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4.6 out of 5 stars143
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2008
I am a Nickleback fan and have been from the beginning - yes - I have all their albums and videos - and live they are just superb!!

I have read the reviews for this - and I would just like to say that this album reminded me so much of a time when the charts where filled with rock bands - when rap wasn't even a blip on the radar - and the only "dance" music was disco!!

OK - lets talk about lyrics!! Yes they are a bit on the crude side - but come on!! Have you forgotten rock classics like Touch To Much by AC/DC - singing about sex, drugs and rock and roll is what its all about!!

Chad's singing reminds me of the rough sound they had in Curb and The State, and some of the tracks have a real heavy rock sound to them now.

You can't expect all the songs to have the same impact of How You Remind Me - that is an exceptional song - and the one that put them on the map for those who hadn't heard of them before.

It sounded old school to me - I love it - if they continue to produce albums that sounded like their previous one - you would complain - they are evolving - and for me - this evolution is a good one!!
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on 11 November 2008
Nickelback's six studio album, Dark Horse, is another strong post grunge effort, in fact very little has changed in truth from 2005's All The Right Reasons.
That's not a bad thing, all the powerful rockers are present, along with Nickelback's signature power ballads, the best of which on this record is "Never Gonna Be Alone."
Interestingly, lead single on this album "Gotta Be Somebody" isn't the strongest song on this album and is a strange choice for first single, "If Today Was Your Last Day" is a better ballad, and was rather surprisingly pulled as the first single.
Not that that matters much, Nickelback always produce enough radio friendly music, at least five songs on here could easily be considered for singles.
Both musically and lyrically, Nickelback are never going to set the music critic on fire, (expect the usual critical grilling that normally accompanies every Nickelback record) but for modern, catchy rock with sing-along choruses, you've got everything you need right here.
Dark Horse, it's amongst the best in 2008.

Also - (a little bit of trivia for you) this album was recorded entirely on digital audio workstations Pro Tools and and FL Studio, no live instruments were used which is the first time Nickelback have ever done this.

(On a slightly different note, anyone who appreciates Nickelback's music should be checking out another very similiar band also from Canada, called Theory Of A Deadman, they sound almost identical.)
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on 18 July 2009
Nickelback for me personally seems to have lost something along the way, I wasnt as pleased as I probably should have been with this album been a fan for about 10 years and all. I went to see them live last year and they were brilliant but they only played maybe a couple of new songs. This is sadly the path of many modern rockers they get so far down the road from point origin where they wrote what they wanted because it was passionate and true to now where everything thats new seems to be crowd pleasing and overly commercial and sounding almost identical to what proceeded it. Not unlike Green Day in that regard, every new song that I hear from them echoes and homages too much like whats come before. This is just my opinion and by no means a good review, where many fans were hit and miss with this one if you love Nickelback then you will no doubt find a place for this one.
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on 28 November 2008
Some of the reviews and poor marks is a little harsh. Sure lyrics are not exactly poetry but they are simple. The melody of most of the songs are very catchy.
The opening song on the album is off to a flyer - Something in your mouth. The album is very similar to the last couple of albums in terms of melody, ballads, riffs, etc. It seems Nickelback are settling in this sort of musical style. Songs like 'If today was your last day', 'Never gonna be alone', 'Just to get high', 'I'd come for you', are my favorite and I reckon their strongest songs that the majority will like. This album is a good uplifting one and if you enjoyed the last couple of albums by Nickelback you will enjoy this one.
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on 8 December 2008
I was compelled to purchase this cd after finding out that it was being released. I own and love "all the right reasons" so it was honestly natural for me to purchase "dark horse". Needless to say I feel that this cd is even better than "all the right reasons" which is saying alot because "all the right reasons" was a birthday gift given to me by my husband which I enjoyed alot. Here are the songs listed on the cd and my rating of each of them (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

1. "Something In Your Mouth" 10 out of 10-An extremely fun song about a woman who has many wealthy men lust after her. I like how they mix the vocals of "dirty little lady with the little pink thong every sugar daddy hittin on her all night long doesn't care about the money she could be with anybody ain't it funny how the hunny wanted you all along" and the the guitar wonderfully speeds up.
2."Burn It To The Ground" 10 out of 10 this song is very reminiscent of 80's rock with a fun modern feel, I like how they expressively yell in the song when they sing the chorus to "we're going off tonight" and mix it harmoniously with the fast guitars in the song.
3. "Gotta Be Somebody" 9 out of 10 This is a really good love song that magically works because many people can relate to the song and the drums are really methodic in the song. My favorite lyrics in the song (because they are full of heartfelt emotions)are "cause nobody wants to be the last one there, everyone wants to feel like someone cares, someone to love with my life in their hands, there's gotta be somebody for me like that"
4."I'd Come For You" 10 out of 10 A beautiful makeup song that expresses how one feels at time when they want to express how much someone means to them in the midst of them wanting to right things. My favorite lyrics to this song"no matter what gets in my way, as long as there's still life in me, no matter what remember You know I'll always come for you
5."Next Go Round" A very sexual song that explains the singers intent to to make it with his conquest until the sun comes up but the way he expresses how he wants to do this works because it paints a very artistic picture in a fun musical way. Very fast guitars are included perfectly with this song. Needless to say this is one song to makeout to (and other things too graphic to say in a review but you pretty much get the idea).
6. "Just To Get High" 7outof 10 The only reason why I gave this song a seven is because it is more on the depressive side. However to the band's credit they describe the consequences of letting drugs rule ones life with lyrics such as "but I remember what his face looked like when I found him in an alley in the middle of the night". This song would go best with a powerpoint presentation on the reasons to be drugfree for a presentation to ones in high school and/or other organizations wanting to do emphasize the reasons to be drug free
7."Never Gonna Be Alone" 9 out of 10 A very romantic side of nickelback that I like illustrated in lyrics such as "time is going by so much faster than I and I'm starting to regret not spending all of it with you" I also like the lyrics when they sing in the song "we're gonna take the world on, I'll hold you till the hurt is gone" and the soft guitars that harmoniously go well with it.
8 "Shakin Hands" 10 out of 10 A very stripperlike song that will for sure be played in strip clubs across the country. The song illustrates how a woman became wealthy working just 3 days a work using her "skills" in a very sexual way with lyrics such as "well she aint no cinderella when she getting undressed" "cause she rocks it like the naughty wicked witch of the west" "far too pretty to be givin it cheap, that's why she's makin 6 figures working 3 days a week" The way that nickelback creatively weaves it into one interesting story song makes it hard to not like this catchy song.
9. "S.E.X. A Definite 10 out of 10 I can't help it but this song honestly grows on me each time I listen to it. The reason why is because of the catchy pleasure lyrics of the song such as No is a dirty word, never gonna say it first no is just the thought that never crosses my mind, (later on in the song)"I'd love to try to set you free, all of you all over me I'd love to hear the sound you make the second you're done"Admittedly there are other lyrics in it that stick out to the point where its honestly played like its actually being sung to you. One has to be in touch with their sensuality to be comfortable enjoying this song. Needless to say this is honestly another song to makeout to (and other things admittedly too graphic to mention in this review but you can pretty much imagine the possibilities with this song).

10. "If Today Was Your Last Day" 9 out of 10 A really beautiful song that reminds one to relish and enjoy each day as one to be cherished and treasured. The meaning of the song can best be summed up in the first part of it with the lyrics "my best friend gave me the best advice, he said each day's a gift and not a given right". I really like how the lead singer raises his voice to match the meaning of this song and then lowers it at the right time to emphasize if today was your last day. An emotional and caring side to nickelback that is expressed very artistically, creatively, and philosophically.
11."This Afternoon" 6.5 out of 10-Admittedly I give it points for the effort put forth by the band to create a feel good song but admittedly this song just did not resonate with me but with others it will. I give the group credit for including humour in the song when they mention "we got weeds in the backyard 4 feet tall" "cheech and chong probably would have smoked them all"This song and "Just to Get High" were the only 2 songs that did not get over an 8 from my perspective.

All in all this is a great cd that grew on me each listen and I have enjoyed it even more than All the Right Reasons. If you definitely love rock music I would recommend you add this to your music collection.
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on 24 November 2008
I have been deeply surprised by a couple of the poor reviews I have read on Amazon on Nickelback's 'Dark Horse'. Made me think had these people been listening to the same album as I have.
I'm not an ardent Nickelback fan (Rammstein through and through)so I hope I can give an objective view of this album.
My teenagers are big fans and they rushed out eager to get their hands on Dark Horse.They were 'blown away' with the album but I've tried to be more open minded.
From experience I have seen good musicians bend to 'popular' demand and lose 'the edge' to their music(Linkin Park...Minutes to Midnight). All hardened fans argue that this has happened to Nickelback and no album released since Silver Side Up has done the band justice. Personally I think perhaps there has been an element of truth in this as I do not believe 'All the Right Reason's' is as 'strong' as previous albums.
As I'm not a 'long time rabid' fan, I hope I can give a less biased opinion.
Dark Horse is in my opinion one of the best albums I've heard in years (sorry Rammstein). It is 'heavier' than their last album & I think that's why it works. It has great guitar solo's, real melody lines (a rarity today) and understandable lyrics. This album is 'there' from the start and I can honestly say there is not one track that I don't like.
Don't be put off by previous reviews....I can see why 'old fans' don't like this 'Nickelback' but that doesn't mean it's not any good. Reviews are ALWAYS going to be subjective. Don't rely on others....go out and buy it ...I don't think you'll be disappointed.
I think this album will be on your hit list for years. Move over Silver Side Up...I think you've been replaced.
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on 13 November 2008
This album has it all, Ballads, Hit Singles, Guitar Solos, Hard Riffs and of course the tradmark Nickelback Sing-A-Long Chorus!

From start to finish this LP is great. 11 hard rocking tracks from the Canadian Rock Heroes. The last LP All The Right Reasons was a huge success with Multi-Platinum Status World-Wide & they have used the same formula to create it's follow up Dark Horse. This LP has the same Hard to Soft ratio as All The Right Reasons did (approximatly 50-50).

The Lyrics on this new album are some of their more raunchy, like Animals from All The Right Reasons (if you know what I'm getting at). The 2nd single's and album opener, "something in your mouth" might also give you a clue.

The album is full of a mixture of the softer ballads similar to the ones which brought Nickelback so much success on All The Right Reasons (Savin' Me, Far Away & If Everyone Cared). The ballads on this new LP are very personal too. For example the likely third single, If Today Was Your Last Day, is a beautiful song and one which i'm sure will be accumpanied by a beautiful video. Other ballads are: Never Gonna Be Alone & I'd Come For You which are both great sing a long songs.

The first single is Gotta Be Somebody and is a great pop-rock tune (like Photograph) which I'm sure will be another World-Wide Hit. The harder tracks Next Go Round, Just To Get High, Shakin' Hands & Burn It To The Ground have a real raw energy which I'm sure will get the crowd rocking on their planned 2009 world tour.

The final track, This Afternoon, is a good album closer talking about good times with your mates and kinda like Chad & Co are reminising on the past days when the recorded the first two LPs Curb & The State, talking about drugs and having a good time.

Final note is on the song entitled "S.E.X." it's not what you think that's all I'm going to say...
...other that buy this LP!

I've pre-ordered mine, the tracks have been released, sorry, leaked on youtube (and other sites) already so you can have a listen but I'm sure this album is still going to follow where All The Right Reasons left off and sell Millions World-Wide to continue to build Nickeback up as one of the best Rock Bands IN THE WORLD TODAY - PERIOD.
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on 27 August 2009
I was listening this in the car the other day with some friends, and I have to say, I was embarrassed to put this CD on. They hadn't heard it, and needless to say the lack of tact with some of the lyrics left us all laughing. I'd put this album as a guilty pleasure if ever there was one. Easy to sing along to, good guitarwork, a good mix of ballad and rocker, and it's all very crude. Nickelback's albums don't diverge off the beaten track much, or at all really, but that is part of their charm if you are a fan of heavy rock. You know what you'll get with Nickelback albums, track one fast paced/heavy track, track three is 'the single' and then the last track is always a little different to the rest of the album.

As I said, the lyrics verge on being obscene a lot of the time, as the only subjects really discussed are drug usage, sex and ... well, that covers most of it. I think Chad needs to sort his lyrics out for their next album, as this album is one of those where it's good because its so bad. You can literally hear the filth dripping out of Chad Kroegers mouth as he swoons "I'd come for you, noone but you... but only if you told me to." I can imagine him grinning as he reveals his all too obvious lyrics. It's not great, it's not respectable, it's not my favourite album of theirs (the goes to their post-grunge debut Curb for me) but it's fun and listenable, with ultradirty vocals. So, business as usual for Nickelback; whether or not thats a good thing depends entirely on your viewpoint. One for the lads? Actually scrap that, the biggest fans of this album I know are all girls...
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The latest studio album from Nickelback has a great dark gritty edge. It is harder then some of their more recent offerings. It also has some really raunchy undertones, in both the music and the lyrics. There are some gritty songs such as Something In Your Mouth, Shakin' Hands and S.E.X. that include such lyrics as "Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body" and "They say it's over budget, but you'd pay her just to touch it, come on!" from Something In Your Mouth. Also from Shaking Hands:
"Well, she ain't no Cinderella when she's getting undressed
'Cause she rocks it like the naughty wicked witch of the west
Far too pretty to be giving it cheap
That's why she's making six figures workin' three days a week".
This is an amazing album, good to work to great to drive to. The album is so good it is all I have listened to for over a week straight. There is fantastic percussion, strong guitar riffs and, as always, tremendous vocals from Chad Kroeger. The album is riveting. You find yourself enjoying the tune you're listening to and anticipating the one to come. The only drawback is, because of how raunchy the album is, I cannot listen to it with the kids in the car, and an example is from S.E.X.:
"Yes sex is always the answer
It's never a question
Cause the answer's yes
Oh the answer's yes
Not just a suggestion
If you ask the question
Then it's always yes".
But for personal enjoyment it is my favorite rock or metal album to be released in the last few years. Pick it up for simple pleasure to the ears and lyrics that raise a lot of interesting questions about our society.

(First Published in Imprint 2009-03-20.)
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on 10 September 2010
My background has always been with Heavy Rock/Metal - never really considered Nickelback.
Bought "All The Right Reasons" recently and was absolutely amazed with the power of this album.
This inspired me to buy "Dark Horse" and if it is possible, may just about outshine it's predecessor.
All the songs are of such a high standard.
Hard to choose, but my favourites are "If Today Was Your Last Day"/"Just To Get High"/"Next Go Round" and "SEX".
The album kicks off with two rockers "Something In Your Mouth" and "Burn It To The Ground" - good songs, but the best is yet to come.The pace slows a little with "Gotta Be Somebody" and then followed by an absolute classic ballad in
"I'd Come For You".
A pounding drum beat blasts out as "Next Go Round" starts to batter the ear drums.
Somebody mentioned the lyrics - and yes,there are more innuendo's than you would find at a Carry On reunion.
The classics continue with "Just To Get High", totally gripping piece of music.
"Never Gonna Be Alone" is slightly weaker, only because of the past high quality.
The speed starts up again with two more great rock tracks "Shakin Hands" and "SEX" followed by a truely awesome ballad "If Today Was Your Last Day"- just love this track.
The finale "This Afternoon" is a bit too poppy, designed for the TV music channels, but will forgive them for that.
Now hooked on Nickelback and will start to buy some of their back catalogue, but I know nothing will better "Reasons" and this classic.
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