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2.7 out of 5 stars310
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2008
I always wait a few days after the release date of games like these because there will always be the inevitable problem of immediate glitches and the sheer volume of other people buying the same product. It appears this strategy has paid off once again

First of all I would be intrigued to know how many people who have given the actual game (and not the installation) 1 star, are running crack versions.

I successfully installed the game on the 19th Nov at the second attempt. I used the phone activation method and it only failed the first time because my mobile phone battery went. The installation procedure is ridiculously tedious and expensive in terms of the phone bill, and that's when it works properly but it installed fine.

I have only found one glitch as yet and that is where it is prone to putting up two characters when you've only typed one but apart from that I think FM09 is very good overall and largely problem free. The 3D match engine is very impressive and doesn't take long to use at all.

Now my computer is nearly 5 years old and has only had a 512MB graphics card installed a couple of years ago. FM09 runs fine, and if anything runs quicker than FM08 did. I may have been lucky but this game does not need a absolute top end PC to run on
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on 16 May 2009
I have had Football manager in its various guises for many years and none have disappointed. Before buying this one I read a lot of reviews and was put off by talk of difficulties installing etc. I didn't use Steam, which I do not like but I found that to get the update for the game it took you to the likes of limewire which really annoyed me. However I did get the update and installed no problems. As for the game itself, I have enjoyed playing it there are new features such as the 3D effect which again I didnt think would appeal to me but now wouldnt go back to the 2D version.
In summary I am pleased that I got the game and wasn't put off by the poor reviews.
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on 5 May 2009
I had heard lots of bad stories about what a pain it was to have to register the new FM on Steam etc...

I've been playing FM for donkey's years since it was CM back in the day. So I was hoping I wouldn't hit these Steam issues.

I put the game on both my PC and Mac and on the Mac side there is no need to use steam, so it just went straight on. I had no issues registering the game with Steam on the PC side, but I found that it is much harder than it used to be to download patches. This was only the case for the PC patches though and as I almost always play on the Mac- no problem!

The game itself is as excellent as ever, definitely the best yet. The 3D engine works brilliantly on my Mac which is a 2009 Mac Book White. No issues there at all. As usual there are many bugs that require you to download the patches in order for the game to work properly but overall very pleased!
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on 19 February 2009
This is a great game and very addictive. Unlike other reviewers I didn't have any problem installing the game, however I do agree that the Steam option is a bit of a mistake from SI.

I like the 3d TV view when watching the match, but could do with improvement on the way the players move and I was a bit disappointed that the individual stadiums themselves have not been put in and there's no crowd!?!? There's some good new media interaction options but again was a bit disappointed as I thought there would be a 3d dimension to this as well.

I've been playing this for a while now and it is possible to achieve things with a lower league club - I'm currently Huddersfield Town, lying 4th in Premiership and in the Champions League (Without cheating!). I've just been given the England job and there are new options there as well such as sending your coaches etc out on scouting assignments and interacting with individual players with regard to their international career.

If you like the football manager series then you should buy this for the 3d extension to the game. After a fair few seasons, with perseeverance I've found this to be a great, if addictive, game.
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on 28 April 2009
I'd heard good and bad things about this game but a lot of the poor reviews came from when the game had just been released and had a lot of bugs, the firs thing i did was to download the latest patch from the FM09' download center and i haven't had any freezes or loss of saved games etc, the control system is big and can be a bit confusing but once you've mastered this and have figured out how to dock your players wages for not turning up at training it is the best and most involved FM game ever, just make sure before you buy to clear a few months of your calender!!
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on 16 April 2009
I'll start by confirming that this is the best Football Manager game. Improvements have been made, the 3D pitch for example is quality, initially I had reservations but it really has grown on me, it is much better than the dots, not that there was anything wrong with the dots, you can still view the matches like this if you want. The 3D pitch is the biggest improvement and the only one i can be bothered to write about, most are subtle and worth finding out for yourself. Despite the fact that the game is brilliant it is... well... not quite wrecked, but severely damaged by a number of infuriating flaws. The first and most frustrating is that winning away is very nearly impossible, as Chelsea i won just about every home game in my 2nd season... i got about 10 points away. I have tried changing my tactics, going defensive, going all out attack, one up front, 3 up front, 5 man defence, narrow, wide, deep, pushing up, long ball, short ball, quick, slow... nothing works and im sure this isnt just me, ive looked on Google and this is quite a common issue. I'm actually starting to skip away matches because they are wrecking the gameing experience. Another HORRIFIC flaw is the fact that during every season, no matter who you are, you WILL go on a dismal, inexplicable run of form. Its as if theyve deliberatley put this in the game as to not make it too easy, i understand this happens in football but it would be nice just to have a consistent season for once, these runs of form often destroy your entire season. A third ludicrous flaw is the way that strikers, when 1-on-1 with the keeper will NEVER score (well maybe once a season). This is just ridicolous, I had David Villa up front in my Man City game... 99% of 1-on-1's he should score, and in reality he would, but on FM he (just like Robinio or Santa Cruz, or Arshavin or Modric, or Wright-Phillips) he kicks the ball straight at the keeper, almost without fail. I was watching Arsenal vs Villareal last night (in real life), Theo Walcott 1-on-1 lobs the keeper with ease, if that were on FM he would have no chance. There are a few more horendous flaws but this is still a brilliant game, buy it, love it, but prepared to be infuriated... often.
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on 13 January 2009
I really don't get all these 1 star's a shame. First off you have to ignore anything that was written on or around the release date of the game, because yes, it seems they rushed it out.

I have had this game since mid December and have not had any problems what so ever. In terms of amount of game play I'm at around 20 hours played.

It's true the install process is long winded. I'm running the game on a newish, but not one of those amazing "desktop replacement laptops". I didn't even bother with the Steam install because it seems that the only advantage to doing it via Steam is it updates the game automatically. Big deal, it's not like they come out with updates every day! I just installed the game via the second option, which I'd prob recommend doing anyway, less hassle. There are always going to be server or connection issues, I'd rather not be at the mercy of them. For the record, I've had no problems updating to 9.1 (a must) and then 9.2. Never had a single game crash.

I haven't notice too many long goals flying in or too many injuries. It all seems very normal.

Ok with that stuff out of the way...the game is great, what did u expect?! it's addictive and you become completely engrossed in it, yelling at the screen as your team scores.

The 3D view is simple but cool. These little 1994 looking pixel-players really get your blood pumping...

The game is difficult though, the learning curve is pretty steep. Simply put, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. By this I mean if you take the time to set up position specific training schedules, individual player preferred moves, scouting loads of teams for loan players, looking at all the game playing options (width, passing style, team tempo) etc, then you will prob do better than if you didn't. In fact, don't even bother with this game if doing that doesnt interest you! Same with in-game tactics, if you let the entire match unfold in front of you then you will prob change a lot more things and will do better than if you just watched the key moments. Problem is, watching just the key moments means a match takes about 10-15 minutes. Add about at least 5 minutes of doing stuff in-between matches and you can see the hours flying by. I just dont have time to watch entire matches and I suspect my current losing streak may be a reflection of that! I also forget too often about smaller details like playing more defensively against a certain opponent or using more width or playing with a slower tempo. Then again Saints are currently in the relegation zone in real life so there you go...

I do wish there was an option for a bit more feedback from your assistant. For instance, I wonder if my training schedules are actually helping. More formation suggestions would be interesting. You do get a general suggestion for your best starting XI, but choose that formation and I guarantee you'll get your assistant telling you there's too much space between your midfield and forwards! I know that Mr. assistant, you choose the formation! There's sometimes too much clicking around, for instance when trying to implement your assistant's pre-match suggestions (close down opponents etc...) why can't there just be an "implement assistant's suggestions" button?
But these are pretty minor things.

Bottom line, if you've played this game before you know what to expect, there isn't going to be a great earth shattering difference with FM '09, but then there never is! You will like this one just as much.

If you've never played FM before then you have been forewarned...bye bye social life!
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on 26 February 2009
What a great title and addictive as ever, the only gripe being that if there is a change in hardware on your pc, the game stops working so be aware of this. Otherwise top title, dont buy if you have a job, wife or'll never see them :)
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on 12 January 2009
I like many others read endless negative reviews about the game but took a chance anyway........and im so happy i did.

The game is as adictive as always and havent been able to look at my laptop without thinking 'just one game wont hurt' despite the fact im no longer a child and have a job.

Ok, so the 3d game view is basic to say the least but you can see its just the first steps of a feature which will one day be superb. In 3 or 4 games time you will think 'wow.....check that out' and it started right here!

I read about a bug in the game causing players to get injured in almost every game. One review even said he/she had yet to complete a game with noone getting injured! Although they are more common then they should be, in my experience its not really that bad a problem. Im sure that when an update comes out the problem will be fixed anyway.

I also was worried about the registration. When i did it i had no problems at all. From putting the disk in and playing the game was about 15 mins. Its clear all problems were in the first weekend of release due to demand.

The use of the STEAM programme is a little annoying as you feel that its something that didnt need to included and i can help thinking its taking up space on my hard drive which could be free!

There are a few (very few) compromises that you have to put up with when buying this game but the good things outweigh the bad by a long shot. As long as you look after your computer and it has the required spec then i cant see any problems with this even running the game off an external hard drive (due to many previous champs ruining my pc in the past)and it still runs at a quick pace.

All in all this is a good game which will entertain for hours on end.
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on 16 May 2009
Well first things first i found the install for this game very annoying but eventually after 5 times of trying i installed it with steam which is one of 2 options, the game itself is everything u would expect from a football manager game and then some more extras added in, i generally believe that the people giving it poor reviews do not know how to control every aspect of the game, reviews saying that the game is pre-fixed for results is so wrong u can change so many degrees of ur tactics to gain the upper hand. People have said this game is slow and that playing a whole season will take hours and they are right, but you would already know that if you are a fan of the football manager series. If there is one thing i would be critical about it would be the player ratings and the player search as i play as AFC Wimbledon in the blue square south it is very hard to find the right players where as if your playing as a top team u would know all the players u would want to sign, the 1-20 scoring system is good but there are too many categories and it is sometimes hard to tell if a player is good or not and your scouts at times can be very unhelpful. I think i have written enough now but to sum it up if you are a fan of the football manager series you will like this game as it improves on previous years, all in all a good buy for a football fan who can sit at a laptop playing for hours.
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