigger they were than the pair of speakers they were replacing. However I needn't have been worried. I had of course started off with a low volume output from the computer and from the speakers and once I'd adjusted this it became clear that they would produce a high volume when required and crucially the quality of the sound was vastly superior to that of the previous pair of speakers. Audiophiles might want higher performance speakers but for most people these will be more than good enough for getting the most out of computer audio.

Something else that has proven really useful, and one of the things that attracted me to this particular set of speakers, is the option to plug in a second device. My computer is "permanently" connected via the rear input jack but we can plug in a variety of other devices, such as a second laptop, iPad, phone etc, via the front input. This saves a lot of messing about as we previously had to disconnect one laptop to plug in another and then the first laptop sometimes took a while to realise when it was reconnected and so on. This way it's really easy to connect extra devices when someone wants to use a laptop in that room with the benefits of the sound from these speakers. A simple but really handy feature.

These speakers offer a very good depth and clarity of sound whether playing music, listening to audio such as radio plays or movie clips via services like YouTube. Overall very impressed; sound as a pound as the saying goes. In summary - very pleased.

(Photo shows speakers on desk with a CD by the right hand speaker to give a sense of scale/size.)
review image
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on 19 February 2010
I always hate speakers being bulky and also with a subwoofer because they are bulky and ugly. But I really wanted a pair of speakers because I got a really bad pair of foldable speakers and I don't like the speakers in my laptop as well. This one is really the right pair of speakers for me because they got a special feature in the speakers to eliminate the need of a subwoofer. I brought it a few days ago, and it's excellent because when I played music with the speakers, I could hear every single detail of the instruments playing in the music. I played a video with the speakers when there was a group of people playing basketball in the video, it felt like I was inside the basketball court. Although this pair of speakers are expensive, I think it's really worth for money. It's a pair of really high quality speakers.
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