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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 January 2009
Most interesting to me were the bits comparing House with Sherlock Holmes. Commonalities include love of puzzle solving, house breaking, using Macchiavellian means to get at the truth, drug use, and deductive abilities. 'Your skin is orange, that means your wife is having an affair.'

My favorite parts were the chapter on love, and the chapter on friendship by Sara Protasi, and Sara Waller respectively. I also liked the ones on Sartre, and the Ubermensch.

Although some mention is made of the Socratic Method, it would need to be explained in more detail.

On the matter of Detective Tritter, which was one of my favorite parts in the series, it does not draw any analogy between House's behavior and the Trial of Socrates, even though House seems hell bent on his own destruction, much the way Socrates was.

Even though Socrates could have escaped, his apology was so bad that more people voted for his death than voted to convict him for his crime. So he took the hemlock.

It would be interesting to see the writers of this book tackle Aristotle's poetics, and it's influence on drama and screen writing in future books. As some philosophers were also psychiatrists, it might also enliven the reader to have some psychological insight into the character.

Philosophy is not for everyone. If you are like me, you will like the deeper philosophical dialogue in House, and you may find this book gives you further food for thought, and a curiosity to explore even further.

It does take genius writing to portray a genius character, and I would like to commend the writers of House for the brilliant job they do. Just because House is often wrong doesn't mean he is not eventually right.

I hope you find this review helpful.
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on 8 June 2009
This is a good book for anyone who wants to understand some basic philosophical concepts and is also familiar with at least the first 4 seasons of House. I felt that the writers tended to take their chosen concept and try to fit Dr House into the mould, some having more success than others (although that isn't to say they weren't aware of this). However, for anyone who needs concrete examples in order to learn, House, with all his complexities is a great character to analyse and certainly gave me new insights.

In my opinion (and I am not a philosophy expert), this book does not succeed in sufficiently analysing the character of Dr House. I think a similar book employing psychological theories might be a good companion. Any offers?
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on 20 July 2009
If you, like me just cannot get enough of everybody's favourite disgruntled genius and at the same time are interested in getting into philosophy this is the perfect book. it does what every good book like this should do: makes you think and create your own opinions about House's life and the reasons why he does certain things in the show.

The book is like having a 200 page long seminar. I just wish I could have being able to voice my opinions to the authors and attempt to argue my case where i did not agree with their interpretation.

All in all i would suggest it to anyone and has led me down to looking into other philosophical texts. House would be proud
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on 5 June 2014
The 'House and Psychology' book in this series was utterly fascinating. This is disappointing in comparison.

The attempt to justify a connection to very diverse and often contradictory philosophers and philosophies, by referencing the same three or four episodes (often the very same scenes!), seems very strained and tenuous and sometimes somewhat ridiculous.

There are one or two interesting and insightful chapters and many of the House references will amuse and delight.

Avid fans like myself will devour anything and everything about this wonderful tv series. I don't regret my purchase. I just found the 'Psychology' book so much more interesting.
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on 26 August 2012
Having struck such a powerful chord with me, I've always wondered why I share the same ideals as House employs during the show, and why I have such an attachment to the philosophies behind the way he acts and why there is such truth in what the character says. Having read this book I gained a deep and insightful look into a variety of different philosophies and helped me come to terms with why it was that this character has resonated so much in popular culture, and for many of its viewers; offered a unique perspective on the world that they either had beforehand and feeling no one else shared or accepted their views, or gave shape and form to an early unrefined philosophy they held themselves without knowing where to take their ideas.

The book does not hold back in its research, it offers you an almost complete understanding of these philosophies and does not offer broad summaries that fail to offer depth or detail as so many other books like these might do. The book has definitely resonated with me and helped bring focus to some thoughts and ideas I already had, as well as offer a whole bunch of new ones to add exciting arguments to the ones I already had. It has been a book that has given me food for thought for a while now, and is one I will always read again and again to remember how it was I was thinking in my University years, whilst doing the usual soul-searching performance we students usually tend to do. Whilst I think House is an important show that everyone should watch to extend their thinking and remove their minor prejudices/conservative behaviour, I think this book stands for the same principles but not in how we behave but how we think. Even if you don't agree with many of the principles set by the book and the show, it will add healthy argument to help you understand and reinforce your own juxtaposing opinions and serve as a good contrast to what you hold in your mind.
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on 19 January 2010
In mi opinion, this book is good and interesting. As the title says, it's House M.D and Philosophy, but I thought it was more about the characters than about philosophy and it's the other way around. In fact, if you don't have a minimum interest in philosophy this book could be a little dull. To sum up: a good book if you like the TV Show and you have a little interest in philosophy.
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on 28 August 2011
"House and Philosophy" is not really about the series "House". It is rather an introduction to philosophy with an emphasis on ethics. The series is mainly used for illustrative purposes. As a fan of "House" I was a bit disappointed by that. Also because of the large number of philosophical topics (there are 18 chapters) the discussions are a bit superficial. Still it is not a bad book, and it might even be good additional reading material in a course on ethics if you are studying medicine.
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on 15 June 2013
Interesting, though not dynamic, follow-up to the marvellous, addictive 'House' series on DVD. It was like a dessert after watching a main course that I couldn't get out of my head.
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on 10 April 2014
The quality of the product was outstanding and it was delivered very quickly. It is also a fantastic read for anyone interested in philosophy or House M.D
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on 20 October 2011
I bought this as a present for my boyfriend who studies philosophy and is a avid watcher of 'House'. He loved this book!
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