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3.7 out of 5 stars85
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 January 2009
I love this album, it's the best album from a new band for a very long time. I don't know if it's pop, indie, disco, dance or all of those things... I don't think this is an album that asks you to take it too seriously, it's just great fun! All the songs are fantastic. If you like 'That's not my name' you'll love this album. It's one of those albums you can just put on and play without skipping over the bad tracks. Every music lover should have this in their collection. It sounds like it's 80s influenced but is very much of its time. A real gem.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2009
My inner music snob should despise this slice of british catchy hock riddled pop, but i don't. There is a simple reason that this album has done so well, it is very good! Unpretentious and with just enough originality on its side, this album deserves it's popularity. Ok so the vocals can be occasionally a little nasal, and the lyrics a little odd, but underneath all the pop chart sheen and multiple appearances on T4, there are real signs of talent and song writing ability here.

Free of any radical ideas or a pompous mission statement, the Ting Tings are refreshing and cheerful and at only 10 tracks long, the album is devoid of padding. In total five singles have been released from this album, which when you consider this is half the tracks on the CD and those singles are all strong enough to stand up in their own right, that is quite some acheivement for a debut release, even the much hyped Arctic Monkeys didnt acheive this.

It bothers me not if we never hear from the Ting Tings again after this album, that they will never fill a stadium, conquer the world (or preach to us how to save it, or sell us a t-shirt with a right-on slogan), but that is the appeal here, catchy bright and memorable music for the moment. Lighten up and enjoy.
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on 12 November 2012
God knows where I picked up on The Ting Tings, but this is rather fun - an up-dated Altered Images/Primitives bubblegum pop outing with all the attitude of Transvision Vamp. It opens with the fizzy/poppy "Great DJ" and the rappy in-your-face "That's Not My Name" and there's plenty of variety to follow - "Traffic Light" sounds fluffy and inconsequential but I spotted an intriguing and distinct flavour of the Velvet Underground and Nico (I'm Sticking With You). "Shut Up And Let Me Go" is power-funky, "Keep Your Head" is punky and "We Started Nothing" is spunky. The title track is possibly my favourite on the album - rhythmic and persistent with a jazzy/bluesy horn-line - it's a fantastic work-out track.

A friend of mine described the Ting Tings as "repetetive and irritating". Possibly fair comment and they certainly could be accused of being more than a little derivative. Lightweight, superficial? Maybe. But if you want to catch me dancing 'round my kitchen, singing (badly off-key) into a soup ladle, this is the album that you're most likely to find in the CD player at the moment.
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on 10 June 2008
Don't be put off by some of the adverse reviews of this album. If you treat it for what it is, a collection of unpretentious catchy pop singles, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. Judged by the success of the Ting Tings in storming the charts with several tracks from this album it will soon be possible to rename it Ting Tings' Greatest hits!!

The album can be criticised for its lack of length (just 10 tracks)and the fact that it is more like a collection of singles than a 'coherent' album but it is an enjoyable listen in the car, in the summer sunshine in the garden (consider the neighbours!)and is also danceable party music.
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on 23 January 2012
When I first heard the Tings tings it was way back in April 2008 when I saw the video for That's not my name. It was a song which I know a lot of people found annoying and I thought I should probably dislike it but I couldn't because it was so catchy and great sounding! After buying that single and then hearing the following singles I thought they were a pretty cool band. Nothing like my usual taste in music which is pretty deep stuff but the songs are fun and even exciting to listen to and that`s what`s so attractive about them. I don`t think the duo take themselves too seriously and I think that is what shines throughout the album.

The Christmas of that year I asked for this as a present and enjoyed it from my 1st listen. Great DJ, That's not my name and Shut up and let me go are catchy singles but Be the one has got a deeper meaning to it and is one of the best. Instead of the more joyous vibe it depicts a relationship where one is doing all the work and the other just doesn't care. Their last single We walk is another favourite of mine. Fruit machine has vague lyrics and a catchy sound, Traffic light is a lot slower but sounds good, Keep your head is another favourite (I love how Katie says `four'een, intimidated and she's just four'een!'). The music is awesome! Impacilla caprisung is an instrumental with double-dutch lyrics and We started nothing, which is the longest song on the record is the least catchy but a clever tune.

Like another reviewer said it's `unpretentious catchy pop' and that's what appeals to me. It's fun, no-strings-attached music that you can enjoy any time. It's a record that makes me feel good just because the songs are easy to listen to and aren't trying to tell you about problems or their view of life. It's not normal pop music, it's got that indie edge which helps it appeal to the masses and I for one am a fan!
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on 22 September 2008
It's not that bad I suppose. The main flaw this album carries is that most of the songs sound the same: the structure, rhythm, vocals and instruments have very little variation between tracks. Unfortunately this tends to be the case with a lot of Indie Pop albums, but I won't go into that.

I think the standout track on the album is probably the single "That's Not My Name" (which, to be fair, is probably why people buy the album). It's fun and catchy, although We Walk has quite a nice chorus as well. Mind you, because of the similarities throughout the album, if you love one of the songs you'll probably love the album, and the reverse if you loathe one of the songs.

Overall though I would have to say that I feel that the album will begin to bore people after a few plays. This music is probably best handled one song at a time, so if you're not buying this to fill space on your Ipod then perhaps just buy a single.
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on 25 May 2008
Seems, once again, that some people are taking this far too seriously. So what if NME are getting it wrong by bigging them up. So what if they aren't the most original band in the world, so what if you've heard it done before - music doesn't have to be ground-breaking, original or that important.
If you're willing to listen to an album which is fun and catchy then this might be for you. If you want something deeper with a message then try having a word with yourself... just lighten up!
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on 20 September 2008
OK lets cut to the chase. I was brought up with punk and I can say that the Ting Tings are the best thing that can happen to the over serious, retentive British music industry at the moment. They are quirky, fun and yes original. They are the perfect cure for the boring navel gazing crap that appears from bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs, the Killers, Babyshambles and most particularly the musically inept Artic Monkeys and the arrogant but retentive Kasabien.

The reason I like the Ting Tings is because I am fed up with listening to the dirges produced by the bands named above (and others). Its boring!

Oh and if you want to see hype in action - look at Coldplay - utterly bland and the whole group takes themselves far to seriously. Next thing Chris Martin will be like Bono from U2 giving us lectures about global warming and other subjects he knows nothing about.

I have heard that Chris Moyles from Radio One does not like the Ting Tings and that for me is about the best recommendation I have for buying this CD.
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on 10 July 2011
Fun and funky. The debut album of the Ting Tings. Already a mainstay for adverts and programmes with their fresh new sound the videos are also weird and wacky. `Shut up and let me go', won a visual award and deservedly so.

`That's not my name' with its rhythmic drum beat will have you grinding and pointing at people around the house with sassy attitude. It is a short album at just over 50 minutes but I can think of a one that I don't like. Great housework pop.
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on 14 September 2015
Probably the best 1st album by any group ever, they need to be seen a lot more, they have done really well, tracks from this album are now used every day as jingles on radio or for ads even the catwalk. How many groups can claim such fame with their first album. I am not sure that studio albums is the way forward. The second album was no where near as good. Out of interest I am 65 and think the Ting Tings have created a sound that is unmistakable.
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