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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars79
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2008
I'm pretty new to sprouting and recently bought two of these plus two hemp sprouting bags. I'm writing this review after just placing an order for my third Biosnacky so obviously I'm happy with it! The sprouter is easy to use and keep clean - most types of seeds need to be soaked overnight first and then need "watered" twice a day. Just watch if you're in a rush in the morning as it takes about 4/5 minutes for the water to filter down from the top level to the collection tray at the bottom - this water can then be used to feed plants/wheatgrass. Doesn't take up too much space - roughly 20-22cm diameter. It's usually ok to stack more than three trays as well. Haven't had many problems with mould - it's easy to spot when it does come, and not to be confused with the white "furry" legs that many sprouts develop - best to sterilise the trays after every few crops. The only reason I haven't given the sprouter a full five stars is that, well I've had to buy three to be able to grow a reaonable amount of sprouts, as most seeds take 4/5 days to sprout. So if you eat a lot of sprouts you'll probably need a few of these! Sprouting bags are also a great job by the way. Not sure if they sell them here - if not try energiseforlife.
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on 15 August 2010
I have found this sprouter ok for larger types of seed or bean like lentils or chick peas but smaller things like alfalfa get caught around the drainer so it doesn't drain properly and the seeds go mouldy.
Also there are special little drainer covers which are crucial to the working of the whole thing which are really easy to lose which once they are gone then renders the whole thing useless.
Apparently, from reading other reviews I see that the manufacturers are really good at replacing these but it would be a good idea if they came with spares in the first place as I haven't got around to finding out where to get spares from yet so am just using one tray as I only have one drainer left!
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on 11 February 2013
Am just about to order my second one of these, having had the first one for a couple of weeks now. I sprout a large variety of different seeds, eating one tray-full per day, and find this stacking system to be ideal. It's smallish (about 22cm?) attractive, and looks like a mini-garden on your worktop. The lid keeps the seeds moist - no need for any sprouting fabric or paper in the bottom of each tray - and also serves the useful purpose of keeping your cats from "investigating".

I like my sprouts to start to photosynthesize / get little green leaves - some people say this makes them taste a little bitter, but I actually prefer it, and the chlorophyll in the leaves (which is what makes leaves green) is very good for you.

I've read a number of complaints here about small seeds jamming up the little red drainage caps. I haven't had this problem, perhaps because once a day if I've sowed a small seed like alfalfa or broccoli, I take that tray out and water it on its own, and use that opportunity to swirl the seeds around. Perhaps also for this reason I haven't experienced any of my small seeds going mouldy - but some seeds really are tiny and obviously you need to make sure they're moving about to prevent them from growing into the red cap and to give them all the same access to light if you're greening their baby leaves.

The first time I filled my sprouter I was disappointed to note that it didn't drain properly. I thought I must have got a dud. The first tier drained ok... but the second just sat there. The problem, I quickly discovered, was simply that I had not added enough water. The drainage system works on the basis of the weight of the water pushing it down through the little tube - add too little and it will just sit there. So I almost fill the top tray, and it drains fine through all the layers after that.
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on 23 October 2009
As a long time sprouter myself, this is an okay sprouter - but not the best i've had. Beautifully high-tech and stylish, it is certainly a conversation starter. And the company were happy and prompt to replace the drain plugs which can come off and get lost - for free - which was great. But for smaller seeds (radish, alfalfa) i've had the best results with a simpler cheaper square stacking tray system where drainage is better and mould less likely.
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on 7 September 2009
Simple to use and clean and I'm feeling so smug at all this healthy snack material. Drain plugs sometimes get a little blocked if sprouts grow into the holes!
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on 29 January 2010
This looked the part and I purchased it with some seeds. The problem is that it is a little cumbersome and a jamjar works as well. If you are really into sprouts and needs some fresh every day then maybe this is OK, but it is quite a fiddle to rinse and drain the three tiers to the point that I have gone back to jamjars with muslin and elastic bands. Too often the drain holes get blocked or the caps on them fall off. It is just an inconvenient way to do a simple job. Go to your cook shop and buy the jar, muslin and bands. Much easier to use, much cheaper. Please note, it is not a bad item, just inconvenient.
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on 9 July 2014
same problem same review : "After losing the past few days trying to this work properly it definitely seems that there's a design issue with this thing, the drainage valves are a totally mess, the water doesn't pass properly, you must keep adjusting them in all sort of positions so the water can pass, putting more water (as someone else here suggested) doesn't work. And even when it eventually drains the water, there is always water left on the tray, which i must manually remove, tilt, etc. The people that make wonderful reviews here must be using some different model than the one i got, it's not possible this work in such a perfect way as they describe!
You lose time in a thing that should be straightforward to do. I'll try to return it and buy other brand. Not recommended !"
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on 23 April 2013
After living with it a few weeks i decided i liked.

Just like any sprouting it takes a bit of thought and a bit of care to use but once you get yourself a methodical method this turns out to be an elegant design.

If you are totally hardcore and need to stuff pounds of mung beans in your face every day then yes jars(lots of them) and a hand held metal sieve is probably better for you .

If you want to eat several times a week then this is really good.

I am not new to sprouting by any means but i am re starting and re learning.

I have started with mung beans as they are by far the easiest but because of the way this product works i will be slowly introducing other types of seeds too. The idea to get a nice two or 3 batches of sprouts a week.

Yes i will still use jars and sieve for when i want to really boost my production but this is a fine product and i am finding it is working really well.

I am finding that production is still going well and i am actually considering buying a second one (though have to admit the cost puts me off a bit).
And not buying a second one because of the capacity more for the reason that ,for me, it would just be easier to have a second for other types of seeds.

I am also finding no problem with spoilt crop the moisture the device keeps seems to work really well with the mungs.
Though i have to admit at least once with each crop i tip the batch into a metal colander (once they are well on their way with sprouting they do not fall through the holes) and give them a power rinse before returning them to the tray were the amazing thing lets the access water drain away nicely.
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on 3 July 2011
I have found the same problem as others where the seeds block the outlet and also the trays do not drain well, so the seeds are sitting in stale water.

I wouldn't purchase this again.
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on 2 October 2010
The benefit of the stack is that you can have a constant supply of sprouts, but I would recommend laying a few sheets of kitchen roll under the beans/seeds so they don't dry out. Also, the sprouts taste less bitter if grown in the dark - and perhaps grow faster, or it that my imagination? Anyway, cover the stack with a kitchen towel.
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