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4.7 out of 5 stars100
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2001
When I first heard Lene Marlins "Sitting Down Here" I thought - not bad - upbeat lively Britney Spears type singer. When I saw the reviews on Amazon, I thought, Hmmm, maybe there's more to this singer than I first thought. So I bought the album and I was gobsmacked. She has got a incredible voice - amazing range and emotion. This is not a Britney Spears type pop album at all. My favourite track is "Maybe I'll Go" which shows the range in Lene's voice. I just love that song. The other true masterpiece is "A place nearby" which is the most touching song I have heard for a very very long time. It just brought me to tears and I say this having also bought Eminem's new album! "A place nearby" is about death and dying but it also inspire incredible hope and it is not a depressing song. Lene's lyrics show a incredible insight into life, love and everything else that makes us human. The lyrics are truly surprisingly for someone so young - she writes about subjects which other singers her age could only dream about. I can't wait for her next album because I've been truly converted. Amazing.
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on 29 August 2001
I brought this album from France while I was over there, just because i wanted the different covers, but after listening to it at home a few times, I've realized that there is a difference between the endings of Way we are. The European version finsishes the way the song starts, with the electric guitar playing the tune, whereas on the english verion, it goes to fade with Lene singing. I think if you're a Lene Marlin fan and you have money to waste, you should get it. It looks good with your other Lene Marlin cd's and puts the enthusiasm back into Playing my Game, while we wait for the next album...
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on 10 April 2000
When I first heard "Unforgivable sinner" in january 99, I fell completely in love with it right away, and I waited eagerly for two long months before it started really getting airplay. Then, a few days before the release of her album in april I heard "Sitting Down Here" on the radio and I just knew right away that I HAD to have the album. Those three days felt like an eternity.... and I bought it the minute the record store opened that day. And when I came home to listen to it I was just stunned! I was very impressed with the ballads, since I had only heard two pop-songs of hers. My favourite part of the album is probably the end of "So I see", but the best song is "Playing my game" without a doubt, I hope it becomes a single. And when I heard the second verse of "A place nearby" I was absolutely breathless for the first time in my life I think. Add that to what a wonderful song "Maybe I'll Go" is to unwind to, there just no reason why you shouldn't buy this album. It's still the album I listen the most to, even if I've bought a lot more records since this past year. Can't wait for her next album!
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on 7 August 2000
What surprised me most when I first heard that this album was being released in the UK was that the accompaning single was "sitting down here". This is totally uncharacteristic of the rest of the album, not so much in lyrical content but in actual music style. It's the only song that doesnt have believeable drums.
But believeable drums arent really what this album is about for me. The absolutely impeccable production mixed with the warmth and body of lene's voice make this one of the stand out albums in my collection. I'm captivated by songs like "playing my game" and "so i see" every time I listen to them. This album is a must have, but dont buy it if you're expecting all the songs to sound like "sitting down here" - they most certainly dont.
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on 1 September 2002
Well this album is amazing, there's no other way to describe it. It's cleverly written lyrically, the harmonies send chills down my spine and Lene has this wonderful sweet voice that lends itself only too well to her music.
Another thing i like about Lene is that she doesn't explain who or what any of her tracks are about, she just lets the listener work it out for themselves. I am almost moved to tears when i listen to "A Place Nearby" which is something that rarely happens to me. and she uses pause in "Flown Away" which is a nice little element of suprise in a very melancholie song. The best track for me though is "Unforgivable Sinner" it has a dark quality without being too dark but also a very catchy chorus that buzzes round your head for weeks. This is an album that you can play right through, as there is not a bad song on there.
A lot of tracks have this lullabilical quality about them and it's nice to have Lene Marlin sing you to sleep as you're drifting off into the land of nod, mean that in a good way though, cos it's far from boring stuff
I hope Lene brings out a new album soon cos if it's anything like as good as her debut... it'll rocket her to superstardom!
Lots of love, hugs & kisses!
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on 4 June 2000
Lene Marlin seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment; you can't turn the radio on without hearing the catchy 'Sitting Down Here' being played (in between Macy Gray's 'I Try', naturally). She also keeps cropping up on TV as well, with presenters congratulating her on being so talented and so young too (and from Norway - do I hear the words 'nil pointe'?).
Her debut album Playing My Game, certainly no Euro flop, is a mixture of songs that fall into the category of either catchy pop ('Sitting Down Here') or fey ballad ('Playing My Game', 'Flown Away') or a combination of the two ('Unforgivable Sinner'). Reminiscent of Lisa Loeb and with wisdom beyond her eighteen years, her songs of love, loss and alienation hold a universal appeal - indeed she's already garnered several awards for this album, including one from MTV.
Whether Lene has staying power beyond the appeal of her youthfulness still remains to be seen, but on the strength of this album I would say that she's certainly one to watch.
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on 26 December 2002
Have to say i only bought this album because it was reduced, i wasn't really expecting much, after all she didn't do much advertising. the first time i played it through it was a little disapointing, but the more times i played it the better it became, and has now become my favourite album of all time.
There are NO bad songs on the album, the album begins with the amazing sitting down here, and if you like that song then you will love the rest of the album as it only gets better as you go along. My personel favourite song is Where I'm Headed - there are no words to describe this song, it is that good!!!!!!!!
Lene is a master lyracist, and her amazing lyrics combined with her stunning melodic tunes you can only be amazed by this album.
This is a must buy album, cant wait for her second album, she is going to be a really huge superstar!!!!!!!!!!!! (if the second is anything near as good as this album)
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on 17 September 2000
Sitting Down Here was the first song in a long time that had implanted itself in my head and refused to leave. So I bought the album on its first day of release, and when I listened to it I was gobsmacked. I couldn't believe just how amazingly brilliant the rest of the album was. I normally only like more up tempo songs, but the slow ballads were just so emotionally haunting that they gripped me as well. My personal favourite is "Maybe I'll Go", which always seems to bring a tear to my eye. I sent the album on a tape to a friend in America, and she was so impressed by it that she bought herself a copy on import. I don't think Lene will have any problem cracking America. I can't wait for the second album from the voice of an angel!
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on 17 July 2005
I have had this album for a good few years- Better than Dido and all the other rubbish that has come out since.
Lene Martin has a haunting voice that makes the most beautiful ballads but can also create good upbeat songs to cheer you up to.
I love this album and i defy anyone who doesn't.
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on 26 September 2000
If you've heard "Sitting Down Here" and "Unforgiveable Sinner" then don't be fooled into thinking the rest of the album is musically similar - it's not. This is a great "curl-up and listen to" album and it's refreshing to hear tuneful melodies and story-telling lyrics from someone so young. Lene is undoubtedly a very talented young musician and she has delivered a stunning debut album. Go on........ buy it!
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