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4.7 out of 5 stars83
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2005
An amazing collaboration of phenomenal hits!! Words are hard to describe its superiority over other current artists. Surprising that a Greatest hits has been released so soon, but i will be buying this and i know many others who will too. Fantastic!!
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VINE VOICEon 19 September 2007
One CD of this 2 CD album is a compilation of all Anastacia's single releases from her first 3 albums (along with 5 new songs, tracks 13 - 17) the other is a CD of dance remixes. Both come packaged in a small, thin book filled with song lyrics & photographs.

The albums first disc looks like this:
1. I'M OUTTA LOVE 4:05
5. PAID MY DUES 3:22
13. EVERYTHING BURNS (Ft. Ben Moody) 3:43
14. I BELONG TO YOU (Ft. Eros Ramazzotti) 4:27
16. IN YOUR EYES 4:09

This CD's duration = 75:42.

The albums second disc looks like this:
1. I'M OUTTA LOVE (Hex Hector Main Club Mix) 4:00
2. LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE (M*A*S*H Master Mix) 3:57
3. PAID MY DUES (The S-Man's Darkstar Mix) 5:17
4. SICK & TIRED (Jason Nevins Funkrock Mix) 3:24
5. WHY'D YOU LIE TO ME (Nu Soul DnB Mix) 6:38
6. LOVE IS A CRIME (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 7:45
7. NOT THAT KIND (Kerri Chandler Mix) 3:44
8. ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE (Hex Hector/MacQuayle Club Mix) 8:26
9. LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE (Jason Nevins Global Club) 3:44
10. NOT THAT KIND (Ric Wake's Mix) 7:05
11. LOVE IS A CRIME (Cotto's Doin' The Crime Mix) 6:33
12. BOOM (Thunderpuss Club Mix) 6:49
13. ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE (Almighty Mix) 6:07
14. SICK & TIRED (Jason Nevins Electrochill Remix) 3:25.

This CD's duration = 77:05.

If you've never come across any of Anastacia's music before, this 2 CD album would make the perfect introduction.
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on 29 November 2005
This is an essential album of 2005, of that there can be no doubt. This collection of huge hits is a fitting reminder of what an incredibly successful artist Anastacia has become in her five years atop pop charts all around the world. "Pieces of a Dream" brings together all these much loved hits together onto one album for the first time - and the results are very impressive. From the beginnings of her pop genius with "I'm Outta Love", right up to the biographical perfection of "Left Outside Alone", all of Anastacia's biggest hits - and, thankfully - some of her less well known but awesome all the same singles are here. Also included are some nice new tracks which make the album a must-have for her most dedicated fan.
This gorgeous Special Edition is lovingly presented in a stunning fold-out ''book'' with some great photographs and all the lyrics. Most importantly it contains a Special Remix CD with some excellent Dance/Club re-works of all the hits. Anastacia's huge cross over appeal to the Club Market is on display here with the best of her Dance remixes from big names such as Thunderpuss, Maurice Joshua, Hex Hector and Roger Sanchez. It also contains the fruits of perhaps her most successful remix partnership with Jason Nevins on his remixes of "Left Outside Alone" and "Sick and Tired" which are the stand-out tracks of the Remix Disc.
"Pieces of a Dream" is an outstanding Greatest Hits package of one of the 2000's most loved, respected and simply wonderful artists. Anastacia is everything us Brits look for in our favourite artists, and this Greatest Hits collection should be a real top seller for this Christmas Season and beyond. Buy it, listen to it and fall in love with the amazing Anastacia.
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on 3 November 2005
Smashing onto the music scene in 2000 Anastacia has gone on to sell in excess of 20 million albums and after 5 successful years in the music industry it's time to release her first greatest hits. At first glance a regular music buyer would recognise a few songs (I'm Outta Love, Left Outside Alone, One Day In Your Life and Sick and Tired), at second glance you realise the quality and depth of Anastacia's music and most, if not all, of the songs you recognise after the first few chords. It is rare that you listen to an artist and in the first few notes you know you're going to be listening to 70 minutes + of pure quality. 'Pieces of A Dream' contains five new tracks for the album, the title track, the forthcoming single 'In Your Eyes', 'I Belong to You' a duet with the multi million selling Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, the duet with Ben Moody 'Everything Burns' and an exclusive 10 minute megamix of all the club remixes. For those dedicated Anastacia fans a special edition is available on November 28th with a new book and a bonus disk of remixes.
The album feature all 12 of Anastacia's released songs from her three albums 'Not That Kind', 'Freak of Nature' and the highly successful 9 million selling 'Anastacia'.
This album can't be missed for anyone who wishes to hear a distinctive voice, make sure you get your copy before Anastacia's hard earned break after the release of the album.
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on 22 November 2005
I have remained an ardent fan of Anastacia since her explosive dubet in the year 2000! After 5 very successful years, selling in excess of 20 million albums and 3-4 million singles, she has compiled all of her hit singles, which includes a number of great pop/rock anthems. This woman stands out like a sore thumb in terms of voice, image and passion, she is such an amazing and distinctive figure in the music industry. This album is fantastic, it includes all 12 of her smash hits, such as 'Left outside alone', 'Sick & tired', 'I'm outta love', 'One day in your life', Not that kind', 'Paid my dues' and many more of her fab songs also including four brand new songs and a megamix! Buy this top 10 album straight away, don't miss out!:0
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on 11 November 2005
I agree with one of the other reviewers on here, that it is probably too early for an Anastacia greatest hits, but what does it matter when every single release she's had became such a hit! After three albums and a very traumatic experience of cancer, Anastacia has matured the way many contemporary pop artists failed to mature....she delivers very original and moving dance music, and I certainly hope that following this greatest hits album there will be more spectacular music coming from this great young diva....Favorite greatest hits include: "I'm Outta Love", "Paid My Dues", "One Day of Your Life", "Why'd You Lie To Me", "Left Outside Alone", "Sick and Tired" and "Heavy On My Heart"...
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on 23 January 2015
Five years is a long time in the music business scene. Although it doesn't seem that long, it is five years since Anastacia hit the charts for the first time with "I'm Outta Love". Since then, so much has happened.

In the five years since then, we have seen any number of pop groups split up, TV start to create pop stars and for most of those artificially created pop stars to crash and burn. Madonna has reinvented herself twice and, until diagnosed with breast cancer, Kylie has just kept going.
In those five years, Anastacia has released three studio albums, selling 3 million copies of these in the UK and more than 20 million around the world. She has also battled and beaten breast cancer herself, although further away from the limelight than Kylie's current battle.

It's not just a strong voice that Anastacia has, but strength of character too. It is this combination that has enabled her to release a greatest hits album "Pieces of a Dream" after only five years as a major label singer, yet still manage to pack it with hits.

For me personally, Anastacia's career started with a bang with "I'm Outta Love" and has been tailing off since. Whilst she has moved away from her earlier sound, meaning you don't get the same song over and over, I preferred her earlier music to her more recent albums. In putting her hits in chronological order here, that means that this album does the same, starting impressively and then getting worse as it goes on. The new tracks, in particular, are a bit of a let down, as her voice isn't really designed for ballads, more for all out high tempo songs.

If you're a fan of Anastacia and already have all the albums, this isn't a worthwhile purchase, as the new songs are really nothing special and not worth the money on their own. If, however, you are a casual fan and only own one of the albums, or if you liked the singles but never made an album purchase, this would definitely be worth a look, featuring an equal amount of material from all three albums and some new material. If you're a pop fan and wouldn't mind trying something with a little more of a funk edge, this is also going to be made for you.

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on 10 March 2006
Anastacia IS the most amazing vocalist of recent years, she has amazing stage presence and talent, this album just lays out exactly why Anastacia is one of the most important and respected artists! Her voice defies any category available, with her amazing distinctive, powerful and dynamic voice! All of the songs are fantastic and will be appreciated by lovers of adult popular music and even some soft rock music lovers for stand out tracks such as 'Left outside Alone', 'Sick & Tired', 'Welcome to my truth', 'Everything burns', 'Pieces of a dream! This lady has only just really started her amazing career (5 years) and will be in the business for a long long time!! Can not wait for her next album!!
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on 15 March 2006
I have over the years bought two of Anastacia's albums (first and second album) and bought singles from her third album so when this album came out I really wanted to buy it because the singles were the best part of her albums with some of the tracks being mere album fillers.
All 12 of her singles are on the album as well as 2 duets, one of them being with Ben Moody.
This album really rocks and is full of rock/pop songs with a few slower ballads spinkled in for extra measure. The small lady with the big voice really rocks and this beats all three previous albums hands down because it has all the best songs on. The only track I am not keen on is the last one, the remix one. I am not a remix fan but there are a few good ones out and this isn't one of them. Don't let that put you off this album because the rest of the album more than makes up for it.
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on 8 November 2005
Anastacia herself felt it wasn't quite time for her to release a greatest hits but with a little pressure from her label, she agreed to it.
She wanted to add something special for her fans. She has included three new tracks that are AMAZING!!!! Also the limited edition is well worth the extra pence! A FANTASTIC singer/songwriter.
Thank you Anastacia for once again producing something special for your FANily
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