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4.4 out of 5 stars95
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2007
Forever Delayed is OK. It essentially compiles the Manics' most accessible singles but its trump card is that a quarter of the twenty songs have never previously been available on any album. I don't have a problem with the tracklisting. There's a time a place for everything, and the place for The Intense Humming Of Evil isn't on a Greatest Hits. I also think that the 'radio anthem' side of the Manics isn't celebrated enough, and it's telling that their most cherished song Motorcycle Emptiness feels totally at home snuggled up to You Stole The Sun From My Heart and Australia.

The main flaw with the collection is that they've had to edit quite a lot of the tracks to fit all twenty on. In some instances this means including the radio edits, in others the radio edits have been edited (!). This lets it down, and it's also now two albums out of date, so hopefully one day we'll get a more comprehensive Manics primer. I like the format of the Pet Shop Boys compilation Pop Art, with one disc containing their big radio anthems and the other gathering together their more 'arty' side. It would work well for the Manics - a band who can never please everyone.
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on 8 July 2003
For someone relatively new to MSP (first picked up on them in 2000), but more recently familiar with the Richey-era, "Forever Delayed" makes a great starting point for anyone curious about the band. If I had followed the band from very early in the nineties, I would probably also bemoan the lack of songs from "The Holy Bible" in favor of the "Everything Must Go" and "This Is My Truth" period. Just the same, this collection provides a good balance of past and present. Besides, it's not as if the beautiful "Motorcycle Emptiness" had been left off the running order. Even the tracks from the misguided mess "Know Your Enemy" fit fine here, though I'd have to agree with several reviews that "Ocean Spray" and "Let Robeson Sing" would have been welcome. The best surprise, though, would be "There By The Grace Of God", a fantastic single that shows the band could be back on the upswing.
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on 30 January 2010
Out for over 2 years and no reviews? Help, as an MSP dabbler, but not a diehard fan, I've no idea how good this is. However, it does contain the best songs (in my opinion) from the 2 albums I own ("Everything..." and "This is my Truth..."), without any filler from those CDs. Suspect that this is just what the dabbler wants, a distillation of their best work, all on one collection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 May 2015
Released in 2002, this was the first Manic Street Preachers compilation, featuring two new songs, 'There by the Grace of God' (released as the album's single) and 'Door to the River', and three singles that were never released on any album. With five rare songs, this should be incentive enough for big fans to want to own this, but please be aware of the limited edition that is also available, Forever Delayed (Limited Edition) which includes this album, as well as a bonus CD containing 13 remixes. A DVD, Manic Street Preachers: Forever Delayed [DVD], sporting 30 music videos, is also out there.

This standard edition is a good introduction to this Welsh alternative rock band's work, with 18 major hit singles, including two UK number ones: 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' and 'The Masses Against the Classes'. Three songs from the band's debut album 'Generation Terrorists' make the cut, two from the second album 'Gold Against the Soul', one from the third 'The Holy Bible', four from the fourth 'Everything Must Go', the same for the fifth 'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours', and one from 'Know Your Enemy', album number six released in 2001. The remaining tracks are the five I've previously noted. The tracks aren't presented chronically, but in an order which is pleasing to listen to.

A fine single CD which captures the mainstream chart highlights of a great band who have had a lengthy career, which spans back to the mid 1980s. This is a healthy mix of old and new, with the beautiful 'Motorcycle Emptiness', naturally included.
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on 25 June 2009
Manic Street Preachers are undoubtedly one of the best British bands of the last 20 years. Forever Delayed contains many of their best songs though its compilation is rather skewed against certain albums.

First the good news - the five best songs from the band's first two rather patchy albums are featured even though they weren't necessarily the biggest hits. Yes, doomed anthems Motorcycle Emptiness and From Despair To Where are included alongside the cocky You Love Us, La Tristesse Durera and lyrically poignant pop of Little Baby Nothing.

Album number three for the Manics was the harrowing, nihilistic art-rock of The Holy Bible, now considered by many to be the band's masterpiece. So why is only the exhilarating Faster included from it on Forever Delayed. She Is Suffering and Revol were also Top 30 hits so why couldn't at least one of them feature - possibly at the expense of some of the four tracks included from each of the band's subsequent two albums, the triumphant Everything Must Go and This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.

Forever Delayed breaks off after album number six by the band. Be My Enemy was relatively speaking, a commercial and critical failure though surely the moving Ocean Spray should have been included in addition to the untypical Beach Boys like pop of So Why So Sad. The best of also includes a couple of non-album singles in The Masses Against The Classes and the band's sadly poignant cover of Suicide Is Painless (Theme From MASH). It also features two new tracks There By The Grace Of God and Door To The River, which, unusually for new tracks tagged onto compilation albums, are excellent and well worth their place.

Despite my quibbles about album allocations, Forever Delayed is still an excellent compilation which gets more right in its track selections than it gets wrong. It is also a fine introduction to the Manics though I would also recommend buying the Holy Bible and This Is My Truth LPs, both of which have several outstanding tracks not included on this compilation album. All in all, an excellent summary of much of the best work by one of the best bands of the last 20 years.
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on 28 August 2002
After 12 years and six albums of preaching Marxist rhetoric over a continually evolving sound ranging from the Clash meets Guns 'n' Roses rawk of debut 'Generation Terrorists', to the shimmering Phil Spector-esq 'Everything Must Go', the Manics finally confirm what we all already knew: they know how to write a killer single.
The scope of these songs is breathtaking, the brash punk of 'Motown Junk', the grace and beauty of 'A Design for Life', the 'last great baggy single' AKA 'La Tristesse Durera' and both fantastic number 1's, 'If You Tolerate This...' and 'Masses Against The Classes' demonstrate an incisive, vital band in a league of their own. Who else can claim to have written a chart-topping single about the Spanish Cival War as well as having more Top 40 hits than anyone else in the 1990's?
As well as two new tracks, there are also the hard to find non-album singles of 'Motown Junk', 'Masses..' and 'Suicide is Painless', a cover of the theme from M*A*S*H.
The bit that really sends shivers down the spine, however, is the inclusion of 'the fourth Manic', Missing-In-Action Richey James Edwards on the front sleeve - gone, but by no means forgotten.
This couldn't have been improved upon. The Manics know their place - to quote Nicky Wire, 'Every generation has a defining moment - we are yours.'
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on 9 November 2002
For those who think the Manics have 'sold out' by releasing a greatest hits.....................why??????? To me this is an album for Manics fan to enjoy over and over again. This is brilliantly put together, switching from old to new throughout. With the inclusion of Masses, Suicide and Motown and the 2 new songs, it's a gift from the band. For those who only know the Manics post Richey, it will give them an insight to the early stuff. Suicide is the song that first made me prick up my ears to the band, so for me the album is worth it for that alone.
Since I received the CD in the post it hasn't been out of the player and i'm sure it will remain there for some time to come.
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on 10 January 2013
I was a teenager of the nineties and I managed to miss the manics. Ok, that was a tragedy. But it did make finding this album one of my purchasing highlights of 2012! A few of the songs were of course familiar, but there were so many unknown gems. I think most people probably got quite sick of "if you tolerate this" when it was released, but don't let that put you off. There is soft rock, electro 80s style pop sounds and classical instuments beautifully mixed in. The songs are well structured and meaningful. I think this compilation must have something for everyone. Thanks Manics, you made some great tunes and I managed to get them for a bargain price. Easily worth considerably more, in my humble opinion.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2007
As another reviewer rightly states, this is not a Greatest Hits package that a Manics devotee would necessarily give their approval too. Bands with such back catalogues are doomed to disappoint someone when they finally succoumb to the cop-out that allows them to release an "album" without actually having to be creative.

Having said that, a singles collection from one of Britain's most popular bands of the last 20 years is very welcome in my house.
There is a theme running through the majority of CDs I've bought in the last 5 years or so. During my student years I was (a) a Blur AND Oasis fan and (b) skint. So I bought Parklife and Definitely Maybe and so on, without being able to afford the "support feature" groups, e.g. Manics, Suede, Supergrass, and all the other bands that appeared on the front of Select Magazine.
Albums such as this allow me to catch up with the music I wanted to own, but couldn't justify buying all the albums (See Dodgy, Shed Seven, Ash, Space, who have all done similar releases)

This is a great album for taking you back to places you'd forgotten - pub nights out, indie clubs, that time at Glastonbury.
It seems that they are not all the full album versions of some that I remember, but then there are a lot of tracks on this album. So for a Manics aficionado, there is nothing new here, but for a newcomer, this is everything you need to get you started.
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on 1 December 2004
OK, granted this compilation does feature some of the band's greatest tracks. Aside from the pure lyrical intelligence on display, I replay many of these tracks over and over for the fantastic guitar work of James Dean Bradfield. If ever there was an underrated guitist of his generation,then it would be JDB. Tracks such as You Love Us, La Tristesse Durera,Motorcycle Emptiness have some absolutely dazzling guitar work. However, this in turn leads me to the first of two major criticisms:
Firstly, many guitar highlights of these songs are not even on this record for seveal tracks have been edited (butchered) so other less deserving tracks could fit. The ending of You Love Us is completely absent ( apersonal air-guitar favourite of mine), Little Baby Nothing loses its melodious intro and Motorcycle Emptiness is the crappy single version with the truncated outro....and yes, it DOES matter!
Secondly, I agree with the above reviews that the lack of Holy Bible material is painfull, perhaps a second cd would have been appropriate....its certainly deserved. Two other noticeable absentees include Slash N Burn and Natwest, Barclays, Midlands, Lloyds, both from Generation Terrorists.
In summation, if you first heard of the Manic Street Preachers when A Design For Life was playing ad infinitum on Virgin Radio this is a good album for you. If however you prefer the harder, rockier 'edge' of the likes of Generation Terrorists, I'd save your cash.
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