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on 22 January 2010
i just wanted to add this review as to share my knowledge of this product with those who might not have quite got the hang of it yet. ive given it 4 stars cause right now im on my 3rd set of earphones and seem to go through them at the rate of 1 set a year which i dont really think is that bad because i swim a lot (probably 4+ hours a week). Firstly you need to use the additional ringed earbuds of the correct size for you to create the airtight seal necessary for good sound quality. secondly u cant be to shy when putting these buds in your ear and should treat them more as if they are swimming ear plugs, not regular headphones. Thirdly a piece of advice for the more rapid swimmers out there: i use two strap goggles and use the free strap which doesnt have the mp3 on it to go over my ears securing the phones in place. i do this because i found that the phones can become dislodged when tumbling of doing fly. I have hardly any problems using this product as stated above and can swim for hours without having to fiddle about with it, although initially it did take some getting used to!
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on 29 December 2009
I purchased these headphones as many reviewers had complained about the headphones you get with the Aquabeat MP3 player. They were saying that they didn't stay in the ear very well. The headphones pictured are the cone shaped ones (which I wanted) but when they arrived they are the round tipped ones. Probably worth checking what you are getting before ordering, so you don't end up with the wrong ones.
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on 16 March 2010
Although a good idea , this headphones caused me nothing but troubles. I`ve tried all 3 sets of buds that came with this set , but as soon as you start moving around, they pop out of your ears.You have to keep pushing them back into you ear the whole time.Didn`t help inserting them very deep like earplugs, it just hurt your ear in the end.
Sound quality is good, if only the stayed in place. Definately not worth the hussle and frustration..
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on 2 May 2013
Have had aquabeat for around 5 years but usually have to replace earphones every year as quite a reqular swimmer. This time however the earphones appear to have changed when purchased. I thought they would be like the originals with stiff plastic to go around the ears with a L and R to go in the ear, but the ones purchasing lately are very flexi cable and do not stay securely in the ear when swimming, some have a leaflet that instruct you to attach the bottom of your goggles to keep ear pieces in place, no chance if you have smallish ears. I have been very disappointed and found them unusable,to be honest, I originally complained feeling they where fake one's made in China etc, I am still on the look out for original earphones. Also beware as the picture shown usally looks nothing like the earphones that you receive. Really can't explain how disappointed I was, and concerned that my aquabeat will go to waste if this is going to be the replacements to the old ear phones.
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on 10 June 2010
I got the Speedo Aquabeat which came with the mushroom shaped earbuds. They did not stay in the ears when I went swimming so I decided to order this product since it has the cone shaped earbuds. I wonder why the cone shaped earbuds did not come with the original product. Anyway, there were 2 different sizes of cones and one mushroom shaped earbud. The cone shaped earbuds stay much better in the ear nd it has been possible to swim a couple of laps with no problem but.. Yesterday I went swimming and when adjusting the earbud before entering the pool the earphone part fell off and the earbud got stuck very deep in my ear canal so BE CAREFUL with this product. When adjusted correctly the earphones are ok but I am still looking for an alternate product which is safer and easier to use.Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player
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on 24 April 2014
I swim around 2.5Km per day, no stops. 5 to 6 days per week and have used several different waterproof MP3 players over many years. they all 'crash and burn' ('Splash and burn'?) eventually, but I have always stayed with these Speedo earphones as the sound quality is very good.

I now use basic NON waterproof Sony MP3 players (cheap to replace if they do get wet and fail), and have made my own waterproof case to protect them which attaches to the back of my preferred large Aqua sphere goggles. These have a double flat strap at the back of your head which is useful for anchoring the MP3 player and for trapping the headset wires to the back of your head.

I modify as follows. Remove each 'hook' mouldings from the earpiece by snapping them out. This leaves a small hole in the top of each earpiece where the hook previously located. Using a sharp craft knife I then cut off the very end of each hook which includes the snap fixing to the earpiece. These parts, once cut off are like tiny 'drawing pin' shapes which are then snapped back into the hook location holes in the earpieces to blank them. It's very important you don't accidentally cut into the wire or yourself with the knife in this process so take care!

The large conical rubber earpieces (with three ridges) are the best fit for my ears of the optional earpieces supplied with the headphones. I doubt the mushroom types will work in this setup but three sizes if the ridged rubber earpieces are supplied. ALWAYS PUT THEM IN DRY before you swim, and push them well into the ear. At first they may feel a bit uncomfortable but after a few swims you won't know they are there. With the earpiece in ears I then feed the earphone cables behind the head strap pulling up any slack wire which is usually the concertina section of wire to above the strap line so the wire to the ears are short but not tight to the head. The ear pieces need nothing else to hold them in place.

Using this method I can tumble turn, and swim long distance freestyle with no problem. The lack of ear hooks makes no difference to holding them in the ear. Actually I found when using the hooks they could easily get knocked or twisted when adjusting goggles etc which tended to levered the ear buds out and then its game over until you can dry them out.

I get hundreds of long swims from this set up and it usually fails because the wires break with the repeat movement of the wires as they drag through the water wire movement at the plug end or sometimes ehere the wire exits the earpiece. Snagging and breaking wires from snagging usually destroys them long before the wires break through this however, so treat them carefully and they will last. The headphones set up this way last many swims if you take care and don't snag or 'pull' the cables, which is very easy to do in your swim bag.

Hope my shared experience helps you, but it will invalidate any seller warranty of course and I take no responsibility if this doesn't work for you and you ruin your headset.
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on 16 July 2013
I have owned a Speedo Aquabeat since February 2011 and have honestly found it amazing! I swim for 30 – 45 minutes, 3 times a week up and down a 25m pool (gets very tedious) and having this has made a great difference.
As you would expect though, the ear phones don’t last long. They seem to come with a 90day warranty which may not sound great but should really be put in context of where the item is being used.
For me, the earphone last approx. 6 months at a time, after which they need replacing. I’ve been happily going through this cycle now since the 1st pair packed up..

However. Recently Speedo have changed the design of the ear phones, and I, as many others here have found this to be a big problem.

They offer inferior sound quality.
They do not fit me as well.
The cable is far too long to simply go on the back of your goggles (why make it this long AND include an extension cable?)

The new ear bud size options don’t offer me as good (and watertight) a fit as the previous model. As such, they constantly seem to let in water and or fall out. I have tried using the over ear option, and also using a swimming cap. Neither seem suitable.
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on 24 October 2012
The first set I brought of these (about two years) worked well however recently the music started cutting out due to some of the wiring coming loose. I do swim about 5 times a week so have got alot of useage out of the old set so didn't hesitate to buy another.

The sound is pretty good however the ear plugs themselves become uncomfortable if you swim with them for more than an hour.
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on 18 October 2010
My earphones actually look like the ones pictured.

These earphones gave my old Lavod MP3 player a new lease of life. I am not sure whether I have unusual shaped ear canals but I found that they are one of the few designs which stay in my ear.

The earphones come with several sized ear buds and therefore by their nature removable. On a few occasions when removing the earphones the ear buds have come off and lodged in my ear canal and on the last occasion it happened I needed assistance from a friend to remove one from my ear with the use of tweezers. I have now resorted "Super Gluing" my optimum sized buds onto the earphones.

The main cable is short and coiled and is ideal if your MP3 player is clipped onto, or wedged in your goggles strap. The headphones also come with an extension lead if your player is strapped to an armband or stored in your swimwear pocket.

The sound quality is reasonable considering they are completely waterproof. Overall they are well worth the money and it make swimming an absolute joy.
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on 12 June 2011
I bought these as a replacement for my original set of earphones. They have been improved upon since the original version. I find them comfortable and effective.

However I am a leisurely swimmer, don't engage in serious lengths and laps so can't comment on this aspect of using them.

One very important learning curve for me with the Waterproof MP3 and earphones is the importance of separating the earphones from the player when not in use. This is my 3rd Speedo MP3 player, and its taken me this long to understand that leaving the earphones attached when not in use, causes all sorts of problems.
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