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4.8 out of 5 stars45
4.8 out of 5 stars
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 14 July 2007
This CD is an excellent introduction to what Barbra Streisand does best. It does not contain her early 60s and 70s work, nor does it contain the passionate and playful Guilty-period scores. It is rather a masterfully put together collection of ballads that, coupled with her timeless voice, would move even those few ardent critics of her work.

Ms Streisand has released many best-of's, and any further addition does raise suspicion as a possible quick way to make money. This collection, however, is beyond reproach, and even a devoted Streisand fan will probably find a song not in their collection. This is due to the inclusion of songs that are omitted from most of the other best-of compilations, such as "New York state of mind" (if there is a more beautiful song about a place sung more movingly then I'd like to hear it), "Kiss me in the rain" and "A man I loved". Enjoy!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2009
When I decides to transfer my ageing Barbra Streisand favourite album via my Mac to my ipod, I kept seeing "Love Songs" coming up on screen as the Album name for each song, instead of Memories - which was the name of the album as released in Australia. Upon investigation I discovered that despite the title change, God was good and released the 14 songed original in Australia back in 1981 - where as the American version has 10 songs. In short, we got the Brit version.
This Love Songs/Memories Album has always been my favourite Streisand album, even more so than the most popular of her albums (as stated by Ms Streisand herself during a tour of Australia a few years back) "The Way We Were."
It was released on Columbia in 1980, then re-released in 1981 on CBS with four extra songs. It reached number #1 in Britain where it stayed for nine weeks and was the best selling album of 1982 in the UK. It was certified as platinum, and won the best album award in 1983.
In Australia it won 6x platinum and in the USA Memories/Love Songs won 5x platinum and reached number 10 in their charts.

This is NOT a greatest hit album, it's an early 80's album when Barbra had recently recorded Memory from "Cats" and the top 40 hit "Comin' In And Out of Your Life,". She then re-recorded "Lost Inside Of You," which she and Kris Kristoffersen had recorded together for their film "A Star Is Born" and included her take on Billy Joel's immortal "A New York State Of Mind." Adding songs like the Way We Were,You Don't Bring Me Flowers (with Neil Diamond) and Evergreen, enhances what was already a beautiful collection of songs and didn't bother me one bit.
One critic, however disagreed when he said "Memories (Love Songs) was a blatant consumer rip off,highly unusual for an artist who usually gave value for money." But it is the balance of this album that made it so very popular in at least three countries. The hits "Evergreen","The Way We Were" and "Enough Is Enough" with Donna Summer, plus the inclusion of a (then) recent hit "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," added to 10 other gems was the reason we bought Love Songs/Memories in our droves, and is exactly why it remains as one of La Streisands best selling albums.
Memories - The Australian Version
1. Memory
2. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
3. My heart Belongs To Me
4. Wet
5. New York State of Mind
6. A Man I Loved
7. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
8. Coming In And Out Of Your Life
9. Evergreen (A Star Is Born)
10 I Don't Break Easily
11 Kiss Me In The Rain
12 Lost Inside Of You
13 The Love Inside
14 The Way We Were.

The subsequent Memories Albums in Australia seem to have reverted back to the 10 song American version, so I will hang on to my '81 version knowing it can never be replaced.
No one has more right than a girl from Brooklyn to pay homage to Billy Joel's "New York State Of Mind," and no-one does it better than Barbra Streisand.
"Kiss Me In the Rain" is a beautiful love song that I haven't come across on any other album,her solo performance of "Lost Inside of You" is poignant, "Wet" is another song I didn't have in my collection, and if I was allowed to take 10 CD's up to heaven with me - this would be one of them.
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 31 October 2000
This album holds special memories for me from many years ago and I have been trying to find a copy for a while now. All the songs are well written and coupled with Streisands amazing voice, you cannot but enjoy this stunning album. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quiet and pensive night in alone with a bottle of wine, or us old romantics who love to snuggle up on the sofa with our favourite person, with candles, good food and great music. All songs are slightly different but all are romantic, one of my favourites is Kiss Me in the Rain, which she sings with such power, I defy anyone not to be moved by it! Get online and buy this album you romantics, its just wonderful!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
well barbra doesnt get any better than this!

"memory" the opener she handles amazingly well but the show tune isnt what this album is about! "you dont bring me flowers" with mr neil diamond is the start for me - an amzing song about love turning cold! barbra soars to heights..neil is passionate in a way not seen since "love on the rocks"

"my heart belongs to me" is amazing..the ultimate briget jones moment! on a par with "without you" by nillson! and babs delivers the hurt..the insecurity..the pheonix...rising from the ashes!

"wet" is so beautiful and a raindrop! its mesmerises you between loss and hope! "new york state of mind" is all blues and soul and its ok but not a one to bring a tear to your eye!

"a man i loved" sees a full return to form as far as love songs go...amazing vocals...and i mean amazing!

"no more tears" with donna summer has to be one of the best songs ever written and performed! ditch the man! you dont need it! shame its not the full lenght version! its not a love song but a song about love gone wrong and it stands out - doesnt fit with the rest..but its a classic on its own merits!!!

"coming in and out of your life" again is amazing...soaring vocals..perfect songwriting! "evergreen" is a beautiful proper love song and babs dfelivers an impeccable vocal!

"i dont break easily" is a huge song about getting over it! a bit bitter! a bit desperate! "kiss me in the rain" again is so pure and clear and faultless!

"lost inside of you" is amazing! "the love inside" is not a love song..its definately a getting over love song..its amazing! and to round of the album "the way we were" is another amazing breaking up song!

this is the most amzing album but not for lovesongs..i supppose "you have been dumped songs" dont quite have the same appeal! yet that is what this album is..and in amazing proportions! it may go astray at moments but in all it is barbra delivering ultimate songs as no one else can (and im not a big fan who loves all see does)

best listened to with a glass...or even better a bottle of wine...on your own! nobody will be disappointed however old or young! we all have the same feelings! and this album is timeless beauty!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
This is in essence a summation of Streisand's work in the seventies with a few new extra songs thrown in. It cleverly starts with 'Memory' and ends with "Memories" the opening word to 'The Way We Were'. It includes such classics as `Evergreen' and `New Yrok State of Mind'. This is a good album to demonstrate (what Christopher Andersen describes in his biography of Streisand) her "caressing and spinning and savouring of each lyric to full dramatic effect": she does not just sing the songs, she acts them out.

There are the usual wonderful arrangements, but these would mean very little without that voice. I particularly like the segue between the first two tracks, "Memory" into "You Don't Bring Me Flowers". Streisand's vocal strength and subtlety is on show in her duet with Donna Summer; the latter has the strength to match Streisand in the sustained notes, but does not have Streisand's refinement.

A great album with not a duff track in sight.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 27 October 2001
Released as "Love Songs" in the UK & "Memories" in the U.S. A major seller in the UK in the early 80's which included 4 extra songs than "Memories" released in the States. A beautiful mixture of Greatest Hits & other love songs... ranging from the haunting Andrew Lloyd Webber "Memory" from "Cats" to a short version of Disco (No More Tears) "Enough Is Enough" A duet with Donna Summer. All songs previously released except (3) tracks "Memory" & "Comin' In & Out Of Your Life" (A. Lloyd Webber) & an un-released version of "Lost inside of you". Recommended.
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on 26 November 2014
I can't recall who said recently that Barbra's throat must have been kissed by angels, but it's a sentiment that I cannot disagree with. And if you want some of the most prime selections of that embrace, they'll almost certainly be here; from beginning to end and all points in between as far as I'm concerned. Memory is a stunning way to open proceedings, showcasing both the album as a whole and turning a fine song into a masterwork. Teaming up with Barbra must be daunting, but the collaborations with Neil Diamond and Donna Summer are just that, not a case of oneupmanship from either party. Although not technically a greatest hits collection, several are here of course, not least Evergreen and The Way We Were, which makes it an excellent guide to both the familiar Streisand but also enough to make the uninitiated dip a toe further into her timeless canon of work. From the disco No More Tears to the heartrending The Love Inside (a personal favourite) or nostalgic Kiss Me In The Rain shows how adept she is in all forms of vocals. I swear if she wanted to join a punk or metal band she could adapt without trouble and turn in a sterling performance! For all the "Ultimates", Essentials" and Best Ofs," selecting a single Barbra Streisand album is no easy task, and this is as close as I've come to the must - have one. All from the throat kissed by angels.
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on 9 July 2010
I bought a copy of this the year it came out and still have it (Vinyl! How retro!). Streisand's other albums somehow manage to slip in at least one track that makes you wonder why it was ever recorded let alone distributed. Not this one. Every track is a gem, a classic, and you'll play them all over and over again until you no longer need it because you can still hear her voice when you're singing to yourself in the shower. Or the supermarket.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 11 October 2013
Variety of songs - all good, never fails to delight! It doesn't seem to out-date itself. I always enjoy listening.
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on 12 May 2010
I bought this years after I first listened to it as a child (it was mum and dads!). I was in the mood for nostalgia unprepared for the quality of the voice and the excellent lyrics. It didn't leave the cd player for about a fortnight!

If you fancy some classy lyrics and excellent voice try it. I was quite surprised to see just how much she puts some more modern day singers to shame.
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