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4.6 out of 5 stars
World Of Our Own
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 18 November 2001
The Westlife lads are not trying some publicity stunt when they say that this album is better than their first two combined.
Songs to watch out for are Bop Bop Baby, Evergreen, I Want To Grow Old With You, Why Do I Love You and the title track World of Our Own.
It has a good mix of sappy love songs but the funky tracks are a fresh breathe of air and balances out the album. It is also good to hear that the lead vocals are not done by Shane Filan alone. Nicky Byrne's vocals are less scratchy from the first album. Kian Egan's vocals, although spread very thinly, are brilliant. Bryan McFadden and Mark Feehily shine through in their parts.
Their writing skills have also improved and I only expect more and better from them now. Any non-Westlife fan will have a change of heart once they listen to this album. Another No. 1, lads!!!!
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85 of 90 people found the following review helpful
on 5 November 2001
Following the huge success of the self-titled debut and the follow-up "Coast to Coast" Westlife certainly had a difficult act to follow with "World of our Own". The boys have lived under the shadow of Boyzone, but this album finally seems them break the chain and show a maturity far beyond a third album. A track by track listing follows:
1. Queen Of My Heart - 8/10
A superb opening track, coupled with lashings of guitar and fantastic harmonies as the boys join together in the chorus.
2. Bob Bob Baby - 8/10
An upbeat song, good strong beat which makes you want to dance.
3. I Cry - 9/10
A latino influence on this ballad. Very laid back and wistful song about what you had that is now gone.
4. Uptown Girl - 8/10
A cover of the Billy Joel hit, released for Comic Relief. A very good take-off.
5. Why Do I Love You - 10/10
Heartfelt ballad, strong chorus and bridge. Song about just why do you love someone?
6. I Wanna Grow Old With You - 9/10
One of the songs on the album destined to become a classic. Brilliant ballad, with superb vocals from Shane. Reminisces of a love which could last forever.
7. When You're Looking Like That - 10/10
One of the main killer tracks on the album, this remixed version from their former album this song will have you dancing in your sleep.
8. Evergreen - 8/10
A ballad with a strong chorus - epitomising the vocal talents of the guys when in melody.
9. World Of Our Own - 9/10
Title track, a track with a strong beat. A "tap your feet" song. Very cheerful and a good chorus.
10. To Be Loved - 8/10
Slowed down ballad with mainly a piano accompaniament.
11. Drive - 10/10
If you've heard "No Place That Far" you'll know what to expect from this. A slow start which leads into a strong, bold chorus. Excellent.
12. If Your Heart's Not In It - 10/10
For me this is the track which makes the album - the sort of ballad which brings tears to your eyes. A superb piano piece coupled with equally as good vocals from that man, Shane. The sort of song you wanna put on before you cuddle up to the one you love. As the track progresses the background becomes more subtle and succinct. The combination of vocals comes at exactly the right times to create a fantastic musical experience - certainly the best I've heard in a long long time.
13. When You Come Around - 8/10
Upbeat track, very uplifting - good combinations of vocals again. Very dancy - reminds me of "Ready or not" by A1...
14. Don't Say It's Too Late - 9/10
A ballad again with a strong piano influence. Clear, concise lyrics. Verse merges into chorus almost transparently. The combination of vocals in the chorus again outlines the strengths of Westlife.
15. Don't Let Me Go - 8/10
A very "big-band" influence on this track. Lead vocals are passed from Shane for this track. A soulful track with a good rhythm
16. Walk Away - 9/10
Passive electric guitars, and verses almost sung as rhymes. Brill instrumental throughout and good vocals. oh, forgot to mention...strong chorus ;-)
17. Love Crime - 9/10
Another upbeat track, somewhat early 90's disco. Good rhythm, and shows another aspect of Westlife. Decent track.
18. Imaginary Diva - 4/10
Hmm, the ONE weak track on the album...enough said.
19. Angel - 10/10
Soulful ballad, accompaniment purely from piano. Shows the range of vocal talents that the group possess.
20. There's a hidden track at the end of Angel. Quite dancy and a nice end to the album.
This is the best album I've heard in a long time, and I listen to a lot of music. It follows a tried and tested formula but the sheer quality of tracks will surprise even the most sceptical of Westlife.
It does not ashame me to admit that I'm a male Westlife fan; and on the basis of this album - here's a toast to many more to come. Cheers! 10/10.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 15 November 2001
as someone who could win the award for europe's most cynical teenager, former westlife fan, who hates pop music as a general rule, i was fairly horrified when my best mate presented me with this album on monday morning..... i sat and gaped at it for a while, before convincing myself to put it in the CD player and press 'play'. and now i'm glad i did. this is what went through my head as i sat and listened.....
Track 1 - Queen of my heart : a bit unbalanced, it doesn't quite work, a bit samey, but very westlife.
Track 2 - Bop Bop Baby :I was suspicious of the title, but now i can't stay in my chair, i have to dance. the lyrics are actually quite depressing, but you have to, you must sing along!
Track 3 - I Cry : a fantastic song, a little bit of latino, but nice, a snuggly song.
Track 4 - Uptown Girl : very cool former number one, very poppy, very 80s, but a definite likeable one.
Track 5 - Why Do I Love You?: my favourite song, i've had it stuck in my head all week, it really hit a nerve with me, and i love it.
Track 6 - I Wanna Grow Old With You : a bit cheesy, not a fan of this.
Track 7 - When You're Looking Like That : the remix is EXACTLY the same as the very irritating original. why did they bother putting this one on?
Track 8 - Evergreen : I like it! it's got the traditional westlife intro, and sounds very much like they're about to jump up off their stools, and sounds like another of their songs but i cant work out which one!
Track 9 - World Of Our Own - title track, poppy, annoying, doesn't do anything for me (unlike mark feehily mwah ha ha!) but you have to sing and bounce along!
Track 10 - To Be Loved : the first time i have cried at a song in months. very moving, makes you want to hug that someone so badly.....
Track 11 - Drive : lyrics remind me of 'no place taht far' from 'coast to coast', quite samey.
Track 12 - If Your Heart's Not In It : one that you need someone or something to hug for.
Track 13 - When You Come Around : a very wicked one, i like this a lot, it makes me wanna dance!
Track 14 - Don't Say It's Too Late : something faintly 'swear it again' ish about it, but it's nice, and reminiscent of older westlife stuff.
Track 15 - Don't Let Me Go : trying to be dancey, it's a bit cheesy, i'm not convinced on this one, but a grower.
Track 16 - Walk Away : one of the stronger tracks of the album, one you can get stuck in your head, and good to sing along to.
Track 17 - Love Crime : HATE IT! definitely the worst one, they should have left this out, it's awful, cheesy and just tooo bad
Track 18 - mark's voice.....amazing. but you can tell that they wrote it themselves, although it's a singable one, and is good for tidying up to!
Track 19 - Angel : sounds like they're about to start singing about the twin towers or something, it's really depressing, but very moving, i like it a lot
hidden track - bad girls : very very naughty for westlife! i was shocked, what would their mothers say??? but wicked, and breaks the mould a bit!
if in doubt, buy it then take it back if you hate it : which you won't. trust me on that.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 15 November 2001
I have to say that when I first got this album, I was pretty shocked. Not because it's radically different, but because I actually didn't like it all that much - and I'm a fan. It's one of those albums that takes a while to get into - but it's worth sticking with, as after three listens every song is either stuck in your head or in the process of getting there. It's a very good pop album, that manages to encompass the three dominant genres of the moment (pop, rock, R&B) - which is exactly the way it *should* be. Unfortunately, around the halfway point the ballads and midtempos *do* start sounding a bit samey, and there was a point where I was thinking "Why did I buy this album"?
That said... "Imaginary Diva" was a risk. A pretty huge one. And it was always going to be one. It's essentially a Mark solo number (which is a big enough risk in itself, it's so rare that he gets to actually take the "proper" lead), written by him, Kian and Nicky. *And* it's a full-on R&B number to boot. Technically speaking, it should be awful, fans should be hating the change in direction and critics should be blasting them for not staying true to their ballad sound. But somehow it manages to not only be half decent, but in my view, it's actually probably the best song on the album, with a large majority of fans and - amazingly - critics heaping praise on it for finally experimenting with the "ultimate" contemporary sound of the moment, R&B. Obviously, liking R&B would affect whether you like this song or not, but it's certainly a worthy attempt - and no-one can accuse it of being anything like what the guys have done before. That, to my mind is an acheivement, and is worth sticking around for, if only to see how different it is. In fact, I'd say it'd make a good single for that very reason...
All in all, a good album from the lads - it does grow on you. It might not instantly grab you, it might slow down in places, but it's certainly worth sticking with - if only for the final three tracks, which are not only some of the guys' best material to date, but hopefully also an indicator of things to come in future...
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 12 November 2001
this album has all the usual westlife material in it, but it also has a lot more great songs which you would never expect the guys to sing! Compared to 'Coast To Coast' this album has more songs and more faster songs. They are a bit more poppier instaed of all being ballads which is GREAT! Dont worry though, the album also has the usual slow ballads from the boys which are great as any Westlife fanwould expect! A number 1 album definitely, with many potential number 1's on it!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 29 March 2002
I have never been a huge fan of westlife until last years release of "Coast to Coast". It blew me out of perspective of what I thought westlife were all about. But now they return with something even more brilliant than their last! "World Of Our Own" is a superb comeback into the world of pop. Although most pop artists have mostly upbeat or mid-tempo tracks and a few ballads, westlife have turned it around from mostly ballads and a few upbeat tracks. Now they have burst up to the likes of: the Queen of Pop- Kylie Minogue, S Club 7 and even Steps. The highlights of the album are the breathtaking disco smash "When You're Looking Like That", heart felt "I Cry", middle-classed beated tune "Why Do I Love You", the fabulous new single "World Of Our Own", and straight from the heart "Don't Let Me Go" & "Walk Away". The only tracks i find not so fantastic to the rest are "Drive(For All Time)", "I Wanna Grow Old With You", "Don't Say It's Too Late" and "Love Crime". They just don't catch your attention like the others. All in all westlife have made another awesome album and now they've made themselves a world of their own.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 16 January 2002
Westlife is simply the best Pop band out right now. They have had 9 number one singles and counting and they don't seem to be slowing down.
World Of Our Own (WOOO) is not much of a departure from their other albums, but why fix something that isn't broken? It might not get the huge smash single that their first 2 albums had (Swear It again and My Love) but the quality of this album is so good it more than makes up for this. They still have their trademark ballads and they are fabulous, but for this album the boys have started to spice up their sound and image just a little. You've got to love UK bands because they put so many songs on their CD's it's incredible. They have only released 3 CD's but they have about 5 CD's worth of material on them. Sometimes this can be a bad thing if the CD has a lot of "filler" music, but this doesn't apply to Westlife. Overall, WOOO is filled with quantity and quality. WOOO is easily the most mature and confident sounding album the boys have made yet. Even better is the fact that boys write some of the songs this time around. Shane and Bryan again do most of the lead singing and they are superb. Harmony has always been a staple for Westlife and they don't disappoint as well. It's a shame they haven't made it big here in the U.S. but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy this great album. Here are my thoughts on all the songs from WOOO:
1. Queen Of My Heart- the first single from WOOO and a VERY slow ballad. Trademark Westlife harmony make this a great tune. 8/10.
2. Bop Bop Baby- if you can get past the unusual title you get an incredibly catchy song which was penned by Shane and Bryan. 9/10.
3. I Cry- a ballad with a slight latin sound to it. 6/10.
4. Uptown Girl- the charity remake single of the famous Billy Joel tune. One of the best sounding Westlife songs to date and one of the bestselling singles of last year. 9/10.
5. Why Do I Love You- a very BSB'ish sounding song produced by the Swedish trio. The verses are well done and the chorus is very catchy. One of the best tracks on the album. 10/10.
6. I Wanna Grow Old With You- a ballad you'll probably hear at weddings in the future. A beautiful song. Penned by Shane, Bryan, and Kian. 9/10.
7. When Your Looking Like That (Remix)- a remix of their up-tempo song from their last album, Coast 2 Coast. I like this version just slightly better due to the catchier beat. Really the first song the boys where the boys have been let loose. They put this song on the album due to popular demand (it was a b-side single) 8/10.
8. Evergreen- I love this song. Classic Westlife harmonies highlight this cool mid-tempo tune. Also from the Swedish trio. 10/10.
9. World Of Our Own- an upbeat tune by Steve Mac that is going to be a sure-fire future hit in the UK. The boys really get into this one and sound like they are having a lot of fun. 10/10.
10. To Be Loved- an average ballad by Steve Mac and Wayne Hector. Probably one of my least fave tunes on the CD. 6/10.
11. Drive- another Mac and Hector ballad. This one reminds me a lot of No Place That Far from C2C. A Good Song. 7/10.
12. If Your Hearts Not In It- a real gem of a ballad that will grow on you the more you listen to it. The boys have some of the best harmonies I've ever heard from them. Amazing. 9/10.
13. When You Come Around- a mid-tempo tune penned by Kian and Nicky. The chorus is extremely catchy. A good song to just get up and dance to. 8/10.
14. Don't Say It's Too Late- a ballad penned by Shane and Bryan. This is a personal fave of mine that most others will not rate as high. I love the chorsu and Shane and Bryan singing lead have never sounded better. 10/10.
15. Don't Let Me Go- a mid-tempo tune penned by Kian and Nicky. Another song with an incredibly catchy chorus. A Fun song. 8/10.
16. Walk Away- another personal fave of mine produced by the Swedish group. I love the chorus to this song and the beat is just right. 9/10.
17. Love Crime- a guilty pleasure. Pure bubble-gum pop by the Swedish trio but for some reason it works well and I like it, probably more than others will. 8/10.
18. Imaginary Diva- my least fave song on the album. Not due to the fact that the group tries to go the R&B route, but for the fact the verses are weak and the chorus is not great either. The group does gets some points for trying to expand their musical boudaries however. 5/10.
19. Angel- the reamke of the Sarah Mclachan song. It's a decent remake but I didn't enjoy the original as much as others did so it's not getting a high rating due to that fact. 6/10.
20. Bad Girls- a hidden track on the CD and the boys second attempt at R&B is better than the first. This catchy song may also suprise some fans due to the naughtiness of the lyrics. 8/10.
So there you have it. Westlife might not be popular in the U.S. and they may never be, but if they keep coming out with fantastic CD's like this, they should stick around long after the pop craze has ended- they are that good.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 12 November 2001
I received 'world of our own' on the day of release and cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed it. The first track Queen Of My Heart is a beautiful love song and one you can't help but sing-along to, it is vaguely reminiscent of Wings, Mull of Kintyre. I was impressed to see that the guys from Westlife wrote 7 of the tracks on this album, I think they should be very proud of themselves as they are great. The album is what we have come to expect from the 5 Irish boys, mostly love songs with a few uptempo songs. I feel they did Billy Joel proud with their rendition of Uptown Girl, and When You're Looking Like That must be a definite for single release, it is such a catchy upbeat tune, that it instantly puts you in a happy mood. I Wanna Grow Old With You has such beautiful 'honest' lyrics and I love it. The title track World Of Our Own is sure to be a hit single it is pure Westlife with the 5 guys voices harmonising beautifully. There are so many great tracks on this album it would be hard to choose a favourite, but I especially like To Be Loved, Don't Say It's Too Late and the hauntingly beautiful Angel. All Westlife fans will love this album, it is very polished and great value for money with 19 tracks. I am going to add a second copy to my 'Christmas Wish List' so that I can have a copy to listen to in the car. You don't have to be a Westlife fan to enjoy this album, it will be loved by all ages that enjoy songs you can sing along to. If you buy World Of Our Own listen out for the hidden track at the end !
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 23 November 2001
I think it is safe to say I am seriously addicted to this album. As any (getting tired of it) member of my family will tell you its on constantly. I went out and got it on its first day of release and excitedly rushed home to listen to it. As soon as I got home I got comfy, put it on, sat back and relaxed. I had been looking forward to this album for months so anything less then perfection from the lads would have been a major disappointment, but thankfully I was not disappointed. Evaluation of each song:
Queen Of my Heart- a heart-warming ballad defiantly to share with the ones you love
Bop Bop Baby- very catchy tune, one to get up and dance to
I Cry- a strong Latino feel song which very strong vocals from Shane and a strong chorus
Uptown Girl- what can I say, a classic. Fantastic take-off of the Billy Joel song
Why do I love you- a song you are destined to have stuck in your head from the minute you first hear it. Very catchy bridge and chorus.
I wanna grow old with you- a real tear jerker of a ballad certain to bring a tear to your eye. Not at all cheesy and absolutely gorgeous.
When Your Looking Like That- upbeat tune form Coast to Coast remixed for this album, not much difference, but defiantly will still get ya movin'
Evergreen- one of my favourite tracks on the album. A classic Westlife song with a strong chorus.
World of our own- what can I say, its upbeat, its happy and its certain to get you up and dancing, quite simply, nice music.
To be Loved- another tear jerker ballad. Marks vocals pick this song up near the finish and ends absolutely beautifully.
Drive (for all time)- defiantly one of the best songs on the album. Starts off slow Westlife style which leads into a strong, bold chorus. Reminds me of No Place That Far from the second album
If your hearts not in it- brings tears to your eyes, makes you wanna cuddle up to the one you love. The piano and gorgeous vocals from Shane make this a fantastic listening experience
When you come around- upbeat, uplifting track which you just have to sing along to. Especially like the 'you don't have to worry' line from Shane
Don't says its too late- another ballad with strong piano influences and a combination of smooth lyrics and vocals in the chorus works well to make this a typical Westlife tune
Don't let me go- very catchy chorus and will defiantly grow on you and get you singing along before you know it
Walk Away- this song is actually the opposite of walking away, saying that you'll never walk out on someone. Very strong track, gets stuck in your head and will make you sing along
Love Crime- upbeat track, wasn't convinced at first but after listening to it a few times it'll defiantly grow on you.
Imaginary Diva- again I wasn't convinced at first as it strayed to far away from Westlifes norm. After getting over the initial shock of Westlife dabbling in the R&B world I really love this song and find myself singing along. Marks voice is amazing (Mark Feehily can come and sing with me any day hehe)
Angel- the perfect end to the perfect album (or so I thought, see below) Shanes voice is beautiful on this track and shows their range of vocal talents. Reminds me of them hymns you have to sing at the beginning of assembly and primary school... really took me back
There is a hidden track on the album... Bad Girls- totally unwestlife like, naughty naughty boys!! I was shocked but the song is totally wicked.
This album is the best album ever!! No matter who you are, young or old, female or male, you are sure to love this album. Trust me I'm a fan!!
Your gonna love it
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
With two UK number one hits (Queen of my heart, World of our own) and a UK top five hit (Bop bop baby), this was a successful Westlife album. All the songs appear to be originals except the closing Angel (a cover of a Sarah McLachlan song).

Several other tracks share the same titles as older songs, but that is inevitable as the number of titles already used expands rapidly. While I can never imagine anybody writing a song called Evergreen that would improve on Streisand's song, I do like Westlife's completely different Evergreen.

Another track I particularly like is Walk away, but there are many fine songs on this albu,m.
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