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4.4 out of 5 stars121
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2010
I knew this series had been cancelled after this second season, without a 'proper' wrap-up. It did not even reach Dutch TV, and I was not that impressed with season 1. Bought the second season anyway. And watched all 22 episodes.... all 935 minutes .... in four days.
Rarely did a made-for-TV show make such an impression on me (Firefly comes to mind, the first season of 24, the 'Wilson's Heart' epsiode on House, and 'Long Term Parking' in Season 4 of the Sopranos).
Generally excellent acting. Who would have thought that Brian Austin Green - ex-BH90210 - could really act? Who would have thought that Garbage singer Shirley Manson would be convincing as a Scottish ... eeehhh .... 'business woman'.
Consistently surprising, shocking, creepy and touching storyline. Mindboggling ending. And Summer Glau, oh boy.
So, shame on the geniuses at Fox for cancelling this. Metal terminator spikes through their heads, all of them.
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on 18 February 2010
What can I say, this is the most watchable tv series ever created. It requires a lot of thought. It is not your typical trash tv which has been dumbed down to make it more appealing to a wider audience. However that appears to be its downfall. This series ends on a brilliant high but there is no third series due to an insane decision by Fox TV to axe it.

The acting at times is a bit suspect but again there are some excellent performances from the cast. I have honestly enjoyed every episode of this program, it is original, thought provoking, entertaining and challanges all senses. It is exiting, has a sense of humour and well made.

It is the worst decision ever made in the history of entertainment to axe this show, Fox should hang their head in shame. The popularity of TSCC has been vertually by word of mouth in the UK. The promotion of the show has been woeful, and again Fox are to blame.
You must get this just to experience something outside the box and highly clever.
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on 3 June 2009
I cannot believe Fox have gone and done it again. Yes they have cancelled yet another classic Sci Fi show, which in just two seasons already has a cult following. (Oh Yes, they did it with FIREFLY after just one season).
How they could cancel this is beyond me. Even with Fox's poor reputation for this type of thing, how could they overlook such a gem of a series?
Being an avid fan of the 3 Terminator films, I was not even going to watch this for fear of spoiling the whole Terminator effect.
However, Series One started with a Wow, and Series Two continued, and matured with ever improving performances from all of the main characters (save Riley). Sarah Connor and Cameron (the mesmerising Summer Glau) just got better and better, and all of the main characters (just dig John Henry singing the 'Donald' song... almost chilling) really developed to leave viewers JUST WANTING MORE at the end of the second series, Step forward FOX to ignore the thousands of viewers who really supported this show to pull the plug. PLEASE CHECK THE WEB TO SEE HOW INTENSE MANY,MANY PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT THIS SHOW. Par for the course with the whole FOX organisation, alas. This was the only show I just had to see each week.(No doubt Fox will have the dosh for such brain challenging shows as America has got talent or some other garbage...Don't think I will help put pennies in the Fox media trough in future...perhaps they will listen if enough people make their feelings heard...
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on 1 March 2010
Only bad thing I can say about this season is that it was the last. Unfortunate, since the end of episode 22 is a brilliant set up for the next season. Maybe if this box sells well they'll try and finish it off somehow. Strange decision to cancel just as 'Salvation' doing the rounds at cinemas, you'd think they'd have done at least one more on the back of the movie's interest.
Plot and characters are excellent with all the regulars from season one even better than before and new characters adding well to the mix, Shirley Manson (ex lead singer with Garbage) doing a particualrly good job. No one is safe and there are a few jaw-dropping developments. Best watched a few episodes at a time, matches Galactica in the way you just have to watch one more episode!
Picture and sound are excellent, well worth the extra few quid for the blu-ray.
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on 8 January 2010
This series has it all, great suspense, nice and smart storylines, interesting characters, suprisingly good cgi for a series,...

Summer Glau is awesome as the friendly Terminator, Thomas Dekker may very well be the John Connor James Cameron had in mind when he was directing his films, but arguably the most interesting character is Garbage's Shirley Manson posing as Catherine Weaver, head of the mysterious Zeira Corp.

One could argue the pace slows down a bit during mid season, but luckily the episodes are never a bore. On the contrary. From all the slower episodes I particularly enjoyed "Self Made Man".

The strongest part of the series, though, is continuing the events that followed on T2: Judgement Day and ignoring T3: Rise of the machines and Terminator salvation, thus creating a new timeline. The storyline is much smarter than that of the last films. Especially the season's finale (sadly also the end of the series... Damn you FOX) will keep you wondering for a long time. At the best of it all is that the more you wonder, the more it all makes sense.

Don't hesitate and buy your copy. Terminator and sci-fi fans will not be disappointed and maybe FOX will realize one day what kind of potential it had in its hands.
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on 25 April 2013
I've seen season one a few years ago on TV and was quite impressed with it although I have to admit that before that the whole Terminator saga had completely passed me, I never cared about it. But the premise of this show was very promising and captivating and I got into it from the get-go.
Few years later then I finally managed to get season two and was not let down. Everything about this show is just brilliant. Great acting, awesome action, really cool and interesting characters and a cool and captivating storyline that picks up where if left of in season one.

The storyline is simple enough yet very entertaining and interesting, you really want to know what's going to happen in the next episode, you suffer and feel with the protagonists and you hope that the good ones will prevail. The characters and the chemistry between them (even the mostly emotionless Terminators) work very well and you want things to work out for them.
What definitely helps a lot with that chemistry is obviously that in my opinion all the characters are very well cast, so good in fact that I have to admit that Lena Headey is more Sarah Connor to me than Linda Hamilton. Thomas Dekker as John Connor and Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese are very well in their roles too and there's a very interesting connection and chemistry between them. But the biggest pleasure for me was obviously watching Summer Glau as Cameron! She is just brilliant, sexy and very dangerous at the same time. I especially loved the scene where she literally folds up another female Terminator in a lift without any facial expression or anything whatsoever, it's just hilarious. And speaking of Terminators, Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie, the main-villain, is brilliant, no matter how many times he pops up again after seemingly finally being destroyed, that's what makes him so threatening. And finally, Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver, the mysterious red-head terminator where you don't really know whose side she's on. It's just altogether a brilliant cast and great fun watching these characters.

Obviously, the biggest let-down was that the show was cancelled but there's no point in crying over spilt beans. I absolutely enjoyed the two seasons we were given and I thought for the probably rather improvised ending, it was well enough done without letting too many open questions. If you like a good story, great characters, good action and your sci-fi dose, you can't go wrong with this show. And it really doesn't matter what you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Terminator franchise, The Sarah Connor Chronicles work perfectly without any background or even liking of this franchise.
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on 24 February 2011
Two words sum it up: absolutely amazing.

As a big fan of the Terminator franchise in general, TTSCC feels like a fantastic addition to the timeline (which, by the way, has been made to be separate from the Terminator 3 movie timeline, so anything you disliked in that film is completely ignored). The direction in general, and the storyline, seem very true to the first two films, other than the small story arc to do with "three dots" (you'll understand when you get to it), which dragged on for too long but served to portray Sarah's increasing stress levels admirably.

I was very sad to hear, before I even watched this season, that a third season was not being made (I hate FOX so god damn much), but there's still some hope - apparently a film is being made to finish the story up and tie off loose ends, and will carry on the way they expected the third season to carry on (in the same vain as 'Serenity' for the 'Firefly' series).

So yeah, I suggest buying this, because it's pretty amazing, but if they don't bring out the film as they're planning to then expect to be fairly angry at the intense cliffhanger in the last episode.

Oh, and the special features included are:
- Commentaries on 4 key episodes by Josh Friedman and the Cast/Crew
- 'The Continuing Chronicles: Terminator' - 8-Part Featurette Gallery
- 'Terminated Scenes' - Just deleted scenes for certain episodes
- 'The Storyboard Process' - Talks through the process of storyboarding, and uses the opening episode for an example
- 'Cameron VS Rosie Fight Rehearsal'
- 'Gag Reel'
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on 8 December 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed the first (and all too short) season and was unhappy that the show got cancelled after that as it had a really strong cast and obviously everyone involved really believed in it and gave it their all. Then the reprieve, the second season would be made and would be the regular season length of 22 episodes. Then the show got cancelled again! What a crime as it was brilliant.

Lena Headey took on the role of Sarah Connor and really added to the character originally portrayed by Linda Hamilton. Summer Glau made a very impressive Terminator, her composure and chilling-ness really made her a believable cyborg (comparisons to her role in Firefly in other reviews makes me think that might be next to watch). The rest of the cast were also very strong, special mention of Shirley Manson, also a truly believable cyborg.

*****Spoiler alert*****

With the amalgamation of Cromartie into the A.I. at Zeira Corp you are lead to believe that Weaver is building SkyNet and the stunning conclusion to this season really does shake everything up.

Around the net there are rumours that there might be a third season on a straight to DVD basis but this has yet to be substantiated. Elsewhere other sources claim that the conclusion of this short lived show actually bridges the gap between Judgement Day and Salvation, whilst overlooking Rise Of The Machines which seems not to be recognised as canonical. I can understand the latter idea even though it means the disappointment of no further T:TSCC series, should the former prove true it will be interesting to see where they go with the storyline established through the first two seasons and develop beyond the thought provoking finale of season 2.

A truly brilliant series and one I will doubtless watch over and over again with the movies.
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on 14 January 2010
A big Terminator fan, check out my other reviews, I went into this with some uncertaintly. Firstly a kid, one who seems annoying playing John Connor, a frankly gorgeous but stick thin Terminator and the whole TV show aspect had me worried, I needn't have...

The Sarah Connor Chronicles for me has everything you could want, it fills in wholes but gives you more questions at an alarming rate. Acting is good throughtout, Summer Glau and Shirley Manson do fine jobs, but all the leads roles have sufficient back-story and screen time to shine, shocking moments are there throughout. I won't give details but their are a few deaths that you just won't see coming.

Granted there was a bit of a lull in the middle of the second series (Seasons are autumn, winter, summer and spring) but once the Crisis Sarah episodes are over with we come out with a relentless and unforgiving finale which gives some degree of closure but also leaves you craving for more.

With it being dropped by US network Fox and the Terminator franchise up in the air it's unclear if the show will ever return, I hope so, the direction TSCC was going had me up till 2am watching as many episodes as I could and I want more!

If you are unsure give it a go, hopefully the sales of this worldwide will be good enough to get it a third series, or if not rumours are of a DVD movie to tie up the few lose ends you are left with. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later
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on 6 January 2010
Summer Glau who plays Cameron our friendly Termintor is dead sexy and also starred in the tv series Firefly and the spin off film Serenity. The special effects are really amazing for a tv series and maybe thats one of the reasons it got axed because of the massive budget it cost to produce each episode. There is a evil female Terminator on the hunt for John Conner now which really sex things up even more for us boys. The last episode ends on a brilliant cliffhanger in which we will never know what happened next. This is a real shame for me because I find Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to be the best Sci-fi show since Farscape!
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