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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars42
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation2|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£2.49 - £33.95
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on 26 September 2009
Need for Speed Undercover on PS2, this just sounds fantastic! It is fun to play and includes lots of fantastic Races, Challenges and Cars but thier is some let downs.

(<The Good>)

Lets start off with the good about the game here, it is very fun too play and has many fun challenges and a big amount of cars. It is also very good with the Force Feedback Wheels too.

Cars: This game includes lots of good cars that is more than what you expect in a PS2 version of NFS. There is many types of cars in this game from slow cars upto about 115MPH to fast cars upto about 305MPH like the Koenigsegg CCX. Below here is the full list of cars in the game, That is a heck of alot of cars!

1.Chevrolet Camaro SS (1969 Model)
2.Chevrolet Camaro Concept
3. Chevrolet Corvette Z06
4. Dodge Challenger (1970 440 Model)
5.Dodge Challenger Concept
6. Dodge Viper SRT-10
7.Dodge Charger (1969 model)
8. Dodge Charger SRT-8
9. Chrysler 300C SRT-8
10. Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda
11.Shelby GT500 (1967)
12.Ford Mustang GT
13 Ford Mustang GT ( Police Edition*)
14 Ford GT
15 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
16 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR Edition
17 Pagani Zonda F
18 Koinsegg CCX
19 Nissan Skyline GTR R34
20 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3
21 Mazda RX-8
22 Mazda RX-7
23 Nissan 350Z
24 Nissan 240SX
25 Infiniti G35
26 Renault Clio v6
27 VW R32
28 Lotus Elise
29 Mercedes Benz CLK 500
30 Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG
31 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
32 Porche Cayman S
33 Porche 911 turbo
34 Porshe 911 GT2
35 Porshe Carrera GT
37 Toyota Supra
38 Aston Martin DB9
39 Lamborghini Gallrado
40 Lamborghini Gallrado ( Police Edition*)
41 Lamborghini Murcie`lago LP640
42 Porshe 911 GT2 ( Police Edition*)

Car Tuning: Car tuning is very decent too! I have made myself the Gulf Ford GT Lemans Racing Car out of it and a Koenigsegg CCX with a nice reflective orange paint on it plus a Dodge Viper SRT10 in red/green with black racing stripes that can hit upto 305MPH as easy as clicking a mouse. Thier is certain let down's in tuning, it is that you can only add vinyls in specific places of the car depending on the vinyl you use.

Racing and AI: I think that racing in the game is very good and fun but the AI can be controlled yourself, you can select easy, normal or hard in the options menu's so that let's you play the game at your liking.

High Speed Chases: If you are the person who liked being involved in a High Speed Chase in NFS: Most Wanted you can give it a try on this. It can all start as the basic cop cars and civic cars all the way upto cars like the Mustang GT, Lamborghini Gallardo and 911 GT2. It can be fun in a high speed chase or be frustrating when busted. You can look for the cop destroyers on the map to get rid of cops and hide in cooldown spots to make the cooldown meter fill up faster but cops can still find you in cooldown spots unlike NFS: Most Wanted. You can win cop cars in certain drivers jobs where you can win cop cars and then select that car in your garage and bust criminals and you can win about 20,000 cash for it.

Music and SFX: The music in the game is quite good and racing like but the SFX and engine sounds may not be too good. They don't sound like the real cars but then and again it is an engine sound.

Force Feedback Wheels: The Force Feedback Wheels work fantastic with this game. Infact game supports the G25 6-Speed Shifter and Clutch which I didnt know any games did for the PS2. Also NFS: Carbon and NFS: Prostreet for the PS2 support the 6-Speed Shifter and Clutch.

(<The Bad>)

Thier are several bad things about the game. All as listed below.

Lag and Freezes: These happen very rare but I think that it has too many elemants than what the PS2 can handle so when that happens the game can slow down and lag but if not run at about 5-10FPS in certain areas and then you wait for more strong elements during the slowdown and then it may crash the game all together meaning reseting the PS2 and losing unsaved changes. Also if using a fast car like the Zonda F or Koenigsegg CCX etc. it could take time for the scenery to load so it looks like you are driving in the air.

Criminal stook in wall: If you are using a chasedown mode and come to the area that the bridge is over the chasedown area. You can find a criminal stuck in the wall so he will be easy to capture/bust.

Mirror not fitting: If using the bumper or hood camera looking at the rear view mirror it can be poking out of the top of the mirror frame.

Loading times: Loading times can take upto about 30 seconds that can be so enoying. As mentioned earlier it can take time for scenery to load while drving in free roam.

I would Reccomend the game to any of you because it is so fantastic. Thier are bad things but they are only like minor glitches.

Average Score: 4/5
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on 27 January 2009
Most people are complaining about this game, but lets face it, they usually just think about graphics!
HEY!!!! You dont buy a game cause it looks like something by Roy Lithenstine, you buy it cause its fun!!!

You play a driver working for Agent Chase who wants you to go deep and become one of the gang in illegal car smugglers, dealers, and violent gangs
Once you get their trust, or get onto a bigger lead, you bust em, by taking them down

Now, undercover for the PS2 does have a couple downsides such as no "My Cars" garage and not having the Audi R8
But I have to say, the realism in the driving has improved

There is no drift race mode, but you can drift, just by holding the handbrake for a second, and turning, you drift round and it is really useful

I have only taken down one small gang and I already have a trusty Lotus Elise with a nice blue camouflage paint style, and a Ford Mustang police car

Multiplayer has improved as it has a great mode that has come back from Hot Pirsuit, Cops n Robbers
One player is a cop is a police tuned Ford Mustang, Lambourghini Murcilago or (I cant remember the last one) and the other uses a special car, such as a highly tuned Zonda, Lambo or Nissan with many more

If you are desperate for the Audi, get it for something else like PC

The city is called "Tri-City" where there are 3 corners of an island, all conected by highways over the ocean
The setting is amazing, looking like a place such as Miami, with palm trees, modern buildings, and even a few shoppin centre to drive through

The cops have become much more tricky to handle, as they attempt to "Pin" or "Box" you much more, and they use the "Rolling Wall" technique much more often

The customise has the autosculpt feature from CARBON and as well as some brilliant new vinals, it also features some retro vinals coming back from CARBON and Most Wanted

Overall, only someone who really follows the Need For Speed series wont complain about this (Though the no "My Cars" garage was really annoying, so save your money if you want to make cars for friends)
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on 22 November 2008
This game is awesome. Races, and missions to do like take a car from a dealers and get it to the drop off without scratching it. And the graphics, even for a PS2 are out of this world. Cars are brilliant as well, Porsche's, Bugatti's, and everything else!!! Wow!
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on 4 September 2009
I bought this game as I haven't played a new racing game in quite a while now.
I liked Need For Speed Underground 2, so I decided to get the latest Need For Speed available on the Ps2. I have say it does have good graphics, and a good selection of cars. Though the main menu is quite confusing at first, you quickly get used to it, and the controls are different, but again you quickly get used to them. One other problem is the mini map it is completely out of sync with the main game play, and I don't like it that there are no more racers on the streets. Otherwise it's all good, I like the Police, and the race courses are very well set out.
In general a very good game, (just the odd bad bit every game has)

I hope this will be useful to you.

(P.S. I'm disappointed not to see Need For Speed Shift on the Ps2 ???)
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on 23 April 2009
somehow because this is one of need for speeds 'daytime gameplay' games, it makes the graphics that bit worse, and in this day and age it's all too noticeable. need for speed carbon which had night-time gameplay at least hid it's imperfections due to the nature of the surroundings.

the story isn't really engaging and i don't really see anyone truly following what's going on. the cars are alright. they have made the game long enough so that you have to keep going for a while before you unlock everything. some people enjoy the longer games but i didn't like what felt like time wasting through endless repeating races. the difficulty is changeable, i had it on medium i think and it was a little on the easy side..

please don't be fooled that it is anything like the ps3 version. it is completely different. it is to the ps3 undercover as tekken psp was to it's ps2 counterpart..: lacking.

compared to other racing games, it still offers all the different modes, though it's sad that they didn't continue using the 'fall off mountain' possibility from carbon. the car options remain pretty much the same as need for speeds last couple of games, nothing spectacular or new. nitrous and speedbreaker still as before.

overall, something worth getting as an extra game if you can find a really good deal, but nothing u should really go out of your way to get. i bought it because i completed carbon.. i don't know how it compares to pro street.

overall.. 6.5/10 for previous need for speed players
7.5/10 for new need for speed players..
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on 10 January 2009
I have not completed this game yet but as soon as I saw it in the playstation I knew that I would like it. The graphics did not look as realistic as in other need for speed games and there was a lot of bright colours. After I had adjusted my TV (reduced the colour etc.,) then I saw the real beauty of the graphics. Most of the roads are wet like in Need for Speed 2 and looks really pretty - the roads in the shadows are dark grey or black in the in sun they look a lighter brown colour - the cars looks really good as well. I enjoy the races and police are fun.
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on 10 June 2011
When I bought this I was looking for a better game to Test Drive Unlimited. This game in my opinion is way better. At first the in-depth cutomisation took me slightly by surpirse but it means you can tune your car up as much to your specifications as you wish. The way you can customise your car is fantastic and offers lots of mods such as body, spoiler, wheels, and vingls. Yes these are all on every game but though should put it in that there are so many options, to make your car look super cool!
Each part of the story requires you to do different things with your car. This can be from destroying police cars, outrunning them, avoiding spike traps and road blocks. When you want to go free you just drive around and attract the police by pressing a button on your controller! I find this a great feture although there aren't many police as in the story they still offer competition. And don't worry the police do call in for reinforcements when you're getting out of hand and those cars are hard to knock out, as it take plenty of bashing to kill them.
The story can get slightly repetative and some missions can be very annoying in that you have to play them so many times to pass them but it is rewarding when you do.
So here's a tip: save up your money for a really fast car at the end! You may need it and just stick to the road and follow the opposing car.
Great game for Playstation. Well DONE!
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on 24 February 2012
NFS Undercover should have been a brilliant racing game, with the opportunity to combine the limitless customization of Underground 2, the epic police chases from Most Wanted and the excellent racing experience from Carbon. However, this game is not really any of those things.

The main problem with this game is that it is way too short and easy - it can be completed in a few hours and is not very challenging. The handling of the cars is also not very good; they are hard to control and too sensitive at high speed, and suddenly go into a drift at near full steer.

The graphics of this game have gone backwards from Carbon, but are still adequate. The storyline is OK and fits in with the game.

The police chases are good, but nowhere near the standard of Most Wanted. The races are exciting enough and car customization is good. The best part of the game is the soundtrack - the music is great and I have downloaded several of the songs from Amazon MP3.

Overall, it is worth getting this game if you have already complated Carbon and Most wanted several times and want to play something new and different.
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on 12 March 2013
I got this from Zoverstocks 2nd hand and it definately wasn't as described. It was badly scratched and wouldn't work. I sent them an email right away (about 2 months ago) and have heard nothing back. Whether something costs £1 or a million, transactions must be honored and custom respected. This is the 2nd or 3rd time they've sent something that was in bad condition despite saying otherwise and although they did replace the other two items eventually, this time they've ignored me completely so I won't be buying from them again.

I have put 5 stars for the game as I love the other NFS games and I know I will love this too when I get a copy that works!
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on 14 September 2015
Not great but not terrible either. The service was great, very quick delivery come withing 3-4 working days. However I first tried this game on the slimline ps2 and it didn't work but then tried it on the bulky PlayStation and after a good 10 mins finally got the game to run. The disc itself wasn't in the best of conditions either but did still work...... Eventually.
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