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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2011
This probably should be a 5 star ukulele for the money, you won't find anything better.

Looks; This ukulele is stunning. The F holes are great and so is the "mandolin" shape It is slightly bigger than a standard tenor scale (I have seen top Hawiian Ukulele manufacturers refer to this as a "Jumbo Tenor" scale and this fits into that). It fits quite happily into a baritone gigbag, (though not a Tenor one), should you need to transport it.

Build; this is what lets it down a bit and why I only give it 4 stars. The machine heads are ok and it holds tune well. the overall build is solid and its not going to badly fall apart on you. The laminate and plastic work is excelent I can't fault that. On mine the fretboard cracked at the end and a little, (unimportant for playing purposes) bit fell off. Also the bridge nut has a funny sharp corner that digs into your hand if you are not careful when playing, and the string guides on it are poorly lined up. This part could definitaly have been better produced. Finally the strings that came on it are pretty poor.

Sound; this also adds to knocking off a star, with the strings that came with it this was a very quiet ukulele and replacing them with good aquilla strings has made it better but it is still quiet. This may be due to that fact that the body is quite thin? Apart from volume the sound is a bit weedy anyway, its ok, better that a really cheap ukulele, but not as nice as some of the other, (but then it is a lot cheaper than them)ukuleles I have. I guess what I am saying here is the tone is not going to set you soul on fire.

On the other hand, playability wise this is excelent. The large scale neck makes it easy, even for a fat fingured person like me, to get all of the chords in, it might even be too big for a child. The thin body might not add to the tone but it does make it easy to hold whilst playing adding to its overall playability.

It has been mentioned in other reviews that you can tune this to a baritone (guitar) DGBA rather than the standard Ukulele gCEA. I have not tried this yet so I don't know if this will improve the tone (if it does I will come back and add to the review so look out for an extra comment from me). What is the case though is if you want to do this you should replace the strings it comes with, (and you should replace them anyway), with Baritone strings not Tenor ones.

To sum up; great ukulele for the money and an ideal first uke for a big person who feels thier hands are to much for a beginner soprano. When you have had it for a while you will want to get a better one but you will still want this for its unique looks and to experiment with things like alternative tunings so it will always be a good investment.

Well I said I would add to this when I tried it with Baritone Strings and a Baritone DGBE Tuning. I have now and I think it work better than the Tenor Tuning. It certainly helps with the Volume and it helps too with the weediiness giving a louder, fuller sound
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on 22 February 2013
The important bit's in the title, this isn't an expensive instrument by any standards and it has to be judged on that.
Astonishingly quick service from Hobgoblin, ukulele arrived adequately packaged and in good condition. The finish is a bit 'polyester varnish' but it's not unattractive and all the bits were where they should be.

As other reviewers have pointed out, the fitted strings are truly rubbish, so they were off straight away, the nut slots were deepened slightly and a set of D'Addarios fitted. Tah Dah! That's better. Despite a fairly thin body, the Blue Moon projects remarkably well and the fretting was true up the neck. I've stuck with a re-entrant C tuning for now although I may try a low C when I next change strings.

I would like to have seen strap buttons on this, but again it's not a deal breaker as they are easy enough to source and fit. Tonally it's very clear with no fret buzz that I can find. Chording right up the neck is easy and rings clear.

The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the fact that it's a basic, cheap, Far Eastern Uke. The F-holes could be better cut, the finish could be better, the wood more expensive, but then it wouldn't cost £55! If you're looking to try out a tenor (as I was) or just for something a little different, this is highly recommended.

Update: It's always worth revisiting things after a decent interval. Since writing the above I have lowered the action by filing the bridge. This made a very noticeable difference to the action and playability without compromising the tone in any way. The other major change was to swap strings again, from D'Addario to Aquila. Worth every penny as they improve the depth of tone no end. A set of these should be in your shopping cart along with the uke itself. I've found tuning stability to be nearly spot on once the strings have settled and stretched, so while new machine heads might look nicer, they're not necessary. In fact the only problem with this Uke is finding a case for it! If you're struggling,look at baritone ukulele bags as they tend to be of a suitable size. If I could raise my rating to 4 1/2 stars I would. My comments about the workmanship stand, but this is much better than it's price requires. Still highly recommended.
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on 27 November 2013
Lets face a few facts. We 've just bought one of the cheapest tenor/ baritone ukeleles on the market. We all know that this level of purchase will have awful strings. So why buy it? Well, simply, it looks very different, and seems reasonably well constructed and most importantly, makes me smile when I pick it up. I enjoy it! Yes, the f holes are... Ermmm I'm trying to be generous.... amateurish.... Why the chinese don't give the poor little person responsible for cutting them out a template is beyond me, but look at it this way... no two ukeleles will be the same. You've got a unique product! Playing.... I started with a suprano uke and couldn't play properly with my big fingers, so bought this, and it's great! The fingerboard seems well constructed, frets are fine and when my new strings arrive, (just order them when you order the uke, don't try the originals, you will just waste time), I think I'll have a nice uke. If, like me, you are a guitar player, the 'low G,' option is interesting as it is the top four guitar string configuration and so, of course, gives you an extended bottom range. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the quality of the fittings, the wood etc. could be better.... but I defy anyone to suggest a better and more interesting alternative at this price! Go on! Buy it! :-)
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on 5 November 2009
Though a Tenor this beauty can be tuned DGBE as per Baritone Ukes which is what I have done being more familiar with that type,Basically the attraction was the look of it more than anything else that and the fact I wanted a 2nd Uke.
It kind of reminds me of the old Beatles guitars(was it Hofner?) in look or maybe something such as a Mandola,Size wise it iss comparable with my Baritone Uke but to be honest eclipses that for sound and stylisticaly I think it supercedes my other too.
I'm no muso just bash along on the Uke for fun so I can't really dazzle you with it's playability but personally I'm happy and it's also a price that is more than fair...
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on 21 August 2012
Arrived today, 2 days ahead of estimated delivery date, easily tracked via Amazon/Yodel websites. Received in good cond., nice looking instrument. Only played full size guitar until now, wanted something a bit smaller / easier to play due mild athritis in both hands. Wanted to make sure I could manage to reach everything comfortably which I can do easily, so just ordered Aquila Nylgut strings based on good reviews on this site and Cherub tuner due to ditto reviews.
I love the fact that this is not a tiny uke, described as a "superuke" it is more like a 3/4 size guitar. Very slim which does reduce sound output somewhat however sure that Aquila strings will improve this hopefully. Finish is very good indeed, overall look is it's best impact selling point, delightful mandolin appearance. Sound can be a bit thin but supplied strings look cheap and definately need replacing. "Wound" strings seem to have a bad press so opted for nylgut C key instead. I could tune a guitar blindfold but have no idea how to tune this uke so tuned it like a 4 string guitar for now but need the tuner to do this properly. I'll update this review when I get organised with additional accessories but for now very good first impressions.
Cancelled order for nylgut strings and ordered wound instead, glad I ignored some reviews as the sound is much much better with the D&G wound steel strings and Aquila nylon top 2 strings.
Cherub tuner useless see separate review. Got another tuner which works! Am now able to practise properly with decent strings producing a better sound and now in tune as well!
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on 31 January 2013
Recieved the ukulele in 36 hours after ordering which was brilliant, it was well packed and protected, and when I first looked at it was very happy. Then comes the problem the strings it comes with are very poor quality and when I started to tune them they seemed very brittle and two of them broke and the other two feel not that good. This would have been a 5 star if not for the strings. So if i was the seller I would supply Aquilla strings which would turn this into a great ukulele and brilliant value for money. Shame about the strings
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on 26 August 2013
I've been playing the uke for about 2 years on a festival bought soprano, which until recently was everything I wanted. This tenor ukulele is certainly a lot larger at about 4 times the size (about the size of a child's acoustic guitar), so if you're looking for a bigger uke this will fit your needs.
Sound-wise it's excellent, I've restringed it with Aquila strings bought from amazon, it has a beautiful tone and is considerably louder than what I'm used to with the soprano. Yes, it ships with good strings in GCEA tuning but they weren't for me as they're quite 'plasticky'.
The uke's finish is shiny, veneered wood which looks great, although to some extent fairly cheap (which is still brilliant bearing in mind the price).

The only things that aren't superb about this product are the tuning pegs which seem quite loose even when tightened, but after a couple weeks of use they seem to be a bit better.
And the nut (top bridge) grooves didn't house the strings very well, so I had to deepen them slightly with a knife. Everything is in order now though!

9.5/10 for the price. Doesn't include replacement strings or a carrying case.
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on 18 October 2014
Bearing in mind this is a very cheap ukulele, I think the finish is good. It would not be mistaken for a expensive instrument, but I would say it looks like it cost more than I spent. The strings are terrible, so budget for a new set. As this is a longer scale length than a standard tenor ukulele, get strings for a baritone. I found tenor strings had too much tension. Aquila make suitable baritone strings in both GCEA (high G) and DGBE (low D)
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on 27 December 2011
I had a budget of around 50/60 pounds to buy a ukulele. So after going through the options here on Amazon, I arrived at the Blue Moon F tenor. Being a different shape was a plus for me, and the "F" hole,s only added to it,s appeal. The previous reviews highlighted the space on the fretboard for the larger fingered player, And I firmly fall into the category.
Being a guitar player of over 25 yrs, the ukulele was going to be my new challenge, So It was important to me that the instrument was a good all-rounder. The Blue Moon is that. Being a tenor, you have the option of various tuning configurations, and the slightly larger scale make,s comfortable to play.
The product arrived very quickly,and was very well packaged. The finish of this instrument is beautiful. The picture,s don,t do it justice. It is extremely light and make,s playing it a joy.
If I have one criticism, the stock strings that are on when it,s delivered are poor. But for 6 quid that is soon sorted, and I suppose, quality strings would push the RRP up, and no-one wants that. The string,s are playable, but have a lot of stretch in them at first, so patients is the key!
Over all, I would highly recommend this ukulele, Rest assured your money will be well invested in something, I feel will give you years of pleasure...even my son at 9 yrs old has learned a few tune,s and he has never played before! Money very well spent.
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on 21 February 2013
I was absolutely stunned with this uke from first opening of the packaging; it is beautiful to look at and beautiful to play. A musician-colleague of mine was very impressed by the quality when I opened the packaging in the office! I have played a £400 tenor, but the experience was not better than playing this one, which I got from Amazon as "Used" for £45. The strings need continual tuning, but are bedding in well, so I probably won't fit the Aquila strings I bought at the same time just yet. Complaints of poor volume from the supplied strings are not supported by those that are on mine. The volume is fine. What a bargain! Thank you Amazon!!
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