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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars83
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2009
F.E.A.R. (PC DVD)F.E.A.R: Extraction Point Expansion Pack (PC DVD)F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate (PC DVD)
the product links i recomend, to the 1st 3 games of fear. they were great.
but this one disapointed me tremendously.this game does have something the others dont, STEAM. i also had trouble seeing through a lot of the game.sometimes even with the tourch on. i played through once, no more.
again i strongly recomend, the first 3 of the fear games, just click on product links for details.
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on 16 June 2009
I would like to start with the main installation of the game before anything else, I will admit that installing FEAR 2 was extraordinarily irritating, but for the sake of the review I will not let that effect my overall view of the game.
To install the game, you must first install steam and create a new account, after that you must insert the serial of the game then let it install, for the overall size of the game (11GB) the install took longer than it should of. Each time you start the game you must enable Steam, this ends up taking even more CPU. The overall process is very tedious and inefficient since multiplayer is account based using GameSpy. I would assume that the protection was introduced by Warner Brothers, since none of the previous games were published by WB and none of them required such absurd validation methods. Also, FEAR 1 multiplayer is given out for free by Monolith.

FEAR 2 takes place after the first game so if you haven't played the first game, then the story will make little sense. The story in FEAR 2, as mentioned, takes place after the first game but instead of adding to the story, it mainly twists things we learnt in FEAR 1. Although some readers may think this would make the game intriguing, it doesn't. There were a lot of unexpected twists within the first game which worked brilliantly and adding more twists when we felt accomplished would just cause you to give up on trying to understand. To make the frustration more understandable, imagine yourself piecing together a 5,000 piece jigsaw with no visual guide to what the final product is, you're halfway through and on the verge of knowing what the image is, then someone suddenly comes in and dismantles it all. You'd be unhappy, annoyed and you'd most likely give up.

I then enjoyed the game for what it is, a first person shooter. There is an immense amount of action in the game and the enemies are really satisfying to kill. The only advancement from FEAR 1 is that you have the ability to move some of the objects in the environment and use them for cover or to reveal a doorway. You still have the ability to slow down time, do jump-kicks and drop-kicks, although the melee attacks don't feel as easy or as necessary to execute. There are also a few quick time events, which feel forced in and do not flow well with the game. If you complete them the first time, you'd think it was cool. If you fail, it'd just get annoying.

The horror factor of the FEAR games is absent. There will be multiple occasions where you'll literally walk past something that was supposed to scare you and the `scary' parts are `in your face'. FEAR 1 wasn't about scaring you but about creeping you out and making you feel cautious and vulnerable wherever you go. FEAR 2 on the other hand will try the scare you and most of the time it'll fail, you'll find yourself knowing something `scary' is about to happen and it doesn't surprise you when it does.

The controls of the game are the standard FPS controls and I have no need to elaborate on that.

The AI in the game is pretty smart and do use some of the tactics you use such as moving furniture, which makes the game more challenging. But this is no advancement from FEAR 1. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same AI.

Overall, FEAR 2 is a decent game and is a good FPS, the story was a huge disappointment and it was the story that compelled me to actually buy the game. Without the story, all it makes is a decent `run of the mill' FPS.

If you're interested in buying FEAR 2 but haven't played the first games, I'd recommend buying the FEAR platinum pack, which includes FEAR and both expansion packs. You'll have more enjoyment and satisfaction for money and it's cheaper too.
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on 25 February 2009
Loved FEAR, Extraction Point and Persius Mandate on the PC. Have been waiting for this release.

Sadly it is a big disappointment. Why? It's not a PC game anymore. This is 100% console stuff. Not that I have any particular dislike for consoles (owning many myself) but the whole experience of this game is almost ruined by the console oriented story/experience/controls. FPS's are ok on consoles for people who play FPS's on consoles... but as PC players we know the difference. PC->Console.. fair enough. Conole->PC.. who you trying to fool?

From the very start this game stinks of console. It's a big shame. I have no problem with trimmed releases hitting the consoles, but when we're expected to play these on the PC it's a rank experience and mocks our investments.

Big shame. I'm sure I'll enjoy playing this game through to the end but it's very clear this has been trimmed to the PS3/360 morons of the world.

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on 28 February 2009
If this game had appeared five years ago we would have been blown away, and for console gamers this is likely to entertain. However, on the PC we expect more. It's pretty and atmospheric, but quickly becomes repetitive and boring - a real shame.
Online play is likely to make this game more fun, but the same can be said for many other games.

There is some final issues you should be aware of before buying the retail version -
1. You cannot activate the software without Internet access.
2. You cannot install this on more than one machine even if you own both.
3. You cannot resell this game as the activation code only works once and therefore the buyer cannot install it. So if you regularly trade your games in then be aware you cannot do it with this.
4. You are forced to install the Steam online engine which though a nice interface will consume internet bandwidth without your explicit consent and prevents you from playing the game unless your internet is active.
5. Forget gaming-on-the-move. If you buy this to install on a portable machine (like an Alienware laptop) then you won't be able to play it without connecting to the internet. The instructions say it is possible to play offline but the reality is quite different with no fix on the horizon.
6. If you buy this game via STEAM instead of retail the restrictions are even tighter :-(

As a generic FPS F.E.A.R 2 is just ok, but with all the Steam online hassles and the flagrant disregard of European law (which requires the owner may transfer the licence of software AND be able to make a single backup copy) then I do not recommend purchase.
If you have already bought it, then please join those looking to create a test case against the software industry for ignoring European and UK law for 25 years.

Finally, If I had known beforehand that such restrictions were in place on the retail version I would never have bought it.
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on 12 February 2010
After some mixed reviews I had my doubts FEAR2 would compare with the original. Indeed for about the first quarter of the game it seemed to present nothing new or exciting. The story is pared down - mostly about stopping Alma. Sure, the special effects were more amazing than ever, and graphics - whilst a bit cartoonish at times - still created an effective (if not scary) atmosphere. It was from the time that I had to take out the multiple enemies with a sniper rifle that things started to pick up - a definite ramping up of tension. Then, a particular highlight for me, piloting the armoured assault vehicle (seen in many an action blockbuster) that still puts you in enough jeopardy to keep things exciting.

Ok, so it is a linear game, but then most are, even the COD series can be accused of that. If you've played lots of shooters it might even seem predictable and too easy [on normal]. I played it mostly on hard setting, and with no quick-save option that certainly got my adrenaline flowing. Could also be a frustrating experience to have to repeat a section, but that's the trade-off.

Here are the down sides: It is a fairly short game, but at risk of it becoming repetitive that's probably not such a bad thing. The tie-in to steam is a hassle if you don't already have an account. But once that's set up it's no problem (at least for an average broadband) and means not having to insert a disk. It's a one-time installation. The controls are a bit fiddly; much better to use the alt-mouse for zoom and x for melee.

In conclusion, I would rate it somewhere between the original and Perseus Mandate - which was certainly the worst. But at a price of a about a third of most games I would say it is good value for money.
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on 7 March 2009
I'm a big fan of the original game and was really looking forward to this. It disappoints me to say that this isn't a classic and is not the sort of thing I will keep coming back to.

For starters, it is nowhere near as scary or tense as the original. This seems to be because:
- There is a formula of heavy breathing = bad stuff about to happen which is very predictable
- The music plays much more of a back seat and is, frankly, boring
- There is very little exploration involved, unlike the original. At some points, when another team member is with you, they will even say "are you sure you want to go that way" or some such nonsence, making the levels very linear
- As with most new FPS games, when you are shot, an arrow shows exactly where the shot came from, making your job all too easy

Also, there are a number of issues that aren't really a big deal, but are just annoying.
- There are now no lean controls so you can forget about trying to be stealthy or taking cover behind something.
- The flashlight no longer has a limited charge, allowing you to walk around with it on to your hearts content, ruining all the suspense of the lighting.
- Lastly, a connection to steam is required every time the game is run. This is made even more annoying when it wants to update, as there is no skip option.

Having said all that, it is worth playing, just don't expect to be blown away like before.
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on 22 March 2009
Very disappointed with the simplistic console like gameplay, I mean glowing targets? PC games used to be sophisticated but when it comes to mashing the mouse to beat enemies, you've lost me.

Short, no savegame facility, scrappy story, poor AI, and the outrage of having to have steam authenticate you every time you want to play, and then not being able to sell your £25 game is a liberty to far.

They have lost me as a customer (and I've bought every Fear release). Poor game and shocking customer treatment. Avoid.
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on 8 March 2009
Having played through the original Fear and two add-on packs, I've been eagerly awaiting this for quite some time.

My initial impressions were that the engine has received a most welcome update and now looks very nice indeed. Likewise the music and sound scape in general. The AI is everything we've come to expect from FEAR and provides a real challenge.

My only issue with Project Origin is that the environment and game setting is identical to the first Fear and add-on packs. I just can't help thinking "Oh, yet another huge corporate headquarters office block. Oh, yet another medical facility. Oh, YET ANOTHER secret research laboratory." Come on developers - exactly how formulaic and generic can you get? Yes, I realise that the bit in the middle with the battle suit is a bit different, but while playing Project Origin I was very quickly left cold by the identical game setting. What next? A return to warehouses full of crates?

All told, FEAR 2 was a generally engaging and entertaining experience but was in no way whatsoever the revolutionary experience that was the original FEAR. I suppose there will be the inevitable add-on packs to flesh out the somewhat short story, so we'll see what they bring.
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on 28 August 2010
F.E.A.R 2 is good fun but not quite the classic that the original F.E.A.R was. This 2nd installment has you as a Special Forces soldier Sgt Michael Becket viewing the events depicted at the end of F.E.A.R from a slightly different viewpoint. You then go on to follow ALMA's path of destruction and the scary,psychic child is now becoming a bad attitude teenager throwing hissy fits etc [and the occasional downed airplane] at one and all.

You mostly fight on foot FPS style but a great time can be had with the MECHA suit found on one of the levels and you can blast away legions of the cloned super soldiers that are sent against you. You have to sign up to a STEAM account so your games are down loaded and I have a fairly high spec machine so the graphics looked very good.

F.E.A.R 2 is pretty much the same as F.E.A.R and the others with your slow time enabling you to destroy the minor baddies without too much bother and that's the problem it all feels a bit samey but with that aside I found F.E.A.R 2 to be like a dumb B-Movie. Fun if you like gory blasting and the occasional horror thrill but not much else to write home about.
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on 16 February 2009
... For it comes round far too quickly.

Ok first of all to get the good points out of the way, the suspense will cause you to feel your own heartbeat in your ears a fair number of times, the gun fighting gameplay is fun and if you let it draw you in you will shout at the screen in blood crazed frenzy quite a lot, (who doesn't smile when using a shotgun at point blank range in slow-mo) and the graphics will on occasion make you coo under your breath, and the world is fairly interactive.

Right thats done moving on, bad points, you will after some time be able to pick up on when creepiness is about to ensue, and so will lose some of the impact, the gun fighting can get repetitive, (slo-mo - headshot- headshot- end slo-mo... repeat ad nauseum), despite the world being very interactive, you may find you miss out on most of it besuce you just wouldn't think to do something, e.g you can when out and about in ruined suburbia yank open car doors for cover, unfortunately when quick thinking in combat you don't spend time opening the door when you can just duck behind said car and probably live longer.

My major gripe however is that despite its flaws I did actually enjoy playing the game which cut me to the quick when within about a days worth of play i was suddenly at the ending, I mean crikey! How infuriating is that?

My recommendation for the game is if you like this kinda game check it out, you'll probably have fun, if not then hmph you're loss, but definately play it on the harder levels to get a bit of a challenge and/or longevity out of the game. and find people to play online with.
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