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This is the first: in this world it will always be the blond leading the blind. TWIN PEAKS is a case study of great creativity getting gummed up by meddling TV executives and accountants taking more important decisions than directors. After a phenomenal first season, (against David Lynch's wishes) Laura Palmer's murder got solved in mid second season, effectively killing the impetus of the show. What was left, was a show that was too slow in finding a new direction, decelerating into vapid style and enjoying a huge cult following that is still going strong. I should know; I am a huge fan since the first time I laid eyes on Snoqualmie Falls.

This the second: your favorite childhood gum can never taste the same again. This OST reflects the shows decline in Season 2. It contains only a handful of original tunes; most tracks are reprises of Angelo Badalamenti's dreamy music. To TWIN PEAKS fans, this is a treasure chest full of timeless gems, bringing back memories of Mandy's misfortune and James' adventures. No unique tunes, though, and nothing to rival the original and timeless Love Theme.

And now for the third Truth: seek for the secret before the beginning.

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on 17 October 2007
After over 16 years the CD that Peaks Freaks have been waiting for is here: the volume two of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, featuring music mainly from season two in the television series but also including music from the pilot, season one and the film Fire Walk With Me. From cool jazz tunes to dark moody numbers to that pure and innocent 50s styled music. This is a must have for any fan of the tv series or the movie. My personal favourites are "half heart" and "hook rug dance". This is a CD I will cherish for always. A priceless addition my collection. Here is my review of the content, song-by-song.

Love Theme Intro: good introduction, although would have preferred a new version of the Twin Peaks Theme as the opener. Like the way the song mixes with other TP tunes in the beginning. (6 out of 10)

Shelly: One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite scenes of the second season. Was this ever used again? Doesn't get much better than this, near-perfection (9 out of 10)

New Shoes: another great song that defines the mood of the second season. It doesn't touch me as much as the previous song but still one of the better songs on this soundtrack (8 out of 10)

High School Swing: Qute, innocent, adorable. Such a simple tune but very powerful. A feel-good song. Makes me think of young love and Nadine Hurley!! (9 out of 10)

Hayward Boogie: This was never a favourite of mine but still enjoyable. Very different from anything else on the CD. (7 out of 10)

Blue Frank: First FWWM song on the CD. I think I find this song too similar to The Pink Room from the original FWWM to enjoy it to the max. Brings back memories to the scene it was used. Anyone know why it's called Blue Frank? (7 out of 10)

Audrey's Prayer: the love theme of the second season. This is a song I grew to love the more times I heard it in the series. Very touching and beautiful. Can't help but think about the scene between Audrey and Cooper in episode 15. One of my absolute favourites (10 out of 10)

I'm Hurt Bad: It starts out fantastic, love the opener, but then it fades into something...erm...slightly disappointing. Pity. (6 out of 10)

Cop Beat: Don't think this was used in the movie or series. Not a terrible song but doesn't stand out either. One that could be avoided. (4 out of 10)

Harold's Theme: Beautiful, sensitive, dreamy, mysterious. Great song, only wished it had been longer. It is too short to make a lasting impression. Can't help but think of poor Harold Smith (8 out of 10)

Barbershop: Hmmm..... Again completely different from anything else on the CD. Not sure if that is in a positive way or not. Of course the beginning of episode 9 comes to mind, hence the reason for the inclusion on this CD I suppose. One of the songs I will be temped to skip. (5 out of 10)

Night Bells: Guitar riffs. The scene with Bobby and Laura in the woods in FWWM comes to mind. Not much of a song except these guitar sounds. Still enjoyable, and sets the mood. (6 out of 10)

Just You: One of my favourite moments and songs in the series. Fantastic to finally be able to have this on CD. The singing voices of James Marshall, Lara Flynn Boyle and Sheryl Lee's are maybe not the best (you can see/hear why they are actors and not singers) but it doesn't matter. Sweet. (9 out of 10)

Drug Deal Blues: Some 50's rock.... Great tune. Imagine this would be a great song to do your housecleaning to! Love the feel of dancing to this. This tune sounds even better on CD than it did in the series. Pleasantly surprised (8 out of 10)

Audrey: Not quite sure why this was included on the CD as I feel it doesn't really bring anything new. However still a pleasant enough tune. The scene with Audrey telling Cooper about her father in episode 14 comes to mind. (5 out of 10)

Josie And Truman: Nice, elegant, reflecting, calming.... One of the jazzier tracks on the CD. Flows very nicely, although a bit repetitive in the end. One of the better songs from the last half of the second season (7 out of 10)

Hook Rug Dance: I think this must be my favourite song of the second season! And the way it sounds on this CD is incredible, with no interfering dialogue. So sweet, pure, innocent, representing what all the "good" things/values in Twin Peaks were all about. Amazing. Can't get enough of this song (10 out of 10)

Packards Vibration: Not sure how appropriate the intro to this song is but nonetheless it's another great track, always liked this song. All the scenes with Catherine/Josie/Andrew/Mr. Eckhardt/Jones come to mind. (8 out of 10)

Half Heart: With the exception of The Voice Of Love this was my favourite track from FWWM. It's just pure heaven closing your eyes listening to this song. Can't help but to think of the scene with James and Laura, two lovers finding comfort in a world gone astray. Magical! (10 out of 10)

Laura's Dark Boogie: Good beginning but then it turns into too much experimentation... Think this music works better on film than a stand-alone track. Definitely creepy! Not quite my cup of tea (4 out of 10)

Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room: The tracks getting longer towards the end here.... Love the mysterious opening and ending of this song. In a way the theme of the final episode. Quite different than anything else you're likely to hear. Difficult not to see that whole episode playing in your mind when listening to this song. Perhaps dragging on a little too long... (7 out of 10)

Love Theme Farewell: Much the same as the first track with the sound of the wind howling. Can't really see the necissity of including this song twice although it's one of my all-time favourite TP-tunes. Nothing new about this one, unfortunately. (5 out of 10)

Please everyone go out and buy this CD. If this CD sells well perhaps we will see more music released from Twin Peaks in the future.
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on 30 July 2009
This was such a treat for me. I adored Fire Walk With Me, it's such an incredible piece of art. I also adored the soundtrack to FWWM, there is nowhere else you can find music so deep, adult, inspiring and engaging. Of course I loved the series aswell, but FWWM cut into me so deeply. And this CD sends shivers, it's such a gift. On my first listen I couldn't stop crying! There is a lot of dimension here, and just surprise after surprise, really evocative melodies and tunes that really touched you. All in all, I can't say how happy I am with this collection! Even 'Cop Beat' which samples, skitters and mashes key TP melodies in a very complex, seamless and current manner. Goodwork, thankyou God! Today I am giving myself this very speacial present. Much love.
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on 15 October 2013
I don't usually buy soundtracks as they usually lose something when not accompanied by the material they were intended for but having picked up on all the great music going on in the background while watching endless hours of the show I had to buy this album. Listening to it through a stereo with only the music to hold my attention is just awesome, it takes on a whole new dimension. It takes you on the same roller coaster than if you were watching the show itself. From haunting to serene. From quirky to creepy. it's just great! Buy it people!
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on 3 January 2014
Hearing it it is like watching Twin Peaks,it is very good.You can hear it at home,driving,doing your housework.I bought it because I like Twin Peaks but even if you don' t know Twin Peaks you will appreciate this music.
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on 14 January 2015
As a huge fan of "Twin Peaks", this is obviously something I wanted to have in my collection. I ordered on Friday the 9th of January and it arrived today on Wednesday the 14th of January. Very pleased!
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on 12 November 2007
The previous review does a perfect job of describing the music - this CD is even more than you would have wanted 16 years ago. This is just a brief note about the aesthetics of the disc.

The cover is not attractive - it's in a gaudy overly bold style that appears to be in vogue at the moment, especially in advertising, but has no real place on a Twin Peaks product.

I've read a post on the forum suggesting the 24 page collectors booklet will make it worthwhile, so it's sad to note that beyond the credits page, the horrible cover and a small blurb about the release of this album after so long, the rest are all just photographs. They are wonderful photographs (some stills from the show and some promo pictures) and do go some way towards balancing the aesthetics I spoke of earlier. just don't expect much in the way of new information, for there is none.

Buy it for the music - it's a five star album and is rated accordingly, do not expect great things of the booklet.
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on 15 April 2015
If you cannot find the hidden track before track 01 use dBpoweramp to rip it!
Even the oldest cd player in the house could not rewind past 0:00 and Exact Audio Copy could not see it.
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on 9 October 2013
We love it, music to loose yourself in. Atmospheric and entrancing! Already has a place on our favourites play list. Excellent!
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on 24 July 2014
Some wonderful nostalgia here plus some average stuff too. It's not as uniformly strong as the original Twin Peaks CD but worth a listen.

There are some missing pieces of music which, as a fan, bothered me, eg:

1) Mairzy doats by Leland/Ray Wise
2) Get Happy by Leland/Ray Wise
3) Getting to Know You by Leland/Ray Wise
4) The Surrey With The Fringe On Top by Leland/Ray Wise
5) Through the Darkness ... (Mike & Bob's epic poem) ... would've been
a great inclusion as an Acappella track
6) On Top Of Old Smoky (Ed sings it to sick Nadine)

Since these songs are obviously "spoken word" sections from the script they possibly fall under different licensing/regulations than Sr. Badalamenti's pre-recorded compositions. They may not even exist in any unmixed form except on some kind of original masters.
For this reason I think they are repeatedly omitted and swept over when in fact they are musically FAR more integral to the Twin Peaks experience than "Cop Beat" or say "Harolds Theme".
Oh well - you won't find them anywhere except within the Episodes. Check out the Twin Peaks Archive Album online (over 200 Alternate, unused TP tracks, many of which are better than the material on this or any previous Twin Peaks Soundtrack CDs!)
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