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on 16 May 2010
ADDED (after roughly a year):
1. My keyboard is now malfunctioning to the extent it is not useable
2. The battery is starting to lose charge early
3. The pre-installed Sony Ericsson Web links now state "your phone is no longer supported"
5. It often gets frozen between screens when more than one thing happens simultaneously

Don't buy one!!!

I should have done more research before buying this phone.

It does loads of niche geek things well but does most of the routine mobile phone & web things badly.

The (exceptionally) good quality screen allows text & important touch buttons to be so small that it's easy to miss-press the button and create frustrating delays. It doesn't browse the web particularly well. Some people are trying to call it a 'mini laptop' theory it has all the toys but the input interfaces are just too clumsy

The keypad looks great but in reality the keys are simply too close and the 'press' is imprecise. You end up with emails etc full of errors; plus the need to use a 'function' key to access numbers...and the absence of 'arrow keys' make it a right pain.

The product support was fine but dwarfed by the iPhone (like most products, you see loads of add ons when you buy but then nothing new arrives as all the developers move on to the next toy)

Unless you need the support of the Microsoft Office Products for some reason, you'll look at your friends iPhone with envy.
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on 25 January 2010
I have had numerous phones throughout the years - one big mistake was buying this one.
I will try not to repeat errors seen by other users here - as I have seen them all too.
This phones biggest errors!
Far too heavy to be a phone - its twice as heavy as most phones on the market
Windows mobile - need say no more :(
Far too slow to use and so many annoying features - and the speaker setup is terrible - one loudspeaker which is an earpiece speaker at best! also if you dial an engaged number it plays the busy tone through the loudspeaker higher than any other sound on the phone including the ring tone!!
All in all a terrible phone - sorry I wasted the money on it - would defintely advise anyone thinking to steer clear at all costs!
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on 10 March 2009
The goog things -->

There is nothing this phone cant do apart from making coffee.

This is one hell of a phone BUT has a few problems:

1) The reception of this phone in weak signal areas is quite BAD. It seems to disconnect from the network and not able to retain the signal at a time when my trusty K850i can. (contacted the network operator who has kindly asked me to swich the phone to GSM onle --> No use. They asked me to replace the sim with a new one no use). In conclusion the phone's reception is BAD in weak signal areas. Having said that I must say that in strons signal areas I had no problem.

2) The phone's black finish is very nice BUT the battery cover finish is extreemly poor and will fade out very easy "mine took 3 days!!" A case is a must for this colour. The silver is a better option.

3) If you purchase this phone from somebody who had it off VODAFONE, Be advised that the phone network settings will be locked to vodafone however the phone will accept any sim and will work perfectly. Only way around it --> flash the ROM with non locked image.

4) The phone have a nasty habit of swiching off the screen when on a call (few seconds after anwering) this will annoy you if you need to use the key pad.. you will need to reactivate the screen. Silly if you are listening to an automated answer service which needs the cutomer to enter options.

5) Vodafone will c harge you an extra fee for the push mail service.

6) very difficult to find a case for the phone however after searching the best i found was PDair case. (amazon or ebay)
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on 23 April 2009
As an early adopter of the Windows Mobile Smartphone I have become reliant on my phone as my personal assistant for work, using it like a filofax. I lost a phone once and felt completely lost.

Before I give you my opinion of this phone lets look at the competition.
I have had numerous Windows Mobile's and most recently purchased an HTC touch pro (after losing my contract phone) and then was sent a Samsung Omnia by my phone contractor. Oh my, what a load of total awfulness both phones were, so much so I sold them both after just a week of ownership and reverted back to the HTC touch that I'd used previously.

The problems with the oh so awful Touch pro were so numerous I can't mention them all here. The main ones were:
1. The phone used to reject 99.9% of all calls before I had the chance to pick up the phone. Why?, well some smart boffin at HTC decided to place a large "REJECT CALL" button on the screen when the phone received a call. The screen is (yes you guessed it) touch sensitive, so if anything so much as brushed over the REJECT CALL button, the call was gone.
2. The updated appleesque Touch flow interface was so fiddly that it was more annoying that useful. You need to use a sweeping motion with your finger over the glossy glass screen to access the functions, so after checking the weather, looking for a contact and selecting a program the phone looks as though it's been played with by a 5-year old who's just eaten a lard sandwich.
3. On the rare occasion that I managed not to reject a call, as soon as a call was taken the screen turned off, making taking notes or starting another application while on a call impoissible. Also if you are trying to retrieve messages you need to press keys, with the screen constantly trying to turn off you can't do anything apart from cover the phone in finger marks as you wrestle with it.

Then there's the Omnia - OMG, what were Samsung thinking? the custom touch interface looks like it was designed for the TellyTubbies, very silly graphics yet you need a degree in quantum physics to figure out even the basic functions. What a mess. Then there's the lipstick stylus holder, What were they thinking?

Now onto the iphone - Well I have to admit it looks soooo sexy and the interface is something to behold, but from a practical business point of view, it's not for me. Plus there's the problem of ear and finger marks as soon as you use it. I don't like to constantly clean my phone, it's got to be a bit more rugged.
What I like about Windows mobile is the fact that the Today screen can show you your upcoming appointments, tasks and messages at a glance, the iphone cannot.

Now onto the X1 -
At last a proper all-in-one windows smartphone that does what it's supposed to do out of the box. I plugged it into my PC and voila, Active Sync picked it up and within minutes all of my contacts, mail, tasks, diary and files were on board. This is a first, usually there are problems with synchronising, or it takes ages to update, not so with the X1.

Then there are the panels and "Oh, yea baby, that's what I'm talkin about!" a gadget lover's dream. Simple, yet perfectly suited to anyone who uses a smartphone for work and play. You can switch effortlessly between modes converting the phone into a Bedside clock with worldwide newsfeed, a radio or even a media hub.

Sony have incorporated their flair for snazzy (did I say Snazzy?) looking user interfaces and applied it to the Windows Smartphone and oooohhh, it is awesome. pictures, movies, music & contacts can be accessed by the stroke of a finger. I've been waiting for a piece of software like this ever since first owning a PDA and everything works so smoothly. It took me a while to find out what Movie files are compatable (PSP MP4 format) and now with an 8Gb memory card installed I've loaded it loads of music, movies, my work folder back up and some games.

I purchased Garmin XT satnav software (it was one of only a few VGA compatible) and it worked so fast, finding the in-built GPS and then finding a fix without any help from me. Even indoors, almost as soon as it the software loaded, it had a fix and was ready to go.

The hardware has a high quality feel, I wanted the black version, but O2 only stock the silver type. I have to say I am very happy with the brushed alloy look, it hides the finger marks and has a high quality feel.

Battery life is good, at the moment I've got it mounted on my desk running a movie and it's been on all day, still at 1/2 charge.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point. I don't think I've ever owned a smartphone that was perfect for me at it's default set up. If I'd have taken note of what most of the press have been saying about this phone I'd have missed out on a real gem.

Well done Sony, you've got it spot on!
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on 27 December 2010
I got this phone because I had previously had a Sony Ericsson and I liked the build quality and also because I wanted a big screen without sacrificing a physical keyboard. It is also among the top 10 rated on GSMArena. As such, this phone, with a decent sized touchscreen and flip-out keyboard, fit the bill perfectly.

Build Quality
Again, I found build quality to be mainly good - it was quite heavy, which I liked as it reinforced the good quality impression. However, after a couple of months, I did notice a small crack appear my the hole for the stylus, which I believe is an issue a few other users have commented on. After about a year, the keyboard itself became inconsistent in its function. Some of the keys wouldn't always register when pressed, other keys would either not register, or register twice when pressed; this became very irritating and made messaging a lot slower than necessary.

As the screen is slightly inset from the body, I never found the need for a screen protector. However, I sometimes found it difficult to press buttons when they were right in the corner, which was often the case as it had the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. I also found that dirt and dust would gather along the inside edge of the screen, making it difficult to clean.

I found playback of video and audio to be excellent - easily loud enough and no lag whatsoever. The camera was easy to use, too - very little lag in taking photos and plenty of enhancement options. There was also never any issues with call quality, with the other person always coming across crystal clear.

I installed third party GPS software on it and it did sometimes take quite a while for it to get a signal, but once it got it, it hardly ever lost it.

I recently lost this phone on a night out. After my experience with this phone, I'm now trying out an HTC branded set with a virtual keyboard as opposed to a physical one. Would I ever consider another Sony Ericsson? Absolutely. Would I ever get another X1? As much as I liked it at the beginning, possibly not.
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on 16 March 2009
I won't begin to judge fellow reviewers and their knowledge of WinMo phones but will say that you simply cannot judge this or any current multi app piece of hardware by the same standards as other phones.

Nor can this be judged on how it performs 'out of the box'. Like a laptop, you can only cast an opinion when you've uploaded your favorite software, got it to run your prefered media player and tweaked the OS to your own personal specs. Judging something this high tech as it is, is like admiring your new plasma TV but not adjusting the contrast or brightness or tuning in any new channels; or to test driving a car on half a tank of petrol and then focusing your complaints only on the fact that it ran out of fuel. You got to fill it up to go the distance!

Out of the box, on UK Vodafone, this is as chunky a brick as ever was produced. The keyboard is gorgeous, a tactile joy and a beautiful piece of kit but the rest is slow and unresponsive. The Windows Mobile system (WM6) is cumbersome for a phone OS, the touchscreen is slow with a noticable delay between press and reaction. The panel system, although novel and full of possibilities has been woefully under supported by Sony Ericsson (The X1 is very obviously a test bed for future X-series handsets!)

And this isn't my first touchscreen, HTC or Windows Mobile handset, so i'm not comng down hard on the Xperia through inexperience...


I've had my X1 for a little over a month. The Vodafone ROM has gone. The OS is tweaked and touchscreen responsiveness is immaculate. Screen pop-ups, information messages, unwanted screen closings etc. are gone. IE has been swapped for Opera. WM6 has gone in favor of the touch friendly WM6.5. Youtube works, Synching doesn't need Outlook, video playback is faultless and (the high point for me) the infinitely adaptable customisation that Windows Mobile supports means the handset is tailored exactly how i want it.

Yes, i had to do some research; downloading, resetting and repeating on occasion. With previous generation handsets that kind of effort for a mobile could simply have been dismissed as pimping my ride; chintz and bling, but for this kind of device it's more the equivalent of putting enough fuel in the tank and getting your driving position right.

You HAVE to put the time in to get the most out of it.

This is the best phone i've owned. It's not as innovative as the iPhone and it doesn't yet have the apps support, but Sony Ericsson have created, after a bit of personal tweaks, a wonderfully intuitive, highly adaptable, beautiful piece of kit. It works fine as a phone, an email client and media player tho it is lacking in games. The 3.2MP camera has a great flash and gives excellent results for a mobile camera. And for internet use the X1 is incomparable. Turn it to landscape and the touchscreen coupled with the motion sensitive touch pad make browsing a joy.

True, the £400.00+ price tag is steep but you are paying as much for the potential of the hardware as you are for the hardwear itself. Just remember you have to use that potential or what's the point?!? I think it's a bargain and don't see myself changing handsets for at least a couple of years.
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on 21 August 2013
first: its too complicated; os is not like the windows we use on a computer, it is something outdated and poor, written permanently on ram so u can not update any feature
2nd: terribly slow
3rd: because its too slow, one can not perform multitask on it, in particular, conference call type things are not practically possible on it although theoretically it performs
4th: Battery life is an issue with almost all the smart phones but here its its really more than just an issue.
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on 2 January 2010
I had this for about 9 months before things went wrong but when they did it was a disaster.
Microphone stopped working meaning the caller at the other end of the line could not hear me.
Keyboard started malfunctioning in that when a single key was pressed it would repeat the character up to 6 times, negating the speed you should be getting from the QWERTY keyboard because you spend most of the time correcting your text.
The screen stopped responding correctly meaning that it was necessary to slide the phone open to access menu options.
I purchased this through carphone warehouse which was a mistake, they were unhelpful almost every time I contacted them, basically they didn't want to know.
The phone had to be sent back 5 times because they failed to repair the faults reported at the beginning and the standby handset was a basic Nokia.
Definately will not set foot in their door again!
I have finally received a replacement phone which is going to be sold on Ebay and the funds used for a HTC Touch Pro2!
There is a reason there are only about 1900 fans of the Xperia on Facebook when there are over 7000 for the Touch Pro2.
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on 15 November 2008
One serious flaw with this phone is that the only easy way to transfer your contacts to it is via Microsoft's yes-we-want-even-more-of-your-money Outlook. Free Outlook Express will not do. It's that, or punch 'em in one by one.
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