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4.6 out of 5 stars23
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 1 April 2006
I adore spanish music and I've always thought Christina Aguilera is very talented in the vocal area so I thought I would give this a go. I wasn't disapointed.
In terms of Christina's other music, I think it differs greatly. It's not as poppy as her debut, it is mature but is not at all edging on hip-hop like 'Stripped'. I think what is most apparent is the growth in Christina's voice because she seems so much more in control of the different areas of her voice.
There are four songs which are just spanish translations of some of her english songs but most of the music of this album is full of latin instrumentation and rhythms so it has an authentic 'spanish pop' feel. 'Falsas Esperanzas' is a fun song yet really cool because of its musically latin style (love the trumpets). 'El Beso Del Final' also stuck out for me - it is one of the slower songs but has some wonderful touches of spanish guitar. There is also a duet with Luis Fonsi (Si No Te Hubiera Conocido) - not too familiar with him but he has a really nice tone and his voice blends really nicely with Christina's.
I prefer the spanish version of 'Genie in a Bottle' (Genio Atrapado) because lyrically the translation is a lot more mature. The other spanish versions of Christina's english songs are 'What A Girl Wants' (Una Mujer), 'Come On Over' (Ven Conmigo) and Reflection (Mi Reflejo). Una Mujer and Ven Conmigo still sound too bubblegum pop for my liking, it would have been nicer to have two original spanish songs instead; Mi Reflejo sounds amazing though - the growth in Christina's voice is really apparent.
I think this CD is for anyone that appreciates spanish pop music or talented vocalists.
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on 15 September 2002
At the young age of 21 the Latino Princess, Christina Aguilera has stormed her way through the European and American charts making her angelic yet powerful voice known to the world. After conquering the American and European charts she has now set all her energy and time on the Latin Charts by releasing the fantastic Grammy winning new album "Mi Reflejo".
The new album consists of 11 tracks which are certain to make you get up and dance. Christina's music has represented Latin America to the fullest from the fast upbeat tempos to the traditional skin-tingling ballads.
Whereas a lot of artists who do a Spanish album just do cheap translations from the English, Christina has taken the songs in English for example I Turn to You and Genie in a Bottle, and given them new meaning, which is a true inspiration to other artists.
In my unbiased opinion Christina Aguilera lets her true talent shine through in track number seven, "Contigo en la Distancia". In "Contigo en la Distancia" not only is her pitching spot on and her technique amazing, but she has put so much enthusiasm and feeling into the song that you feel the words touch your heart, and you don't even need to understand the meaning for this to happen.
There are other upbeat songs on the album like Cuando No Es Contigo,Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú),Una Mujer and Falsas Esperanzas which are absolutely great. Even if you don't like Christina Aguilera you are sure to fall in love with her voice once you hear these songs and I can assure you of that.
Even though Christina is not a native speaker like I am, I found it very hard to pick out any problems with her pronunciation and grammar which is truly amazing so if I was wearing a hat I be sure to take it off to her.
So all in all even though Christina is only a half Latina it still does not stop her from being The best Latin Female artist. She has made most probably the best Spanish album ever and I truly look forward to hearing her next album, and if it is half as good as this one then I will be buying it as soon as it hits the stores. That's for sure! Well done Christina you're a true performer and an inspiration to us all and I'd give you 10/10!!!
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on 28 January 2003
This is a refreshing mosaic of Spanish music filled with beautiful songs that are alive with energy and the artistry of Aguilera's voice. There is a subtle sexiness throughout this CD which separates it from the in your face 'here it all is' vibe we get from a lot of the female Latin artists. This is just about the music, and the music is great.
From the exiting "Falsas Esperanzas" with it's horns, to the slower and beautiful title track and the lovely "Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti," we are treated to one elegant and nicely arranged song after another. Aguilera's voice sets her apart from the other pop princesses and this Spanish CD shows a maturity and artistry that we can only hope will cross over into her non Spanish efforts. Christina makes the language sound beautiful and producer Rudy Perez surrounds that wonderful voice with first-rate muscians, leaving no doubt she is a force to be reckoned with.
Mi Reflejo garnered quite a few awards and a lot of acclaim. We can only hope it's success will prompt her to keep using this medium as an artistic outlet. Her own personal taste in music runs more towards Etta James, someone unfamiliar to most of her fans. She really has some musical substance and the voice to make magic happen, which is exactly what she does on this exiting, exquisite, and subtly sexy labor of love that leaves us wanting more. This is really something terrific and you'll want more as well once you hear it.......
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on 26 January 2001
I think that this is an amazing album. It inspired me to learn Spanish and it shows that Christina has not succumbed too much to fame to forget her roots. Genio Atrapado (Genie in a Bottle) is better in Spanish and the remix of it (found on the extra CD in the second release of her album) is an excellent dance mix. A friend of mine who didn't like the original Genie in a Bottle really liked the remix. I recommend that you buy this album if you like Christina and even if you don't!! Even if you don't want to learn Spanish, after listening to the songs a few times you can amaze your friends by being able to sing in Spanish! The album has lots of beautiful ballads and very good latino songs too. Christina's accent is convincing and her voice amazing as ever. I look forward to another album in Spanish. Well Done Christina!
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on 12 February 2002
Genio Atrapado - More mature than the English "Genie in a Bottle", the CD comes with the video of this song, it has a nice Latin feel, but still kind of cheesy. 8/10
Falsas Esperanzas- The best song on the album! Fast and one of the more easy ones to sing along to, a sweet, lively song about getting the truth from people you love 10/10
El Beso Del Final- I don't usually like ballads but this comes close to best song on the album. Sung with real emotion, it proves what a powerful voice she has. 10/10
Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti- A sad song about being reminded of your ex when you thought you were over him. The song doesn't really seem much if you don't understand the lyrics though. 7/10
Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu)- Spanish version of "Come On Over" but it works so much better in Spanish. 9/10
Si No Te Hubiera Conocido- Cheesy ballad with some Latin man. 5/10

Contigo En La Distancia- A traditional Spanish song, but kind of typical mid-album thing. Kind of boring 6/10
Cuando No Es Contigo- Really displays her powerful voice. Great song, great Lation guitar. 8/10
Por Siempre Tu- The video of this comes on the CD too. Incredibly powerful and sad 9/10
Una Mujer- I prefer the English version of this song, "What a Girl Wants", but still, it's pretty groovy. 7/10

Mi Reflejo- Spanish version of "Reflection." A powerful song and a powerful voice. 8/10
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on 1 December 2000
I was really impressed by this CD. I liked Christina's English language album, but I think this is better. I especially like the Spanish versions of her English songs; Mi reflejo (Reflection), Genio atrapado (Genie in a bottle), Una mujer (What a girl wants), Por siempre tú (I turn to you) and Ven conmigo (Come on over) which are better than the English versions, I think. I do speak a bit of Spanish...And finally, if you're expecting a typical Latino album, don't!
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on 18 April 2001
This CD is absolutely amazing!!! The spanish versions of the english released songs are much better especially Ven Conmigo (Come On Over). Its really upbeat and fresh. The spanish songs are beautiful ballads and 'El Beso Del Final' is fantastic!! Its a really powerful song and even though I don't know what its about its my favourite song ever!! This album really shows Christina's amazing talent - her voice is so much better in Spanish. I would advise people to buy this CD as its been a while since Christina's debut (which was also unreal!). The CD also had really cool artwork and an enhanced section with the videos for Genio Atrapado and Por Seimpre Tu. Get it now before it goes!!!
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on 5 January 2001
I got this album for Christmas and it's really impressive. Christina's Dad is from Ecuador, and it's good that she's recognised her roots and has created an album that both her English and Spanish fans can enjoy. At first I only listened to the English translated songs (Genio Atrapdo, Una Mujer, Ven conmigo, etc...), but now I think I prefer the original Spanish songs! 'Falsas Esperanzas' 'Cuando no es Contigo' and 'Beso del final' are great songs; and Christina doesn't go to 'over-the-top' on any of the ad-libs on this album. Her accent is convincing, and I recommend this album to anyone who is learning, or knows, Spanish. Compra esta disco compacto!
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on 3 January 2002
This album was a surprise. I bought it as a way to listen to pop-friendly Spanish music, but got much more. It is not simply a (sloppy) translation of her English language CD, but a new and interesting effort. Yes, the Spanish versions of her English hits are good, but there is the feeling that the words were 'made to fit' the melody. However, where she really shines is in the original stuff. 'El Beso Del Final' is superb, and one of the highlights. It allows her to show off her incredible voice, but also her ability to sing compentently en espanol. In fact, as a native speaker, I could barely make out her American accent, which is an achivement in itself. 'Ven Conmigo' just seems better in Spanish than English, giving it an upbeat edge and a Latin feel. She may not be a 'pure' Latina, but this is definitely an excellent introduction to Spanish music, which she masters nicely, and applies her great voice to with ease. Definitely more than just a ploy to sell records in South America.
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on 31 December 2007
I am a huge fan of music in Spanish and believe not enough people release a spanish album, it was ages before Jennifer Lopez released one, so I salute Christina for giving it a go. And the results are amazing, there is not one song on this album that i could put down.

My personal highlights is the wonderfully catchy Falsas Esperanzas and the beutiful El Beso De Final (featured in Dirty Dancing 2 : Havana Nights). They represent different aspects of the album. Falsas Esperanzas is infectious, catchy and always makes me want to dance while El Beso is almost tear jerking and so dramatic. Especially if you watch the film and see the scene it is linked to.

I also agree with the other reviews about Genio Atrapado, it is a whole new song in Spanish and i fell in love after growing tired of the english version. And also the remix on the bonus CD release of her first album is amazing.

I hope this is something Christina will do again in the future.
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