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4.3 out of 5 stars189
4.3 out of 5 stars
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It's spring, and the Wildcats are facing the last few weeks of their high school career. Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu) are leading East High's basketball team in another championship game. But their final minutes of playing basketball are only the first of the many finals they will face.

And as our characters face saying goodbye, they have to start dealing with the future. Troy and Chad have been accepted at the local university to play ball. But Troy isn't sure he wants to. His girlfriend Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) is going to Stanford. In fact, she is considering their early admission program, which would mean she would have to leave early.

But it's a chance to do one last show together that truly brings everyone together. While they prepare a show about their hopes for the future and the pain of saying goodbye, the group finds out that scouts from Julliard are going to be there to consider composer Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), choreographer Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel), star Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), or Troy for one spot and a scholarship. Who will get it? Does Troy want it? And how will he and Gabriella ever say goodbye?

Now if you are looking for a realistic movie, turn back now. This is a G rated Disney musical, for pete's sake. But it is still fun.

This movie focused a bit too much on the songs. The plot was a little too loose and predictable, making it just an excuse to string some songs together. The good news is, those songs are fun, with several hummable, toe tapping numbers. And the choreography was amazing. Several of the songs involved multiple locations and costume changes. This is a big screen musical for movie musical lovers. I especially loved the number in the junkyard.

Frankly, I wish this movie were about 20 minutes longer. They could have used the time to give us more with the supporting players. Heck, cutting out one of Troy and Gabriella's three love duets would have allowed for that, too. I really have loved the entire cast of these things.

Speaking of casts, three sophomores are introduced here to lead the next installment in the franchise. Honestly, I didn't care for any of them. Hopefully, when they become leads they will be better developed as characters.

While the entire series has had a helping of cheese, this one did feel a bit more over the top when it came to the graduation scene. Surely, they could have found some other way to handle that one.

But if all this sounds like I didn't like the movie, think again. I found it somewhere between the first and second in the series. I was smiling the entire time. There are a couple in jokes, so do watch these movies in order to catch them.

This was designed to be the last we'll see of the original cast (until the inevitable High School Reunion Musical in 10 years). Honestly, that makes me sad. This send off will certainly please the franchises many fans.
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on 26 October 2008
I've loved HSM since the UK premiere on the Disney Channel of the first one. Ever since, HSM 1+2 have been a film I turn to if I want to watch an uplifting and happy film, which makes you forget about everything else. HSM3, is a totally different story! The first outing to cinema screens, and, it was bloody amazing! The dances, songs, the set in the songs (especially I Want It All and A Night To Remember). I saw it on the Wednesday, and then on the Friday, and hopefully more. I just can't get enough of it as it is that amazing. It is full of emotion, some laughs, and is just 2 hours of innocent fun which everyone will enjoy, even parents who hated the first 2!
Overall, amazing, and better than Mamma Mia! 5/5
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2009
I have a confession to make. This isn't going to be easy, but it's best I come clean. I was forced to sit through the first two and scoffed at them, didn't see what was supposed to be so great (even though I do have a general weakness for teen fare despite being far too old for it). But I saw this third installment and I... well... I... umm, I...

Okay, okay, I liked it! Happy now?!?!

It's still as cheesy as ever. Troy is still a wimp who can't cope without Gabriella for two minutes (she's dumped him about three times now, once each movie, and why after two previous films of angst and self realisation does he keep forgetting that he already worked out he can play basketball and still be a luvvie?). Sharpay is still ridiculous. Ryan is still... well, Ryan, and Chad's hair is still really big.

Yet this time, God help me, I actually found it cute. The Night To Remember song is hilarious with the boys less than thrilled at the prospect of prom, and The Boys Are Back has some fantastic choreography/set pieces. The songs are catchy, might stand a chance of working independently as songs outside of the film (not all musicals manage this). It's frothy family fun that this time as an adult I was actually quite happy to sit through.

All in all... I'd actually say this wasn't a bad little movie. If I had to see it again, I'd actually be okay with that (whereas if the CIA ever need info from me, all they need do is threaten me with a copy of High School Musical 2 and I will sing like a bird).
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on 13 November 2008
Took my niece, Sophie aged 12, to see it as a treat on our day out together. This is not my sort of film AT ALL and I was dreading having to sit through it. But then I took the last minute advice by text of a friend who said "leave your brain outside the door, and enjoy". And I did! It was a bit corny and a bit cringy, yes, and very predictable in places, yes, but I had great fun working out when they were about to start singing and watching them supposedly sing whilst playing basket ball or jumping around in a junk yard was most amusing. The key is not to take it too seriously, although there are serious messages buried in there for example about trying to decide the right path to take in the future - Troy's dilemma - which I thought was very well handled and resolved. I walked out the cinema having thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would definitely watch it again and am hoping to borrow the first one soon to watch with my husband! With respect, I think the other reviewer who commented on seeing Zac Efron up the tree missed the point slightly - of course it wouldn't happen in real life, and I thought that was one of the funniest bits!
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on 28 December 2008
The top tapping, lyrical singing, music-making cast of East High School are back for yet another musical production. This time things get bigger with this cinema release, thus more spectacular songs, sets, and dance routines. All the familiar faces are back and this time they all come together (unwillingly at first) for their last show before they all go their separate ways.

The story is one of choice, decisions, challenges, love and friendship that face a number of the characters. It begins with an adrenaline rush basketball sequence "Now or Ever" that jumps this movie back with the awe inspiring wildcats dance / basketball choreography reminiscent of "Get'cha Head In The Game" from the original movie. The majority of the movie focuses on the relationship between Troy and Gabriella and their choices after high school - do they follow their parent's wishes and go to different universities? Do they continue to follow the same paths, or try something new? Like the other movies, this sparks off a number of duet style tracks that reflect their emotions and feelings for one another.

On another note (a musical one), the ever popular and annoying Sharpay is again once again aiming to be centre stage. She once again calls upon her twin brother Ryan to help her in her devious ways. Kelsi is back composing tunes, Taylor, Zeke, Jason and Martha are there to offer friendly advice and support, and Ms Darbus takes an intuitive stance to help support the cast.

The music and energy are all once again apparent with some excellent dance and acrobatic routines. One particular routine with Chad and Troy's - the "Boys Are Back" was my favourite in the movie. The songs are great such as "A Night to Remember" and "I Want It All", not to mention the amazing finale "High School Musical" which ends this trilogy on a happy note.

Being a fan of the first 2 movies, I think in my preference of favourites follows the movie sequences. I still find the first movie the best of all 3. The second has some great songs and overall, despite the cinema budget I think the 3rd movie, great as it is, is not as good as the other 2. Overall all 3 of these movies are some of best movies I've seen, and no matter how many times I see them, I don't get fed up with them which says a lot in the way they appeal to me and to millions of other people who adore them.
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on 17 February 2009
I am a Brown Owl and I took my 20 Brownies to see this due to their demand during a pow wow meeting. It's not very often I can plan an outting that suits all the girls interest's but they all wanted to see it and they all loved it. My children also love it I did enjoy it but feel it's not as good as 1 & 2.
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on 23 October 2008
I completely disagree with the other reviewers. I took my 7 year old to see HSM3 today and not only did she love it but so did I and I am her 37 year old father! Wonderful songs, fantastic dance routines, comedy, romance (I even shed a tear when Troy chose to go to Uni near Gabriella!) This is the best of the HSM series and one of the best Musical films of all time, it was "simply fabulous"!
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on 21 February 2009
Ordered this for the kids last week, thought I would get it on Bluray as the price difference was only a few pounds. So glad I did the second disc in the box is the Movie on DVD, so now the kids have a copy on Bluray at home and a copy on DVD at Grandma's, excellent value as you get 2 copies. I'm 36 and I must say the film is well produced, edited & directed for something that is aimed at pre teens. The kids love this series & the 3rd installment doesn't disapoint, its also a great Bluray transfer compaired to the humble DVD. If you have a blurayI suggest you buy it in this format, even if it is for the children, its a very colourful and well balanced Disney bluray at a reasonable price.
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on 11 March 2009
bought the Dvd for my daughter = thought the film was very good but for the younger children aged 5ish thought the plot was bit too complicaed for them compared to films 1 & 2 - we prefered number 2
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"High School Musical 3: Senior Year" is available as a stand-alone BLU RAY in many areas.

Buy if you are buying from/in the UK - please avoid the 'American' Disney BR disc because it's REGION A LOCKED.
It won't therefore play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are).

Opt for the Uk version instead - in 2014 it's dirt-cheap, a looker on the format and great fun too...
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