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4.1 out of 5 stars84
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2008
Great work Evolution Studios!!!!! They did an awesome job with this game. Normally with sequels, manufactorrs add tonnes of new stuff. In this, they've kept it the same as the original but added a few new things.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW TO MOTORSTORM: This is probably the best racing game developed. Its 110% off road racing. You have loads of different vechicles such as Motorbikes, Quad bikes, Mud pluggers, Rally cars, Racing trucks, Monster trucks and Big rigs. You must choose carefully as each vechicle has its own ups and downs. Big rigs destroy everything it their path, Rally cars are super fast, Motorbikes are super agile. Not only that, you must choose the route you wish to go in a race. There are routes suited to light weights, medium weights and heavy weights. This is a supoer aggresive but purely awesome racing game

I love:
- The ability to choose your driver
- the ability to select a car model and skin in 2D with literally hundreds of choice (ALL of the cars from the first game are in this with llooaaddss more)
- The ability to race 4 player split screen
- Take your own screenshots.
- Different types of maps, Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
- More skill to boasting with Fire that heats up your engine and water that cools down
- Play your own music that's saved on your HDD
- The ablity to ram into people with L1 and R1 makes for some super aggressive racing and awesome crashes.
- 16 different maps...
- More game modes: Elmintaion, Wreck Limits, Checkpoints etc.
- No more time spent going the wrong way. Press 'Select' and it will automatically put you back onto the track
- Crashing is never the set back it used to be. Even if you crash you still remain in the 'pack'
- Supports trophies
- YOU CAN NOW BACKUP SAVED DATA. Make sure you get the update but you can now backup saved data (minus data from time attack) and if you (like me) are lucky enough to have 2 PS3s you can transfer data between each one...
- Lots to explore...7 months and I'm still finding new routes, learning about each vechiles...its great that theres plenty to keep me entertained.
- Online...very responsive...quick to get into games and seems pretty much lagless. awesome fun with custom, casual and ranked games!
- THE MONSTER TRUCK (enough said)

The only downsides I can see:
- Crashing is alot easier. So many small rocks which just make your car topple.
- Some routes are unclear. Sometimes you can ram through a barrier and onto a shortcut, sometimes you ram through a barrier and you go into a No Zone way - very confusing espically with the large array of scenery.
- All of the AI is attached to you by a little invisible elastic band. This means so matter how good you race the AI will always spring back for a neck and neck finish. This is frustrating at times as most wins can be down to luck...But I matter how good or bad you are the levels are the same difficulty for everyone...

In alll...this is an awesome game in which EVERY PS3 owner must have

Okay its been a few months and two expansion packs have been released!
They include:
- 14 NEW TRACKS (considering the game shipped with 16...they've almost doubled the amount of levels!
- BETTER DESIGNNED TRACKS Not often where the DLC tracks are better than the shipped ones is it? Darkfire through a dark and gloomy swamp, Reef Runner...a race across mutliple islands, Hallowed almost-underground-entirely map, quicksands...across a beach front and know how to describe this map....just AWESOME?
- 8 REMAKES...out of the new 14 maps 8 of them are remakes of existing maps and very nicely done. They've openned new sections of the map for racing and closed others making your favourite maps...even better!
- NEW SPEED EVENT - Race between checkpoints collecting time and see how much time you can finish with and see where you rank in the world...with an added twist: BARRELLS. kncok over green barrells to gain extra time red ones loose you time. mix your stratiegies to get the highest time!

In all....BUY THIS...but as mentioned before...this game is both frustratingly awesome and beautifully annoying....
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on 9 November 2008
I can honestly say that this game has impressed me on all levels. I thought it would be Motorstorm but with a few add-ons. How wrong I was. The Motorstorm engine has been improved to bring you better graphics, massive tracks with heaps going on, brand new garage feature and heaps of awesome vehicles for you to smash up, burn, sink and blow up into pieces.

There's a huge array of new tracks divided into the four element categories - Earth, Fire, Air and Water. In Fire tracks for example you may be racing deep in the centre of the island around dry burn out lava pits, in Air tracks you'll be high up almost in the clouds jumping from huge cliffs to the next and in Earth you'll be smashing your way through dense jungles and abandoned structures and so on...

The tracks are absolutely stunning showing off amazing lighting effects and the lava and water really adds a lot of new elements to the game that change the way you play Motorstorm. Vehicles look better, there's far more detail and the tracks are larger and more epic. This game looks and feels just gorgeous and the stunning intro was perfect for the game.

The bikes in MS Pacific Rift are really special, they are far better to handle, look just amazing and are the most fun vehicle class to use. Monstor Trucks look amazing too but take some getting used to, once you've mastered them though they can be quite lethal to smaller vehicles.

New features include a garage where you can select your own driver and customize your vehicles. Progressing through the game will unlock lots of new outfits, vehicles and videos and there's also PS3 trophies to be earned so the feeling of wanting to progress and unlock everything is there throughout.

If you liked Motorstorm you will LOVE Motorstorm Pacific Rift. An amazing sequel to an amazing game. 10/10
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on 8 November 2008
Motorstorm : Pacific Rift
WOW! What a game! I dont normally write reviews but I was compelled to write one for this game because its absolutely brilliant and I had to share it with you guys because at around £40, its well worth it.

Firstly you get huge choice of tracks with multiple routes to get to the finish line. Secondly the choice of vehicles is great from a humble Motor Bike to a ginormous Monster Trucks. All these vehicle behave differently and have thier own Advantages and disadvantages. Its important to choose an appropriate vehicle with the right track and route to win the race.

To add more spice to the racing, you can taunt your fellow racers and RAM in to them to push them off the track/bridge/cliff.
The best thing about Motorstorm is that its really addictive. You just dont get enough of it. With so many variations of vehicles and tracks you are bound to play it for a very very long time. And I have not even come to online mode or split screen mode yet.
YES! unlike the first motorstorm game, Now you can play in split screen mode with upto three more mates ( 4 players in total).
Now Online Mode! This is a totally different ball game. Its just Wicked! Its a totally different experience to Offline play( Yep! It does get better!) There is no love lost between players here. They will not spare you for making mistakes so practice a lot Offline before going online.

Overall! This is a must Buy in my opinion. I am not a 24/7 gamer but I believe that this game is a LITTLE difficult to Master. But Once you have than its FUN UNLIMITED!
I think so highly of it that I would give it 6 Stars if possible So Go Buy It ! You will Love IT! See you Online in the Motorstorm Festival!
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on 4 January 2011
Motorstorm: PR does a lot of things right. Its got amazing graphics, beautiful sights, exciting tracks with fantastic jumps and lots of different routes to take and discover. It has a decent number of different vehicles for each class, with nice colors and models. It even has a few very cool driver skins to unlock and choose from. There's a nice variety in the vehicle classes, with bikes, atv's and even monster trucks! Oh yeah! And the soundtrack is pretty cool and when you're at high speed, the sound of the motors and the music blasting and you're on a tropical island jumping over an abyss, lava everywhere, other drivers next to you blowing up and auto parts flying everywhere, oh man its awesome.
Then the game shows its ugly face. Well I guess it depends the kind of gamer you are. Some people love an almost impossible challenge. If you do, this game is for you. To enjoy this you have to be borderline masochist to be honest.
The AI in MS does not want to win the race. No sir. The AI in this game just wants to kill you, destroy you, annihilate you and break your soul. This is the most brutal, unforgiving, unfair game I have ever played on any genre. Everything is against you. You cant get away from the AI. You see, its called rubberband. They're always there. You can race a perfect race, don't crash, take the best route and... still lose. You cannot shake the AI vehicles. They will always catch up to you no matter what. Not only that but they will do whatever they can to take you out. Its as aggressive as a racing AI gets. If you're fighting for first place against another car they will throw themselves off a cliff just to take you out too. Everything is against you. Sometimes your vehicle will crash for no apparent reason after a jump or a turn because there was some small rock or something on the track. The vehicle in front of you will make anything to stop you and delay you while the other AI vehicles pass him without trouble. You're the star of this show. Its like you killed the AI's dog, had sex with his sister and foreclosed on his mortgage and left him homeless. That's how much they hate you. You cannot chose what vehicle to use on the races from the game's main mode, "The Festival". You're usually give a choice between two classes and usually the AI will be in either stronger or faster vehicles than you. The house always wins! Most of the races end up being about luck more than skill. The best strategy is to take the first lap, without any rush, then by the middle of the second lap try to get up to the top four, while saving your boost and at the end of the race using that boost to pass the others and win the race. All while trying to escape the AI's attempts to crush you. There's just no point in trying to get ahead too soon, because the rubberband AI will always be there, right behind you. When you look online for help in a racing game and the main strategy given by "the experts" is to drive slow without boost, because then the AI will also be slower, well then something is very wrong with that racing game.
It hurts me to say this because I desperately wanted to love MPR but when I win a race in some of the later stages of the festival I feel more that ive been lucky than that i've raced well, and that's a fatal flaw in any game. After a while frustration takes over fun and that's why i'll probably never play another Motorstorm game. They're just not for me. If this flaw doesn't bother you though, then this is an exciting, beautiful game and you should totally get it. Its worth it if you just love that extra challenge. Me? Sayonara. This lunatic is out!
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on 20 June 2011
I have to say, this is probably the most frustrating game I have ever played (together with the first Motorstorm game).

This frustration is born out of the parts of the game which are supposed to make it fun, which is confusing. As a lot of people have said, the events in latter levels of the game (level 6 onwards) are very difficult to win. You have to learn the tracks really well to make sure you're taking the right route for whatever vehicle you're using. That means you have to learn the various tracks within each track. You have to contend with AI who are more interested in detroying you than actually winning the race. Ontop of that, you have to avoid crashing because the elastic band AI will demote you from first to last place in one corner.

The thing is though, once you do finally win it makes it all the more satisfying. If the game was easy, there'd be no point in playing. Sure, you can build up enough points by getting a mixture of golds, silvers and bronzes to actually 'win' the overall festival. But I couldn't do that, I HAD to win every event. The game drives you to want to win every event. Otherwise, you've just wasted time NOT winning. I wasn't enjoying the game in the end, I was simply compelled to keep playing until I won every event. When I was on the last event, I just kept thinking 'get this one over with and you can finally stop playing this game'. For that reason, I have to mark it down.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2011
Normally I would have never considered playing Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, but over two years ago my cousin brought it round and loaded it into my PS3 for a 2-player game. I wasn't immediately taken by it as racing games are not really my thing. But this whole time the 0% tally on my trophy list taunted me. I just had to get it and play it properly to get the percentage up.

It was a worthwhile investment as the game features quite a lot of escapism. Set on a gorgeous Pacific Island the races take place across four different types of environments with eight different types of vehicles. The races themselves are in the style of Road Rash with a no-rules-to-be-broken attitude. It can be very exciting, but a few of the courses are punishingly difficult and will surely end up with you chucking your controller through the screen. The vehicles vary in speed, shape and size, but mostly all of them suffer from poor handling. You'll often see hazards coming from way off but you'll be powerless to do anything about them.

For a superficial burst of entertainment Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is good for about 10 hours. More than half of the trophies are online-based and since the game is three years old at this point no one else is playing online anymore. You've no chance of getting the Platinum now. I only got up to 16%. For a similar game with still plenty of online action you ought to go for Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box (PS3).

Graphics A
Sound A (your own tunes do come through at a significantly lower volume than the in-game music)
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B-
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on 19 November 2008
I have played tons of racing games on different platforms and this is so far provide the best experience ever. The game does not claim to be super realistic but it looks/sounds and plays awesome. Also, you do not have any framerate issues in split-screen - so it is good fun for playing with your mates. Definetely must buy!
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on 10 November 2008
Quick Review - if you have the first and liked it, what you waiting for this is better? For those new to Motorstorm this game is visually stunning, addictive and totally nuts. It's a true 'racing' game.

Longer Review - I thought Motorstorm was amazing when i first plugged in my PS3 many moons ago. The graphics on my 42" blew me away especially the opening sequence. Motorstorm Pacific Rift is pretty much more of the same, but don't let that put you off. Another amazing opening sequence, 16 tracks set over 4 distinct racing zones. Motorstorm lovers will be pleased to read the emphasis of speed still remains. Boy it's fast, too fast until course knowledge improves. Have still to play all the tracks and so far they are full of variety. As with the first, each track has more than one way to get through it, probably more so than Motorstorm. Graphics are what you'd expect and gameplay is just as fun. Some new vehicles and cool challenges. Online is good but still playing alone and can't say have spend considerable time online. The clincher for me is 4 players can play on the same screen (yes Motorstorm should have been released like this but this is progress). I have to admit though until you have course knowledge its a bit tough with 4 on the screen (screen divided into quarters) and i have a 42" screen. 2 player is a little easier and you can split the screen vertical or horizontal. The vehicles handle as well as you'd accept but you do need to get used to them, just like with the tracks.
Quite simply i'm loving this game, more of the same but differnet enough to part with the cash. A rumble controller is a must, it gives great feedback, it even differs depending on what vehicle yr on.

A worthy game for the collection.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2009
When I originally bought the first Motorstorm, it was simply to supply me with one of my first PS3 games. Back then I thought it was amazing as it was my first taste of the PS3s possible processing power, however, I was wrong. Pretty as it looked, like most beautiful people in the world, they tend to lack any sort of substance or personality that makes you want more and after a few races, I was left wanting a change of scenery. Apart from the beautiful surroundings and realistic driving tracks and environment interraction, there simply wasn't much to this game to keep me playing or want to download its further content. One thing I will say about the first game to sum it up for you is, the light's on, the pretty lady's looking at herself in the mirror, but there's nothing going on upstairs.

Going from that I can tell you about my experience with the sequel, and let me tell you it's a very, very good one. It's a rarity of today, but Pacific Rift is the pretty lady once again, yet she's gone back to school and gotten herself an education, and now she has much more to keep me amused than just a pretty face. There's so much more to Pacific Rift I don't know where to begin or how to approach my beginning. I can only really split this review into three informative parts that give you an all round view of the game and what it has to offer.

The Gameplay: One thing that I really hated about the original Motorstorm is the overall controls and racing aspects. The controls were stiff and at times I felt myself really forcing the controller button down to turn a corner as my vehicle wouldn't seem to react. I understand that different vehicles handle differently in alternate terrains, but the way the original handled was simply ridiculous. This has been totally revamped for the new installment and now the vehicle controls seem a lot more responsive, even with the different terrain handlings.

The Effects: Well what can I say about the effects? The only thing I can really say is they're just as good, if not better than the first. That pretty idiot you once knew hasn't only gone back to school, but she's also gotten herself a face lift. She's prettier, easier and more enjoyable to play with as a whole which makes me want more and more. I'll admit that when playing the game, I'll have about 2 races and turn it off, but I'll always go back as I can't get enough. The Island terrain presents beautiful beaches, detailed jungles and frighteningly aggressive volcanic areas but you need to watch that you don't fall in. The interraction of your vehicles with the terrain is also something brilliant and must be witnessed. Depending on the size of your vehicle will depend on how you interract with the plants and other such jungle items. Say if you're in a Monster Truck, you can plow through the larger bushes and even knock down some trees to make your way to the finish. However, if you're on an ATV and you drive into the same bush plowed by a monster truck, you're going to find yourself in the water.

The Features: The different vehicles are aplenty in this installment as it contains all 7 original vehicle classes along with a new class of monster trucks. Now, one thing I need to tell you is that although this essentially contains 8 vehicle classes it basically contains just 8 vehicles. The only difference between your monster truck and the guys you're playing against is the look of them. You can choose what your vehicle looks like on the outside, but depending on its class, they're all the same underneath. I suppose to some this could present a more challenging experience when in a race featuring all of the same vehicle, yet I would have appreciated if you had ATVs with different handling specs. Say if they had different companies developing different ATVs which could have allowed for a performance tune up feature.

This also contains the classic festival where you engage in a number of different races with different challenges, such as wreck limits or completion times. There doesn't seem to be that many tracks which is a little disappointing, however the detail in the tracks is immense and something that makes the game worth it in of itself. The trophies system recently implemented through the PSN allows for a higher replay value as you want to achieve all trophies to obtain the coveted platinum trophy.

This is a wonderful game which everyone will enjoy. It's likely that if you liked the first, you will like the sequel and it's also likely that if you didn't like the original, you will still like this installment. Buy it or rent it, either way you must have this game.
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on 17 September 2014
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift takes great pride in its presentation; this is immediately noticeable through its slick menu system. The interface has been well designed and displayed over a variety of mouth-watering CGI videos. The tropical island is gorgeous, made up of a variety of different zones. The Earth Zone is home to lush jungle environments, Fire Zone welcomes you to its fiery lava pits and death defying slopes, Air Zone brings its stunning mountain regions and adrenaline fuelled jumps.

Track design is exemplary, there are a number of branching paths available, some may give you an advantage, where as other routes may not be so suitable. The beach type tracks aren’t so simplistic in design; there are palm trees, narrow paths and dangerous obstacles standing in your way. The lighting works very weil to present the environments at different times of the day; morning, midday and afternoon settings help to fresh up the surroundings. The vehicles are very well designed; there are many different types and plenty of colour options available. The monster trucks just look awesome, towering above the opposition and crushing anything in front of them. Vehicle damage has been vastly improved; you can completely dismember your car from a serious crash.

Alternative track routes need better signposting, as they can become obscured by the scenery.

Before you begin you must choose a driver, there’s a male and female option available. Once that’s done, we can move onto Festival Mode, which is essentially the campaign mode. There are a total of 16 tracks available, not all of them will be available from the start. As mentioned earlier, there are four different zones to choose from, each containing 24 events. There are three event types: race, eliminator and speed. Race events are straightforward, take on 15 other drivers and attain the best position you can. Eliminator events can be trickier, racing against 11 drivers you have to ensure that you are not in last place at anytime, if you are then you better change your position quickly! Speed Mode requires you to take on a specialised race course involving checkpoints, pass through each one and add time to the countdown clock. As you complete events throughout each of the four zones, you’ll unlock newer events and increase your overall rank. Increasing rank will unlock new driver costumes and give you access to bonus material.

All of the vehicles generally handle very well; there are eight different categories to choose from. Within that category you can choose alternative models too. The ATVs are nimble, yet speedy through the bends. Rally cars slide with grace and rocket down any straight. The monster trucks are beasts of pure carnage, dominating track width and leaving any opposing vehicle as a scrap of junk in their wake. You can’t simply choose any vehicle for a Festival event; choices can be restricted, which encourages you to diversify your vehicle preference. The boost function is your best friend, over use it and it becomes your nightmare. The great thing about the boost ability is that it can be cooled down by going through water, certain tracks will have water scattered about, so it’s very wise to keep a lookout for these areas.

There’s no such thing as a racing line here, taunt the opposition, take those conveniently placed jumps, and boost until breaking point. The Al is extremely hostile towards you, they want to put you six-feet under, consistently attempt to sway you away from desired track routes and just generally try to make your race experience very unpleasant. Wreckreation Mode incorporates the online, free-play, split-screen and time trial options. The split-screen mode is excellent, up to four players can race at once, and I must say it’s a total blast.

It becomes painfully clear that the A.I. holds certain perks. If you go into a 50/50 collision, it’ll certainly be your vehicle that’s destroyed, which is sure to cause many frustrating moments. The frame rate does occasionally drop, but I guess it’s to be expected if the game engine has to render 16 cars on-screen at once.

Pacific Rift has now become one of the PS3’s finest racers. Visually it looks great, the tropical island is gorgeous, the track layouts are insane and the vehicles have been vividly created. There is bags of content here, the campaign is challenging and will keep you going for quite some time.
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