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3.9 out of 5 stars37
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2008
I just got my new HTC Touch HD phone a few days ago. It has replaced my old SPV M700 (HTC) with Windows Mobile 5 handset. I considered the HTC Diamond but disregarded this due to the slow TouchFLO 3D at the time (has now been updated) however battery life (900 mAh) is still bad. I also considered the iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Storm. The iPhone is fabulous, but not for editing documents etc., plus the screen resolution of the HD is near double. The Storm has a "click" screen which I'm not sure about.
First thing you notice when you take the phone out of its box it how solid and well built it feels. Also striking is the lack of the usual array of "HTC" style buttons. This gives the phone a very minimalistic and elegant look. After starting it up you are greeted with the home screen of the flo menu. This now responds much faster, looks stunning and is a real asset. However the flo does not cover all the phone's functionality and it soon reveals the WM 6.1 prof. underneath. Then navigating the menus using your finger becomes very tricky. Even the fantastically high screen resolution (480x800) can't make up for this. The HD does come with a stylus (held in by a magnet) which you'll need for those occasions. The virtual keyboard is good and responsive but I find it takes some time to get use to. To sync the phone with my PC with Vista was very easy with active sync. It works very well with MS Office 2007 and Media player. I took it to the gym and found the HD works very well as an MP3 player. You can even adjust the volume with the button at the side of the phone without turning the phone back on. The sound quality is very, very good. Importing/converting vids and photos is a doddle with the media player. However I imported a video podcast and the software did not make use of the g-sensor to view landscape, why? Playback is smooth and seems good. Web browsing is a joy with the high resolution screen and Opera 9.5 preinstalled (this does make use of the g-sensor).
I contacted HTC customer service and found them very helpful. If you go to the HTC website you can download the latest fixes for the phone.

TouchFLO 3D now fast and very useful
Build quality
Battery life
Great preloaded programs e.g. MS mobile office
Very good MP3 player and video playback with fantastic sound quality
Very slim and portable
HTC customer service seems fine
Very good compatibility with MS Vista
Looks stunning
5 mega pix camera

Windows Mobile rears its ugly head
Fiddly small buttons in MS windows mobile
G-sensor does not support many prog.
Only digital zoom and no flash

Overall a great versatile handset.
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on 7 December 2008
The HD is not perfect and not for everyone however it does fulfil most of its promise, and gives you a good phone and a pda that has the versatility of windows mobile.

Video performance is barely adequate, the camera is fun and useful as a backup. I have no complaints about the GPS, QuickGPS allows it to get very fast fixes.

Touchflo focuses a little to much on eye candy rather than practicality but is still way ahead of the usual win mobile interface and is responsive enough. However if you want games get an iphone, this has enormous potential with the hi res screen and custom graphic chip but many current games cant cope with the hi-res and/or lack of a d-pad, and I am not sure the grapics chip can be used for anything other than touch-flo. Games on win mobile are just not produced at the same level as the iphone, despite in this case better hardware.

Web browsing, SMS and email are a joy to behold, the keyboard is great on the big screen. Small annoyances are easily fixed using software being produced by the developer community but you cant help but feel that HTC do not have the same level of commitment to supporting their customers after they have bought their phones as some other companies.
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on 16 March 2009
I have always wanted to leave a review on amazon for my fellow "purchasers" but have never really bought anything worth leaving a review on.... not until i obtained the beautiful HTC Touch HD. My room-mate has an iphone so i have experiemented with the Iphone as well.

The phone is windows based and although personally i think this is an advantage over palm OS or OS X iPhone,... i dont think the avarage phone user will find the OS very user friendly/functional or even good to look at. To conteract the ugly Windows OS, the product comes with a separate interface known as Touch FLo-3D which makes it extremly easy to access the most usefull features on the phone and adds to the phone's appearance.

Because Windows OS is much older and more established than Iphone X OS, you will find that more applications are out there for this phone that you would find for the Iphone. Better still they will most likely be free (Legaly free that is) since Windows Mobile OS is not as commercialised as the Iphone. Just go on google and type Windows mobile application and OILA! The sky (or shall i say, "mouse/keyboard is the limit") is the limit. A downside to this is that the choice is so abundant that you may not always know what is be best particular application to possess on your phone, in addition, because most of them are free,... the quality will not be as high in some cases.

The looks are to die for! simply amazing, when you get this phone on your hands for the first time you wouldnt want to put it down, it simply feels and looks ridiculously-brilliant!!!! The screen is slightly bigger than the iphones (while the product itself is the same size in dimension as the iphone) and as the name suggests,... it is HD,... meaning much much much clearer and better resolution than the iphone. The advantages of a windows based system is their ability (or shall i say flexibility?) to copy (install) other OS skins, so if you want the iphone look (and you are silly enough to get this product instead), you can always install a skin-theme that emulates it loosely.

If you love your music and are buying this phone as an MP3 as well, oi!! u are in for a delight! Although it comes with comes with really dissapointing headphones, if you invest in medium quality headphones, the iphone is no match (I have to say, the only thing that comes close are the sony MP3s (A, E, or even the S series). Synching your music to this player is a extremely easy and fast, simply use WMP and drag and drop the tunes you wish to transfer! I have not tried to use itunes yet.

In terms of speeed,... the iphone is slightly faster, the phone has the nack of getting stuck sometimes (again blame windows!), but this will not affect your enjoyement of the phone too much.

Basic technology over the iphones (ones I havent mentioned already and i think are basic in todays world of communication);

1) Two cameras. One at the front for video calls, and one at the back for normal use.

2) 5 meg pixels Camera

3) Bluetooth technology - not many people know that you cannot share files using Bluetooth on the Iphone!

Recomendations from experience;

Download a new alarm application, i dont think this product's one is good enough. I'm currently using PocketAlarm which is probably the best alarm application you could have on your phone.

Battery life,... the HTC has a slight advantage over the iphone because the battery is not in-built. what this means is that if you are smart enough to invest in a second battery, you can charge them both and carry a spare around with you. One HTC fully charged battery would last longer than an Iphones battery.

Experiment with different applications, and if you see an aplication on the iphone that you like - gurantee that you can get a better one on Windows (for free!), you just have to know where to look *wink wink*.

If there will be a competitor that stands above the rest against the Iphone - believe me this is where it begins. HTC (this model and others to come) will surpass Apple on the touch/smart-phone market.

Enjoy your phone (I cant help but...)

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on 30 October 2009
First of all i would like to point out that is a brilliant product, but beware, buy a case with it! i've had this phone coming up for a year now and it'sbeen sent back twice. the first time was in dubai, wild wadi and i dropped it out the locker. the screen shattered rendering it useless! it cost 140 quid to repair so just do the right thing and buy a silicone case for it! i've dropped quite a few times befare the fatal accident, but this time it landed wrong! after that incident, i brought a case. the second time was when the phone suffered from water damage, however i am pleased to report that it didn't cost me a penny! what i think happened was the case collected water and then soaked the mobile! oh well!
as for the phone, well, i love it! windows mobile is a bit fiddly at first, but i got used to it fast. it does everything it is claimed to do quite well. the camera isn't quite as impressive as the phone, however. 99% of my pics were blurred. also, the accelerometer (thing that makes the screen rotate to the way the phone is being held) doesn't work on most apps. it works on opera and album, but doesn't work on excel which i find quite annoying. the screen is very large and the resolution is great. tied up between this and an iphone? well, iphone is more of a play phone. it isn't really a 'serious' phone. i got this because; the camera is higher resolution, work with microsoft word, excel and powerpoint and has a bigger screen.
hope this helps
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on 2 March 2010
I've owned my Touch HD for nearly a year now and got used to it's little quirks. This weekend I got round to installing an updated ROM (Topix's Win Mobile 6.5 one) and I'm amazed by how much better the phone is.
The phone is faster, smoother, and easier to use. All due to updating the ROM that it uses.

The HTC Touch HD is known as the HTC Blackstone in America, and there are loads of websites where people have made their own free software and apps for it, including new backgrounds, games, etc.

I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting the new HD2 or even an iPhone to think about getting this cheaper alternative. With a quick free upgrade you have an amazing phone which you can install any programs you want. It is also SIM free so you can use it on any network you want too.

I would also recommend one app that you need to pay for, Coreplayer. It's not very expensive but it allows you to play almost any video on the Touch HD. No need to mess around re-encoding HD vids to play without stutter, etc. Brilliant little app for a brilliant phone :)

If anyone is looking for a great smartphone without having to get a second mortgage, then I can't recommend the Touch HD any higher. Especially as a Win Mobile/Phone 7 ROM upgrade will almost certainly be released for it too, giving you even better futureproofing.
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on 7 March 2009
I have bought this phone on contract after much research of about 1 month. I read hear people complaining about things like Gsen and softlock.

You get free products online like Gyrator which can be installed on your computer which will autorotate most of the programs and also provide a lock which activates on your stylus position(inside or outside).

There are plenty of other products which are developed for Windows mobile platform and a simple Google can solve most of your problems. I have installed Skype and Google talk interface and it works a treat.

Also, the TouchFlo is great, HTC has the best hardware in its class, better than Iphone.

I could go on but the point of this review is to stress that a simple online search can fix most of your grievances about this phone.
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on 20 January 2009
As an add on for my first review....
I have just downloaded the CorePlayer with all the codecs this player needs...$30 - turns this unit into an amazing video player.
I am so glad I downloaded this software, totally upgrades the video playback.
10/10 for a great unit
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on 28 December 2008
There's no denying that the Touch HD is a beautiful device with a screen that needs protecting from your jaw dropping onto it whenever you behold its glory. It has to be the best combination PDA / phone on the market at the moment and, if you like Windows Media, it kicks the iPhone into a cocked hat.

However, as a large-screened high resolution multimedia device you'd expect it to handle DivX movies. *** It does not ***.

As a large-screened high resolution device with built in GPS you'd hope it would support TomTom Navigator. *** It does not ***.

And one small but significant niggle: The Opera browser indeed stands head and shoulders over Internet Explorer Mobile, and the high resolution rendering of full webpages on a screen you can shove into your mouth is positively bewildering. HOWEVER, at default zoom levels although the pages are visible (and legible, given perfect vision) the links are too small to click, so you need to zoom into that area to click the links. Frustrating.

However despite these important points, I love this phone and under forced choice conditions would save it from fire rather than my Mother.
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on 18 October 2009
I bought this phone after a lot of research and reading all the reviews on it. I am a mobile engineer and I had a Nokia N96 plus a HP 114 PDA and a Garmin Mobile 20 Satnav System and I was looking to incorporate all into one device.
I love this HTC phone. It just looks so good and after having it in full use 6 days a week it does perform so well. I bought the new TomTom 8 with European maps for the device and it works a treat. This device has taken all the hassle out of my communications and running my database of clients and organising my diary which is essential to my daily running.
I was concerned after reading one review which is on the Amazon site but I can tell you that I have not found this to be the case. On the contrary, I found the touch screen to be brilliant and easy to use. As for locking the device, simple, you just press the on/off button for a fraction of a second and the device goes into lockdown. All you have to do to unlock is repeat the process and you phone is back.
In short. This is a tremendous phone. Its well designed and put together and performs superbly. I just can't say enough about this phone. I have been very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.
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on 18 April 2009
This phone is amazing. Simple as.
It does all you want it to do and more. Not only does it do what the iPhone can, it also acts as your mobile office when your away. You can create, edit and email Microsoft Office documents and sync your Exchange server emails, calender, tasks and contacts.
The camera is better then the iPhone at an brilliant 5MPs. The screen is bigger and a higher resolution meaning you can watch videos the way they were meant to be seen. I've also heard that it works out cheaper than the iPhone, where you'd eventually pay about £700 with the partial cost of the phone and the contract.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Touch Phone.
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