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4.9 out of 5 stars60
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2002
Elvis and Las Vegas are almost synonymous, yet all too many percieve Elvis "decline" with his years in Vegas........not true.
This is a fabulous set, although a tad dissapointing; no songs from 73 or 76, not enough rarities and too many songs that have been released before. That said, this is worth every penny, disc 1 & 4 are very special indeed, with disc 2 being almost a continuation of "That's The Way It Is."
So what do we have? Definately a set for not merely the Elvis fan, but essential for any fan of great music, from, of course, the greatest.
Starting with the packaging; it's great, quite like a book with CDs inside, just like the "Platinum: A Life In Music" set, with 90+ tracks, over 50 are unreleased.
Starting with a concert from 1969, this is stunning. Absolutely Elvis at his finest, pure rock 'n' roll, almost like a mix between the "68 Special" and "That's The Way It Is." Songs like "Jailhouse Rock" and "Heartbreak Hotel" sparkle with attidute, like the 50s all over; whilst new hits like "Suspicious Minds" and "In The Ghetto" are breathtaking, then and now.
Disc two treats us to another show from August 1970 and "TTWII"; Elvis is more polished that a year previous, still rockin hard, but now with the big time show-stoppers like a mesmorising "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "I Just Can't Help Beleivin'" almost steal the show from the likes of the legendary "That's Alright" and a really beautiful version of thr Beatles "Something." Tagged on at the end is a poor recording, but beautifully sung version of "When The Snow Is On The Roses", ultra-rare, listen as he tries to get the key right; it's unrehearsed, he gets it and it's so good that its a pity he never took this to the studio.
Disc 3 is basically a combination of the "On Stage" album from 1970, and the "Burning Love" album of songs from 1972 released a couple of years ago.
The songs from 70 compliment "TTWII", and are excellent, although they are from February as opposed to August. The tracks from 72 are very very impressive.
Here Elvis is tackling the big ballads plus some folk and rock. Songs like "It's Impossible", "You Gave Me A Mountain" and "It's Over" are dramatic and show of the power of Elvis amazing voice, whilst "Never Been To Spain" is a nod in the folk-direction. "A Big Hunk O' Love" is exhillerating, fast and unrelenting with great guitar and piano solos, whilst "Little Sister/Get Back" is a medley of Elvis own classic with a Beatles masterpiece.
Disc 4 is very special indeed, as RCA have a wealth of live material from 74/75/76 that they fail to release. Firstly, the live show from 56 is here also. It's excellent, early Elvis and can't be faulted, even though he bombed.
Forward to 1974, and The King is arguably a better live performer than he had ever been. It's a huge shame that the sound here is inferior to the rest of the set. The sound is fine and listenable, but not high quality; like a good tape, maybe.
Anyway, this and disc 1 are the "cream of the crop." "Promised Land" rocks, both Elvis and the band, especially gutarist James Burton are superb. "It's Midnight" is a country ballad, he sang this a lot in 74, and simply he sings this song; just listen to the words, phrasing and emotion; this guy gets to your soul. "If You Talk In Your Sleep" is a highlight; southern and funky, close your eyes at the bridge and picture him kicking the air, shaking and striking poses during this most excellent song.
The entire disc is superb, and a real eye opener to those who foolishly dismiss Elvis in the mid-late 70s.
Best song here; "I'm Leavin'" always blows me away, this slice of folkish rock is mesmorising both live and the studio cut that must be heard. Why was this never a huge million seller. "How Great Thou Art" must be heard; this is huge, whilst "America The Beautiful" is amazing, no one has ever sung this patriotic American anthem as powerfully, soulfully and convincing as Elvis.
This is a great set, I can't recommend it enough and look forward to the 2002 set "Today, Tomorrow and Forever."
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on 22 March 2002
Once again BMG/RCA deliver the goods, with yet another first class box set dedicated to the King.
I can't recommend this set enough. This is the only release that really highlights how good Elvis was live.
Here we are treated to not only some exceptional music, but the King as he really was, giving 100% to the audience whilst joking, laughing and interacting with those lucky fans.
The highlights; disc 1 is a cracker, raw and gutsy as he returned to the live stage, delivering breathtaking performances of classic songs both his and others (Beatles, Del Shannon).
Disc 4 is my favourite, and as it says in the liner notes; Elvis 1974 Vegas engagements were considered among the very best concerts he ever gave. Just listen to the amazing delivery of "How Great Thou Art" or "America the Beutiful" or the rocking "Burning Love" and "Promised Land.".
Also on disc 4 check out JD Sumner and the Stamps perfromance of the gospel classic "Why Me Lord.". Elvis does something to make JD laugh, ruining the song and causing a comotion as the whole place bursts into fits of laughter......fab, just fab.
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on 14 August 2001
This is a superb compilation of tracks spanning nearly 20 years of Vegas appearances from the 50s to 70s. Understandably, RCA have picked the cream of the crop (there must be hours and hours of horrendously bad and flawed performances somewhere in the RCA vaults) for this 4cd set, and as such, it's all of a very high musical standard, although it should be noted that a few of the recordings are far from perfect quality. However, this is irrelevant - Elvis' voice is near flawless, and he is in fine spirits throughout - chatting and joking with band and audience and taking time out to introduce songs (the start to Polk Salad Annie is superb). For virtually all of the songs you can hear he is totally into the performance - unlike "Aloha From Hawaii" for instance. With over 50 unreleased tracks, this is an essential purchase for any Elvis fan, although at 90+ tracks in total, it could be overlong as an introduction (albeit the best one available) to Elvis' live work for new fans.
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on 7 December 2005
Forget the mythe of the tacky,bloated las vegas elvis, the bloated was only the last four years anyway, listen to a singer at the top of his game. He had the audience in the palm of his hand from start to finish. The only downside is he did not vary his sets nearly enough.
How many acts today could perform without dance sets, laser light shows and backing tracks?
Forget the tabloid headlines of overweight and over the hill and listen to that voice.
live in Las Vegas indeed. Awesome.
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on 10 October 2001
Iv just purchased this box set and all i can say is if you like listening to Elvis (live) then this is the cd set you need. Its got different versions of his best material, you can hear how he changes his performance over the years.Theres tracks on here that you thought you would never here LIVE, for instance MY BOY, DONT CRY DADDY AND KENTUCKY RAIN. All i can say is go get it if your a live listening fan. It comes in a nice booklet packaging with info on all the recordings i.e (Date and year of show)and nice colourful CDs. Well thats about all i can say just GO BUY IT.
from Mark
Poole , Dorset ,England UK
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on 5 June 2013
This is an Elvis box set ESSENTIAL to your collection. I have a lot of Elvis music, Vinyl and CD's, but this collection is mind blowing. Very funky and sounds great. The first CD has Elvis performing with a different conductor other than Joe Guerco, so it sound different to what you are used to as an Elvis fan. I think he should of stuck with that guy!
Also CD 2 has similar cuts from Elvis on stage, but the mix is so different, and better, that they are almost different performances. The talking and speech is not cut, and lets you hear it how it really was.

This set also has Elvis live in 74/75 which a lot of other collections do not have! They usually only focus on 68/69/70/71/73
so it is great to hear in good sound quality what Elvis sounded like then..He sounded GREAT!

IF you like Elvis, you NEED this.
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on 28 September 2015
This 4 CD set was originaly released way back in 2001 as a long box set like the Elvis Aaron Presley long box set,i remember paying over £40 for it when it was released in 2001...14 years later its re-issued cheaper and better in my opinion!!-I prefer this new RE-ISSUE as I like the size better of the box set.(I wasn't very impressed with the 2001 long box set version)This new re-issue has all the sme tracks as the 2001 version and the same photos inside the booklet..Even tho I own the original 2001 box set I just had to order this new re-issue as I think it is worth buying for only £12.99,its a real must have and a good bargain for us Elvis fans.
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on 28 September 2015
Elvis is live in Las Vegas,Fantastic sound as if it was recorded yesterday,You also get the MP3 free while it is available ,For your I-Pad and any other compatible device,Price is very good especially a box set,4 discs,The booklet which is in the middle which cannot be removed has nice pictures of Elvis in concert,If u need more info listen to the sample's,Thank you again Amazon for the excellent price
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on 14 August 2001
After waiting for what seemed an eternity for the new Elvis Live In Las Vegas boxset to arrive, I feverishly placed the first disc on my cd player today. It's from 1969 - Elvis' first live performance in nine years - a historic moment in his career. The concert opens with some of Elvis' early hits, and he attacks the songs - particularly Hound Dog - with tremendous energy and power. It's exciting, raw, not yet the highly polished sound of 1970. The second half of the show features a beautiful rendition of Yesterday, and In the Ghetto, a current hit at the time. Elvis also introduces Suspicious Minds in this concert.
Disc two has some superb previously unreleased performances from 1970. That's All Right rocks - there's no other word for it! There Goes My Everything, Just Pretend, and Walk A Mile In My Shoes are the versions featured on Elvis: The Lost Performances. Elvis' vocals really are brilliant on these tracks. He never sang better. Something and Bridge Over Troubled Water are also good, although spoiled slightly by Elvis' quips. All in all, a great disc.
The third disc is a bit of a disappointment for those who have the cd On Stage - the songs from 1970 are the same. For those who haven't, there's some top notch performances here - you'll love it! Polk Salad Annie and Suspicious Minds are both excellent versions, crackling with energy and excitement. Kentucky Rain and Let It Be Me also stand out in this lineup. Of the songs from 1972, Elvis delivers a particularly juicy rendition of Never Been to Spain.
Disc four is the weakest cd of the set, in my view. It begins with Elvis' first engagement in Las Vegas back in 1956. Vegas wasn't ready for rock 'n' roll back then, and you can hear the discomfort in Elvis' voice as he vainly tries to entertain the audience. It's a fascinating window onto a not-so-good moment in his early career. (The performances themselves are great). The remaining tracks are from Elvis' latter years and are of a lesser quality, to be honest. The vocals are noticeably looser and the sound is not as good. Only the die-hard Elvis fans will really appreciate these.
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on 12 February 2016

This 4-CD box set, “Live in Las Vegas”, originally released in 2001 and now re-released in September 2015 by RCA, contain exactly the same song listing, but the discs are housed in a smaller long box. I have compiled a detailed song listing (containing original dates of the performance):

Program One:
01 Blue Suede Shoes
02 I Got A Woman
03 All Shook Up
04 Elvis Welcomes The Audience
05 Love Me Tender
06 Jailhouse Rock/Don’t Be Cruel
07 Heartbreak Hotel
08 Hound Dog
09 I Can’t Stop Loving You
10 Johnny B. Goode
11 Baby What You Want Me To Do
12 Runaway
Program Two:
13 Are You Lonesome Tonight
14 Yesterday/Hey Jude
15 Introductions
16 In The Ghetto
17 Suspicious Minds
18 What’d I Say
19 Can’t Help Falling In Love
20 Elvis Talks About His Career
Positive Points:
1 This is the complete concert from August 24, 1969. The rare gems in this concert are “Baby What You Want Me To Do”, “Runaway”, “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and “Johnny B. Goode”. If you want his August 21 concert, you can find it in CD “Viva Las Vegas” (make sure get the 2 CD set). If you want the August 26 concert, you can find it in single CD “Live in Vegas”. Songs from those few dates are also found in disc 3 “Collectors Gold” (1991).
2 The sound is perfect and excellently remastered. Ricky Nelson’s guitarist, James Burton, is outstanding. The backing group, the Sweet Inspirations, gives a good support.
Negative Points:
1 For some unknown reasons, producers Ernst Michael Jorgensen and Dennis Ferrante decided to edit the piano tracks by Larry Muhoberac out. In some tracks, you can barely hear the piano, leaked from other microphones. This is totally bizarre, and the 2015 edition has not corrected this injustice.
2 Another bizarre fact is that Jorgensen decided to move Elvis’s monologue about his career from after track 10 to the end. His explanation was “playing convenience”. This unilateral unnecessary edit really undermines the historic value of this box.

Program One:
01 That’s All Right
02 I Got A Woman
03 Hound Dog
04 Love Me Tender
05 There Goes My Everything
06 Just Pretend
07 I Just Can’t Help Believin’
08 Something
09 Men with Broken Hearts
10 Walk A Mile In My Shoes
11 You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
Program Two:
12 Polk Salad Annie
13 One Night
14 Don’t be Cruel
15 Love Me
16 Instrumental Vamp
17 Heartbreak Hotel
18 Introductions
19 Bridge Over Troubled Water
20 Suspicious Minds
21 Can’t Help Falling In Love
22 When The Snow Is On the Roses
Positive Points:
1 The sound is again excellent, perfectly remastered. In this concert, all the different instruments are clearly defined, especially the piano of Glen D. Hardin. Of course, James Burton was outstanding as usual. Simply a fabulous great sounding concert.
2 The rare gems include recitation of Hank Williams’ “Men With Broken Hearts”, “Something” and “When the Snow Is On The Roses.”
1 This concert was previously found in “That’s The Way It Is” Special Edition, disc 2, and also “Essential 70’s Masters” disc 5.

Program One:
01 See See Rider*from February 18, 1970
02 Release Me*from February 18, 1970
03 Sweet Caroline*from February 16, 1970
04 The Wonder of You*from February 18, 1970
05 Polk Salad Annie*from February 18, 1970
06 Proud Mary*from February 16, 1970
07 Walk A Mile In My Shoes*from February 19, 1970
08 In The Ghetto*from February 19, 1970
09 Let It Be Me*from February 17, 1970
10 Don’t Cry Daddy*from February 17, 1970
11 Kentucky Rain*from February 17, 1970
Program Two:
12 Long Tall Sally*from February 18, 1970
13 I Can’t Stop Loving You*from February 19, 1970
14 Suspicious Minds*from February 19, 1970
15 Never Been To Spain*from February 16, 1972
16 You Gave Me A Mountain*from February 16, 1972
17 It’s Impossible*from February 16, 1972
18 It’s Over*from February 17, 1972
19 Hound Dog*from February 14, 1972
20 Little Sister/Get Back*from February 14, 1972
21 A Big Hunk of Love*from February 16, 1972
22 The Impossible Dream*from February 16, 1972
23 An American Triology*from February 16, 1972
Positive Points:
1 The sound is again excellently remastered. Elvis’s voice was centralized in full display, with the backing instruments, like James Burton’s guitar and backing vocals by the Sweet Inspirations clearly defined. It should be noted that J.D. Sumner appeared on tracks 15-23.
2 There are just too many great live rare gems.
Negative Point:
1 The above songs are previously released on “Elvis On Stage” (1999) and “Burning Love” (1999).

Program One:
01 Heartbreak Hotel*from May 6, 1956
02 Long Tall Sally*from May 6, 1956
03 Blue Suede Shoes*from May 6, 1956
04 Money Honey*from May 6, 1956
05 Promised Land*from May 6, 1956
06 It’s Midnight*from August 21, 1975
07 If You Talk In Your Sleep*from August 21, 1975
08 I’m Leavin’*from August 21, 1975
09 Why Me Lord*from August 21, 1975
10 Help Me*from August 22, 1975
11 Softly As I Leave You*from August 21, 1975
12 My Baby Left Me*from August 19, 1975
Program Two:
13 It’s Now or Never*from August 27, 1975
14 Hawaiian Wedding Song*from August 21, 1975
15 Trying to Get to You*from August 20, 1975
16 Green, Green Grass of Home*from March 1975
17 You’re The Reason I’m Living*from March 1975
18 Big Boss Man*from March 30, 1975
19 Burning Love*from March 30, 1975
20 My Boy*from March 30, 1975
21 And I Love You So*from December 6, 1975
22 Just Pretend*from December 6, 1975
23 How Great Thou Art*from December 6, 1975
24 America The Beautiful*from December 6, 1975
Positive Points:
1 The sound is good for the 50s material, but excellent for the 70s materials.
2 There are many live rare gems.
Negative Point:
1 All the above songs were previously released on “The Essential 50’s Masters” and “Elvis Aron Presley” silver box set.


This box set comes with a smaller vertical box. There is a 32-page booklet, with many rare pictures and informative essay. The unusual design of the CD holder makes one difficult to take out and put back without putting finger prints on the CDs. Poor design.


This is a re-release of the original “Live in Las Vegas” except in smaller size vertical box, at a lower price too. I would have preferred the bigger size box hopefully with bigger size letters, making it easier for older folks like myself to read, but the price is much more expensive. After listening to the whole set, one will appreciate why Elvis is still our KING. This set is highly recommended
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