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4.1 out of 5 stars31
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2008
I am listening to this album as we speak, I am a HUGE Offpsring fan and have been for most of my enjoyable life!

We have some new styley tracks on here aswell as some tracks you can really feel the roots of, I actually cant stop listening to it, its hard to choose a favourite so i wont :)

Its definatly not Ignition or Ixnay but its Offspring and they still have something good going on. I hope i die before they stop making music.

Buy this album x
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on 14 June 2008
this is a differn't sound for offspring a bit more mainstream and a bit more melodic. but don't let that put you off the great album. i was a fan in the early days but the went off them for a bit but after hearing this latest release i'm back on board. every tune is so catchy and there are no filler tracks on here. 10/10.
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on 20 June 2008
I'm writing this review as I listen to the album for the first time, so all you're getting is my first impressions of the songs and a brief summary.

1. Half Truism - A good, chart-friendly, typically Offspring style singalong. Fst punk verses with a half-tempo chorus. Better than average but nothing special.

2. Trust in You - Sounds like the title song from the Smash album. A fast averagely good punk song of the type the Offspring do very well. Think 'The Long Way Home'.

3. You're gonna go far kid - Kind of dancy with a slow dragging chorus. I'm not overly impressed with this song. Puts me in mind of Panic at the Disco.

4. Hammerhead - Starts quite fast and heavy. The lyrics appear to be from a soldiers point of view. Changes 2/3rds through to a half-tempo chord-heavy punk rock number, kind of like the first track from 'Americana' (can't remember the name right now). The lyrics seem to now be about a school shooting, which is odd.
EDIT: Just listened to this song again and I like it very much.

5. A Lot Like Me - This is a totally new style for an Offspring song but I like it alot. This is how every Coldplay song should sound. Very emotional chorus. The song builds very well.

6. Takes Me Nowhere - Energetic up-tempo song. Sounds very much like 'Kick Him When He's Down' from 'Ignition'. In fact, it wouldn't sound out of place on that album.

7. Kristy, Are You Doing Ok? - I really like this song. It starts like a slow Feeder song, which isn't the best compliment, but soon becomes very listenable. Again, a totally different direction for the band. Quite poignant lyrics.

8. Nothingtown - Bouncy up-beat song that sounds like a mix between Less Than Jake's 'History of a Boring Town' and those bouncy 'minority' type songs that Greenday insist on doing. Not very good. I didn't listen to all of this as it got boring very quickly.

9. Stuff Is Messed Up - Hmmm... When this started I thought I was listening to Marylin Manson's 'Beautiful People'. In fact, if it were heavier you could imagine the lanky dead guy himself performing this. Quite good though, in a childish way.

10. Fix You - Starts like Greenday's 'Wake me up when September ends' but thankfully gets alot better. Another one in the new direction they've taken. I'm liking this song quite a bit. It's very emotional. If I didn't know better I'd say it was lifted from a Jimmy Eat World album, and that's no bad thing.

11. Let's Here it For Rock Bottom - Mid-speed rock number with a 'Police' style verse and a full-on rock chorus. Good chart friendly Offspring fodder with a singalong chorus that goes on forever toward the end. Will be a good crowd pleaser when played live.
Bit of an after-thought here: it sounds like Bon Jovi. Don't know what to make of that...

12. Rise and Fall - If this isn't a deliberate satire of Greendays 'American Idiot' then I'll eat my own hair. Even the album artwork that accompanies the song would suggest the similarities are deliberate. A very 'happy' rock song. Would sound good on the radio if they had the guts to play it and endure the inevitable Greenday comparisons.
It really, really does sound like 'American Idiot'.

Conclusion: I very much like this album.
There's no arguing here - they've gone in a very different direction with 'Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace' but, for me at least, it's a good direction. The endless 'Pretty Fly...' crap was starting to get annoying and this doesn't have one song that sounds like that.

I've only given it 4 stars because there are a lot of the die-hard 'Ignition' fans out there who are gonna hate this.

Personally, I think this has a much more mellowed adult feel to it. That's not really something you want from a punk band but in this instance it's worked very well.

If you like Jimmy Eat World, Greenday and 'Denial, Revisited' from Conspiracy of one then you'll like this.
If not, then just put 'Ixnay...' on and wait for the next album. I wouldn't hold your breath though...
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on 9 June 2008
After the awful Splinter and the premature Greatest Hits I was a little worried about what to expect and after the album art was revealed I was even more worried but after just two listens I can say that Dexter and co have produced a cracking album. Yeah its not the hard punk of the past and this is a far cry from ixnay and smash but what it is is a good, solid album with some brilliant tracks that remind you of old offspring and some newer, more mainstream tracks. Offspring have stuck by their roots for a long while and I think this album is a perfection evolution for a band who deserve your respect on the basis of what they have already achieved. If you're a fan then get this, give it some time and accept that, unlike splinter this is the next step in the evolution of one of the best punk bands of the 90's. Yes the Offspring have changed, but its damn good music and thats all that should matter. add it to your sounds of the summer
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on 17 November 2008
This is offspring. No doubt. Nor do you even get a feel that that they have been going since the early 90's. I still prefer Ignion and tunes such as dirty magic & The Kids arnt alright etc are a couple of the best songs they ever did but who cares right.

This definatley feels like a band running on top form and to be fair I was not expecting much. I felt their formula was getting stale and boring and skipped the last album so I was actually a bit shocked when I saw this for sale... we go again. But I took the chance and glad I did.

As soon as the opening track goes on the smile goes up and u'll be turning the volume to max and maybe even secretley jumping around your room.

Definatley a feel good album even if you have not heard any offspring before this album will appeal.

Nottingtown feels like it's going to roll into one of their other tunes from Conspiracy of One but never quite does.

There are a few slower songs on the album to break up the pace such as Fix You.

If you like the offspring then this is nothing revolutional. If this is your first album then this is a brilliant intro.

But i've listend to this album and not found myself going for the next track button. I think that says enough.

If you have not got any of their back catalogue i'd recomend Americana for similair fun & Ignition before they used a winning formula.
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on 16 June 2008
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace has a sound reminiscent of Smash and Ixnay, arguably two of the best Offspring records, and this can only mean good things.

Dexter Holland's vocals are clean and crisp throughout and there are plenty of awesome songs. Sure, there isn't anything here that we haven't heard before, but if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

My only gripe with this album is that it took four and a half years to be completed. But at least the production wasn't rushed.

This is a solid album. Personal recommendations include Half-Truism, You're Gonna Go Far, Kid and Stuff is Messed Up.

If you are an Offspring fan, don't hesitate buying this album!
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on 15 June 2008
Well I gotta admit it, been a fan for like ten years and got scared when they released their best of, thought they were stopping. But lo and behold they have come back and with a sound true their roots (yes Smash and Ixnay).

It's one of those "I will be listening to death and still love". Consider yourself a true fan they my fellow people only one thing I can say - BUY IT, BUY IT, AND BUY IT NOW.

One word AWESOME
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on 2 August 2008
if you like the offspring you will like this album if you dont like them by now this will do little to change your mind as they are doing the same as before but with a slightly stronger brand of petrol in their tank
the pace is pretty frantic from the off only slowing to display a little more depth on the exceptional kristy are you okay? and the beautiful fix you
besides these the punk pace and attitude flow with abandon and it feels like its 1994 all over again
you get that wonderful rush that you got when you first listened to smash all those years ago yes it really is that good
if you are a fan you owe it to yourself to get this and wash the dirty taste of americana out of your mouth
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on 18 June 2008
I tentatively approached The Offspring's new album, wanting it to be fantastic, yet fearing it would be actually be pretty average.
I grew up in the 90s with bands like The Offspring and it has pained me to see them somewhat diminish of late and be replaced with (in my opinion) dreadful rip-offs that take themselves way too seriously and care more about their stupid hair and genital-crushing jeans.
"Splinter" did not do much to help this predicament. It was not a terrible album, but for The Offspring it was certainly a step down. I thought, "oh well, they are growing up now, I guess things can't last forever" :(
Having heard "Hammerhead" online, I was unsure of whether I liked it or not.
But I went into Zavvi the other day and decided to have a listen to the whole album. After the initial shock my grin got wider with every track, many times I found myself getting very odd looks as I physically couldn't help but start dancing!
Needless to say I took it straight home and it has been on repeat ever since. I really can't say what the stand out tracks are as they are ALL of an excellent standard.

In terms of style, the album in general is the more playful Offspring sound that started to emerge around "Americana", but never fear if you were not a fan of the VERY silly tracks of that era, as there are none of those really. In fact, you'd be more likely to find a BALLAD, yes! That's right! My friend was concerned when I told her this, but they are actually really good! I mean, everyone loves "Gone Away", right? Although the ballad-y numbers on RAFRAG are actually far more chilled. I can imagine a few people disliking this, but I think it's great, and good to see the guys trying something new ("Fix You" is astonishing).
In general, there is a good mix of song styles on here, which range from the startlingly epic ("Half-truism") to classic little bursts of punckrock madness ("Stuff is messed up").
I honestly find it hard to believe that any true Offspring fan would find this disappointing. I even really like "Hammerhead" now :D

So hang on, why only 4 stars? Well, I like to try and keep things in perspective. "Smash" and "Ixnay" are bona-fide 5 star albums, and this just isn't quite as good (what is?!), but it's not far off, and that's pretty amazing!
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on 18 October 2015
The first several times I heard this, it seemed a total disapointment. The sound quality is bad, there's some really poppy songs on here, and those sound like rip-offs. However, giving the album another chance years later has changed my opinion. Sure, there's some rip-off tracks, but that is what The Offspring often do. 'Fix You' sounds like Coldplay, and 'Kristy, Are You Doing OK?' reminds me of Puddle Of Mudd's 'We Don't Have To Look Back Now'. These are fairly nice songs, but if you want some true Offspring songs then there's plenty here.
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