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3.8 out of 5 stars346
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2016
This is the best British horror/thriller I have seen by far. If I could give it a higher rating out of 10 I would. You can ignore the fact that chavs this dangerous tend to in habit the council estates in the big cities rather than living in nice big houses in the country. This is (in my opinion) way more down-to-Earth and believable than the American brand of weekend away gone wrong style of movie.

It had me shouting at the screen. I hoped every one of those cruel vicious little wannabe gangsters would be executed slowly and painfully, but the only two that met their rightful fate were two minor instigators in the group. A young boy who was likely bullied by the ring leader and the girl who was likely being bullied too.

As the movie progresses we find out that the parents and the adults of the family are just as bad, and their darling little angels are incapable of doing anything wrong in their eyes because "they're just kids". I have met many parents just like this, although their kids aren't murdering swines.

Highly recommended.
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on 10 January 2010
I wasn't expecting much when i picked this up but it was pretty good. It's not the nicest movie to see, nor is it really shocking. A few of the scenes may make you cringe though. The acting is good, the story is ok, but the bluray picture is stunning. extras are thin on the ground; interviews, behind the scenes & a few trailers. for the price it's worth picking up.
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on 24 June 2016
Absolutely hated this film it was completely unbelievable. *spoiler alert* In real life the man Steve would have actually manned up and gotten the car back, and not been intimated by a group of teenagers!! He was probably more of a little girl then his girlfriend!! And the part where Steve casually trespasses right into the kids home to talk to them and then hides in a bedroom upstairs would never happen!! The fact that when Steve is being stabbed to death repeatedly his girlfriend just watches in the corner crying doing NOTHING without stopping anyone is ridiculous or even trying to show them how wrong it is, and she never seemed able to call the police at any point!
It was such a mean film where none of the kids showed any real remorse and even the kid who didn't want to ended up completely going crazy and stabbing Steve in the mouth and tongue!! it was too far fetched when they all casually set that kid on fire for no reason. just a cruel film about everyone being tortured with no morals.
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on 20 June 2016
This movie isn't scary, more like a suspense or possibly a "thriller" its my first time watching a British horror film, so I didn't know what to expect. Its basically like watching the early makings of a psychopath. There also seems to be some class consciousness in this film, as the kids (who terrorize the couple) are from working-poor background with uneducated and negligent parents while our innocent couple sound like they are from well-mannered middle class background. Its gory, and there are some scenes where I think there's suppose to be some "British comic relief" but just kind of stood out; like where in the world would a large 3x6 nail just be popping out of the green earth for? Otherwise this slow moving film, which makes you wonder why the characters won't hurry up and die already, is an interesting insight t what is "scary" in British film -- being in a town filled with rednecks or "chavs".
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on 14 September 2012
I was intrigued by various reviews and mentions of this film, but it hadn't really registered with me that it was a horror film. It reminded me of Lord of the Flies, seeming to express the view (maybe with some justice) that humans are potentially evil - maybe more than potentially but inherently evil.And that the world is a scary place, that civilization is a veneer.

In the additional material, the director speaks of an experience that inspired the film: a situation where he was humiliated by his own inability or unwillingness to confront some anti-social behaviour that affected him personally.He was afraid that the situation could escalate out of control and the pain would not be worth any possible gain.

In the film, we see this belief made manifest. And it is all too horrible.

It may be social commentary. It may be true. But ultimately it came across as a horror film. Not my thing at all.
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on 24 January 2011
I found this film very hard to watch at times and even became upset when it had ended. I was surprised at my reaction because Im a massive horror fan and have a massive collection, sexual violence, blood and gore you name it Ive seen it so Im no wimp. I would recommend it because films that stick with you do so for a reason. If you are looking for a film that highlights extreme gang culture, torture and cruelty then this is for you. Hard to watch at times but worth it.
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on 25 August 2009
Very disturbing as you can actually imagine this happening in todays society - actually felt on the edge of my seat throughout this film, was shocked and horrified by the film.

If you dont want to be stressed out by a film this is not for you! One things for sure, I will never approach another teenager again, its just not worth it...
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2009
A lot of people seem to think that Eden Lake is cashing in and exploiting the Daily Mail style scaremongering about youth crime and the breakdown of law and order in Britain . However in the extra's writer director James Watkins says he wrote Eden Lake three years before the spate of teenage knife crime and the general sense of middle class outrage. He also says that the film is more about how we handle the emasculation of our ego in any given situation. ( brought about by an incident he had with two teenage girls) than about highlighting how near to frontier values Britain is inexorably sliding.
Reading reviews about this film is slightly mis-leading because the film is not nearly as clear cut in it's portrayal of the murderous chav gang as you may have been led to believe. Eden Lake ,for all the socio-political froth surrounding it is mostly just a very well executed ,relentless, horrifying slalom round the outer edges of one of this country's most nascent fears. It is not entertaining in the traditional sense but by jiminy it is gripping.
The film starts with the usual cosy middle class couple Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve ( Michael Fassbender) deciding to have a romantic week-end away at the remote beauty spot of Eden Lake. Once there they run into a pack of teenagers ,playing awful music very loudly and letting a slobbering aggressive Rotweiler run around . Steve asks them reasonably to take it easier and gets a load of abuse. Things escalate the couples car gets stolen by the gang and this leads to another confrontation where the dog is killed and the gang , led by psychotic Brett ( Jack O,Connell) turn really nasty .
The film then becomes an intense chase with sweaty palm interludes of real tension and sudden star bursts of violence or visceral action one of which is so horrible it actually gave me a physical reaction. . The acting is extremely good and the kids must be congratulated for giving such nuanced and believable performances . And it's the kids who are central to this film. Rather than the marauding band of slavering miscreants I was expecting the gang are mostly normal kids led on and bullied by one toxic ball of fury and hate. Plus Brett , is also given a back story that goes someway to explaining the way he is. The director describes him as the most tragic figure in the film ,which is pushing it when you consider what happens to some of the others but at least his rage and misanthropy is given some grounding.
If you are being critical you could argue that film doesn't follow logical paths at times. Jenny makes some curious decisions and the unbearably down beat ending , commendable though it is , relies overly on coincidences. The end is immensely powerful though and is the most salient point the film makes. Kids can be nasty vile little specimens but it's the examples they are set that make them so. Something the opening and closing shots of this film illustrates very well. The innocent face of one of nursery teachers Jenny young charges and the implacable hollow eyed visage of Brett . So Eden Lake is also asking how do we get from one to the other as well as posing the question what would we do if we were in Steve's position.
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on 4 August 2013
....just because this movie is not meant to be loved: it's a really gory and merciless tour de force with a terrible ending. It's like this movie didn't need to be made (it's pure "real horror" entertainment) but the way it was made really makes it worth watching
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on 5 September 2009
I found this a pretty disturbing film as a whole. Yes it has its faults, and whether the ending works is debatable, but in this day and age of knife crime it made for some uncomfortable viewing. And that's the whole point of a decent horror. I give it the thumbs up.
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