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on 27 October 2008
After over 20 years of PC use at home and at work this is my first Mac and I'm bowled over by the ease of use, performance and design. We have a wireless network at home, my wife and daughter both have laptops but I was left with the desktop and thought it was time to update as the machine took several minutes to load Windows XP, connect to the network etc.

I thought about getting a mid-range laptop PC, but then saw these new Macs, tried one in an Apple Store and was sold, only having to decide whether to get an aluminium or white plastic one.

There is no doubt that these MacBooks are not the cheapest solution for simply surfing the web, e-mailing and doing relatively simple letter and report writing. But then a Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes is not the cheapest means of driving from place to place, but, if you can afford it, it is a much more pleasant means of travel. It is the same with a MacBook.

The white ones look fine when they are new, but if the material is anything like that used in my daughter's iPod, it will get quite grubby fairly fast. Also I was put off by reports of stress cracks in the case; So I went for the aluminium one.

The keyboard is very pleasant to use- although I miss the 'Delete' key and the white letters on black background can be a little more difficult to see in low light. The touchpad took a little getting used to, but once mastered is far better than the standard pads I've used before on PC's, providing lots of additional functionality. The case itself feels very solid and the unit runs very cool- I've yet to hear the fan start (if it has one).

But the glory of this hardware is the screen, it is so bright, sharp and clear. I've not found the gloss finish to be a problem, but I know that some people prefer a matt finish, so it would be worth checking in a store if you think that this might be an issue.

The software is excellent. The key for me is that it is easy to use and that the machine is quick to load. It now takes less than a minute from switching on to surfing the web- so, whereas in the past I would put off using my PC until I had several tasks that made it worth waiting for my PC to load up, now I don't hesitate.

Finally, I was worried that my PC-created documents might not be compatible with a Mac. I bought a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac, and have experienced no compatibility problems whatsoever. I simply plugged my USB memory stick in to my Mac, which read the files and converted them with no problems whatsoever, including pictures, tables, contents lists etc.

Overall then I'd say that this is a great machine. PC's often give the impression that they are simply a collection of bits screwed together with the software thrown in on top, whereas a Mac is designed as a whole. There are cheaper ways of computing, but, if you can afford it, then you'll have a much more pleasant computing experience by using this MacBook.
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on 5 April 2009
This is the first Mac I've had and I was worried about transferring from many years of using Windows. There's still a few things I need to work out but otherwise I absolutely love it. Why? The bright backlit screen means I can work with it outside; the feel of it - from the aluminium body to the touch of the keys, the magnetic power cable so you can't trip over it and smash the machine, iPhoto which enables you to do clever things with your pictures, and many more.
I hadn't been sure about paying the extra to get a Macbook - I'm glad I did.
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on 18 May 2009
When I try and fight the mac corner against my PC friends, there is so much that places the mac software, hardware and quality so far above the PC, that I am usually lost as to where to start
The main things (ps. I'm keeping this short and sweet):
- Software runs seamlessly, all applications are fun and above all intuitive to use.
- It never crashes or gets virus's
- Even this macbook (2.0Ghz, 2gb RAM) can run my heavy apps like Logic and illustrator at very fast pace. iTunes, Spotify, iPlayer, iPhoto, iChat are all accessible and easy to use.

Basically, if you buy this macbook, it will last you a long time, it will be reliable, you will have fun while using it, and it probably won't drive you mad. It is expensive compared to PC's - granted - but in the long run it is probably worth it. To provide context, we have a 2001 iMac, which still runs as good as new, and looks cutting edge (if a bit slow, but what do you expect)

I love my macbook, it does everything I want at amazing speeds, looks incredible, emits quality and will probably stay with me for many many years. Unlike my mates PC laptop which he got for christmas last year and has already had to get a replacement.
Thanks for reading!
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on 13 October 2009
apple have set about to create the most wonderful machines on the market, though macbooks may be pricey they are worth it. iv owned one now for 6 hours and it is clear these things are head an shoulders above anything else. dispite the one i own being the standard 2ghz version there is nothing standard about it. the aluminum case is very strong and looks gorgeous. the glossy screen is not much of a problem unless its got a direct light source behind it and the only real downside to the older base model is the lack of a back lit keyboard. but seriously if you intend to get a laptop just for emailing and the internet, these things are more than capable of doing that. they come with a very handy selection of applications and nothing else you dont need. it has almost certainly the smoothest operating system(and in my opinion,not that it really matters, the best). people have stated before you should buy one without hesitation, i can only echo this. for possibly the nearest in technological perfection man has come to, look no further. (or get a higher model)
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on 11 July 2009
I have never used a Mac before. This is so easy to use. The programs work and purchased items load and work with ease no silly questions just get on with it.
Light, easy to carry, battery lasts for ages. Connects to network every time. Keyboard superb
Would I make my next desktop a Mac? Very likely.
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on 21 July 2009
If you are thinking of buying a laptop buy a mac i have a 2g macbook never had any bother with it and we have two more macs in the house and they are brill. They llok cool everyone always says how they look so good and they are so quick . Its obvious why the price is a little higher that pc's coz the materials are better quality and while a pc may last 5 years a mac will last 8-10 at least. I dont think i could ever go back to pcs anytime i go on one of them i just think how neat and compact the mac is to the pc!!
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on 10 February 2009
Can't believe people are giving this a bad review just because its an 'Apple' product.
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on 10 December 2009
Although I have never owned a laptop before I've used a friends Sony laptop of around the price and I must say it's trumps that one!.
It might not be as powerful but it does feel faster. It takes about 30 seconds to load up and does everything easier and simpler than Windows. I also love the trackpad. It's fantastic because it's so easy to use and feels lovely to touch. Although it is pretty slow at first you can change the speed by going to settings to speed it up to a good enough speed.
The case and screen are lovely too. The case looks and feels great to touch and the screen looks good to look at.

Really the only downside is the lack of compatible programs - which is a pain because everything I send my teacher doesn't work for her so I need to print it off - and then there's the lack of games but this can be solved by using parallels but having to fork out £30 to use games is a bit of a pain.

Overall I'd recommend it to everyone except the hardcore gamers but surely they'd use a Desktop PC for that anyway!.
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on 21 March 2009
Excellent,can play most recent games.installed XP w/o any integrity problem.All drivers were supplied by Manufacturer
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on 25 February 2010
After 15 years of PC use this has been a true delight to use over the past 18 months. It's intuitive, simple and much more hard wearing than the equivalent PC. Yes it's expensive, but it's worth the cost many times over.

Highly recommended (or the latest version is at least!)

Plus you can get a student discount on Apple's website - so it then becomes reasonably affordable.
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